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BA38 Crash[edit]

I have no experience in editing pictures and images, so I'll suggest this one in case anyone wants to tackle it. Can this picture be improved and eventually reach FP? Does it meet the WP:WIAFP #1 and #3 criteria? (Note: this picture is currently displayed on the "In the News" section of the main page.)

Nominated by
Mtmelendez (Talk) 13:29, 18 January 2008 (UTC)
  • It's an encyclopedic and useful image. If I were editing I'd crop 15% from the top and 10% from the bottom. Problems are, the lighting flattens it and the angle isn't particularly good. I'd want to get in closer and shoot down at the debris on the ground, with the rest of the airplane filling up the top third of the frame instead of a gray sky. An amateur probably wasn't allowed that close, unfortunately. And the rescue workers who might lend a poignant element are in the background. Definitely use this in articles; I'm not so optimistic about its chances at FPC. DurovaCharge! 04:43, 19 January 2008 (UTC)