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List of colleges affiliated to Visvesvaraya Technological University[edit]

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This peer review discussion has been closed.

I have created this list from scratch, including content from official government sources. All the content in this list has been sourced properly. I have also included extra relevant sections on Autonomy and a mention of the concept of aided and government colleges. I have made the section on Autonomous colleges as a table, because I believe it will be more informative. Though I have information on all the other colleges listed, I believe that including course information for all colleges will only confuse the readers. I now await comments on this list. I have included all available information regarding the status of affiliation, autonomy and aid. Regards, Yes Michael?Talk 15:57, 4 April 2011 (UTC)

Ruhrfisch comments: Thanks for your work on this article, here are some suggestions for improvement.

  • There is a disambiguation link checker in the toolbox (upper right corner of this page) which finds six dab links to fix.  Done
  • List articles no longer start with "This is a list of... How about something like "There are NUMBER colleges affiliated with Visvesvaraya Technological University..." where NUMBER is the current number.
Partially done
  • While "affiliated to" is technically correct, I think "affiliated with" is the much more comon usage - not sure if the article title should be moved or not. Does the university itself use "affiliated to" (if so, then I would stick with it - might be an Indian English vs American English issue)
Note: Colleges make use of "affiliated to", so I believe this should be fine.
  • The lead is three paragraphs, but two of these are very short (one sentence each). I would combine those and make the lead two paragraphs. I would also explain briefly in this paragraph what the difference is between an autonomous and non-autonomous colleges is. In general, avoid short (one or two sentence) paragraphs wherever possible.
Partially done
  • Problem sentence: An aided course receives no funding from the Government of Karnataka, while an aided course receives some funding from the Government of Karnataka, while government colleges receive full funding from the Government of Karnataka. [2] First off, repeating aided course twice seems like it has to be an error. Second, please make usre that the use of italics follows WP:ITALIC. Third, the list is about colleges, but suddenly is discussing courses - I think this needs to be clarified. I assume that these are courses at affliated colleges.  Done
  • Watch WP:OVERLINKing - the rule of thumb is to link once in the lead and once in the body of the article, each time at first mention.
  • Explain abbreviations on first use - so Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU)  Done
  • The article has to do a better job explaining what is going on here. I am not 100% clear what being affiliated to (with) VTU does for a college. There are also five different categories of colleges in the lists (Autonomous colleges can be Private colleges or Government aided colleges, Non-autonomous colleges can be Private colleges, or Private aided colleges, or Government Colleges), but it is not clear to me how a government aided college differs from a government college.
  • I would also add a bit of history and background - I was surprised to see VTU is relatively young as an institution - when did affiliations start? See WP:PCR
  • The image needs a fair use rationale at the least (and I am not sure it meets WP:NFCC for use in this article. WHy not include some images of campuses of some of the colleges mentioned here?  Done Logo removed, pictures of campuses included.
  • Please make sure that the existing text includes no copyright violations, plagiarism, or close paraphrasing. For more information on this please see Wikipedia:Wikipedia_Signpost/2009-04-13/Dispatches. (This is a general warning given in all peer reviews, in view of previous problems that have risen over copyvios.)  Done

Hope this helps. If my comments are useful, please consider peer reviewing an article, especially one at Wikipedia:Peer review/backlog (which is how I found this article). I do not watch peer reviews, so if you have questions or comments, please contact me on my talk page. Yours, Ruhrfisch ><>°° 14:39, 12 April 2011 (UTC)

  • I tweaked the first lead paragraph a little bit and bolded the title.
  • The second paragraph is talking in part about unaided colleges, but then this sentence is still about courses: An unaided course receives no funding from the government... Not clear to me what the connection is - is college meant instead of course?
  • I would explain in the Lead in a sentence or two what Autonomous and Non-autonomous are - the lead is a summary of the article, so summarize that.

I will be glad to take a third look, but please ask me when you have done more work on it than was done this time. Ruhrfisch ><>°° 18:59, 13 April 2011 (UTC)