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Welcome to the Wikipedia Computing Reference Desk Archives
The page you are currently viewing is a monthly archive index. While you can leave answers for any questions shown below, please ask new questions on one of the current reference desk pages.

March 1[edit]

Wikipedia:Reference_desk/Archives/Computing/2008 March 1

  1. Real-time VST Host
  2. Firefox address bar
  3. But I'm in the US...
  4. more youtube problems
  5. Home networking
  6. Viewing the metadata of an mpg file
  7. Kubuntu NTFS partition mounting problem

March 2[edit]

Wikipedia:Reference_desk/Archives/Computing/2008 March 2

  1. uncle sam is watching you?
  2. even more youtube problems
  3. What is "diminished searchability of folders"?
  4. Wiki?
  5. Storage life of flash memory
  6. PMR446 Laws
  7. Home networking (II)
  8. Volume problems
  9. Firefox
  10. Hard drive misreporting space
  11. Ugaritic font
  12. Any such thing as "too much" graphic card?
  13. NetBeans IDE using too much ram

March 3[edit]

Wikipedia:Reference_desk/Archives/Computing/2008 March 3

  1. Decompile
  2. Any free chess program that plays like a human?
  3. Vista + Ubuntu computer - what kind of problems are these?
  4. Dazzle 150 power supply-urgent
  5. Video editing: seeking program to strip audio off video
  6. ipod touch wifi browsing
  7. Damaged video files on bittorrent
  8. P2P slowing down my internet connection
  9. reboot
  10. iTunes "Not Responding"
  11. LateX: referring to a list item
  12. starting a wiki

March 4[edit]

Wikipedia:Reference_desk/Archives/Computing/2008 March 4

  1. using t-moible's web'n'walk under linux?
  2. page views on any wikipedia article?
  3. Windows Vista idle mode
  4. Linux permissions: "Executable" MP3s?
  5. Automatically update a website
  6. browsing in TV using Wii
  7. Unix filesystem spanning multiple disks?
  8. microsoft

March 5[edit]

Wikipedia:Reference_desk/Archives/Computing/2008 March 5

  1. disk
  2. CD Tray
  3. How much for a blog web design
  4. The 'home' key on an Apple Mac
  5. What is my phone number?
  6. CD drive tray keeps ejecting.
  7. Web service transactions
  8. Open proxy?
  9. Free Internet radio broadcasting software?
  10. stop firefox playing sounds

March 6[edit]

Wikipedia:Reference_desk/Archives/Computing/2008 March 6

  1. Hi. I am working as a SAP HR Consultant in Mumbai.
  2. Starting a website that allows users to upload videos?
  3. E-mails with no body
  4. docx conversion
  5. laptop graphics upgrade
  6. Image editor
  7. Name for an occurence in digital video
  8. Domain names, Dynamic DNS

March 7[edit]

Wikipedia:Reference_desk/Archives/Computing/2008 March 7

  1. Default Connection
  2. Creating a wiki like wikipedia?
  3. Laptops in Aircraft
  4. batch file (.bat) to rename all the extension of some file -including- in all subfolders
  5. BNF for a quoted string
  6. Why is tr working differently on one server?
  7. Internet Explorer 8
  8. Sending files over Bluetooth
  9. How to predict necessary server hardware by server role

March 8[edit]

Wikipedia:Reference_desk/Archives/Computing/2008 March 8

  1. Strange XP Problem
  2. Google advanced search
  3. PartitionMagic alternative for Vista
  4. iPod to PC
  5. Police Simulator
  6. VB6 Question
  7. Best Program for Web Pages
  8. "export" in OS X Terminal
  9. No Dial Tone
  10. Help - AOL Instant Messager (AIM) will not allow my to sign in

March 9[edit]

Wikipedia:Reference_desk/Archives/Computing/2008 March 9

  1. Windows keyboard transpose
  2. Dizzler copyright vio?
  3. Converting an mp3 into something readable
  4. Apache Tomcat?
  5. decompling proframs wrintten using DBASE and CLIPPER
  6. Finding out passwords
  7. Any TLDs with very few second-level domains, and no barriers to registration?
  8. Free the Space

March 10[edit]

Wikipedia:Reference_desk/Archives/Computing/2008 March 10

  1. Laptop Screen Edges
  2. need memory
  3. Formatting query
  4. MS Outlook 2003 SP2 - Inbox
  5. Dual boot Xubuntu and xp - yet again
  6. Mega Byte & Giga Byte
  7. Enemy Territory
  8. Good Star-watching Software
  9. Help thief!!!!!
  10. Empty boxes

