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Sometimes, people get caught up in editing. Really, really caught up. As in, they face real-life emotional consequences when seemingly minor things occur on-WP. Now, while many just shrug it off and go on to become amazing editors, there are those who take the Internet way too seriously and will become psychotic when presented with something they don't like. The purpose of this page is to remind people that editing at Wikipedia should always be fun; you know you're going in the wrong direction when you've got this much drama floating around. To help, think about it this way; you've gone to a tea party. You're sitting in the chatty corner, next to Mr. Teddy Bear and across from the Lolcat plushie. All of a sudden, you notice that your cake is not as chocolatey as it should be. Mr. Teddy and Lolcat notice your extreme anxiety and, in hushed tones, ask each other what they should do; seeing them conspire behind your back, you start sobbing even more. This is something that can be avoided; if you want to have your cake and eat it too, don't cause a fuss, and don't assume that other people are out to get you.