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Picture peer review was a staging area for potential Featured Picture Candidates (FPCs).

This review was a useful "spot check" before making a formal FPC nomination – a working area where you can get some creative feedback, request help with useful pictures that might need minor editing, or advice with finding the best article that they illustrate – giving that nomination its best possible chance of promotion.

Note: "peer review" usually implies a group of authoritative reviewers who are equally familiar with and expert in the subject. The process represented by this page is not a formal academic peer review in that sense. Images that undergo this process cannot be assumed to have greater authority than any other.

For general advice on editing pictures prior to uploading, see Wikipedia:How to improve image quality.

For the specific criteria against which FPCs are judged, see Wikipedia:What is a featured picture?

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To ask for advice on a picture, follow these three steps:

Extended content

Step 1: Create a new subpage named   Wikipedia:Picture peer review/ExampleName replacing ExampleName with an appropriate title:

Step 2: Fill in the requested data, including your reasons for nominating, and click Save page.

Step 3: Transclude the newly created subpage to the TOP of the Picture peer review list (direct link).

Place suggestions and self nominations for Wikipedia Featured Picture Candidates (FPC) below. Anyone can then comment on a suggestion and recommend improvements. If the suggestion meets FPC guidelines and no significant objections remain, another editor can second the suggestion and move the candidate to the FPC page for voting. If a suggestion doesn't find a seconder within one week, it can be archived in the PPR Archives to make way for new suggestions.

Suggestions for FPC[edit]

Picture Peer Review Archives[edit]

Picture Peer Review Archives Mainpage

Please cut and paste nominations to be archived from the Picture peer review mainpage to the top of the appropriate archive page, creating a new archive (by nomination date) when necessary.

Pictures that need placing on an appropriate article[edit]

If you have an excellent picture, but can't think where to put it, add it to the section below. Similarly if you need help in writing a new article on the subject of a photo, request it below. If you are unsure of what plant or animal is in a picture please ask at Wikipedia:Reference desk/Science.

Pictures that need moving from other Wikipedias[edit]

If you have found a good picture on another language Wikipedia that would benefit the English Wikipedia, suggest it below. The image may need confirmation on its identification and assistance with translating the caption and moving to Commons before placing on the equivalent English language article.