March 11[edit]

Wikipedia:Reference_desk/Archives/Computing/2008 March 11

  1. Software to save memory of an application
  2. NEED PSP HELP!!!!
  3. Cybersquatting for Fraud and Profit
  4. Toshiba Laptop switching itself on
  5. I need a textfile splitter
  6. Anasoft Licence Manager? Nitrogen service? Anybody heard of?
  7. Windows Vista, suitable directory for standalone command line utility
  8. Python: extreme index

March 12[edit]

Wikipedia:Reference_desk/Archives/Computing/2008 March 12

  1. Distributed Computing
  2. Wireless broadband
  3. How to find USB port speed using visual basic 6.0
  4. Watching pages?
  5. The Evils of Geek Squad
  6. 9600gt and compatible motherboards
  7. Download Wikipedia

March 13[edit]

Wikipedia:Reference_desk/Archives/Computing/2008 March 13

  1. the purpose of binding a socket to an address
  2. TI-BASIC semicircle
  3. SMS Gateways: How can I send an SMS text message via email to a Korean cell phone?
  4. "Upgrade" to XP Pro?
  5. Converting Outlook mail to Mbox
  6. Removal of icon from Sys Tray?
  7. Google Maps
  8. Ultimate Bluetooth Mobile Phone Spy Software New Edition 2008?
  9. Simulating PowerPoint's increase/decrease font size features in Impress
  10. Linux System Calls
  11. Simulating PowerPoint's increase/decrease font size features in Impress
  12. Explorer.exe large Virtual Memory usage
  13. NFS Permission Problem

March 14[edit]

Wikipedia:Reference_desk/Archives/Computing/2008 March 14

  1. Windows Live Skydrive + Windows Explorer
  2. rip
  3. Segfault hunting
  4. Distributing computing for Leopard
  5. Overclocking CPU multiplier
  6. bash here-document
  7. MSN reply refusal
  8. Serenity add on
  9. Mozy free version?

March 15[edit]

Wikipedia:Reference_desk/Archives/Computing/2008 March 15

  1. Can a directory be made 'deleteproof'?
  2. embed
  3. Expanding web buttons
  4. Nokia Cell Phones
  5. Unsubscribe

March 16[edit]

Wikipedia:Reference_desk/Archives/Computing/2008 March 16

  1. Project euler
  2. caps lock key
  3. CPU temp?
  4. Able to confirm colorblindness compatibility?
  5. Commanding the Storm botnet
  6. of Pywikipedia
  7. Going through an url-list
  8. no net at home - is there a cheap self-powered palm-sized thing I can take on walks to download from WiFi connections
  9. Nforce 700 compared to Nforce 600
  10. text browser

March 17[edit]

Wikipedia:Reference_desk/Archives/Computing/2008 March 17

  1. google video ripper
  2. endless buffer
  3. E-mail and the law
  4. softwear
  5. Weird question
  6. Mac MSN 6.0.3
  7. PowerMac G4 broken
  8. Computer Programming
  9. 80 GB PS3 in US
  10. Partitioning USB drive
  11. java program to compute Euler's constant using it's tailor series expansion By chips
  12. Getting EarthSiege 2 to run under Windows XP
  13. earphones
  14. Spreadsheet hell
  15. Website design help - Donating to Wikipedia
  16. RSS

March 18[edit]

Wikipedia:Reference_desk/Archives/Computing/2008 March 18

  1. .odt viewer for Windows
  2. problems with filenames using ext2 in windows
  3. functions of the major internal components of a computer
  4. How to activate Acrobat 7
  5. Vista "freeze"
  6. website, anyone?
  7. Can anyone tell me if there is something better than GagaLive for an embedded, minimal Flash chat client? Without ads, cost free and supporting IRC.
  8. What does this exe do?
  9. Digital photo frame
  10. Slow PC (unusually slow video)

March 19[edit]

Wikipedia:Reference_desk/Archives/Computing/2008 March 19

  1. Margin text
  2. Windows Vista
  3. ipod
  4. Process Sniping Program
  5. computer power (cpu)
  6. Why
  7. Mac>Linux

March 20[edit]

Wikipedia:Reference_desk/Archives/Computing/2008 March 20

  1. How would I get [ this] on my iPod?
  2. JPEG "fool you" screen
  3. Power point-losing narration
  4. Wikipedia error message
  5. CSS question
  6. syscalls from assembly PARTIE DEUX
  7. Make document open when I visit a page
  8. World of Warcrack
  10. Data type as parameter in C#
  11. irritating IE6 css problem

