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((John Phoenix Hutchinson))- (English Poet/Lake District guide/Photographer/ Author of Wainwrights In Verse (Haystack Publications using the Createspace publishing platform Feb. 2015) a poetical guide based on the popular Alfred Wainwright list of Lake District fells 214 Poems 214 Mountains).

Authors (poets, dramatists and fiction writers)[edit]


  • List of anti-semitic authors (Listing of writers who are openly anti-semitic, or have been identified as having strong anti-semitic overtones to their works.) (SOURCES)
  • Sambhav Ratnakar - One of the world's youngest authors. Writer of The Covert Perspective, published by India's largest publisher, Diamond Books. [1][2] [3][4]
  • Anuj Tiwari - Indian author/speaker. Best selling author of Journey of Two Hearts (Srishti Publishers, 2012), It Had to Be You (Rupa Publications, 2014), It's Not Right But It's Okay (Rupa Publications, 2016), Awarded as Best Upcoming novelist (2015) [1], Invited as TEDx Speaker at CGC Mohali (July 2016, video is in progress)
  • Cole Alpaugh - Multiple award-winning novelist, former war correspondent for Manhattan-based photo agencies, nominated by Gannett News Service for 1991 Pulitzer Prize in journalism, current freelance journalist and full-time author. Works include The Bear in a Muddy Tutu, Camel Press/2011; The Turtle-Girl from East Pukapuka, Coffeetown Press/2012; The Spy's Little Zonbi, Coffeetown Press/2013; Dash in the Blue Pacific, Coffeetown Press/2015. Alpaugh's novels are in more than 4000 libraries in at least eight countries. His debut novel was a bestseller in Canada, while his novels set in the South Pacific are widely available at most libraries in New Zealand. Alpaugh's fiction is most often compared to John Irving. [2]
  • Mirza Sharafat Hussain Beigh - Urdu poet and digital artist. Mostly writer, as Urdu poet. Also known as Sharafat Zarafshan, you may check writers cafe, poetfreak or

board of wisdom or good reads for his quotes or quotation sites you may check.

  • Anwar Al Attar - One of Syria's most famous figures in literature and the poet of the book (Thelal al ayyam - ظلال الأيام)
  • Rayan Abdul-Baki - 14-year-old author and poet of the book Words from the Sky; poems include Eyes of light, Alium Mors Vocat, A tale of sorrow and the essayist of "My Will Power"; [3]
  • Sayeed Abubakar - Bangladeshi; modern Bengali poet of eight books of poetry: First Sin of Love" (1996), Last Trap of Julekha (2004),In White Darknss Black Moonlight (2006, Mme of Mesopotamia (2007), Dwelling in Bengal (2008), Now Once All Together (2010), Sunshine on the Bank of Kapotakkha (2012) and Paper Flowers (2014); [4]; [5]
  • Kaveh Akbar (born 1989) - author of Calling a Wolf a Wolf and "Portrait of the Alcoholic," founder of Divedapper. Poems published by Poetry Magazine, PBS NewsHour, American Poetry Review, etc.
