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Furniture design[edit]


  • Bernardo Urbina - Costa Rican furniture designer; founder, Tacloban Prevails[1] (a firm that buys debris from families affected by Typhoon Haiyan, and uses it to create single-version furniture;[2] after the furniture piece is sold, ten percent of the profits go back to the family who provided the original debris[3])

[Gerdago] (


Graphic design[edit]


  • Dsr Creation - Graphics Designer at Bhilwara
  • Dsr Deiv - Graphics Designer at Bhilwara
  • Petros Afshar - English graphic designer
  • Nicholas Blechman - art director, illustrator, designer; social Democrat; New York;
  • Philippe Boulet - French illuminated furniture designer
  • Jose Breaux - artist , pastelist, watercolorist; [5]
  • Willy Fleckhaus - German graphic designer and professor; de:Willy Fleckhaus
  • Guy Georget - French graphic designer and artist
  • Diego Greco - comic illustrator; illustrator of Bad Dog (comics) written by Joe Kelly; background illustrator for Una película de huevos; IMDb; [6]; [7]; [8]; [9]; [10]; [11]
  • Mike Kaye - Emmy Award-nominated graphic designer; [12], comic book creator; [13]; featured in news media sites and a radio show called The Collectors Show" with Harold Nicoll; [14], website designer; [15]
  • Zak Kyes - art director and graphic designer; [16]; [17]; (perhaps more German resources?)
  • Conor Merriman - illustrator and graphic designer; from Dublin, Ireland;
  • Florian Nicolle - digital artist and illustrator; blends layers of newsprint, watercolor, pencil, and digital painting to create rich, frenetic portraits that seem to fly off the canvas; from Caen, France; started design at the age of 15 after being heavily inspired by his teacher (who specializes in sketch); [18][19][20]
  • Erkan Nehir - Turkish graphic designer, artist and tattoo artist; lives in Marmaris, Turkey;
  • Dave Nodz (real name David Noddings) - record-sleeve and rave-flyer designer; responsible for many of the most famous record sleeves from the early 1990s hardcore-music scene (which later became drum & bass); notable for his work at Suburban Bass Records where his distinctive graphic style mixed comic book art with graffiti to create the distinctive graphics to a whole generations musical movement
  • Joseph Pierre Nuyttens (1885–1960) - Belgian-American artist; illustrated four books by L. Frank Baum in 1911 and 1912; was "one of Will Rossiter's regular commercial artists"; orn in Antwerp; educated at the Ecoles des Beaux-Arts in both Brussels and Paris, and the Art Institute of Chicago; made a Chevalier of the Order of Leopold II in 1918; worked in oils, watercolors, pastels, and etching; exhibited at the Art Institute of Chicago, and his work is in their permanent collection, as well as in the collections of the White House, the Royal Palace in Brussels, and the State House in Springfield, Illinois; died in a house fire that destroyed many of his works; considerable information on Find A Grave ([21]); some on WWOz; [22]; mentioned on Phoebe Daring, The Flying Girl and Annabel(novel)
  • William Paterson (designer) - English graphic designer; specialises within logo design and company identity
  • Todd Pierce - American graphic designer and artist; creator of pictogram signage which has been used in many cities, New York subway system; author of The International Pictograms Standard
  • Scott Stowell - graphic and web designer; [23]; [24]
  • Carol Stuart Watson - Washington, D.C. illustrator; [25]; [26]


  • - show and tell for designers; web designers, graphic designers, illustrators, icon artists, typographers, logo designers, and other creative types share up to 24 small screenshots (shots) per month that show their work, process, and current projects; also a place where designers and companies promote their work and products, find designers for hire, and receive work inquiries;
  • Graphic Designo - international design firm; based in India; winner of 2013 top design firm in Delhi;
  • Marushka - Michigan-based producer of affordable silk screen graphic prints that came stretched, framed and ready to be hung on the wall; popular in the 1970s and 1980s; [27]
  • Nice Digitals - Bountiful, Utah-based web design and WordPress development company; [28]; [29]; [30]; [31]
  • Pop Chart Lab - Brooklyn-born design studio transforming pop culture data into an array of infinitely-detailed charts that appeal to the culture junkie (and home decor obsessed) in all of us; [32]; [33]; [34]; [35] [36]
  • Rimmer Type Foundry - creator of over 190 digital and seven metal typefaces; [37]
  • Typetogether - type foundry; based in Rosario, Argentina;
  • Horizontal Integration - award-winning web design and staffing firm with offices in Minneapolis, Denver, Chicago, and India;
  • Dark Patterns - designed by Spiral Scout; should be a standalone section due to the amount of coverage in the graphic design community and major news outlets. Exposes UI and UX design patterns that are deceptive and meant to trick users that are found on popular websites. The website shares dark patterns that are submitted by users in order to change deceptive design practices online; [45] [46] [47] [48] [49]

Metal crafts[edit]



Contemporary design[edit]



Set design[edit]





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Film, radio and television[edit]

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Food, drink and nutrition[edit]




(companies, restaurants, bars, websites, etc.)

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Other (non-people and non-organization)[edit]

comment at October 2016: same as smoked meat?

