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This page is transcluded in Wikipedia:Pages needing attention/Mathematics.

Accuracy disputes[edit]

The factual accuracy of these articles is under dispute. See Wikipedia:Accuracy dispute for some advice.

To notify readers that an article may be inaccurate, add {{Disputeabout|XXX}} on the top of the article, replacing "XXX" with the topic you are concerned about, and explain your concerns on the talk page.

Articles needing factual verification[edit]

These articles contain information for which source verification has been requested. That means that somebody found the information doubtful or even false, but that it does have a reference attached to it.

To request source verification, add {{verify source}} after the offending statement. If you think that the source may not be reliable, use {{verify credibility}}.

Original research[edit]

These articles may contain original research. See Wikipedia:No original research for some general guidance.

To tag an article as possibly containing original research, add {{original research}} and explain which parts you think to be original research and why.

Articles needing expert attention[edit]

These articles are in need of attention from an expert on the subject.

To tag an article as needing expert attention, add {{expert-subject|mathematics}} and explain your concerns on the talk page. Replace mathematics in the template if the article falls more naturally in another subject.

Articles needing a rewrite[edit]

These articles need a complete rewrite.

To tag an article as needing a complete rewrite, add {{cleanup-rewrite}} and explain your reasons on the talk page.

Articles whose importance needs to be explained[edit]

These articles need their importance to be explained. Otherwise they may be nominated for deletion.

To tag an article as needing its importance to be explained, add {{Notability}}.

Articles needing context[edit]

The introductions to these articles provide insufficient context for those unfamiliar with the subject matter. See Wikipedia:Guide to layout for guidelines.

To tag an article as needing context, add {{context}} and explain your concerns, if necessary. The template {{generalize}} can be used if the article describes only a specialized aspect.

Requested images[edit]

These articles need to have an image to illustrate them.

To tag an article as needing an image, add {{Photo requested}} (for a photo or general image), {{Map requested}} (for a map), or {{Diagram requested}} (for a diagram), to the talk page, and describe the image that you have in mind.

More articles needing an image are listed on Wikipedia:Requested pictures#Mathematics_2.

Articles lacking sources[edit]

These articles do not have any references listed. Bad! See Wikipedia:Cite sources for some advice.

To tag an article as lacking source, include {{unreferenced}} either on the talk page or in the (empty) References section.

This list contains articles tagged {{unreferenced}}. There is also a list, updated occasionally, of articles that don't appear to have any sources based on the section headers in them. That list is available in two versions: sorted by category and sorted alphabetically.

Articles lacking reliable references[edit]

These articles may have sources listed, but they are not deemed reliable.

If you doubt the reliability of a specific source, then tag it with {{rs}}. If an article only has primary sources and needs some third-party sources, use {{primarysources|article}}. The parameter allows you to be specific about which part needs more sources.

Articles needing additional references[edit]

These articles have at least one reference, but they need more.

You can tag an article as in need of additional references by adding {{refimprove}}. Explain in the edit summary or on the talk page where they are required, unless this is totally obvious. If the problem only occurs in one section, then use {{refimprovesect}} at the top of it.

Articles with unsourced statements[edit]

These articles miss a source for some specific statement.

You can specify that a statement requires a citation by adding {{fact}} after the offending sentence.

Articles that are too technical[edit]

These article needs a better explanation of technical details or more context regarding applications or importance to make it more accessible to a general audience, or at least to technical readers outside this specialty. See Wikipedia:Make technical articles accessible for some advice.

To tag an article as being too technical, add {{technical}} to the talk page and indicate where the problem lies.

Confusing articles[edit]

These articles may be confusing for some readers, and should be edited to be clearer.

To tag an article as being confusing, add {{clarifyme}} to the offending sentence. Alternatively, the whole article or a section can be tagged with {{confusing}}. Always explain what you find confusing.

Articles with style issues[edit]

This article may not be written in the proper tone expected of an encyclopedia entry.

To tag an article with style issues, add {{tone}} and explain your concerns on the talk page. Alternatively, use one of the more specific templates listed on Category:Wikipedia articles with style issues by month like {{textbook}}, or another such as {{advert}}.

Orphaned articles[edit]

These articles have no or very few incoming links.

To tag an article as orphaned, add {{orphan}}.

Articles needing clean-up[edit]

These articles need general clean-up.

To tag an article for clean-up, add {{cleanup|February 2019}} (the date can be left to a robot) at the top of the article or {{cleanup-remainder|February 2019}} above the parts that need clean-up, and explain what needs to be done. Usually, a more specific clean-up message is more suitable.

Articles that could be split[edit]

These articles could be split into multiple articles accessible from a disambiguation page.

To suggest that an article is split, add {{split}} at the top.

Articles that could be merged[edit]

These articles could be merged with another article. See Wikipedia:Merging for some general advice.

To suggest that an article is merged with another article, add {{merge|other article}} at the top, or use some other template from Wikipedia:Template messages/Cleanup#Merging and splitting.

  • These four numerical integration pages have overlapping and/or closely related content and should be merged to into one well-written article: Riemann Sum, Rectangle Method, Midpoint Method, Riemann Integral. The suggested master article is Riemann Integral, but there is excellent content from each of the other three articles that ought to be preserved and transferred to the main article.


These articles reside in various clean-up categories not mentioned above. Consult the category for more information.