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Human resources[edit]

Law firms[edit]

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Terminology (business)[edit]


  • Affinity Federal Credit Union - Credit union headquartered in Basking Ridge, New Jersey. Notable for providing banking services for AT&T Employees.
  • Central States Pension Fund (often shortened to Central States). Though about twenty articles mention the fund and the scandal which surrounded it in the 1970s, there is no article on the fund or the scandal. Thirty-seven articles, as of 7 May 2016, include the phrase "Central States Pension Fund", and it is in the headlines,[1] but there is no article.
  • Clapdoor is an online marketplace for buying and selling properties in India
  • EasyVista - is a France-based company that provides enterprise Service Management software. The company was originally founded as Staff & Line in 1988 and is quoted on NYSE Alternext exchange under: ALEZV [26] [27]
  • Flamingo Rod - Staking Rod used for staking plastic pink flamingos by owners of lawn greeting businesses, also called flamingo flockers
  • Food delivery - There is an article on pizza delivery but not other types, from Chinese take-out to dabbawalas
  • GatherSource-, news search engine
  • Healthy Fundraising Australia - a small Australian fundraising company based in Melbourne.
  • HR Affiliates - company that aims to help small businesses with their Human Resource departments
  • Kansas Bioscience Authority - a venture investor that invests its own funds, attracts co-investors, manages its portfolio companies, and calls on its network of partners and experts to generate a return on and of invested capital. Established in 2004, is currently being eliminated because of lack of state support. [28]; [29]
  • RetailCURe - A UK credit union for employees/pensioners of retailing businesses.
  • RiderScan -, center mounted blind spot eliminating safety mirror for motorbikes and scooters.
  • routeRANK -, a travel planning service
  • Super-Max - The world's second largest manufacturer of razor blades and shaving products by volume; presence in 140 countries; [30]
  • TimeRepublik - Talent sharing website
  • ValueWalk Financial website focused on hedge funds
  • Zimmerman Advertising-Largest advertising agency in the Southeast US



Economic policy[edit]

Economic problems[edit]

Economic theory and history[edit]



