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Balboa High School (San Francisco)[edit]

old peer review Requesting another peer review as the article is approaching a FAC. The article passes auto peer review, although I took some stylistic liberty with image captions. It doesn't make sense to caption the United Playaz logotype for example. — Zedla 00:45, 26 June 2007 (UTC)

  • Image:Balboa Mock Trial team 0506.JPG needs a fair-use rationale. If used with permission, the details of the permission need to be spelled out. Note that "for non-commercial use only" doesn't get us anywhere; it needs to be fully released under the GFDL if you're claiming permission here. (ESkog)(Talk) 16:38, 28 June 2007 (UTC)

Twenty Years[edit]

Firstly this is a quality article, very good. A few preference things:

  • Might get a small American flag next to the location of the school (see Eton College or Aquinas College, Perth
  • A few of the reference tags (eg. [45]) are weirdly spaced, some have a space between the full stop and the ref tag, whilst other don’t. Please be consistent (id prefer to see the ref tag right next to the full stop.
  • JROTC should be appropriately wikilinked – not going to a redirect page. Also, it should be spelled out in full (I didn’t see it earlier in the article), because as a reader I didn’t know what it was until I clicked the link.
  • Army JROTC image, needs to have an image description – how else am I to know what it is?
  • Personally, I don’t care what clubs and organisations are at the school (sorry if I sound rude – but I don’t), why would anyone else?
  • Ref tag 46 & 47 should be merged together, (see reference style in Aquinas College, Perth), the second reference makes the article a tad longer and it just looks plain ugly to have 2 reference tags next to each other. This happens numerous times in the article, and should be merged in all circumstances.
  • The list of AP subjects the school offers is a bit over the top, but the section itself is good.
  • Personally, the history section needs to be lengthened, 3-4 paragraphs on the history of the school, which has operated since 1930! What is going on?
  • There is large gap under demographics thru sports to Army section, which I think could use a picture, hopefully of a championship sports team, or a sports team or something sports related.
  • Surely there is published book on the school, I noticed that there are 70 refs (which is very good), but surely there must be a book on this school, which could be used to expand some of the section, including History.
  • Also, some references on staff/student numbers wouldn’t hurt.
  • The author/s should be commended on their great work! This is a fantastic article! Keep up the great work! Hope the suggestions help.Twenty Years 09:08, 11 July 2007 (UTC)