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Andy Mabbett, User:Pigsonthewing, is Wikimedian in Residence at The Physiological Society.


A Wikimedian in residence is an experienced Wikimedian, who works as such, inside an institution, much like an artist in residence.

This means that Andy is employed by the Society, to act as an advocate among its staff, partner organisations, members, and the general public, to encourage them to improve the coverage of physiology in Wikipedia, its sister projects run by the Wikimedia Foundation, and other initiatives with an "open content" ethos.

Among other things, this may involve:

  • Explaining what "open content" means in this context, what the projects are, and how they work
  • Supporting existing contributors to the projects, in improving coverage of physiology-related content
  • Training people to edit Wikipedia and other projects
  • Advocating and explaining the use of open licences
  • Running public engagement events, such as editathons
  • Giving talks to interested groups
  • Speaking at conferences
  • Writing guest blog posts or articles
  • Encouraging the use of Wikimedia projects in biomedicine education
  • Acting as a liaison between interested parties
  • Encouraging the reuse of openly-licensed content from the projects
  • Deploying existing Wikimedia projects, such as voice recording article subjects and QRpedia


Wikipedia at The Physiological Society.jpg

An event to recruit and train new Wikipedia editors, (aka an Edit-a-thon) was held on the 13th October 2017 as part of Physiology Friday,[1] an annual outreach event.

There were presentations by Andy Mabbett,[2] a discussion of the Edinburgh Seven from Melissa Highton at the University of Edinburgh,[3] and an outline of Wikipedia at the Royal Society by Duncan Hull from the University of Manchester.[4] All talks were recorded and made available on YouTube.[2][3][4]



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