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Quick directory

This is a handy directory of key pages throughout Wikipedia, with emphasis on interaction between members of the community. For a listing of current collaborations, tasks, and news, see the Community portal. For a listing of ongoing discussions and current requests, see the Dashboard. If you need interactive assistance, see asking for help.

For other useful directories and indexes, see Directories.

Learning the wiki way[edit]

Contributing to Wikipedia

The "start here" page for editors.

Why create an account?

For security against vandalism and spam, we reserve certain abilities (like moving pages) to editors with an account. You can keep your identity anonymous by using a pseudonym; most of our editors do.

Introduction to policies and guidelines

The basic rules about content and conduct.


How to edit a page, whether it is protected or not. And remember, summarize each edit!


This is the page where you can experiment with wiki markup and VisualEditor without risking the wrath of the regulars.

Your first article

Instructions and guidance for creating new articles.

Help desk

Wikipedia's help brigade. Ask any question about how to use Wikipedia. Volunteers are standing by.

Virtual classroom

Wikischool of higher wikification.


These are the pages about how and where people talk about the running of Wikipedia.


Wondering how Wikipedia works? Wikipedia does require a certain amount of administration and governance in order to further the project's goals.

Village pump

Don't like how Wikipedia works? Feel overburdened by instruction creep? Thought up a brilliant new policy which will make all Wikipedians happy forever? Visit the village pump to discuss the technical issues, policies, and operations of Wikipedia.

Requests for adminship

Have you ever wanted to be a costumed superhero janitor? Well, through this page, you (or a nominee of your choice) can be the next best thing! Administrators are Wikipedians with a few extra tools. This is the page where admin candidates are nominated and voted on. (If you're considering becoming one, you should read Wikipedia:What adminship is not first.)

Dispute resolution[edit]

Ideally, Wikipedians get along with each other in the spirit of wikilove. But these are the places of interest to resolve conflicts when they happen.

Requests for comment

Visit this page to let other level-headed Wikipedians give their $0.02 worth of the situation.

Requests for dispute resolution

A slightly more formal, and serious avenue for dispute resolution, visit this page if you feel the need to ask help from Wikipedia's mediators.

Requests for arbitration

This is the "highest court of the land". All disputes go here as a last resort, to be overseen by a carefully chosen select group of arbitrators.

Requests for dispute resolution overview

See this page for a complete overview of all dispute resolution options available to Wikipedians.

The best of Wikipedia[edit]

Here are pages designed to recognize Wikipedia's best work.

Peer review

Feel that an article might be good enough for featured status? This is the first step, where Wikipedians with too much time on their hands come and nitpick flaws in your prized work.

Featured content

A showcase of the best that Wikipedia has to offer. A random selection of previously featured content, and a list of recent additions.

Featured article candidates

All potential featured articles must be nominated and reviewed, before they gain the distinction of being "featured" and get that nice little star on the top of the page.

Featured list candidates

As Featured Article Candidates is to articles, this is to lists.

Featured picture candidates

Found yourself an awesome picture? This is where Wikipedians vote on and recognize Wikipedia's best images.

Featured topic candidates

Candidates for the best collections of inter-related articles.

Featured article review

Here is where it all goes belly-up. Wikipedians nominate and vote on articles which may have to be stripped of their featured status.

The worst of Wikipedia[edit]

Here is where we handle bad articles and other rubbish.

X for deletion

When all else fails, delete the page from Wikipedia.

Banning policy

A Wikipedia ban is a formal revocation of editing privileges on one or more Wikipedia pages. Typically, for poor self-conduct, such as mistreating others during a dispute.

Blocking policy

For what happens to editors who engage in vandalism


Ask for help to improve a bad article to quality standards

Sock puppetry

The use of multiple Wikipedia user accounts for an improper purpose, such as deception, voting more than once, etc.


Spam is bad. There are three types: advertisements masquerading as articles; external link spamming; and adding references to promote the author or the work being referenced.


What to do when you see vandals damage Wikipedia

For power users[edit]

Places where Wikipedia's technophiles and computer geeks can find toys and techniques.


Need another pair of hands? Automate your edits.


Javascripts for doing just about everything.


Tricks and techniques — fine tune your wikiskills.


Programs and components to turbo-charge your wiki-workstation.

Wikilove and appreciation[edit]


Award these unique prizes to Wikipedians whom you feel have made great contributions.

Kindness campaign

This page is for encouraging niceness among Wikipedians.

Wikipedia laughs[edit]

Funny pages

Department of Fun

Various games, contests, and projects for our own amusement, not related to Wikipedia.

Lamest edit wars

Documents the most ridiculous edit disputes in Wikipedia.

Silly things

In the past, Wikipedia has been a victim of hilarious vandalism; the funniest was preserved here.

Unusual articles

A list of bizarre Wikipedia pages. Check out the entries on religion in Antarctica and male pregnancy.