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Aviation (sorted)[edit]

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Other aviation articles[edit]



Rail transport[edit]

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Light rail[edit]

Light rail projects in Finland[edit]


Listed in Template:British Rail Coaches

LBSCR Stroudley Four-wheel Coaches

Metro trains[edit]

Helsinki metro EMUs[edit]

Road transport[edit]





  • Midland Classic Bus Company - a bus company opearting in the midlands, England
  • BERE REGIS & DISTRICT MOTOR SERVICES - a significant bus company operating in central Dorset, England from 1929 - 1995
  • Kutsuplus. An existing minibus system in Helsinky, Finland. Passengers request an origin and destination with their smartphone, then a computer system calculates an optimized traject to serve several passengers with the same minibus.
  • Saudi Public Transport Company (SAPTCO), a major inter and intra-city public transportation company serving 10 major cities in Saudi Arabia. [29]
  • Astons Coaches- a bus company opearting in the midlands, England
  • East End Bus Lines- Bus Company operating in Staten Island , and has a partner company (Montauk Student Transport in the Bronx/Montauk Transit Service in New Jersey).




Former roads[edit]


Rockets and spacecraft[edit]

Rocket propellant (fuel)[edit]


  • I understand that I should not add the names of Firewheel , MARECS-B, or Sirio-2 on the page . I should rather create 3 new articles and then insert those new pages... But... it is "too much" for a "modestly experienced" WP French contributor... like me! So Good Luck.... in trying to find the "good guys" who could collect and handle this... "bottle in the sea", in order to complete the job ! R. Zaharia
  • Tau Zero Foundation — Interstellar Spaceflight ([71], [72]) – easy transfer from h+pedia. Previously deleted on notability grounds. References updated, please reassess.
  • Woodward "Woody" Stanford - requesting an article on the founder of Stanford Systems. History as succumbing to schizophrenia preventing his entry of the Daedalus PSC system in the original X-Prize competition. Returned to business in 2014 designing the DBeta suborbital and the Daedalus PSC true suborbital. Might mention EXPER-VERTEX as a minor theory pertaining to Grand Unification, as it is making strides these days in the physics community. Homepage:


Water transport[edit]

Ships and boats[edit]


Speed records[edit]



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