  • Nathan Albright
  • Robert V. Aldrich - author of several "anime style novels"
  • Labuda Aleksander
  • Rosetta Allan - fiction writer of poetry, short stories, essays, novels; novel Purgatory published by Penguin Books NZ Ltd June 2014; [6]
  • Elise Allen - American writer of children's books, including the Barbie series and Enid Blyton's Enchanted World series; Her website: [7]; [8]
  • Sarah Addison Allen - author of Garden Spells, amongst other books
  • Mohammed Hammam Fekri Almekawi - Egyption novelist; interested in the enviroment and scientific heritage
  • Ryuta Amazume - author and artist; writer of the nana to kaoru, happy negative marriage and other manga series
  • Janardan Amballa - Telugu author and poet
  • Andres Pi Andreu - children's and youths literature author. Author of "One Bee Too Many", "274:, "The Infinite Window [9]
  • Jackie Andrews
  • Gabdrakhman Ăpsălămov - Tatar novelist; active c. 1950–1970
  • Ian Applegate
  • Michael James Archibald - modern contemporary poet, philosopher (honorary doctorate in metaphysics); three-time International Poet of the Year nominee
  • Nasseeb Ariba
  • Ingeborg Arlt - German author and winner of literature prizes; de:Ingeborg Arlt
  • Rico Austin (born 1960 in Idaho) - American writer; also song writer/blogger/actor/author of "My Bad Tequila" and "In the Shadow of ELVIS, Perils of a Ghostwriter" and "Son of the KING, an Elvis paradox unveiled" and "ARIZONA Is Where I Live" and "Mexico got Lucky"; blogger: [10]
  • Samhita Arni - Indian writer; author of The Mahabharata - A Child's View; [11]
  • Praneet Arora - Indian writer, poet and novelist; author of "Green Blue Eyes" and "Private Investigators"
  • Trisha Ashley - has written eleven romantic comedies; Avon HarperCollins published her twelfth, The Magic of Christmas (October 2011). Twelve Days of Christmas was a Sunday Times bestseller; A Winter's Tale and Wedding Tiers have been previously shortlisted for the Melissa Nathan award for romantic comedy; Every Woman for Herself was voted one of the top-three romantic novels of the last fifty years; member, Society of Authors and the Welsh Academi
  • Peter J. Atkins - author of "People, Land and Time"; co authors include Ian Simmons and Brian Roberts
  • Arjun Pawar - Indian writer; author of Suspense Mythology Novel - "Masters of Lygrenn"; [12]
  • M Abbas Mantri - Indian writer; author of lots of puzzle books in Tamil; writing books for kids[13]]


  • Iphgenia Baal - female British author of two novels, 'The Hardy Tree' and 'Gentle Art', published by Trolley Books
  • Layla Ba'albakki - female Lebanese writer; productive in the 1950s and 1960s; prosecuted (unsuccessfully) for including sexually explicit material in her book I Am Alive (1958) and her collection of short stories Ship of Tenderness to the Moon
  • Brooke Babineau - Canadian/American author (Below Mile Zero, a novel of Key West); biography:[14]
  • Amitabha Bagchi - author of the novel Above Average, published in India in 2007 by HarperCollins, India; [15]; [16]; [17]
  • Kay Bailey - [18]
  • Stephen Baird (novelist) - author of children's fantasy historical fiction novel Fire in the Straw, ISBN 1-4251-3277-4; [19]; [20]; (not the singer-songwriter)
  • Mikhail Davidovich Baitalsky (1903-1978) - Trotskyist journalist, writer, and publisher in Samizdat; author of Notebooks for the Grandchildren: Recollections of a Trotskyist Who Survived the Stalin; [21]
  • Louise Bak - author of eighty (Letters), Gingko Kitchen (Coach House) and Tulpa (Coach House Books); co-host of Sex City, Toronto's only radio show that explores the interconnections between sexuality and culture; hosts a Toronto salon series, The Box, which which encourages communication across creative borders
  • Lorna Balian
  • Margaret Ball (author) - 20th-century writer; (not Margaret Ball)
  • Abol-Moayed Balkhi - Persian poet, may be transliterated too as Abol Mo'ayyed Balkhi (ابوالموید بلخی), information about writer is available but must be translated from Persian sites: fa
  • Asha Bandele - poet memoirist activist, writer of "The Prisoner's Wife"
  • K. Bannerman - Canadian author; [22]
  • Don Bapst - American/Canadian author of The Hanged Man (Signature Editions, 2010) and Danger at Liaisons.Com (Éditions Textes Gais, 2011), translator of Gabrielle Wittkop's The Necrophiliac (ECW Press, 2011) and filmmaker; [23]; IMDb page [24] The Guardian review [25]
  • Amina Baraka - American poet, wife of Amiri Baraka. Previous name Sylvia Robinson.
  • Huda Barakat - contemporary Lebanese author; chronicled effects of civil war on the Lebanese psyche; living in exile in Paris
  • Ros Barber - author of The Marlowe Papers, winner of the Desmond Elliott Prize 2013 [26], joint winner of the Author's Club best first novel award (2013), twice joint winner of the Calvin & Rose G Hoffman Prize for a distinguished work on Christopher Marlowe (2011, 2014), lecturer at Goldsmiths, University of London, author of several academic articles on Marlowe and Shakespeare [27].
