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A conservatism-related article hatching after a successful incubation.

The incubator is designed for drafts of articles and deleted articles which are not ready for mainspace. Members of the project are encouraged to develop these articles so they may graduate to mainspace.

What is the incubator?[edit]

The article incubator is a place for holding articles that do not meet Wikipedia's content criteria (WP:NOT, WP:N, WP:OR, WP:NPOV, WP:BLP, and WP:V), but a rationale has been put forward that the article meets the incubation criteria, which means there is an intention that the article can and will be improved. Incubation is intended to be a more centralized alternative to WP:Userfication. Articles in incubation are "in limbo" - they have been deleted from article namespace, but are still part of Wikipedia, awaiting a decision to be moved back into the article namespace (mainspace), or be deleted completely from all Wikipedia namespace.

Moving articles into the incubator[edit]

Articles are moved into the incubator as a result of (1) request at a deletion discussion; (2) a WP:refund request; from (3) WP:userfication; or (4) categorization from the Article Incubator.

  • An editor moves the article or draft into the incubator by placing it on a subpage of this page. For example: [[Foo article]] would be moved to [[Wikipedia:WikiProject Conservatism/Incubator/Foo article]]. Any redirect left in mainspace at [[Foo article]] must be tagged for speedy deletion as a cross-namespace redirect using {{db-r2}}.
  • The {{CNSV Incubator}} template is placed at the top of the article page (not talk page). Mainspace categories are hidden by placing <!-- --> around them.
  • It would be helpful to link to the original deletion discussion
  • When adding an article residing in the Article Incubator, add [[Category:WikiProject Conservatism/Incubator]] to the article.

Moving articles to mainspace[edit]

If the article meets content criteria, the article may be moved back into mainspace, and {{CNSV Graduate}} placed on the talkpage. Don't forget to remove the {{CNSV Incubator}} template and [[Category:WikiProject Conservatism/Incubator]] category if necessary.

Article lists[edit]

Purge server cache


  • {{CNSV Incubate}} -- for use in an AfD discussion to suggest incubation as an alternative to userfication
  • {{CNSV Incubator}} -- place at the top of a page moved to the incubator
  • {{CNSV Graduate}} -- place on the talk page of an article moved to mainspace

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