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For displaying pictogram tables in Wikipedia:Route diagram template/Catalog of pictograms.

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Designated V because it was initially used for parallel lines icons.


This template displays the following information in a row within a wikitable:

  • ICON (the base icon name)
  • BSicon_ICON.svg
  • BSicon_eICON.svg
  • BSicon_xICON.svg
  • BSicon_exICON.svg
  • BSicon_tICON.svg
  • BSicon_etICON.svg
  • BSicon_xtICON.svg
  • BSicon_extICON.svg
  • BSicon_uICON.svg
  • BSicon_ueICON.svg
  • BSicon_uxICON.svg
  • BSicon_uexICON.svg
  • BSicon_utICON.svg
  • BSicon_uetICON.svg
  • BSicon_uxtICON.svg
  • BSicon_uextICON.svg
  • text field (normally description)
  • secondary text field (optional)
  • second text field (optional)
  • second secondary text field (optional)

Icons are displayed 20 pixels high, the same as in route diagrams.

The template can be abbreviated as {{WP:RDT/BSaV}}.

There are three optional parameters:

  • nw (name width): the width of the first column
  • bg (background): the background color of the icon column
  • tw (text width): the width of the third column

See Wikipedia:Route diagram template/Catalog of pictograms for an explanation of icon prefixes.


The text {{WP:Route diagram template/BS-anleitungV|KRZ|Crossing|two lines}} produces the second line of this table:

e x ex t et xt ext u ue ux uex ut uet uxt uext
KRZ Flat crossing eFlat crossing xFlat crossing exFlat crossing tFlat crossing etFlat crossing xtFlat crossing extFlat crossing uFlat crossing ueFlat crossing uxFlat crossing uexFlat crossing utFlat crossing uetFlat crossing uxtFlat crossing uextFlat crossing Crossing two lines

The text {{WP:RDT/BSaV|ABZ3lf|Junction to left & across|''obsolete naming''|nw=auto|bg=#ffd3d3}} produces the second line of this table:

e x ex t et xt ext u ue ux uex ut uet uxt uext
ABZ3lf Unknown BSicon "ABZ3lf" eUnknown BSicon "ABZ3lf"             uUnknown BSicon "ABZ3lf"     uexUnknown BSicon "ABZ3lf" utUnknown BSicon "ABZ3lf"       Junction to left & across obsolete naming
  • It is not necessary to mark a column; missing icons will automatically be left blank.

For parallel lines, two additional parameters may be used for complex icons: e.g. {{WP:RDT/BSaV|vSTR-KDSTa|line|through|depôt|start}} produces

e x ex t et xt ext u ue ux uex ut uet uxt uext
vSTR-KDSTa Unknown BSicon "vSTR-KDSTa" eUnknown BSicon "vSTR-KDSTa" xUnknown BSicon "vSTR-KDSTa" exUnknown BSicon "vSTR-KDSTa" tUnknown BSicon "vSTR-KDSTa" etUnknown BSicon "vSTR-KDSTa" xtUnknown BSicon "vSTR-KDSTa" extUnknown BSicon "vSTR-KDSTa" uUnknown BSicon "vSTR-KDSTa" ueUnknown BSicon "vSTR-KDSTa" uxUnknown BSicon "vSTR-KDSTa" uexUnknown BSicon "vSTR-KDSTa" utUnknown BSicon "vSTR-KDSTa" uetUnknown BSicon "vSTR-KDSTa" uxtUnknown BSicon "vSTR-KDSTa" uextUnknown BSicon "vSTR-KDSTa" line through + depôt start

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