  • Julia Barkey - American author; published book Waybrooke; [28]; [29]
  • Sophie Barnes - Sophie Barnes is the author of several romance novels, including The Trouble with Being a Duke and The Scandal in Kissing an Heir for which she received starred reviews from Publisher's Weekly. A native of Denmark, she currently lives on the East Coast. Her books are published by Avon, an imprint of Harper Collins; [30]; [31]. Her article on the positive influence of romance novels was featured in the March 2016 issue of RT (Romantic Times) Magazine.
  • Polina Barskova - Russian poet; this article used to exist
  • Lindon Barrett - Was an American Professor and author of ("Blackness and Value: Seeing Double" and " Racial Blackness and the Discontinuity of Western Modernity.") Barrett was murdered July 12, 2008, [32]; [33]
  • Karen Wilsey Bass - Canadian author
  • David Bateman - Canadian poet/performance artist; poetry books: Impersonating Flowers, Invisible Foreground
  • Michael M. Bates - columnist
  • Brad Bathg (aka BLUE) - poet see [34]
  • Rodney Blackmore - former Senior Magistrate of the Australian Childrens' Court; author of Childrens Courts and Community Welfare in NSW
  • Veronica Blade - American author of "Something Witchy This Way Comes" and "My Wolf's Bane" which include paranormal characters; writing style aimed toward young-adult audiences; [50]
  • Smiley Blanton, M.D.
  • Richard Allen Blessing - American scholar, poet, academician, author of 'A Passing Season,' 'A Closed Book,'Whole Harmonium,' 'Winter Constellation, 'Theodore Roethke's Dynamic Vision.' Also one time small college all american quarterback. Student of Mark Strand
  • Robert M. Blevins (born 1954) - American science-fiction author, screenwriter, activist, and publisher; founder of Adventure Books of Seattle; author of 500+ illustrated articles at under [51]; author of the sci-fi novels Say Goodbye to the Sun, The Corona Incident, The 13th Day of Christmas, A Question of Balance, and the non-fiction work Into The Blast - The True Story of D.B. Cooper; some appearances on History Channel regarding the Cooper book; main website: [52]
  • Mary Clearman Blew (born 1939)
  • Rebecca Bloomer - Australian novelist, author of: UnEarthed; Willow Farrington Bites Back; and Foley Russel and That Poor Girl; her blog [53]; [54]
  • Louis A. Bloomfield
  • Bloxxer - author of many short, fictional sex stories
  • Ian Bodkin - Author and poet of: Every Word Was Once Drunk; and The Savage Lyrics; Fingertip Scripture with poet Lee Busby; websites: [55]; [56]; [57]; [58]
  • Belle Boggs - American author of Mattaponi Queen, winner of Bakeless Prize and Library of Virginia award; her website: [59]; [60]; [61]
  • Eli Bowman (born 1982) - American children's poetry author
  • Chaz Bowyer (died 2008) - aviation historian; [62]
  • Kody Boye
  • Nick Bozanic


  • [Joelle Charbonneau]] (Author)
  • Elizabeth Cadell (Elizabeth Violet Cadell; aka Harriet Ainsworth) (1903-1989) – British author; [94]
  • Janan Cain - American children's book author of The Way I Feel and Roonie B. Moonie: Lost and Alone
  • Erica Cameron - American author of young adult fiction including The Dream War Saga (Spencer Hill Press: Sing Sweet Nightingale, 2014; Deadly Sweet Lies, 2015), the Laguna Tides series -- co-authored with Lani Woodland (Taken by Chance, 2015; Loyalty and Lies, 2015), the Assassins duology (upcoming from Riptide Publishing/Triton YA: Assassins: Discord, 2016; Assassins: Nemesis, 2016), and The Ryogan Chronicles trilogy (upcoming from Entangled Teen: Island of Exiles, 2017). She is also an asexuality and emotional abuse awareness activist. Website: [95] Featured on Barnes & Noble [96] and DiversifYA [97] // Radio interviews with Jared Morris on Delaware 105.9 [98] and Julee Jonez on Hot 103 Jamz Kansas City [99]
  • [Janine Canan] - American poet, translator, essayist, story writer; [100]
  • Kathy Carmichael - [101]; award-winning romantic comedy author and popular lecturer on business and craft of writing
