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List of awards and nominations received by Vidya Balan[edit]

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This peer review discussion has been closed.
I've listed this article for peer review because soon I'll nominate it for FLC but before that I'd like some suggestions. Feel free to give comments

Thanks, FrankBoy (Buzz) 10:41, 1 June 2014 (UTC)

Comments from LT910001[edit]

It's clear you've put a lot of effort into this list. I still found it a little confusing and, at times, inconsistent. Some comments:

  • The list is alphabetical, but the list in the infobox is randomly arranged
  • I like what you've tried to do when introducing the awards, but it's quite inconsistent. I suggest for consistency you:
    • State and link the award name, eg "The FICCI Frames Excellence Honours...", not always linked
    • State what the aware is for ("... are awarded for outstanding achievements in Bollywood films and Indian television.")
    • Sometimes you include the year the awards were founded in; otherwise not. I suggest not, I don't think it's particularly relevant to this article.
    • Sometimes you include a summary of the awards given ("Her performances in the films Paa (2009), Ishqiya (2010), and The Dirty Picture have won her Best Actress Awards. "); otherwise not.
    • I think some statements may need inline citations ("The Filmfare Awards are one of the oldest and most prestigious Hindi film awards."), ("The award is considered to be a completely viewer driven award "), ("The Anandalok, the only film magazine in Bengali language")
    • Also, I think it's good that you include the selection panel and state who gives the awards (eg popular choice or judges) and suggest you do that for all the awards
  • "Vidya has received five awards from five nominations" under Aspara - seems to be six nominations. If this is too complicated to edit and maintain (which is may be), then I suggest either add a 'total' row for each table, or remove the totals entirely and leave it all in the infobox.

So, in conclusion, this is in my mind quite a good article, however as you are aiming for FL status, it will need to be the 'cream of the crop', which means it will need to be accurate and consistent. I think standardising the introduction to each award, providing some citations where necessary, removing the totals provided when the awards are introduced, and alphabetising the infobox award list will help a lot. I hope this advice is useful and not too demoralising. Cheers, --LT910001 (talk) 23:55, 14 June 2014 (UTC)