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When making the decision to withdraw from the project (either temporarily or permanently), one should always endeavour to leave gracefully. It is not appropriate to coerce other editors into assisting one's withdrawal from the project by editing in a disruptive and provocative fashion with the intent of provoking a preventative response from administrators ("retirement by admin").

Rather than putting administrators in the difficult position of having to block an editor who has made valuable contributions to the project, users who are experiencing stress should consider taking a break, withdrawing, or retiring, from the project voluntarily, and in a dignified manner.

Editors should attempt to recognize when fellow good faith users seem to be editing in such a fashion and encourage them to re-examine why they enjoy contributing to the project; assist them with engaging the project on a constructive, harmonious, and collaborative level; and ask them to observe Wikipedia:Five pillars or consider leaving gracefully.


Try to keep things in perspective - Wikipedia:is just zis website, you know? While being passionate about the project is commendable, it is sometimes wiser to let some particular issue drop rather than "tying oneself to the mast" to make a point or secure the last word about a particular dispute with which you've been involved.

The heated escalating of disputes and airing of grievances rarely contributes to the core goal of producing an encyclopedia. Remember that we're all volunteers here, with real-life obligations. 99% of the work done here is done by everyday joes taking a few minutes off from their job, or their families, or their free time, to try to make this a better encyclopedia. Not all problems are handled correctly, unfortunately, and we must realize that this structure won't always lead to what we personally feel is the appropriate outcome.

Don't panic. Don't get wound up. Don't say what you really think if that is only going to get you into more trouble. Don't get frustrated. Do relax. Do think about what you want to achieve on the project. Consider what you are prepared to give up or do differently. Think about what other stuff you can do on Wikipedia which will keep you away from old trouble spots. Do honestly consider whether you want to edit under those self-imposed conditions. Do be prepared to be disappointed, but don't give up until you are certain you cannot do any more.

If efforts to engage with the project on this level do not succeed, then consider exercising your right to withdraw from the project on your own terms, in a graceful and dignified fashion without regard for the last word.

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