  • Patrick Carrington – poet
  • Ana Casas Broda
  • Patrick Thomas Casey – American novelist (Our Burden's Light, 2010); grew up in Washington, D.C.; lives in New Orleans; interview with Patrick Thomas Casey: [102]; [103]
  • Jim Casta - Cuban modernist poet and writer based in Ireland
  • William Catzelflis
  • Ermanno Cavazzoni - Italian writer; teaches aesthetics at the University of Bologna; it:Ermanno Cavazzoni
  • Peter Cawdron – Australian author of Monsters
  • Jaroslav Cejka
  • Rosa Cerna (also known as Rosa Cerna Guardia) - Peruvian writer; (two last names are used in Spanish: Cerna is the last name, Guardia is the second last name)
  • Rohit Chakraborty (born 1 November 1995) - Indian novelist; wrote The Mug of Melancholy
  • Brandan Chapman – author of Shattered Soul: Elements of Lightning; blogger: [104]; [105]; [106]
  • Jakob Chapman - poet; author of "Decisions 2000 & 8"
  • Zara Chapman – author of Dreams Really Do Come True and Sticks and Stones May Break My Bones'; [107]
  • Keith C. Chase – Massachusetts resident and author of historical fiction, novel, SOUVENIRS (1992, 2013), Escape from the Ardennes (due 2014) and non-fiction, Forgotten Marines (1993, due Nov 2013); consultant to the independent film industry on tactical realism and weapons handling; [108]; [109]; facebook: Keith C. Chase agent CBSpromos
  • Rick Chesler - American author of thriller and sci-fi novels including Hotel Megalodon and Sawfish; [110]; [111];
  • James M. Cherry - fiction writer; author of Darkest Night, Darkest Day, and the Silver Blade Trilogy; [112]
  • Bakken Christopher – American poet, author and translator; "Goat Funeral" and "After Greece"
  • Hassan Choudhury
  • Rohini Chowdhury - writer and literary translator
  • Christina Cigala - playwright, screenwriter, novelist, director
  • Anders Clark (American author of the fantasy "Dabrilas Series")(
  • Anthony Clarke (author) – writer of Ordeal at Lichfield, set in 675 England
  • Suzanne Cleary – American poet: Trick Pear, Keeping Time; winner, 2005 Pushcart Prize; winner, 2012 Emerging Writer Fellowship for Poetry from The Writer's Center; 1992 Guy Owen Poetry Award; [113]
  • Sarah N. Cleghorn (req. 2014-5-16) – poet and novelist; best known for the short poignant poem "The Golf Links"
  • Cyril Cliffette – Nirmita Sarma, Indian author writing under the pseudonym of Cyril Cliffette; wrote Shadows Linger Until Dusk, November 2013; grew up in Guwahati, Assam; lives and studies in Delhi University Campus; age 23; interview with Cyril Cliffette: [114] Cliffette's blog: [115]
  • Joe Clifford – novelist; best known for novel Junkie Love; also wrote Wake the Undertaker, Choice Cuts; new novel Lamentation coming out from Oceanview Press in 2014; winner, 2013 Acker Award; featured in San Francisco Chronicle, LA Weekly, Writer's Digest; [116]; [117]
  • Joel Cobbs – author of the book You Found Me and a number of short stories
  • Joshua Daniel Cochran (author) - award-winning poet and writer; novels include Echo Detained (2007) and The Most Important Memoir Ever Written Ever (2014)
  • Leah Hager Cogen
  • James A. Coghlan - Scottish novelist; author of The Impossible Journey, with press interest in India; [118]; [119]; [120]; [121]
  • Jesse Coley - author of the soon-to-come biographical novel Dysfunctional:adj
  • Brandon Collier – African-American fiction author, screenwriter, and ghost writer
  • Dennis Conlon - Actor, musician and fiction author. [] [122] [123]
  • Cat Connor – author of the _Byte series, including Killerbyte, Terrorbyte, Exacerbyte and Flashbyte; [124]; [125]
  • Rose Cooper - American children's author and illustrator; author of the Blogtastic! Novel Series; [126]; [127]; [128]; [129]; [130]
  • Lola Copacabana - Argentinian
  • Jacob Corner
  • Rimpau Cornelia - German writer; wrote novels set in a historic background in and around World War II
  • Stephen Cost – American fantasy author; [131]
