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Summarizing the discussion[edit]

Merging stubs[edit]

Several people fear that a number of Pokémon articles will never get expanded beyond stub status. If that is true, then they should probably be merged into lists (per WP:FICT). A straw poll was created and majority supports this idea. Note that if a stub is merged into a list, it can still be broken out if it is no longer a stub.

Note that any kind of merging leaves a redirect in place, so it will still be possible to locate any and all information.

However, Pokémon contributors assert that an encyclopedic article can be written about any Pokémon, and have organized to prove this. See the Pokémon Adoption Center. Thus, it may be prudent to wait a month or two and see how many Pokestubs will be left.


Since the time is over, this poll is now closed. There is a strong majority (>75%) that the WP:FICT guideline does apply. It has been moved to Wikipedia:Poképrosal/Poll to keep this page somewhat short.

Pokémon namespace[edit]

There was brief discussion of a Pokémon namespace (e.g. Pokémon:Pikachu) but this idea was rejected as it runs counter to existing naming conventions.


There exists a Wikibook on Pokémon: b:Pokémon, which is part of the section on b:Game Guides and Strategy. It is suggested that Pokefans take a look at it and see if they can expand it. In particular, information such as walkthroughs for the various Pokémon games, and strategy suggestions for battles, should probably belong in the Wikibook rather than in Wikipedia (since how-to guides are generally transwikied as unencyclopedic, per WP:NOT a general knowledge base).


An archive of the entire discussion so far can be found on the talk page.