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  1. Active Release Technique myofascial release (Discuss)
  2. Princeton Chert Allenby Formation (Discuss)
  3. Muhammad Metwali Alsharawi Muhammad Metwally Al Shaarawy (Discuss)
  4. Alureon TDL-4 (Discuss)
  5. Levulan Aminolevulinic acid (Discuss)
  6. Anglo-Ottoman Treaty Treaty of Balta Liman (Discuss)
  7. 2006 Australian Rugby Shield Australian Rugby Shield (Discuss)
  8. Baseball (drinking game) Beer pong (Discuss)
  9. Beer pong (paddles) Slam pong (Discuss)
  10. Berea Community High School Berea Independent Schools (Discuss)
  11. Cat state Greenberger–Horne–Zeilinger state (Discuss)
  12. Causes of the United States housing bubble Subprime mortgage crisis#Causes (Discuss)
  13. Changi Murals Stanley Warren (Discuss)
  14. Clepsydra (genus) Pennales (Discuss)
  15. Competitive Enterprise Institute Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act (Discuss)
  16. Computerized maintenance management system Computer-aided facility management (Discuss)
  17. Congenital lymphedema Lymphedema (Discuss)
  18. Daira of Bojador Sahrawi refugee camps (Discuss)
  19. Louisiana barrier island plan Deepwater Horizon oil spill response (Discuss)
  20. Westminster Blizzard Denver Blizzard (Discuss)
  21. Purple Book Double-density compact disc (Discuss)
  22. Dreyfus affair Trial and conviction of Alfred Dreyfus (Discuss)
  23. Torgeir Stensrud and Trond Kristoffersen Finance Credit (Discuss)
  24. Formate C-acetyltransferase Pyruvate formate lyase (Discuss)
  25. Gruffudd Gruffydd (Discuss)
  26. Aaron ben Joseph ha-Levi Aharon HaLevi (Discuss)
  27. Juliana Hatfield (album) Juliana Hatfield (Discuss)
  28. Healer (role variant) INFP (Discuss)
  29. High conservation value area High conservation value forest (Discuss)
  30. Byre-dwelling Housebarn (Discuss)
  31. Origins of the Hyksos Hyksos (Discuss)
  32. List of books about philosophy Index of philosophical literature (Discuss)
  33. Inferior good Normal good (Discuss)
  34. Kerala Police Kerala Police (football club) (Discuss)
  35. Soviet cruiser Komintern Russian cruiser Pamiat Merkuria (Discuss)
  36. Wheel-driven land speed record Land speed record (Discuss)
  37. List of Lancia concept cars Lancia (Discuss)
  38. List of languages by writing system List of writing systems (Discuss)
  39. List of princely states Princely state (Discuss)
  40. De'oraita and derabanan List of Talmudic principles (Discuss)
  41. Vermont State Historic Sites List of Vermont State Historic Sites (Discuss)
  42. List of World War I aviators who shot down four observation balloons List of World War I aviators who shot down three observation balloons, List of World War I aviators who shot down two observation balloons and List of World War I aviators who shot down one observation balloon (Discuss)
  43. Marathon County Public Library – Wausau Headquarters Marathon County Public Library (Discuss)
  44. Root mean square fluctuation Mean squared displacement (Discuss)
  45. Mechanosensitive channels Mechanosensitive ion channel and Stretch-activated ion channel (Discuss)
  46. Monomane Grand Prix ~The Tournament~ details Monomane Grand Prix (Discuss)
  47. Multipoint relay OLSR (Discuss)
  48. Polysporin Neosporin (Discuss)
  49. Calnic C NICMOSlook (Discuss)
  50. OLAP cube Online analytical processing (Discuss)
  51. ROLAP Online analytical processing (Discuss)
  52. MOLAP Online analytical processing (Discuss)
  53. HOLAP Online analytical processing (Discuss)
  54. Osaka Geisha Geisha (Discuss)
  55. Pan channel letters Channel letters (Discuss)
  56. Phoenix Club Phoenix Building/Cincinnati Club (Discuss)
  57. Precious (soundtrack) Precious (film) (Discuss)
  58. Statement (logic) Proposition (Discuss)
  59. University of Redlands School of Education University of Redlands (Discuss)
  60. Rejang alphabet Rencong alphabet (Discuss)
  61. Stormwater management pond Retention basin (Discuss)
  62. Samos, Galicia Samos, Lugo (Discuss)
  63. Sandboarding Sandsurfing (Discuss)
  64. Aaron ha-Levi of Barcelona Sefer ha-Chinuch (Discuss)
  65. Sermeh embroidery Shisha (embroidery) (Discuss)
  66. Breda Meccanica Bresciana Società Italiana Ernesto Breda (Discuss)
  67. Henrik Ellefsen and Jørn Ronnie Tagge T5PC (Discuss)
  68. Tennessee Cove Tennessee Valley, California (Discuss)
  69. Tiruvidaimarudur Thiruvidaimarudur (Discuss)
  70. Trial and conviction of Alfred Dreyfus Dreyfus Affair (Discuss)
  71. Sixth Street Expressway U.S. Route 50 in Ohio (Discuss)
  72. United States Ambassador to the Association of Southeast Asian Nations Ambassadors of the United States (Discuss)
  73. Zone of Visual Influence Viewshed (Discuss)
  74. Wain Wagon (Discuss)
  75. East Waterloo Dock West Waterloo Dock (Discuss)
  76. Wotanism David Lane (white nationalist) (Discuss)