  • Charlene Gorda Costanzo – award-winning author, workshop facilitator, wife, mother of two adult daughters, and grandmother of twins; holds a B.A. in Philosophy from St. Bonaventure University and an M.A. in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica; originally from New Jersey, she has resided in New York, Texas, Arizona, and Florida. During a one-year book tour to launch The Twelve Gifts of Birth, Charlene and her husband enjoyed living in an RV in 48 of the 50 states. The Twelve Gifts collection of books began in 1987 when Charlene wrote The Twelve Gifts of Birth as a life message for her own, then teenage daughters. Twelve years later she published the book and discussed its message in schools, shelters, prisons, churches, and hospitals throughout the United States. The Twelve Gifts for Healing was written while Charlene was in treatment for advanced non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma in 2001. “Cancer led me to examine my convictions and look at these life gifts more deeply. Truly, they helped me heal,” she says. The Twelve Gifts in Marriage comes from the ups and downs, ebbs and flows, and hurts and healings that are a part of every long-term marriage. The Thirteenth Gift is a novella that celebrates the wonderment that dwells in our hearts and helps us to see the world with reverence, gratitude, and joy. Touchstones: Stories for Living The Twelve Gifts offers true tales that demonstrate life's gifts at work in everyday life. Charlene loves to read, write, hike, swim, dabble with paint, travel, and meet and talk with readers. She loves to play with her grandchildren and to create ways for all children to better recognize and appreciate their inner gifts and resources. Helping children of all ages to build inner strength and self worth is the intention of Charlene's work.
  • P. W. Covington – American poet and Disabled Veteran, author of "Like the Prayers of an Infidel; One American Airman's Experience, Service, War, and Return" and "Vet to Vet, AN Examination of PTSD through Writing", Veteran of Gulf War and Somalia, Leader in the Veteran's Outreach movement within the USA. — numerous news articles, home page (, [132]; [133]; [134]
  • Scott D. Covey (author) Canadian Fiction writer of military fiction. Grey Redemption, ISBN 9781450296373, 9781450296397, 9781450296380. Blogging author and world traveler.
  • Kevin Craig (author) – Canadian young adult author (five novels); poet; playwright; co-creator,Ontario Writers' Conference
  • Gretchen Craig - American historical fiction writer (eight novels including award winning books such as Always and Forever, Ever My Love, and Crimson Sky) Source:
  • [Lincoln Crisler]] - speculative fiction author and editor; works include two short story collections and the dark superhero anthology Corrupts Absolutely?
  • John Keir Cross – Scottish writer and editor
  • Cheryl Crouch – author of fictional series "Chosen Girls" and 10 children's books, including Escape from the Temple of Mars, The Misadventures of Baxter Bowlingreen, III, Lost in the Rainforest; lives in Texas with husband Jeff, four children, and a Pomeranian named Wolf
  • Clark Crouch – Western and cowboy poet; two-time winner, Will Rogers Medallion Award for Cowboy Poetry ([135]) for his books Western Images (2008) and Views from the Saddle (2010); has been featured in: Open Range Magazine ([136]) (Glenrock, WY) June/July 2007, Tri-City Herald ([137]) (Kennewick, WA) 04/22/2007; Everett Herald ([138]) (Everett, WA) 07/21/2008; Seattle Times ([139]) (Seattle, WA) 08/03/2009; and Seattle Weekly ([140] (Seattle, WA), 05/17/2012; bio and bibliography: [141]
  • Jenn Crowell
  • Carrie Cuinn – author (fiction and non-fiction), editor, publisher; SFWA member; fiction: [142]; non-Fiction: [143]; editing: [144]; press/interviews: [145] Dagan Books, LLC (as publisher) [146] and Dagan Books, LLC press: [147]
  • Ben Caldwell - Important playwright in the Black Arts Movement, wrote plays like Prayer Meeting and Family Portrait.