Internet and tech culture[edit]

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Media networks and organizations[edit]


  • Edward B. Kurpis - co-founder of cable television network CNBC, author and financial architect of its founding business plan; Founding Vice President of Finance and Administration for NBC's Cable and Business Development division; former member of the Board of Directors of A&E network, Court TV network (now TruTV); NBC-Cablevision Executive Partnership Board governing operations of American Movie Classics, Bravo, and 10 regional sports networks. [445]
  • Tham Khai Meng - worldwide creative director, Ogilvy & Mather; first Asian to hold this type of position in the advertising industry; successor to Neil French; [446]
  • Larry Heath Founder and Director of Heath Media, parent company of The AU Review, Hello Asia!, The Iris and the National Live Music Awards. Journalist. Music Video Director. [447] [448] [449] [450] [451]




NationSwell finds inspiration in the people who are rolling up their sleeves and the things they are doing — to drive advancements in education and environmental sustainability; to make government work better for citizens; to engage more people in national service; to support our veterans and their families; to revitalize our economy and advance the American dream; and more. The CEO and Founder Greg M. Behrman [468] returned in the spring of 2012 from a one-year military deployment to Afghanistan where he was a Strategic Advisor first to Gen. David Petraeus and then to Gen. John Allen. NationSwell has been called a cure for "post election malaise" by The Atlantic's Eric Liu. [469].

  • Notebookcheck - running the biggest laptop review sites, e.g. and
  • Nurture Digital - creative digital agency; based in Los Angeles; works with brands and agencies to produce and distribute online video and broadcast commercial campaigns; founded in 2009; in 2014, the company's ad campaign for Pfister REACT, a household faucet brand, was featured in an article by The New York Times ([470]); the company's work with Kwikset ([471]) and Pfister Xtract ([472]) have been mentioned in Adweek
  • Oscar Wilde Awards - this news article mentions the "10th annual Oscar Wilde Awards"; a handful of WP articles list people as being recipients of the award. Sam Peter Jackson "was nominated for the 2006 Oscar Wilde Award for Writing". Last Summer at Bluefish Cove "... and Oscar Wilde Awards ..." Colin Davidson (artist) citation title for "US/Ireland Alliance Honor, Los Angeles" is "US-Ireland Alliance's 10th annual Oscar Wilde Awards honors Colin Davidson, Carrie Fisher and Stephen Colbert". John Glines "Parents, Families, and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG) (Oscar Wilde Award)". Jim Brochu "the Oscar Wilde Award". Declan Kiberd "Oscar Wilde Award for Literary Achievement, 1996". Steve Schalchlin "PFLAG-LA Oscar Wilde Award, 1997 & 2003". Rikki Beadle-Blair "Greg Owen won the Oscar Wilde Award for New Writing". The awards seem to be put on by the though the site says very little about the award. [473] says "Annually, we host the Oscar Wilde Awards in Los Angeles."; Google searches for "US-Ireland Alliance" "Oscar Wilde Awards" return higher-quality results than just "Oscar Wilde Awards"
  • ( - free online portfolio site for artists
  • Pixel Crunch ( - Pixel Crunch is a global, multi-platform network, our network includes our website and mobile. We connect with our followers and provide content worth sharing with their family, friends and the people who matter in their lives. We operate in the UK but serve to provide our content globally. We serve a next generation, one that consumes different types of media across platforms, mostly on mobile. We expect our content to be relevant and connected to their lives, easily accessible and shareable.
  • San Diego Film Awards ( - San Diego Film Awards showcases, celebrates and awards some of San Diego's best filmmakers, cast and crew.
  • Spor Repor ( - Founded in 2015, Spor Repor is a light-hearted/satirical sports news website that covers the states of Washington and Oregon as well as the province of British Columbia (a combined area referred to as Cascadia).
  • Sprout City Studios ( - Professional recording studio in Eugene, Oregon. established 1997. Recorded Frank Black of the Pixies, and Thomas Mapfumo
  • Society of Accredited Voice Over Artists ( - accreditation by SaVoa is recognition of a voice-over artist's ability to provide vocally and technically proficient broadcast-quality voice over services and to conduct business in a manner that enhances the profession as a whole; maintains an accreditation program for voice-over artists worldwide
  • Syncmag ( - monthly magazine about South Asia; published in Canada; caters and gives coverage to South Asian communities in Canada, Malaysia, Dubai, Pakistan and India
  • Where's the Fair Use Movement - online movement regarding YouTubers' frustration with take-down abuse by companies that exploit the Digital Millennium Copyright Act to silence and even profit off of false copyright claims over videos under fair use; [474]; [475]; [476]; [477]
  • TechRasa ( is the leading tech & startup media and analysis platform in Iran and the bridge

connecting regional and international startup ecosystems together. TechRasa was founded by Mohammadreza Azali, Hamed Jafari and Alireza Jozi in 2015. Since its launch in June 2015, TechRasa has become the primary source for investors, entrepreneurs, startups and financial firms in research and strategy to enter Iran. TechRasa create data and research driven reports for our readers and clients to get the best insight on the newly opened and highly fertile market. Currently TechRasa is the only English source on the Iranian startup scene and one of the only companies that helps international companies on their market entry strategy and implementation. TechRasa is one of Iran’s fastest growing English media with a niche targeted audience outside of Iran and a strong media distribution power inside the country. TechRasa’s niche international audience consists of VCs, media, international entrepreneurs, financial institutes, startup and technology enthusiasts and regional ecosystem stakeholders. Their top readers come from Iran, USA, UK, Germany, India and the UAE.) (,,,,,

Riese Bernard, founder of Autostraddle




National or ethnic cultures[edit]



Performing arts[edit]

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Print media[edit]

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  • performance, participation - a postmodern literary theory championed by Ihab Hassan. It has to do with how postmodern texts demand a certain reaction or level of interaction from the reader. The main thing that has it is Hassan's work Pluralism in Postmodern Perspective.


Cortes Day - an unofficial holiday on Cortes island that is a big part of its community and tourism.

Visual arts[edit]

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