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Logotype of Projekt Fredrika

Projekt Fredrika improves the coverage of Swedish Finland and Swedish in Finland on Wikipedia, in Swedish and other languages.

The project is organised through this project page in Wikipedia, in a number of languages, and through the registered association Projekt Fredrika rf.

We welcome all interested to take part in the project

  • through improving the quality of existing articles about Swedish Finland
  • through categorising existing pages into relevant categories, such as the ones listed below
  • through creating missing articles based on articles existing in other languages
  • through ideas and suggestions on our Talk page

The project is named after Fredrika Runeberg, born Fredrika Tengström, a Finland Swedish novelist, journalist and the wife of Finland's national poet Johan Ludvig Runeberg. She was a pioneer of Finnish historical fiction and one of the first female journalists in Finland.


Key articles[edit]

List of shame[edit]

The following articles are in dire need of improvement.

Articles that need translation[edit]

Working with the group[edit]

We welcome all interested parties to collaborate on articles about Swedish Finland. Feel free to suggest key articles for improvement, new categories, articles to be translated etc.

Native Swedish speakers working on Projekt Fredrika[edit]

Contributors to English Wikipedia on Projekt Fredrika[edit]


Target language versions of Wikipedia[edit]

  • The primary goal is Swedish Wikipedia, where many phenomena in Sweden are currently covered in more depth than equivalent phenomena in Swedish Finland
  • The secondary goal is Finnish Wikipedia, which frequently covers Swedish Finland better than Swedish Wikipedia; that said, omissions exist also in the other direction, and Projekt Fredrika aims at covering those omissions
  • English and French Wikipedia are relevant as a lingua franca for many other languages
  • German Wikipedia is relevant because of close historical ties starting from the Hanse
  • Estonian and Russian Wikipedia are relevant because of close historic ties since over a thousand years
  • Norwegian and Danish Wikipedia are relevant because of common Scandinavian roots