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Blacksnipe Entertainment is a Nigerian-based Record label founded on August 19, 2009 by two Nigerian brothers, Frank Ogwu and Cyril Ogwu in Agbor, Delta State, Nigeria, West Africa. Before 6years, they were established with over 19,000 fans on facebook and search engines. They craved a vision of bringing up talented recording artists within the Africa and global standards. In November, 2014, they signed a global music partnership with Austrialia Record label, KVZ Music which was endorsed to distribute all musical works of Blacksnipe Record.[1] Blacksnipe Records has successfully achieved this by blending raw local talent with professional producers to market and present the product effectively. In May, 2015 they signed a music distribution deal with Sugo Music Group. Blacksnipe Records established partnerships with major production and publishing companies, locally and across the globe. In terms of distribution, the company partnered with major music distributors with the aim of distributing all of their musical products worldwide. The label also worked with various star producers and major recording studios both locally and internationally in order to produce quality music materials. Since its inception in 2009, Blacksnipe Records has established itself a major musical power house in the Nigeira Music Industry. In June, 2012, they signed their first artist, DR. GREAT to the label, an artist with great flair for hiphop/rap. In May, 2013, they signed their second artist, D.BANK, a gospel rap artist and later in July, 2014 due to unreconcilable differences between the artist and the label, the contract was terminated by the label.[2] Blacksnipe Records also developed wonderful music genres and now attracted some of Africa's most respected and talented Entertainment Celebrities which caused them to sign a management deal with Nigerian Star comedian whalemouth in June, 2015.[3] Also in May, 2015 they signed another non-exclusive digital music distribution with Valley Digital. BLACKSNIPE RECORDS is a renowned major musical label for all it's artists. In the past 6years of their hardwork, they have established a unique and strong business empire within the music industry, representing a diverse roster of event properties, consumer brands, Award winning artists like DR. GREAT, D.BANK, Comedian WhaleMouth amongst others. With their wide range of entertainment activities, they hosted DEG AWARDS in Septemeber, 2014 [4] in Delta State Nigeria which was announced on their official website.


  • Buugeng or S-staff (then redirect to other) - Swinging-prop in juggling-arts and artistry.



  • David Elms - (Standup comedian, UK television and stage actor, improviser) (
  • Jono Zalay - Standup comedian
  • Poppy Begum - Reporter, Assistant Producer.(Citation needed)
  • Perry Kurtz - multi-media comedian; dances and sings as well as telling true life stories and engaging the audience to be part of and stars of the show, as he creates the show around and with the crowd.No two shows are ever alike, even if they are for the same crowd in the same location. Perry is former male stripper from 1979-1984 in San Francisco, when he was the manager, host, and a dance at The Off Broadway on Broadway , which was the ONLY Male Strip Show in San Francisco for Women. Perry is most well known for his unusual rap talent of freestyling about whatever is happening in the room as it happens to ANY song with live bands and a karaoke bars. he can't enter a karaoke club without someone asking, "What are you going to rap to tonight?Has credits in television on The Tonight Show 2015, America's Got Talent 2013, Let's Make A Deal (winner) 2013, America's Funniest People 1982, Love Connection (got picked) 1984, We the People with Gloria Allread 2015, Partners in Crime 1986, Extreme Gong (winner) 1998, The Good Time Cafe ABC 1985, Dangerfield's Young Comedians Special HBO 1984. In Commercials - CREA, Canadian Real Estate Agency, 2015, Meijer Groceries - Tiki Torch 2016. Star of Drinking Beer and Smoking Cigarettes on YouTube with over 2 million views. LA Comedy Awards Winner for Most Hilarious Standup Comedian 2009, 2010,2011. Also the proud father of a beautiful 11 year old girl who has performed comedy with him in different locations. Perry also appears regularly in Comedy Clubs, Blues Clubs, Senior/Retirement & Convalescent locations, as well as Elks Lodges, Apartments, Corporate events, Private Parties, Festivals, Mobile Estates, Unions, and Foster Homes, while tailoring each show about and including the audience.

Rob Sherrell Rob Sherrell is a comedian and writer from Indianapolis, IN. He currently attends Indiana University where he created the first major program in Stand-Up Comedy at the university and one of the first people to have a individualized major in it. He switched majors from a double in Political Science and Law & Policy to a curriculum he created himself in comedy.