  • George Abed - Institute of International Finance [48] Senior Counselor and Director for Africa & the Middle East. Former Chairman of the Palestine Monetary Authority, where he was responsible for developing and implementing a comprehensive plan to restructure the PMA in preparation for transforming the institution into a full fledged central bank and for reforming and strengthening the banking system in Palestine [49]. Previously, Mr. Abed had served as Director of the Middle East and Central Asia Department of the International Monetary Fund and Special Advisor to the Managing Director. Prior to taking up that position, he served as Deputy Director of the IMF’s Fiscal Affairs Department [50]. Other references: [51], [52], [53].
  • Dennis R. Appleyard - Chair Department of Economics at Davidson college, Main Author of the International Economics (6th Edition) McGrawHill Inc. Received UNC-Chapel Hill's Tanner Award for "Excellence in Inspirational Teaching of Undergraduate Students" in 1983 and Davidson's Thomas Jefferson Award for teaching and service in 2004; [54]; Sajjad Arif (talk) 06:55, 3 February 2011 (UTC)
  • Alan Auerbach - professor, University of California, Berkeley; first editor, American Economic Journal
  • Gregory Robert Badishkanian - Vice-President and Senior Research Director at CitiGroup Corp., Formerly of Salomon Brothers, and a 3rd. Generation Armenian-American Philanthropist, Graduate of Drew University - NJ and Graduate Degrees From Cornell - NY, Many awards won for his insight in the field of Economics and Finance. Grandson of famous blacksmith, gunsmith and weapons inventor, Martin Jevanian, an Armenian-American born in Armenia and fled to America as an orphaned child after his Christian parents were slaughtered by Muslim Turks during the Armenian Genocide of 1915, Martin contributed greatly to his newly adopted homeland after arriving in the United States by ship - including the donation of a portfolio of patents - to the Watervliet Armory in NY during WWII.
  • David Balto- former worker at the fcc and world reknown anti-trust lawyer
  • Pietro Barmero - Developer of mordern economics, scholar of Nash and Smith.
  • Michael Banyard - helped create the Faster Payments system that has revolutionised banking; has been described by Computer Weekly ([55]) as: Mike Banyard, senior payment industry commercialisation manager at HSBC, said, "As one of the founding members of the service, we are reaping the benefits of seizing the commercial advantages of Faster Payments early on. From the outset, far from regarding Faster Payments as a compliance issue, we have embraced the real-time technology as a way of introducing new and improved services to our customers and unlocking new revenue opportunities."
  • Dr. David Besanko - Alivn J. Huss Professor of Management and Strategy; author of multiple economics text books; Editorial Board, Review of Industrial Organization; Editorial Board, Journal of Regulatory Economics; [56]
  • Bruce Boissonnault - Faculty at Northwestern University's Kellogg Graduate School and founding publisher of
  • Michael Bordo - de:Michael Bordo [57]
  • Mary Jean Bowman - (1908-2002) University of Chicago economist best known for her work on the economics of education.
  • Maureen L. Cropper - (1949- ) First female chair of Department of Economics at the University of Maryland. First chair of any University of Maryland, College Park Department who is a member of the National Academy of Sciences. Noted environmental economist with over 80 publications on valuing environmental amenities, discounting health benefits for future generations, and health effects of various forms of energy production in developing nations. Currently is a senior fellow at Resources for the Future, former lead economist at the World Bank.
  • Rachel Croson (Rachel T.A. Croson) - (1967-) Dean of the College of Business at the University of Texas at Arlington. PhD Harvard; known for experimental economics, negotiation, and philanthropy.
  • Arindrajit Dube - labor economist from Stanford, PhD from University of Chicago, currently at Berkley.
  • Mark Duggan (academic) - The Wayne and Jodi Cooperman Professor of Economics, Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research; [58]; [59]
  • Dr. Katrina Ellis - Head of Research at Australian Prudential Reglatory Authority, PhD at Cornell University, Fulbright scholarship alumni. Worked with Maureen O'Hara on "When the Underwriter is the Market Maker: An Examination of Trading in the IPO Aftermarket"[4]
  • Robert G. Evans - Canadian health care economist; Officer of the Order of Canada, Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada
  • Richard J. Gilbert (Widely cited economist and professor, specializing in industrial organization economics and antitrust/competition policy. Former Deputy Assistant Attorney General for Economic Analysis in the Antitrust Division of the US Department of Justice, 1993-1995; Chair of the Berkeley Competition Center; past president of the Industrial Organization Society; former Chair of the UC Berkeley Department of Economics, 2002-2005.) ([60],[61],[62],[63])
  • Bent Hansen (economist) - ru:Хансен, Бент [64] [65]
  • Seymour E. Harris (1897-1975?) it:Seymour Harris - important figure in Keynesian revolution in America, editor of The New Economics. Keynes' Influence on Theory and Public Policy
  • Gerard Hastings OBE - Professor of Social Marketing at University of Stirling and Director of the Institute for Social Marketing and the Cancer Research UK Centre for Tobacco Control Research. Hastings on WHO Commission on Ending Childhood Obesity. Books by Gerhard Hastings: The Marketing Matrix: How the Corporation Gets Its Power – And How We Can Reclaim It (2013), Social Marketing: Why should the Devil have all the best tunes?2007.
  • John William Hatfield - PhD economics, Stanford, 2005; currently at Stanford Graduate School of Business.
  • Henry T. C. Hu - Allan Shivers Chair in the Law of Banking and Finance at the University of Texas Law School; appointed by U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission Chairman Mary L. Schapiro as the inaugural Director of the SEC's Division of Risk, Strategy, and Financial Innovation (2009-2011).
  • Naum Jasny - ru:Ясный, Наум Михайлович - the father of Natascha Artin Brunswick
  • Hari Bansh Jha - one of senior most economists of Nepal; academician
  • Jim Jubak - senior markets editor, MSN Money
  • John F. Kain (John Forrest Kain) (1935–2003) - scholar of educational and urban economics, best known for his "spatial mismatch hypothesis" regarding the unemployment of African-Americans as a result of metropolitan housing market segregation; obituary
  • Jyotish Kumar - Research Scholar, Department of Economics, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi, India
  • Subal Kumbhakar - Distinguished Research Professor, Binghamton University. [66]
  • Hilary Kramer - financial journalist
  • Matías Kulfas - who? -- see [67]