  • Jenny Dahlberg
  • Rick Dakan - American writer; wrote Geek Mafia' and the upcoming sequel; wrote many table-top role-playing game manuals; writer and designer for City of Heroes; [148]
  • Elizabeth Daly (1878–1967) – American mystery writer; [149]
  • John Jay Daly (1888–1976) – American poet, journalist, and Word War I veteran; known for writing "A Toast to the Flag", originally published June 14, 1917, in The Washington Post
  • Thomas Augustine Daly – known for his humorous verse, primarily in Italian or Irish-American dialect; although popular for forty years as a poet, he was a versatile writer, and he built an international reputation as an author, columnist, and lecturer; [150]
  • Justin M. Damiano - comic by Dan Clowes from which Shia Labeouf plagiarized a short film
  • Stephen Danos (born 1983) – American poet; lives in Seattle; author of the poetry chapbooks Playhouse State (H_NGM_N Books, 2012) and Gravitational (The New Megaphone, forthcoming); earned BA in English from the University of Iowa, MFA in Creative Writing - Poetry from Columbia College Chicago; awarded residency from the Vermont Studio Center, Follett Fellowship from Columbia College Chicago, University & College Poetry Prize from the Academy of American Poets; poems have appeared or are forthcoming in 1913, American Letters & Commentary, Anti-, Bateau, Columbia Poetry Review, Court Green, Forklift Ohio, H_NGM_N, iO: A Journal of New American Poetry, Transom,and elsewhere; editor-in-chief, Pinwheel; editor-at-large, YesYes Books; manuscript Based on a Book Based on a True Story was a finalist for the 2013 The Joanna Cargill Coconut Book Prize for a First Book and a finalist for The Akron Poetry Prize; [151]
  • Sinthyia Darkness – American author, model
  • Karyna DaRosa - romantic-fiction author; [152]
  • Subhorup Dasgupta – Indian poet, blogger, social activist, social media educator, tea and jazz evangelist; author of Fata Morgana, Spur Publications, Kolkata, 1994; writes on minimalism, frugalism, sustainability, and responsible living; organizes Soch, a networking event for organizations and individuals working on social change; conducts jazz education sessions with the Hyderabad Western Music Foundation; conducts tea appreciation and tea tasting sessions and workshops; trains not-for-profits to use the tools of social media to promote their work; organizes blogger activities in Hyderabad; [153], [154]; [155]; [156]; [157]; [158], [159]; [160]; [161]
  • Philip Davenport - British poet
  • Mary Carolyn Davies (1888-1934(?)) – American poet; [162]
  • Star Davies - fantasy writer; author of Divica series (Blood Forsaken)
  • Max Davine (born 1989) – Australian-born author of Terra Domina and The Angel Series; [163]; [164]; [165]; [166]; [167]; [168]; [169]; [170]
  • Geffrey Davis (born 1983) – American poet and professor; author of Revising the Storm (BOA Editions, 2014); [171]; work: poems have been published in literary journals and magazines, including Crazyhorse, Green Mountains Review, Greensboro Review, Hayden’s Ferry Review, The Massachusetts Review, Mississippi Review, Nimrod International Journal, and Sycamore Review; life: born in Seattle, Washington; earned B.A. from Oregon State University in 2006; received three graduate degrees—M.A. in English (2009), M.F.A. in Poetry (2012), Ph.D. in English (2014)—from The Pennsylvania State University; professor of English and creative writing in The Arkansas Programs in Creative Writing & Translation at the University of Arkansas; lives in Fayetteville, Arkansas; awards: Revising the Storm won 2013 A. Poulin, Jr. Poetry Prize, selected by Dorianne Laux; graduate fellow of the Cave Canem Foundation; recipient of the Anne Halley Poetry Prize, the Dogwood Prize in Poetry, the Wabash Prize for Poetry, and the Leonard Steinberg Memorial/Academy of American Poets Prize; bibliography: Revising the Storm (BOA Editions, 2014); references: [172]; profile from Academy of American Poets: [173]; profiles – Furious Flower: [174]; The Arkansas Programs in Creative Writing & Translation: [175]; Cave Canem Foundation: [176]; BOA Editions: [177]; interview with Connotation Press: [178]; interview with NPR-member station KUAF: [179]; interview [180]; interview with Amtrak's My Black Journey: [181]; interview with Radar: [182]
  • Tim Davys – Swedish/ American author of Amberville, Lanceheim, Torquaiand Yok, a set of allegorical novels; [183]
  • Jon Day - author, critic and academic. 2016 Man Booker Prize judge: [184]
  • Arwen Elys Dayton – novelist
  • Luc De Baets


  • Barbara Eastwood - writer of the Gamebook The Dozen Lives of Erica Whitefield
  • Joshua Eden - author of The Marriage of Princess Nastâr; [201].
