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Translation Task Force


  • We are currently working on bringing 1,000 articles into 100 different languages.
Year started 2011 2013
Article goal # 100 1000
Ready for translation 33 1,000
Language goal 50 100
Translations done 637 1,337
FA/GA translations 65 12
Needing integration Done borderless 4
Last updated: 2016-06

Tracking of progress[edit]

Tracking of progress is done in Google Docs here.That document contains a complete overview of how to track changes.

As this project has expanded we have found that on Wikipedia tables are simply not manageable. The old tables can be seen here. Access to the Translators Without Borders platform:

Account: Jmh649
Password: wikipedia

Complete list of ready articles[edit]

To view the short articles click on the date beside the article in question. If you are going to translate an article please do so with the Media Wiki markup in place so that references work in the target language. We are happy to send you color coded copies that are easier to work with.

Turning on the Content Translation Tool
For a short overview and explanation of how to turn it on check out this video, or go to the beta-preferences and turn it on. (Works better with Firefox than Google Chrome as of Oct 2018)

To view which of these articles are missing in your language (for example Oriya) click HERE.

Short articles[edit]