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Igbanke - I'm not sure if this is a copyvio as well. This looks like an essay, needs to be done according to the Manual of Style (unless it really is a copyvio). It needs somebody with a specialised knowledge to look through it once, I have no knowledge about the subject. Thanks. -Aabha (talk) 14:31, 24 December 2005 (UTC)

Coming of age - reads like a collection of trivia about different countries and cultures. Needs someone to write a broad overview, of anthropological thinking on "coming of age", different types of approaches to "coming of age", particular cultures which can serve as exemplars of these different approaches, some comment on major cultures of the world (some are listed, others aren't -- e.g. Australia & New Zealand are mentioned, but the US is not), etc. Unfortunately, I don't know much about this.