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Throughout the history of the project, there has been a convention that adminship may be removed involuntarily only in cases of clear abuse. Users have proposed a variety of processes to ensure that admins have the continued support of the community, but none has gained widespread acceptance. Some administrators will voluntarily stand for reconfirmation under certain circumstances; see Category:Wikipedia administrators open to recall.

Through 2003, there had been only one case where adminship was revoked. Since 2004, the Arbitration Committee has dealt with cases involving abuse of adminship, both through review of de-adminships imposed in emergencies and through removal of adminship as a remedy in an arbitration proceeding.

There have also been cases where users have voluntarily relinquished adminship, and there have been cases where adminship has been suspended temporarily to enforce a cooling-off period in conflicts between admins. Throughout the history of the project, some purportedly voluntary de-adminships have taken place in the presence of a growing consensus that adminship may not be appropriate for the affected user. The arbitration committee has taken the view that users voluntarily resigning their adminship in such a circumstance may not automatically request it back and must go through the regular processes.

Unless otherwise mentioned, users are free to reapply at WP:RFA at any time. Those users desysopped by the Arbitration Committee may also appeal to that Committee.


Several users have been de-sysopped for various reasons. Some administrators have resigned or lost their rights after a long period of inactivity. They are listed at Wikipedia:Former administrators.

Former processes[edit]

As noted in the cases above, revocation of adminship was previously handled:

  1. On the mailing list.
  2. On the village pump.
  3. At Wikipedia:Requests for review of administrative actions

Proposed processes[edit]

Several proposals for alternative or expanded desysopping protocols have been considered by the community. In general, none has achieved a consensus to enact.

Current methods of requesting de-adminship[edit]

  • Voluntary self-revocation of adminship can be requested at Wikipedia:Bureaucrats' noticeboard.
  • A small fraction of admins have added their names to Category:Wikipedia administrators open to recall, stating their intent that if a certain quantity of users ask for them to be recalled, the administrator may choose to resign voluntarily, or to engage in a discussion of such resignation. There have been several such recall proposals initiated by users, but in only one case did the administrator voluntarily give up adminship.
  • Requests to revoke another user's adminship may also be made using the dispute resolution process.

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