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  • Superior mesenteric artery dissection (SMA) - the main artery from your heart to your 'gut' "delaminates"/ dissects and blocks blood flow to the intestines. I found nothing in Wikipedia with the two subjects (SMA and Dissection) together. Thank you.

Anatomy; physiology[edit]



Sports Therapy- Society of Sports Therapists, definition of role, difference compared to physiotherapy


  • Talladium alloy - Alterntaive to gold alloy for fabrication of dental prosthesis

Diseases; conditions; signs; symptoms[edit]

Medical Article Creator



Hospitals; medical centers[edit]

The p2P Lab, which is a part of the Yale Center for Health & Learning Games, is a member of the White House’s Academic Consortium for Games for Impact and one of the original charter members of the newly formed Higher Education Video Game Alliance (HEVGA). We build collaborations and partnerships between researchers, educators, commercial game developers, and community-based organizations with the goal of developing and rigorously testing innovative, effective, and targeted game interventions for risk reduction and prevention in youth and young adults.) (

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Medical administration[edit]

  • lavender ward - ward of hospital for chronically mentally ill patients, I think?

Medical devices; tests[edit]



Microbiology; cell biology[edit]


The question is what nerves control the motor movement for running and walking?

somebody needs to write an article on the tissue organization field theory of cancer. Here are some articles:

The tissue organization field theory of cancer: A testable ... National Center for Biotechnology Information by AM Soto - ‎2011 - ‎Cited by 109 - ‎Related articles The somatic mutation theory (SMT) of cancer has been and remains the prevalent theory ... An important test for any new theory is whether it is able to explain what was not .... A corollary of the TOFT is that carcinogenesis is a reversible process, ... One, involving colon and breast cancer, estimated the presence of about 13 ... Competing views on cancer National Center for Biotechnology Information by C Sonnenschein - ‎2014 - ‎Cited by 14 - ‎Related articles These views are (a) the tissue organization field theory (TOFT) that is based on a breakdown ... At the level of basic science too, there is often a sense of perplexity, even ... Although study of the molecular biology of cancer has not yet laid bare the ... to explain carcinogenesis have fallen short in resolving the cancer puzzle? The Ana Soto - Carlos Sonnenschein Lab | Sackler Sackler School of Graduate Biomedical Sciences The predominant theory in the field of cancer research, the somatic mutation ... an alternative theory, the tissue organization field theory (TOFT) whose basic ... that the neoplastic phenotype is contextual and hence, potentially reversible. ... T47D breast cancer cells embedded in collagen gels stained with carmine alum.





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Dr. Khaled Al Saleh - Dr. Toru Kondo -




  • PG notes in PSYCHIATRY (PG notes in PSYCHIATRY is a new textbook in Psychiatry by Dr.Cijo Alex which has been received well by Psychiatry residents.) (,


Research terms[edit]

Sex (including obstetrics and gynaecology)[edit]

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Veterinary medicine[edit]

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