He’s been featured in USA Today College, The Indy Star, Comedy Hype, 812 Magazine, The Indiana Daily Student, Huffington Post LIVE, and The Herald Times with some radio and television coverage as well. This garnered the attention of Kevin Hart who met with Rob after a social media campaign called #RobMeetsKev. He then deemed Rob a “trailblazing” comedian.

Since then, Rob has worked on various humor writing projects for Poor Choices Card Game, Collegefession as a regular contributing writer, the upcoming Prankline App, Comedy Hype as a guest contributor, Deloitte Consulting Firm, Virtustar Media Productions, and Champion Accountants among many others.

His following on social media is one of his most prominent platforms with his tweets being featured in The Shade Room, People Magazine, Mashable, Buzzfeed, BET, Bro Bible, and Oxygen among other sites and publications.

Rob has opened for Shawn Latham (Comedy Central), Action Bronson (BET), Ben Moore (Bob and Tom Show), Capital Cities (Grammy Nominated), Alex Ortiz (HBO), and Shaun Harris (BET).

Currently, Rob produces a podcast called Empty Bottle Chronicles that was featured in USA Today and earned some attention from MTV. Rob also makes a cameo appearance in an upcoming independent film alongside Zachary Spicer called "The Good Catholic", starring Danny Glover and John McGinley. After venturing into filmmaking himself, Rob first short film, "Headphones" was an official selection of the 2017 Cause Film Festival and Iris Film Festival where it won the award for Best Narrative Film and Audience Choice. Rob also is the executive producer of his own late night show, "Hella Late with Rob Sherrell". This urban centric late nigh show is one with a modernized take on Arsenio Hall's late night show that aired in the 90s. This is the first late night talk show and the largest student production in the history Indiana University. It also remains to be one of the only Black executive produced student productions in the country. ( ( ( ( ( ( (

  • David Vox Mullen - American Actor/Writer/Producer/Comedian/Singer/Host/Impressionist/Entertainer. [[13]] David Vox Mullen has written, produced and starred in the sketch comedy series "Windy City Rejects" and he is the CEO of the DVM Production Empire a multimedia company that produces music, television, film and podcasts. One of his most notable performances was his on stage portrayal of Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump in the stage show he produced call "We're Screwed: An Evening with Trump & Hillary". He was formerly the lead singer of the Rock group The Slipstream and is currently producing his 1st solo studio album since being with the band which is set to be released in 2017. He often goes by the tagline "The Man Of Many Talents" and with all of the different things he does, that is a title well deserved.
  • August Maturo

Actor portraying the character Augie Matthews on "Girl Meets World"; portrayed future Marvin Erickson on "How I Met Your Mother" in season 8's episode "Who Wants to be a Godparent?"


(noun) : To benefit an audience in the form of conversations, solely for entertainment purposes.


Dance people[edit]

Ballet people[edit]

Kristina Pulcini - silver and gold medal finalist in the Youth American Grand Prix accepted into the Boston ballet at age 16, danced at various big ballet companies around the world

  • Madeleine Casley - Trained at Jason Colemans Ministry of Dance and has graduated, currently teaching at Adrenaline Dance Studio.

Non-ballet dance people[edit]

