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Book titles[edit]


- Story about a young man, Shinnosuke Arisu, attending a school that specializes in teaching the students to kill girls infected with the 'labyrinth disease'. He is attending this school to earn money, fame, and power, but his main goal is to save his sister, who is infected with the disease as well. The labyrinths summoned by the infected girls are categorized by ranks from 0 to 666, the highest being labeled as Apocalypse Alice based on the family name of the diseased girl, Saki Arisu, Shinnosuke's younger sister. The people who enter these labyrinths use specialized magic gear and form up in groups to kill the infected girls with less casualties than expected, but sometimes it ends up causing more deaths than need be.
- Although this is a more recent production by Takaya Kagami, the story still holds on par with his other creations.




- When Amethyst comes across her perfect dream house, she cannot help but be enchanted by it, even if there is something a little off about the place. It is everything she has ever wanted in a home, so when the Blooms invite her to stay the night to avoid the impending storm, she instantly accepts. Yet when she awakes the next morning, alone and unable to bring herself to leave, Amethyst comes face-to-face with unexpected twists and turns—like Alfred, the creepy gardener; Avery, the handsome but secretive neighbor; and a little girl who keeps appearing and vanishing within the house. As Amethyst searches for the Blooms and tries to unravel the truth, her connection to the house only grows stronger. Will she be able to break free of the house's allure, or will its secrets keep her trapped forever?)
- A good article on this statement would attempt to trace its origins and explain the rationale behind the poem, plus explain its use in popular culture — for instance, the Bellamy Brothers once recorded a song called "Drug Problem," based on this commentary.
  • The Dummy - short story by Shirley Jackson; revolves around a ventriloquist dummy performing at a café; two women, the protagonists, watch him with distaste while other members of the audience shriek with laughter; after the performance, the ventriloquist and his girlfriend argue; the ventriloquist pretends to be understanding, yet uses the dummy to show his true thoughts; finally, the two women leave, and one, comically, slaps the dummy- the ventriloquist's girlfriend then straightens its head; though dark, the short story has comical themes; it discusses many themes such as being two-faced and dramatic irony
  • Dungeons and Dragons: Races of The Dragon - published by Wizards of the Coast; (comment at December 2016: book or video game?)







Official Ki-Chan website: [159] Ki-Chan on Amazon: [160]













- entire tale is told from the narrator's fallout shelter after the blasts and recounts his childhood, first love, early inventions, government contracts, and loss of his family; narrator finds a dog in the ruins of the city one day and his love of the dog awakens him to the horrors he had been ignoring in his hideout; [361]; [362]; available in audiobook format on Audible ([363]) and iTunes ([364])





Book types[edit]


  • Gajapati Kulapati - highly popular picture-book character in India; [425]; [426]; [427]; [428]
  • Merricat Blackwood - character from We Have Always Lived in the Castle by Shirley Jackson; listed as literature's 71st best character since 1900 in the Book magazine; viewed as one of the best literary adolescence characters of all time; known for her mysterious and unquestionably haunting sociopathic tendencies that are clear through her actions (e.g., poisoning her family's meal with amanita phalloides and nailing books to trees); also notable for her relationship with her sister Constance, and, on a smaller scale, her uncle, Julian

Other book-related topics[edit]

  • Bibliography of humorous books (List of books that make one laugh; from the beginning of time untill the present)
  • list of highest-grossing books - to go with the list of highest-grossing films page
  • Marvel AR - an Augmented Reality application for mobile devices and a novel content delivery system by Marvel Comics now only referenced in [429] Because this system is ongoing, in iOS and Android (operating system) I believe it warrants a separate page or at the least a subdivision of [430] i think that a list of the hundred+ comics that have AR functionality would be useful. Marvel maintains a list of current issues released that month[431], but a comprehensive list AR compatible comic books would be helpful, as well as information on Marvel AR development, release, reception, and future plans, including its value to [Diseny]'s marketing and future developments.
  • Please begin a page for I Like Myself the childrens book written for females . BatmobileFire (talk) 17:09, 21 August 2016 (UTC)
  • Please begin a page for The Gardener the childrens book written for females . BatmobileFire (talk) 17:09, 21 August 2016 (UTC)
  • Please begin a page for My Name Is Not Isabella the childrens book written for females . BatmobileFire (talk) 17:09, 21 August 2016 (UTC)
  • More Books By Kingsley Amis