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Conrad Grebel University College[edit]

I realize that a lot of people on wikipedia probably won't have heard of Conrad Grebel, but if you could give any advice on what sort of information should be included/excluded, that would be great. Ctimbury 22:40, 15 April 2007 (UTC)

Obviously this article is nowhere near WP:FA status, or even WP:GA, so I'll give you some advice on how to get started. First off, expand the article. Write a section on the school's history, how & when it was founded, who the major players were in starting it off. Secondly, some pictures of the school would help a lot. Make sure they're of free license. Third, information on athletics (if there are any), more info on student life, etc. Make sure to include citations and references to any and all sentences that need it. I could think of a lot more, but it's apparent that you're asking for advice on how to start this out, so I won't overwhelm you. Good luck, and maybe you'll build it up to a featured article soon! Anthony Hit me up... 15:27, 4 May 2007 (UTC)