  • Véronique Azan - the great french dancer of Kathak (India); [36]; [37]
  • Nighat Chaudry - kathak dancer, created an NGO for dance; [38]
  • Heather Cornell - master tap dancer; [39]
  • Blueprint Cru - Canadian hip-hop dance crew; runner ups of America's Best Dance Crew (season 5)
  • Hastha Lakshana Deepika - Dravidian writing about Dravidian performing arts and dances; notable as there are existing Wikipedia articles on the most prominent Dravidian art forms
  • Dkwan (Daniel Kwan) - new school popper, artist, and model; mostly dancer; [40]
  • Ian Eastwood - choreographer and dancer; seen on DanceOn's Dance Showdown and MTV's ABDC7 "Return of the Superstars"; started at age 10; moved to North Hollywood at age 18; appeared as a principal dancer in the Ubisoft/Black-Eyed Peas Experience television ad; won World of Dance Youth Choreographer of the Year; choreographed a music video for 5LP; has traveled to 17 countries teaching classes, workshops, camps and intensives as well as regular events and workshops with Young Lions, Millennium Dance Center, Coastal Dance Rage, and Movement Lifestyle; represents his own clothing line through Young Lions
  • Alexei Goloborodko - dancer and contortionist
  • Guta Hedewig - dancer and choreographer
  • Emily Hoffman - dancer, actress; started dancing in 2007 at age six, after training in gymnastics for several years; trains in all genres of dance in the Southern California area; protégé for Pulse on Tour 2013-14, a member of Trouble Makers, Boogiezone Armada Kidz, Collective Uth and iHollywood's 2012-13 Dance Company. Emily has been in dancing and acting TV commercials and short movies. Hasbro Twister Rave commercial aired during the Kids Choice Awards this year and My Living Spaces commercial aired during the 2010 Super Bowl; featured in an article in Dance Spirit Magazine as one of "Hip Hop's Next Generation." You can see her dancing in the Just Dance Kids 2 video game and the new Just Dance Kids 3 video game. You might have heard her voice in many national radio commercials. She also filmed several music videos, such as Glorified High by Sarah Jaffee. Her favorite dance style is hip hop but also loves contemporary and jazz and dancing all dance genres for several years, including ballroom and breaking; represented by The Movement Talent Agency
  • Courtney Jaros - Owner of Adrenaline Dance Studio, Jaros has worked with many professionals in her time and a notable person is redfoo and inspiring the moves in the music video to 'Juicy Wiggle'
  • Jordyn Jones - dancer from Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition, singer, model for California Kisses Dance Wear
  • Junior (b-boy) (real name Bosila Banya) - breakdancer of the Wanted crew, 2001 winner of the Battle of the Year, 3rd place in the 2004 Red Bull BC One; mentioned (with photo) in The New York Times ([41]) called the "world's most recognised b-boy" by All Street Dance[42], 2007 winner of La France a un incroyable talent (interview after winning with Linternaute here), several videos with many millions of hits (like this, see one of the playlists here), due to polio his legs are lighter than normal
  • Sione Kelepi (aka Sione Maraschino) - plus-size male Tongan freestyle dancer; featured in the video for Meghan Trainor's "All About That Bass,", Vine pioneer with more than 48 million loops, profiled on BuzzFeed, Complex, and The Daily Dot, originator of the "Maraschino Step," brother can move
  • Youssouf Koumbassa - formerly with the National Ballet of Guinea and in NYC with Les Ballets Bagata; West African dance instructor
  • Michael Leslie (dancer) - indigenous Australian dancer and choreographer; recipient of Red Ochre Award for lifetime achievement in indigenous dance
  • Jason Love (entertainer) - [43]; [44]; [45]; [46]; [47]; [48]; [49]
  • Luam - hip-hop and reggae dancer; choreographer; launched Wildchild Nation clothing company with Marc David and Traci
  • Sophia Lucia - dancer holding the Guinness World Record for the most number of consecutive pirouettes, model for California Kisses Dance Wear and dancer on Dance Moms for three episodes
  • Iveta Lukosiute - Strictly Come Dancing Professional dancer
  • Marion Joseph "Taps" Miller - American tap dancer, singer, and trumpet player; jazz tune "Taps Miller" by Count Basie has to do with him; [50]; [51]
  • Usha Nangiar - greatest living exponent of Nangiar Koothu; the ancient danceform of Kerala, India
  • Carolena Nericcio - creator of American tribal-style belly dance
  • Shade Nyx - bellydance, Bollywood, burlesque and fetish performer in Ottawa, Canada; medium cult following amongst vanilla burlesque fans, and fans of bellydance and Bollywood; dedicated fan base amongst the BDSM, Femdom/ Malesub, and ABDL communities; performs with Bollywood for Fun, Bellydancing for Fun, Rockalily Entertainment and Rockalily Burlesque, The Hip Bellydancers, The Browncoats Burlesque, The Sin Sisters, Bourbon and Spice, and Capital Tease
  • Nikki Pantenburg - dancer for Janet Jackson, Babyface, Ricky Martin and Prince
  • Adeline Pastor (born 1982) - ballerina; child prodigy; since 2008, principal dancer in Aalto Ballett Theater, Essen; [52] (as Edith Piaf in "Non, je ne regrette rien")
  • Danielle Peazer - British professional dancer; trained in ballet and hip-hop/contemporary; back-up dancer for Jessie J., Pixie Lott, LMFAO, Taio Cruz, Leona Lewis, the XFactor UK; [53]
  • Daniel Pegler - dancer on YouTube; not famous (yet); 20 years old; dancing teacher & dancer; [54]; [55]
  • Micaela Pond - parent of actress Lily Pond
  • Bryan Tanaka - choreographer and dancer
  • Spandy Andy - Vancouver-based Spandex dancer; [56]
  • Forrest Vance - dancer, choreographer
  • Jasmin Vardimon - Associate Artist at Sadler's Wells, and artistic director of Jasmin Vardimon Company [57] [58]
  • Maria Vegh - born in 1932, ballet dancer with Ballet Repertory Company of New York 1953-60 (soloist) & Royal Ponciana Theatre 1960-63 (principal dancer); co-director of Harkness House for Ballet Arts 1971-76, Artistic Director of Marin Ballet 1987-1993, continues to teach master classes internationally; author of To Dance, a syllabus for the training of ballet students based on her work as co-director of Harkness Ballet School with David Howard which revolutionized the teaching of ballet by incorporating the scientific principles of kinesiology and sports medicine for the first time; [59];[60]; [61]; (talk) 02:23, 17 June 2014 (UTC)
  • Mary Verdi-Fletcher - founder, Dancing Wheels in Cleveland, Ohio – an integrated dance company that unites stand-up and sit-down (wheelchair) dancers; [62]; Middletown, Ohio Journal-News April 2, 2015
  • Karima Mansour - Egyptian dancer, choreographer and teacher. Founder of MAAT for Contemporary Art and Cairo Contemporary Dance Center, first Contemporary Dance School in Africa and the Arab world.
  • Eva Encinias Sandoval-Flamenco dancer and choreogrpaher; director of National Institute of Flamenco in Albuquerque, NM; founder Festival Flamenco Internacional de Alburquerque

