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Administrator instructions


This page is for listing and discussing files that are marked as available under a free license or public domain, but have disputed source or licensing information. Files are listed here for 7 days before they are processed. Files that are tagged with a non-free template should not be listed here.

To list texts with copyright issues, please use WP:Copyright problems.


Before listing, remember that files which are already marked unfree and used under fair use should not be listed here.

To list a file on this page:

Edit the file page.

Add {{puf|date=21 April 2014}} to the file page.

Create its PUF subsection.

Follow this edit link and list the file using {{subst:puf2|image=File_name.ext|reason=reason}} ~~~~ (remember to exclude the File: prefix).

Give due notice.

Inform the uploader by adding a message to their talk page using {{subst:fdw-puf|File_name.ext}} ~~~~

If the image is in use, also consider adding {{pufc|File_name.ext|date=21 April 2014}} to the caption(s), or adding a notice to the article talk pages. Consider also notifying relevant WikiProjects of the discussion.

Remember to replace "File_name.ext" with the name of the file

Unlike Wikipedia:Files for deletion the primary purpose of this page is to ascertain the source and/or copyright status of a file. Therefore it is not specifically a vote to keep or delete but a forum for the exploration of the copyright status/source of a file and contributions should not be added solely in those terms.

Listings should be processed by an administrator after being listed for 7 days. Files that are accepted following this 7-day period should have {{oldpuffull}} added to the file talk page. If no objection to the file's deletion is raised, or no proof that the file is indeed free is provided, the file may be deleted without further notice after the 7-day period.

Note: Files can be unlisted immediately if they are indisputably in the public domain or verifiably licensed under an indisputably free license (GFDL, CC-BY-SA, etc.—see Wikipedia:File copyright tags for more on these).

Speedy deletion[edit]

Blatant copyright violations or files missing source or license information may be "speedied"

If a file is unquestionably copied from another website and no assertion of permission or fair use is made, the file may be speedy deleted under criterion F9 (formerly I9). Such files do not need to be listed here. Please tag the file with {{subst:db-f9|url=source URL}} and warn the user with {{db-copyvio-notice}}.

If a file is missing source, evidence of permission, or license information, place either use:


on the description page to put the file in the appropriate category. After being tagged for 7 days, the file will be eligible for speedy deletion per criterion 4 or criterion 11 for images/media.

Please also notify the uploader so they get a chance to fix the problem(s). The templates {{subst:File source|File:file name}} and {{image copyright}} are made for this purpose, but feel free to write a message of your own. It is not necessary to warn the uploader about every individual file if they have uploaded several of such files, but at least one message telling them that files without source/license will be deleted should be given to each user.

If a file is indisputably non-free, and its possible use can comply with our non-free content policy, be bold and retag it as a non-free file using a non-free image tag instead of taking it to this page.

Please note that this page is not for disputing the fair use of already non-free media, but for the disputing if a freely licensed file really is free. Please take queries of this nature to Files for deletion or Non-free content review An archiving system was implemented July 2007. For older discussions, see the history pages. For all discussions from July 3, 2007 forward, see the Archive.

Holding cell[edit]

These files have been listed for at least 7 days. Discussions should be closed following the steps here. Files that have been determined to be acceptable may be removed from this page.

New listings[edit]

April 14[edit]

File:Lee Strasberg-1976.jpg[edit]

File:Lee Strasberg-1976.jpg (delete | talk | history | logs).
  • This is a 1976 photo taken in Germany. Looking at the Keystone terms (upside down and in German), they indicate "Verwendung fuer Werbezwecke untersagt." --"use for promotional purposes prohibited". (Google translate) The file wouldn't be in the public domain because it's restricted to non-promotional use. Because it was taken in Germany, we have no idea if it was first published in the US or not, as the PD-pre-1978 license states. We hope (talk) 12:53, 14 April 2014 (UTC)
Please show where it says that the photo was taken in Germany. The typed English description indicates that it was a U.S.-taken photo by Keystone, a U.S. press agency, who apparently sent it to an overseas office for publication there. Are you implying that Strasberg went to Germany to celebrate his 75th birthday? The lengthy text description would have said so, yet only describes his U.S. school and his career there, with no mention of being in Germany. In any case, it has imprinted Keystone's New York address, implying that it's a U.S. image, with no copyright notice. It's unlikely that a German-based photo would have it's description in English, so I'm unclear how you can say, "we have no idea if it was first published in the US or not," when the answer is obvious.
Rather than tag a PD image for deletion based on specious reasoning, you could have replied to the discussion on his talk page about this photo, coincidentally posted a few hours before you tagged it. --Light show (talk) 17:54, 14 April 2014 (UTC)

April 15[edit]

File:Igor Savitsky.jpg[edit]

File:Igor Savitsky.jpg (delete | talk | history | [{{fullurl:Special:Log|page=File:Igor_Savitsky.jpg} logs]).

April 16[edit]


File:SammyChampionshipRings.jpg (delete | talk | history | logs).

I took these 4 photo's at a Sam Houston State Football game via my iPhone and uploaded them via Instagram. The rings in this picture belong to: Jackson Mayes (myself), Keith Jennings, Thomas Inman, and Trent Coots. — Preceding unsigned comment added by Man0verboard00 (talkcontribs) 21:22, 16 April 2014 (UTC)

April 17[edit]

File:Es2004 reichstagdome.jpg[edit]

File:Es2004 reichstagdome.jpg (delete | talk | history | logs).

File:Leaflet ordering registration of the Jews.jpg[edit]

File:Leaflet ordering registration of the Jews.jpg (delete | talk | history | logs).
This seems to be an obvious copyright violation. I opened the website from the citation, and the picture is clearly taken from there. No information about Permission was provided. And the so-called Donetsk Republic is not a real country.
Here is were the picture was copied from [1] (talk) 08:20, 17 April 2014 (UTC)
Note: the above IP is another sock of Cmoibelepro and has been named in the ongoing investigation. --Львівське (говорити) 15:31, 17 April 2014 (UTC)
  • Note: This image is currently tagged as non-free. If there is a dispute with the rationale, please tag the image with {{dfu}} or list it at WP:Non-free content review. AnomieBOT 09:08, 17 April 2014 (UTC)
  • Keep I do not see how the image can be non-free when the newspaper does not own the copyright to the image. The copyright holder would be the ones who made the leaflets and that currently remains unknown. - Knowledgekid87 (talk) 05:41, 18 April 2014 (UTC)
    • How does not knowing the copyright holder make this image free? The onus is not on us to determine if there is a copyright holder, the onus on us is to determine if the copyright holder has released it.--v/r - TP 17:47, 18 April 2014 (UTC)

April 18[edit]

File:Jeinny Lizarazo novela scene.jpg[edit]

File:Jeinny Lizarazo novela scene.jpg (delete | talk | history | logs).

April 19[edit]

April 20[edit]

April 21[edit]


Today is April 21 2014. Put new nominations in Wikipedia:Possibly unfree files/2014 April 21 -- (new nomination)

If the current date's page has been started without the header, apply {{subst:puf log}} to the top of the day's page.

Please ensure "===April 21===" is at the very top of the new page so that internal page links from the main Possibly unfree files page (the one you're on now) work.