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Reader Knows Nothing here on Wikipedia is an assumption that a writer of an article on Wikipedia is advised to keep in mind. In order for a good article to be created or edited, the writer must fashion the article to portray a clear, informative base by providing brief explanations of people, characters, objects, locations, animals, etc. that are not the main feature of the article.

Wikipedia does not exist for people to indulge in their favorite topics and subjects, Wikipedia's purpose (as any encyclopedia's purpose) exists to educate people that know nothing about a certain subject.

How to Write an Article[edit]

Here are some tips on how to write better articles:

Minimize "Clicking" to Maximize Convenience[edit]

In order to convenience your readers, and keep your article's readers interested, you must provide brief explanations of the un-featured content in order to minimize "clicking" to other links for general information. The links exist for detailed explanations, not general explanations. Keep in mind that randomly inputed words and names mean nothing to some readers, as in some of the readers have no idea who the people are or what the words mean:

DON'T: Son Goku is based off of Sun WuKong from Journey to the West.
DO: The character Son Goku is based off of the monkey king named Sun WuKong from the novel Journey to the West.