Choreographers and professional dancers[edit]

  • Leanne Stojmenov - born - Perth, Western Australia; award-winning principal ballerina, The Australian Ballet Company
  • Torron-Lee Dewar - Award-winning hip-hop dance choreographer; founder of Alliance Dance Unit and Olympic Torchbearer for the London Olympics. Author of 50 Ways to Become a Better Choreographer.
  • Kajira Djoumahna Creator of BlackSheep Improv Tribal Style (ITS), director of BlackSheep BellyDance, and host of TribalFest; innovated the ATS system, allowing for a more even use of both sides of the body (whereas ATS moves are all initiated on the right side), and providing a basis for the infinite variations of group improv and tribal style bellydance that we see today
  • Carolena Nericcio - creator of American Tribal Style (ATS) and director of FatChanceBellyDance. Her codified system of cues and combos is now used by tribal dancers all over the world, enabling dancers from different countries who have never met and may not even speak the same language to dance in synchronized improvisation with each other, such that the dance can appear choreographed. This innovation spawned countless descendents (known as SGI - synchronized group improv - formats), the most notable of which is the Improv Tribal Style (ITS) system as exemplified by BlackSheep BellyDance.
  • Jamila Salimpour - director of Bal Anat, which is regarded as the direct ancestor of American Tribal Style bellydance. She was the teacher of many of the historically important figures in Tribal Style, including John Compton.
  • John Compton - pioneering figure of ethnic/folkloric, Middle Eastern, and early tribal style bellydance. He began as the only male member of Jamila Salimpour's Bal Anat troupe, with his iconic tray dance, and went on to form Hahbi 'Ru, which was a cornerstone institution of the California world dance and Renaissance faire community for many years. He died recently, universally mourned and revered by the tribal community today as one of the art form's groundbreakers. His career paved the way for acceptance of men as bellydancers in America.
  • Parker Esse - Broadway and regional award-winning choreographer cited in Wikipedia's article on Rogers and Hammerstein's Musical "Oklahoma" about the Ground Breaking Arena Stage Production of 2010 winner Best Choreography Parker Esse; [63]; [64]; [65]; [66]; [67]; [68]; [69]; [70]; [71]; [72]; [73]; [74]; [75]; [76]
  • Arna Singleton - professional hip hop dancer in internationally recognised hip-hop group Hollabak; [77]
  • Nicolas "Nico" Archambault - winner of So You Think You Can Dance Canada, Season 1
  • Stephanie Aven - based in Hollywood, CA; some credits include Madame Sunset & Her Hollywood Kittens, Sima Fischer(Miss Toronto), 125th Anniversary PSA for the American Red CRoss, Tomboys and Fishnets; has also worked as a professional dancer in the industry); Stephanie Aven is also pka Sunset Leigh aka Madame Sunset in the Neo-Burlesque Circuits)
  • Vladimir Bourmeister - [78]
  • Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui - Belgian-Moroccan choreographer, formerly with Les Ballet C de la B; creator of the pieces Rien de Rien, D'Avant, Foi, Zero Degrees, Myth, Apocrifu, Sutra, Origine, and many others
  • Keltie Colleen
  • Aiden Davis - Britain's Got Talent sensation 2009
  • Kelly Devine - Broadway choreographer; credits include Rock of Ages and upcoming Rocky: The Musical
  • Neil Duggan - Ireland's premier Salsa instructor; has danced professionally for over 12 years; member, the Beat Boy Breakdance Troup
  • Eleanor Fazan (born 1930) - veteran film, TV and stage choreographer still active in the business as of 2008, and sometime stage director and actress
  • Jack Gray (dancer) - New Zealand Māori contemporary dance artist, choreographer, writer, and scholar [79]
