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Welcome to the Wikipedia Computing Reference Desk Archives
The page you are currently viewing is a monthly archive index. While you can leave answers for any questions shown below, please ask new questions on one of the current reference desk pages.

November 1[edit]

Wikipedia:Reference_desk/Archives/Computing/2009 November 1

  1. bad impacts of information system to an organisation
  2. Unknown website
  3. Vista Sidebar RSS Gadet Text-Rendering Anomaly
  4. pixel intensity??
  5. explorer.exe
  6. External hard drive blocked
  7. How to protect a picture?
  8. Google search

November 2[edit]

Wikipedia:Reference_desk/Archives/Computing/2009 November 2

  1. blog-style website
  2. Xbox 360 backwards compatability
  3. Simple C question
  4. ffshrine (2)
  5. wavelength???
  6. Viceo converter
  7. diode snap-off
  8. bots
  9. rss
  10. twitter
  11. DOS printing
  12. Lossy compression
  13. Windows 7 64 bit and Alienware integrated webcam driver

November 3[edit]

Wikipedia:Reference_desk/Archives/Computing/2009 November 3

  1. Windows 7 32-bit & 64-bit DVDs the same?
  2. Bit Torrent automatic quitting
  3. How to become a good (PHP) programmer?
  4. Football Manager 2010
  5. How to protect a picture II
  6. How to download emails to HD from Windows Live Hotmail free account
  7. Do HP printers refuse to print when the HP ink cartridges are past a pre-set date?
  8. How do I transfer my computer's data when I get a new one?
  9. server adminstration under linux for beginners
  10. Frozen computer screens
  11. CD/DVD Tray not opening.
  12. File folder read as a file
  13. mod_wsgi not loading in Apache
  14. Logout/logoff folder or script or equiv?

November 4[edit]

Wikipedia:Reference_desk/Archives/Computing/2009 November 4

  1. Valid hexadecimal HTML web colors invalidated by trademark
  2. Cheapest ethernet device?
  3. Menu with back arrows, etc. disappeared on AOL
  4. Wayback machine for TV programs
  5. usb is out of order
  6. BT Home Hub
  7. Netgear WGT624v3 wireless router keeps disconnecting
  8. Is it possible to release/cancel OpenMP barrier?
  9. RAM prices

November 5[edit]

Wikipedia:Reference_desk/Archives/Computing/2009 November 5

  1. Mpeg vs .avi
  2. Help with javascript please? highlighting links in menus.
  3. iPhone v AppleMac Address Book
  4. How to get Wikipedia?
  5. Would an AM3 Quad Core AMD computer work OK with Ubuntu?
  6. vista ram
  7. Free advertising?
  8. Uncompressed image file formats other than .bmp files
  9. Linux 64 Assembler Error
  10. Mac/Unix: Open a file from a remote server on command line
  11. Help with java script (Part 2) Folding items?
  12. What's a good definition of a .NET assembly?
  13. Upgrading to 7

November 6[edit]

Wikipedia:Reference_desk/Archives/Computing/2009 November 6

  1. what is the difference between router, hub and switch
  2. Missing math symbols.
  3. Why do we need to use DNS while connectiong to internet
  4. W7- Graff Digitiser and sound card
  5. Vista vs. 7
  6. What are the differences between interface and valuetype in CORBA IDL?
  7. Where did my CD window go?
  8. Is there a name for this bug?
  9. Shutdown Menu
  10. Installing Windows on another computer
  11. unLZ-GBA
  12. Video Either Too Big Or Too Little
  13. Need help overlaying an image
  14. Cell phone question
  15. Named nested references

November 7[edit]

Wikipedia:Reference_desk/Archives/Computing/2009 November 7

  1. Collapsing JPGs into a video
  2. BSOD
  3. Javascript and windows handles?
  4. Game For ZX Spectrum
  5. Windows 7
  6. Microwave oven that blows my circuit breaker
  7. TCP/IP not enabled
  8. Game for Commodore 64?
  9. How to help a nincompoop?

November 8[edit]

Wikipedia:Reference_desk/Archives/Computing/2009 November 8

  1. Show Desktop
  2. About Group Policy Client service...
  3. Algorithm request
  4. Windows 7 standby mode
  5. Booting Linux ISO Inside Virtual Box On Ubuntu
  6. Portable Apps & USB lifespan...
  7. How Linux could win in desktop OS war ?
  8. How to get a free webpage?
  9. "Mouse wiggler"
  11. How do I make an NPC for Garry's Mod 10?
  12. How do I make a custom texture in Source SDK apply like a decal?

