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This essay is a partial translation of the German Wikipedia article Projekt Gutenberg-DE, which does not have enough sources to be notable for English Wikipedia mainspace. Nevetherless it describes the distinction between the German and English Project Gutenberg. This essay is linked from the template {{PGDA}}.

Project Gutenberg-DE is a project to transcribe and host German-language e-texts by authors who died more than 70 years ago and whose works therefore in the public domain (in Germany). It is not formally related to the English Project Gutenberg. It was founded by the company Hille & Partner and is hosted by Der Spiegel.

Relation to the Project Gutenberg[edit]

The name of the project is based on the free international public-domain project Project Gutenberg founded in 1971 by Michael S. Hart. The naming of Projekt Gutenberg-DE took place in 1994 with Hart's consent.


The site was founded by Hille & Partner and they claim copyright on the works, specifically when downloading a full text in HTML format. However this claim seemingly runs counter to Germany public domain law and has not been challenged or established in court.

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