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Robber Fly[edit]

Robber Fly
with Damselfly Prey

Adult dragonfly, family Asilidae, shown with damselfly Ischnura verticalis, commonly called Eastern Forktail impaled on its proboscis. The fly is approximately 20mm long, and is in the process of sucking out the liquified innards of the damsel. Thanks for any feedback you can give.

Nominated by
Nickrz (talk) 16:32, 2 March 2008 (UTC)
  • It's quite a good shot. Unfortunately, the focus is on the abdomen (? my insect morphology knowledge is horrendous) and not on the head and eye of the robberfly. Also, Fir0002 got there first, and has an featured image in the taxo-box of that article. Because images have to contribute significantly to the encyclopedia to be featured, images that are only in galleries are rarely featured, and an image of the same subject as a higher quality featured picture will never be featured. Keep taking and uploading images, though! - Enuja (talk) 03:09, 10 March 2008 (UTC)