November 9[edit]

Wikipedia:Reference_desk/Archives/Computing/2009 November 9

  1. Visual Dictionary for OS X?
  2. Video problems with Sacred 2: Fallen Angel
  3. Netbeans or Eclipse
  4. Win7
  5. MS PowerPoint - startup macros
  6. Vista
  7. File, exported from evolution calendar
  8. Not the admin of a network
  9. Python wont work with glade
  10. Word (and VBA) in MS Works and MS Office
  11. Writing stock or pro-forma letters to a few addresses - freeware?
  12. Virtual LED vu meter
  13. executable decompiler
  14. Stupid Server Question
  15. Adding something to XP's right-click contextual menus
  16. Simple Java Counter
  17. How can I safely view a phishing scam site?
  18. linux's ping -M dont/want options
  19. Android and Linux

November 10[edit]

Wikipedia:Reference_desk/Archives/Computing/2009 November 10

  1. Where is DOM Storage Located?
  2. Volatile vs Synchronize
  3. Deleting
  4. Copying a user's settings
  5. Madriva XP dual boot and compatibility question
  6. Does Microsoft have a record for every Windows computer on earth?
  7. Star Trek TOS, film quality, and HD re-release

November 11[edit]

Wikipedia:Reference_desk/Archives/Computing/2009 November 11

  1. MS Excel help
  2. Serious error
  3. Resuming downloads
  4. Downscaling a 1280x720 video? To 854x480 or 720x480?
  5. Pendrive
  6. Simple FaceBook application
  7. I want to know the turnover, the number of employees of or idate corporation
  8. 'Find' feature in Mac OSX Leopard
  9. If you've got XP, is there much point in upgrading to Vista?
  10. Ubuntu v. Windows: reliability, speed, compactness, error recovery?
  11. Difference between property files and XML file in java
  12. Tuples
  13. Outlook email backup
  14. how to p[lay mission 7

November 12[edit]

Wikipedia:Reference_desk/Archives/Computing/2009 November 12

  1. Mobile programming
  2. in my client-server network, i want to do that-user can use only notepad.sure that he can not use any other application.
  3. PHP & OOP, tutorials that actually DO something?
  4. Life cycle failure pattern of CPU-Fan
  5. is piracy of apps a problem for apple?
  6. Strange behaviour of Firefox
  7. Runescape classic cheat server
  8. Powerpoint slide is not opening
  9. Greasemonkey script

November 13[edit]

Wikipedia:Reference_desk/Archives/Computing/2009 November 13

  1. Question about web searching
  2. mobile phones for businesses and multiple people
  3. Java Screenshot program
  4. Java websites
  5. Java with MYSQL or ORACLE
  6. USB device
  7. WP Essay about not calling wikipedia "wiki"
  8. Xubuntu 9.10 hosed - can't get past login screen
  9. What is wrong with this mIRC script please?
  10. Noisy monitor
  11. Simple ways of *measuring* the CPU frequency in ASM
  12. Viewing old Outlook Express files on new computer
  13. external hard drive enclosure failure
  14. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

November 14[edit]

Wikipedia:Reference_desk/Archives/Computing/2009 November 14

  1. Diagnosing Inverter vs. Backlight Lamp
  2. Redundancy in volume knobs
  3. web site hosting
  4. Visual problem ATI card
  5. Updating drivers in Ubuntu - difficult?
  6. Any grammar checkers available for free?
  7. Linux Distros & Wi-Fi Compatibility
  8. publishing an application
  9. speakers with no plugs, only bare wires?!
  10. bittorrent client help
  11. A script language for doing things with blocks of text?
  12. Domain registry

November 15[edit]

Wikipedia:Reference_desk/Archives/Computing/2009 November 15

  1. Dual-core optimized software player for 1080p movies
  2. Inner class polymorphism in Java
  3. information system
  4. php
  5. logos
  6. romaji
  7. Facebook a pay site?

November 16[edit]

Wikipedia:Reference_desk/Archives/Computing/2009 November 16

  1. Quantum microprocessor
  2. Droid vs Blackberry Bold 9700
  3. Web design news sites
  4. Virgin Media broadband downtime

November 17[edit]

Wikipedia:Reference_desk/Archives/Computing/2009 November 17

  1. Keep browsing private from network administrator?
  2. Very strange web domain
  3. Free small biz website design/host site?
  4. Redirect I/O error messages from a Linux Ctrl-Alt-Fkey console
  5. Online Image Editor w/Brushed Edges Effect
  6. Internet connection monitor
  7. cannot connect to wireless network
  8. html remote save php
  9. My Vista laptop has a default Administrator account with blank password?!

November 18[edit]

Wikipedia:Reference_desk/Archives/Computing/2009 November 18

  1. Virteal microscope
  2. 2wire gateway/DSL modem "Excessive sessions warning"
  3. Locally run web applications
  4. iPhone on a PHS network
  5. Laws and precedences related to caching and proxying illegal content
  6. How can I emulate a screen resolution?.
  7. Where Are the Images Used for Icons on OS X?
  8. Email question regarding symbols, colors, fonts, etc.