March 21[edit]

Wikipedia:Reference_desk/Archives/Computing/2008 March 21

  1. Sneaky phishing email
  2. Private torrents (not trackers)
  3. 2-way file pointer
  4. migrate e-mail
  5. cheap Vista laptop
  6. SVG colour matrix
  7. Excel formula problem
  8. One more goofy CSS question
  9. Start up

March 22[edit]

Wikipedia:Reference_desk/Archives/Computing/2008 March 22

  1. Printing only the first 1000 characters/bytes in PHP
  2. about hacking
  3. Problems with connecting digital camera USB cable
  4. working physics problems using an artboard?
  5. Oh lord, he's got another CSS question

March 23[edit]

Wikipedia:Reference_desk/Archives/Computing/2008 March 23

  1. QWERTY, Dvorak, Chorded...
  2. Search Providers
  3. Any free audio output pitch shifter?
  4. digital kicks
  5. C programming
  6. WHOIS
  7. news site
  8. Storing large numbers in VB 2005
  9. How to program something like Netlimiter
  10. Connecting two computers with network cables
  11. What is DHE for torrent clients?
  12. .rar
  13. Creators and/or owners of an HDTV logo

March 24[edit]

Wikipedia:Reference_desk/Archives/Computing/2008 March 24

  1. What programming languages to learn?
  2. Sound Problems
  3. Periodic patterns in bittorrent download rates
  4. javascript help
  5. ENUM: order vs preference
  6. ENUM providers
  7. Texting through AIM 6
  8. Can someone explain memory allocation in c?
  9. Sensor networks
  10. open office and Dragon NaturallySpeaking compatible ?
  11. picture help
  12. power in programming languages?
  13. Photoshop help urgently needed.

March 25[edit]

Wikipedia:Reference_desk/Archives/Computing/2008 March 25

  1. How do I make the Wikimedia media player default to totem?
  2. System Volume Information folder
  3. Personalized cookies folder?
  4. mediawiki hosting for a nonprofit org?
  5. Weird wireless problem
  6. mp3 to ogg
  7. T-mobile's web'n'walk...
  8. quantisize?
  9. Long Delay During Name Resolution By Web Browser

March 26[edit]

Wikipedia:Reference_desk/Archives/Computing/2008 March 26

  1. How to decrypt the encrypted files under different OS?
  2. stepper motor controller through parallel port?
  3. does upgrading from win98 to 2000 require a HD to be formatted?
  4. USB flash drive - memory manufacturer
  5. recording issues
  6. Help on reconfiguring keyboard
  7. MP3 conversion

March 27[edit]

Wikipedia:Reference_desk/Archives/Computing/2008 March 27

  1. Source for Operating System Free New Computers
  2. Windows Media Player 11
  3. l3 cache x86
  4. Wiki-markup text/code editors?

March 28[edit]

Wikipedia:Reference_desk/Archives/Computing/2008 March 28

  1. Swing docking windows
  2. what is www2?
  3. 3D City Modelling
  4. Easy Cleaner is not removing all bad registry entries that it flags
  5. Opening a File on my Hard Drive in Macromedia Flash 8 via a button.
  6. is pendrive is consumable?
  7. NTFS drive with Linux
  8. Communication channels
  9. Free/trial screen reader that reads longdesc tags
  10. Legal mp3 issues
  11. Administrator Rights in Windows XP

March 29[edit]

Wikipedia:Reference_desk/Archives/Computing/2008 March 29

  1. SQL query question
  2. Error deleting
  3. Windows Vista installation help
  4. Free 64-bit C compiler with inline assembly for Windows XP
  5. Wikipedia and it's normal condition
  6. Computer Science Teaching Materials
  7. menu

March 30[edit]

Wikipedia:Reference_desk/Archives/Computing/2008 March 30

  1. I want to learn about .Net
  2. Vonage VT2442 and wireless Internet
  3. Retrieving overwritten file in Excel
  4. Audio Music File Conversin Software
  5. Computer Science
  6. Parallel Problems
  7. Good fake images
  8. Ads leading nowhere
  9. Amarok Collection
  10. HTML Frames
  11. Vista folder permission problems
  12. How do I type ⇧?
  13. FluxBox on Debian
  14. Can I convert a desktop computer to a server?

March 31[edit]

Wikipedia:Reference_desk/Archives/Computing/2008 March 31

  1. Can I have a file and Web server on one server?
  2. Transfering iTunes library
  3. How does this URL work?
  4. Transfer files phone -> laptop
  5. free cross-platform software that will save form data in PDF files
  6. Wordpad problems