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The Reference tool is a little gizmo I created to translate references from plain text to "cite journal" format.


Using this tool couldn't be easier. Just click here and follow the simple instruction provided to add a widget, allowing you to access the tool from any wikipedia page. No download is required, and it's easy to uninstall if necessary!

If you have problems, Smith609 Talk will be pleased to help out!


  • Click the "edit section" link on any reference section containing references that are not enclosed in a cite journal tag
  • Click the "Convert refs" button, which will appear alongside the "Save page, Show preview, Show changes" buttons.
  • The refs will be translated instantly, and the tool will try to add citation information such as DOIs. You will be returned to the page once it's done.
  • If you are in a rush, you can click the button to return to Wikipedia, and run the DOI bot on the citation when you have time.

See an example diff.


The {{Cite journal}} template has many advantages: for starters, it includes metadata so browser plugins can find references and link them to e.g. online access, and it provides a consistent display style. It also allows bots to find, format and maintain the references.

However, there is currently no manual of style enforcement of the template; therefore it should be employed only where beneficial (which will be most instances!)