  • Marisa Gruneberg - American modern dance choreographer; founder, Brooklyn-based dance company white road Dance Media
  • Serena Lecca - multiple winner of Italian and international dance competitions
  • Denise Jefferson - founding director (1969) of the Ailey School in New York (the official school of Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater), remained director until she died of cancer in 20??
  • Amanda Michelle Jiroux
  • Luam Keflezgy
  • Xavier Le Roy - French choreographer
  • Joshuah Michael
  • Luca "Lazy Legz" Patuelli - b-boy and inspirational speaker and member of the Ill-Abilities crew; [80]
  • Constantin Stanislavski's Opera Studio
  • Patrice M Regnier - choreographer, filmmaker, founder of Rush Dance
  • Doriana Sanchez - disco choreographer and is on Fox's So You Think You Can Dance regularly as a choreographer and judge
  • U-Min - Japanese hip hop dance group known for their slow-motion dancing and popping; featured in "Ching-a-Ling" music video by Missy Elliot
  • Sreelatha Vinod - bharathanatyam dancer and the best disciple of the legendary dhananjayans of Kalakshetra(chennai)
  • Tamambo - One of the top-20 performers and choreographers in salsa and mambo; one of the founders of "London Style" salsa; originally from Iraq
  • Antoine Hunter - African-American and deaf/hard of hearing dancer, choreographer; founder, Urban Jazz Dance Company
  • Daksha Sheth - modern Indian dancer turned choreographer; founder, Daksha Sheth Dance Company; mother of Isha Sharvani
  • Spike Kinsey - YouTube personality gaining fame for his dancing videos
  • Chen Weiya - designer of the 2010 Asian Games opening and closing ceremonies; assistant to Zhang Yimou for the 2008 Beijing Olympics
  • Suzanne Lampl - Dancer with MOMIX for 15 years. Watch a video of a live performance with Renato Zero, Italian pop icon [81]
  • Gavin Roebuck - dancer and ballet promoter
  • Patti Wilcox - choreographer of Broadway shows Motown and A Night with Janis Joplin
  • Jasmin Vardimon - Associate Artist at Sadler's Wells, and artistic director of Jasmin Vardimon Company [82] [83]; [84]
  • Mel Tomlinson Professional dancer of many companies including the New York City Ballet, the Dance Theater of Harlem, the Heritage Dance Theater, and the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater; [85]; [86]; [87]
  • Alan Bersten - Professional dancer and choreographer, troupe member on Dancing with the Stars, former dancer on So You Think You Can Dance [5][6][7][8]

Non-people dance topics[edit]

Ballet-related non-people[edit]

Dance companies[edit]

Dance-service organizations[edit]

  • Career Transition for Dancers - American support organization for dancers making career transitions, based in New York City and Los Angeles, California
  • Country Dance and Song Society - American membership organization preserving Anglo American dance and song traditions; founded by Cecil Sharp in 1915; based in Easthampton MA. [132]
  • Cairo Contemporary Dance Center - A Dance center in Cairo, Egypt - First Contemporary Dance school in Africa and the Arab world, also providing workshops, open classes, artistic residencies...

Dance shoes[edit]

  • LaDuca Shoes - based in New York City; all shoes made in Italy




Codo … düse im Sauseschritt - a very popular Austrian/German song of the NDW (talk) 17:34, 25 May 2017 (UTC)



Opera people[edit]

Other opera-related articles (e.g., companies, terms, venues, etc.)[edit]

Theatre and stage[edit]


Sybil De Bray - English actress from early 20th century, as pictured on Wills Scissors, 30 Actresses cards from 1916.





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  • Shanez L. Padgett-(actor)(model)(videographer)(social media influencer)(director)(producer)(musician)(writer)

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