Terminology (economics)[edit]




Is this simply a different name for the Social Credit concept?
Not that important - it's simply a CDO that was sold in-house. There's more sensationalism in the article than facts - the bubble formation described and the largest figures cited refer to the overall crisis rather than "Klios" themselves.
  • Loan Notes - UK financing technique
  • Land and Buildings Investment Management - Notable activist hedge fund that focuses on investments in REITs and real estate related companies.
  • Matching Halt - I think it is a kind of Pause in the Stock Marked when new vital information is released.
  • MMIFF - cf. the Federal Reserve's balance sheet [117]
  • Mirror Account - A bank maintaining its account with another bank
  • Morningstar Style Box - graphic symbol indicating the category of a particular investment
  • Mlhuillier Financial Services - One of largest Financial Services Company in the Philippines offering Quick Cash Loans, Money Transfer Services (Domestic & International), Bills Payment and other services.
  • MSCI Emerging Markets Probably the most important stock market index for emerging markets. It includes stocks, which cover 85% of market capitalization from 23 countries [118]


  • Newable [[119]] - Newable is an SME provider based in London, used to be called Greater London Enterprise and provides start up loans, growth loans, consulting and other services. It is also an official partner of the Start Up Loans company.
  • Named order - a type of order on the London Stock Exchange, not allowed for all financial instruments. An explanation is needed by someone familiar with the subject.
  • Needham Funds [120]; [121]
  • Nigeria Sovereign Investment Authority: NSIA [122];
  • Novantas, Inc. - An international banking analytics and advisory services firm with locations in New York, Chicago, Toronto and others. A FinTech 100 firm [123]; [124]
  • Ox Bonding - national leader in credit and bonding services. The Contractor Credit Program (CCP) provides A.M. Best A- rated Bid, Payment and Performance bonds to contractors as well as working capital advances, payroll processing and other services designed to support their client’s needs. In addition to the CCP program, they offer traditional commercial surety bonds to the millions of American business that are required to post a bond under the terms of their licenses [125][126][127]; [128]
  • Portfolio Insurance - This is an important topic; describes a trading and arbitrage strategy that was ultimately blamed for the 1987 stock market crash
  • Portfolio Management Software - Details and comparison of softwares used to manage investment portfolios
  • Primary capital certificate - some sort of security, possibly primarily Norwegian, which is traded on the London Stock Exchange.
  • Principal Investment
  • Product Specialist - Marketing majors... Follow life cycle of products, have expertise...
  • ProShares - brand name of a family of indexed ETFs that invest in S&P 500, leveraged S&P 500, short S&P 500 and leveraged short S&P 500- often seen on stock ticker; [129]
  • QT Mutual Bank - A mutual bank in Queensland, Australia, soon to be merged with Royal Automobile Club of Queensland; [130]
  • RCN Capital - Nationwide private, direct lender based out of Connecticut. [131];[132];[133];[134]
  • Regulation H - Membership of State Banking Institutions in the Federal Reserve System
Defines the requirements for membership of state-chartered banks in the Federal Reserve System; sets limitations on certain investments and requirements for certain types of loans; describes rules pertaining to securities-related activities; establishes the minimum ratios of capital to assets that banks must maintain and procedures for prompt corrective action when banks are not adequately capitalized; prescribes real estate lending and appraisal standards; sets out requirements concerning bank security procedures, suspicious-activity reports, and compliance with the Bank Secrecy Act; and establishes rules governing banks' ownership or control of financial subsidiaries; [135]
  • Repayment plan - as in a plan created by a consumer in consultation with creditors (such as credit card companies) to pay down consumer debt; such plans often are designed by specialized consumer credit counseling agencies in the U.S. as a way to avoid bankruptcy
  • RetailCURe - A UK credit union for employees/pensioners of UK retailers
  • Rice Finance Company - stock market investment company