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Closed pools
Half-million pool
666,666th pool
Million pool
Millionth topic
Two-million pool
Two-millionth topic
300-million edits
Three-millionth topic
Four-million pool
Five-millionth topic
Five-million pool (1)
Five-million pool (2)
Five-thousandth FA (1)
Five-thousandth FA (2)
Closed for voting
Six-million pool
Seven-million pool
Open for voting
Six-millionth topic
Seven-millionth topic
Eight-million pool
Eight-millionth topic
Nine-million pool
Nine-millionth topic
Ten-million pool
Ten-millionth topic
Eleven-million pool
Twenty-million pool
Fifty-million pool
Billion pool
Trillion pool
100-million page pool
Last topic
500th language
1000th Wikimedia wiki
Billionth edit
The Wikipedia pool

The following pools have been created in which people make guesses about various future milestones for Wikipedia:

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