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Recent happenings

  • Prison Break (season 2) is given Featured list status as of 24th December 2008
  • All four season articles were created
  • added IGN ratings to season 4
  • Added the season navigation templates to the episodes articles
  • created navigation templates of the seasons
  • added wikiproject templates on each article
  • Created the Wikiproject Prison Break

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Hello there!

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Some Wikipedians have formed a Task Force to better organize information in articles related to the FOX television series drama Prison Break, and to help focus and coordinate collaborative work on them. Anyone can join. Approximately 90 articles (not including those on cast or crew) are within the scope of the Prison Break Task Force For more information on WikiProjects, please see Wikipedia:WikiProjects and Wikipedia:WikiProject Council/Guide.


Our task force is designed to help collaborate a group effort in improving all articles related to the television show Prison Break. It is free for all and anybody can join, even if you are new to Wikipedia or just have not edited the Prison Break articles before! You can help us out in small ways by just fixing a typographical error here and there or you could write extended summaries for Prison Break episodes. You could even help cite things to help make all articles related to Prison Break comprehensive and factual. Some of the core project goals are to maintain cited and comprehensive articles related to Prison Break and to create a consistent and detailed look for each page.


Please refer to the talk page for discussions regarding major projects.
  • Add reception and ratings to each episode article
  • Upload fair-use screenshots and images for episode and character articles
  • Write episode summaries for the rest of season 4
  • Get all main character episodes to Good Article


Featured article, list and/or topic candidates:
*Wikipedia:Featured list candidates/List of Prison Break episodes

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Cscr-featured.svg Prison Break (season 2)  December 24, 2008
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