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Many of the pages listed below are request departments, and need continuous attention from volunteers like you to answer or deal with requests. For a list of the services and assistance that can be requested on Wikipedia, see Wikipedia:Requests. See the navigation bar above and the help template at the bottom of the page for other useful directories.

About Wikipedia[edit]

Introduction · Contributing to Wikipedia · Tutorial · Principles · Governance · Wikipedians · What Wikipedia is not · Glossary · Sandbox · Job Center · Donations

Account settings and maintenance · Where to ask questions

Editorial departments[edit]

Articles are contributed and edited directly by users. All Wikipedians belong to the editorial team.

Writing departments
Writing tools
Writing resources
Article translation

Article creation[edit]

Articles for creation
Article requests
Contribution Team
Feedback requests
Missing articles
Most wanted articles

Article refinement[edit]

Review new overhauls
Verification needed
Vital articles
See also: Featured


Requested pictures


WikiProject directory
WikiProject Council
WikiProject guide
Inactive project pages

Improvement teams[edit]

Active fixup projects
Categorization projects
Countering systemic bias

Version development[edit]

Version 1.0 Editorial Team

Maintenance projects[edit]

Request admin attention

Vandalism / spam[edit]

RC patrol
Cleaning up vandalism
Counter-vandalism unit
Huggle anti-vandalism application
Lupin's Anti-Vandal Tool
Spam fighting team

Article cleanup[edit]

Cleanup backlogs
Backlogs by month
Copy edit (need)
Elements of Style (more)
Category:NPOV disputes
Updating needed
WikiProject Wikify

Article integration[edit]

Navigation systems[edit]
Basic topic lists[edit]

WikiProject Outlines (Outline of Knowledge)


Bad category names
Uncategorized pages

Article linking[edit]

Dead-end pages
Link rot
Templates with red links
Article merging


Disambig pages w/links

Meta fix-up[edit]

Stub sorting
Transwiki log cleanup

Dispute resolution departments[edit]

Third opinion (to break article deadlocks) WP:3
Dispute resolution WP:DR
Requests for comment WP:RFC
Dispute resolution noticeboard WP:DRN
Requests for mediation WP:RFM
Requests for arbitration WP:RFAR
Mentorship and editing restrictions  

Main Page departments[edit]

Main Page design discussions  
Today's featured article (dept.) WP:TFA
Picture of the day (dept.) WP:POTD
Did you know (dept.) WP:DYK
In the news (dept.) WP:ITN
Selected anniversaries (dept.) WP:SA
Main Page alternatives WP:MPA


Administrators' noticeboard WP:AN
Administrators' incident noticeboard WP:ANI
Arbitration enforcement noticeboard WP:AE
Biographies of living persons noticeboard WP:BLPN
Bot owners' noticeboard WP:BON
Conflict of interest noticeboard WP:COIN
External links noticeboard WP:ELN
Fringe theories noticeboard WP:FTN
Neutral point of view noticeboard WP:NPOVN
No original research noticeboard WP:NORN
Reliable sources noticeboard WP:RSN

Policy creation and revision[edit]

Village pump policy and proposal forum WP:VPP
Most P&G revisions take place on policies' talk pages. To find specific policies and guidelines, see...  
     Policies and guidelines, an overview WP:PG
     Policies WP:LOP
     Guidelines WP:LGL

Administration departments[edit]

Administration index CAT:WP
Requests for administrator attention WP:RAA
Directory of administrators WP:LA
Administrators' noticeboard WP:AN
Administrator preparation WP:ARL
Requests for adminship WP:RFA

Help departments[edit]

Static help[edit]

Main help portal WP:HELP
Help menu WP:HMENU
Help directory H:D
General questions WP:Q
Frequently asked questions WP:FAQ
Shortcuts WP:CUTS
Tip of the day WP:TIP
User page design center WP:UPDC

Dynamic help (expect a reply)[edit]

Help with real-world issues / content[edit]
Reference desk WP:RD
    Humanities WP:RD/H
    Science WP:RD/S
    Mathematics                    WP:RD/MA
    Computing                    WP:RD/C
    Language WP:RD/L
    Entertainment WP:RD/E
    Miscellaneous WP:RD/M
Help with building or operating Wikipedia[edit]
Newcomers' help department WP:NCH
Adopt-a-user WP:AAU
Online Ambassadors/Mentors WP:OAM
Copyright assistance WP:RFCA
Media copyright questions WP:CQ
Requests for administrator attention WP:RAA
Trading spaces (user page swap) WP:UPHTS
Village pump (technical) WP:VPT

News departments[edit]

Community bulletin board WP:CBB
The Signpost WP:POST
Wikipedia in the media
Milestones WP:MILE
Press releases
Stats WP:ST
Milestones (interwiki)
Regional notice boards WP:RNB
Goings-on WP:GO
Requests for comment WP:RFC

Abuse response departments[edit]

Report copyright problems WP:CP
Report edit wars WP:AN3
Report improper usernames WP:UAA
Report long-term abuse WP:LTA
Report open proxies WP:OP
Report sock puppets WP:SPI
Report spam WT:WPSPAM
Report vandalism WP:AIV

Community support groups and programs[edit]

   Barnstar pages WP:AW
   Other awards WP:ORA
   Awards by WikiProject WP:WPPA
Birthday Committee WP:BDC
Editor assistance WP:ASSIST
Meetup (Regional meetings) WP:MEET
Reward board (wiki-trading) WP:REWARD
Welcoming committee WP:WC

Deletion departments[edit]

Candidates for speedy deletion CAT:CSD
Articles for deletion WP:AFD
Categorized AfD discussions WP:AFDC
Templates for discussion WP:TFD
Files for deletion WP:FFD
Categories for discussion WP:CFD
Redirects for discussion WP:RFD
Miscellany for deletion WP:MFD
Deletion review WP:DRV
Deletion log  
Archived deletion discussions WP:ADD
See also:  
Deletion tools  
Deletion policy WP:DP · WP:DEL
Deletion guidelines for administrators WP:DGFA

Fun departments[edit]

Department of Fun WP:DF
Silly Things WP:SILLY
Unusual articles WP:UA
Unusual requests WP:UR
Talk page highlights WP:TPH
Lamest edit wars WP:LAME
April Fools WP:APRIL

Article assessment and review


Featured content WP:FC
Featured articles WP:FA
Featured lists WP:FL
Featured pictures WP:FP
Featured portals WP:FPO
Featured topics WP:FT
Featured sounds WP:FS
Featured article candidates WP:FAC
Featured list candidates WP:FLC
Featured picture candidates WP:FPC
Featured portal candidates WP:FPORTC
Featured article review WP:FAR

Good article and peer review

Good articles WP:GA
Good article nominations WP:GAN
Good article reassessment WP:GAR
Peer review WP:PR

Related communities[edit]

Wikipedia is hosted by the Wikimedia Foundation, a non-profit organization that also hosts a range of other multilingual and free-content projects. Here are the links to their main community pages:

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Directory of species
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Free textbooks and manuals
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Free-content library
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