November 19[edit]

Wikipedia:Reference_desk/Archives/Computing/2009 November 19

  1. Utilities with an API?
  2. Can a "server" be used as a normal computer?
  3. Characters support
  4. Picture of the Day screensaver
  5. Open Excel files in "Page break preview" mode as default
  6. Meaning of leet?
  7. smoke stream
  8. Posting a python script in Wikipedia
  9. Model View Controller in ASP.NET
  10. Windows Media Player does not stop playing
  11. Vtable table
  12. Fakeroot

November 20[edit]

Wikipedia:Reference_desk/Archives/Computing/2009 November 20

  1. Designing my own simple computer language
  2. Google cache
  3. Netbook performance
  4. Toolbar disappeared
  5. C download
  6. OCR software that supports Japanese
  7. Bandwidth of Video
  8. EULAs
  9. Dreamweb
  10. Tying special key on laptop to a script for closing programs
  11. With gray rectangles, the arrow keys don't work
  12. Keeping more digits in Excel
  13. Help deleting this folder
  14. Help Transferring Files

November 21[edit]

Wikipedia:Reference_desk/Archives/Computing/2009 November 21

  1. Media player can play .iso images directly?
  2. Windows Mobile software compatibility issues
  3. Best way to calculate an ETA...
  4. :-h emoticon
  5. Google email
  6. Dump password hashes on Mac
  7. Java Scanner
  8. producing DVD's that will play on television
  9. How to extract from .tar files on Vista 64-bit
  10. cracking fable

November 22[edit]

Wikipedia:Reference_desk/Archives/Computing/2009 November 22

  1. Merge Sort Question
  2. Regions?
  3. Bash alias
  4. Mousepad Opens Start Menu
  5. Net access
  6. Two XP computers, one product key
  7. USB mouse for laptop
  8. Stop software from reinstalling
  9. Correct adaptor for old printer to new computer; totally stumped
  10. Windows ReadyBoost

November 23[edit]

Wikipedia:Reference_desk/Archives/Computing/2009 November 23

  1. Regarding Sortware testing standards...
  2. Bot for adding category to Settlements listed in Domesday.
  3. String vs. Pattern for Scanner Delimiter in Java
  4. Perl Projects
  5. Replacing grub
  6. Strange codes in text, e.g. +ADs- or +ACoAKg-
  7. Detecting photoshopping/cloning in images
  8. Is upgrading a CPU easy?
  9. I was adding changes to the website for a Client and now my page has been deleted.

November 24[edit]

Wikipedia:Reference_desk/Archives/Computing/2009 November 24

  1. Formatting Text in Java
  2. Getting only part of an integer with Mathematica
  3. mv command with three arguments
  4. Windows 9x
  5. What 'mainstream' applications use .NET?
  6. Symbols, colors, fonts won't copy into email
  7. Need another printer suitible for cartridge refilling, or renovate the old one

November 25[edit]

Wikipedia:Reference_desk/Archives/Computing/2009 November 25

  1. Google Books results
  2. Why did my CD/DVD Drive Disappear from My Computer and Device Manager?
  3. Illegal content uploaded to website
  4. Best computer?
  5. Javascript: Resetting a Form
  6. My screwed up SVG file
  7. adobe digital editions

November 26[edit]

Wikipedia:Reference_desk/Archives/Computing/2009 November 26

  1. How to burn .flv files to DVDs
  2. Computer troubles and open source questions
  3. Toolbar disappeared
  4. 60,000+ jpgs
  5. Excel List Problem
  6. Looking for the Ithkuil font available for download somewhere on the Internet
  7. rsync and non-regular files

November 27[edit]

Wikipedia:Reference_desk/Archives/Computing/2009 November 27

  1. GPS-based alarm
  2. Difference/s with Suse, Ubuntu, etc along those lines
  3. Home server and net security
  4. What have I done to Firefox?
  5. Difference between Intel i7 CPUs
  6. Memory on the computer
  7. Closed Source and Open Source
  8. Cropping an image

November 28[edit]

Wikipedia:Reference_desk/Archives/Computing/2009 November 28

  1. Possible to add WiFi "n" to PS3 via USB dongle?
  2. How to create a new website
  3. Cross-configure Ubuntu Server
  4. files and their shortcuts
  5. Can I play these Games with This computer?
  6. Google mail SMS account verification
  7. SMS memory premature ejaculation
  8. Switching from Windows (Microsoft) to Mac (Apple)

November 29[edit]

Wikipedia:Reference_desk/Archives/Computing/2009 November 29

  1. .emacs and OS X
  2. Monitor
  3. What's the problem with DeviantArt?
  4. Any way to password protect an entire external hard drive?
  5. Other use of "Interstitial"
  6. How to compile GNU stuff

November 30[edit]

Wikipedia:Reference_desk/Archives/Computing/2009 November 30

  1. How the algorithm to fade from one image to another is implemented
  2. Refilling an HP printer ink cartridge
  3. Chatzilla DCC automation
  4. Uniloc Patent
  5. Fractional bit of entropy from /dev/random
  6. Regarding SGML
  7. Where Do The Aquamacs .el Files Live?
  8. PHP - database to form
  9. C# abstract classes
  10. Use phone as bluetooth repeater from laptop to headphones?
  11. Is it good programming practice to use state variables?
  12. System admin blocks access to C: drive
  13. Google Earth
  14. C question
  15. Only using 50%
  16. Internet Explorer has stopped working
  17. Caps lock function like typewriters?
  18. Suspected Malware