  • Lazellari Edward - American novelist, illustrator, and short story writer: sci-fi, fantasy, and mainstream fiction. Playboy college fiction winner 1999; Guardians of Aandor series (Tor Books: Macmillan Publishing); Marvel Comics writer/artist 1988-1997. 1965-current
  • Owen Egerton - American humorist and fiction author; from Texas; author of the novel The Book of Harold: The Illegitimate Son of God
  • Roman Ehrlich - contemporary (born 1983) German novelist [202]
  • Rob Einsle (born 1974) - American novelist, author of "Three Heads" — see his blog at http://
  • Jakob Ejersbo
  • Meggie Elder - Elder's poetry on InDigest Magazine
  • Christy Elkins - American author of books for children and adults; notable works: Parallel and Lilac Hill; [203]; [204]
  • Jane Elliot (writer) - author of The Little Prisoner, a personal memoir of her childhood with her sexually abusive step-father
  • Phillip A. Ellis - Australian poet and critic
  • William Donohue Ellis - born in Concord, Massachusetts; his study of Ohio's history provided him material for his trilogy of novels: Bounty Lands, Jonathan Blair-Bounty Lands Lawyer and The Brooks Legend; his trilogy earned him a Pulitzer nomination also; recurring theme in his works is the triumph of survival
  • Kellie Elmore - Pushcart Prize Nominee 2014; American writer and blogger; author of Magic in the Backyard and Jagged Little Pieces; [205]
  • R. M. Engelhardt - American poet and spoken-word artist; thirteen printed books;published in many journals
  • Tinus Erasmus - South African poet with over 90 poems written and published online; author of The Pain and Cries for Love; [206]; [207]
  • J. Alan Erwine - American science-fiction author and editor; [208]
  • Louise Esola - award-winning author of the book American Boys: The True Story of the Lost 74 of the Vietnam War
  • Hamyguito de España
  • Max Evans (author) - American Western fiction writer, author of the novels The Rounders and The Hi-Lo Country, both adapted to film
  • [[Jason Price Everett[[ - American writer and poet (b. 1972), author of "Unfictions" (8th House Publishing,Montreal, 2009), "Hypodrome: Selected Poems 1990-2010" (8th House, Montreal, 2012), "Xian Dyad" (Spuyten Duyvil, New York, 2012). See,,,

Emerson Whitney - writer and poet, author of Ghost Box (Timeless Infinite Light, 2014) and participant in the emerging field of trans literatures [[209] [210]

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  • Shelley Frisch (Translator of Dietrich & Riefenstahl: Hollywood, Berlin, and a Century in Two Lives, by Karin Wieland. Translated by Shelley Frisch. Finalist for the 2015 National Book Critics Circle Award in Biography.) [211] [212] [213]
  • Jonathan Falla - Scottish author; [214]
  • Kane X. Faucher
  • Jennie Feldman - poet and translator; published collection of poems, The Lost Notebook (Anvil, London 2005) and anthology of contemporary French poetry, Into the Deep Street. Seven Modern French Poets. 1938–2008 (together with Stephen Romer, Anvil, London 2009)
  • Mark Ferrari - artist and writer; The Book of Joby; [215]
  • Bonny Finberg - native New Yorker; raised in Brooklyn; has lived in Europe, India and Nepal; work has been translated into French, Japanese and Hungarian; Kali’s Day published by Autonomedia/Unbearable Books (2014); her fiction, poetry and reviews have been published in the Outlaw Bible of American Poetry (Thundersmouth.) The Brooklyn Rail, Evergreen Review, Long Shot, Ping Pong (The Literary Journal of the Henry Miller Library), all five Unbearables anthologies, most recently the Unbearable Big Book of Sex (Autonomedia) as well as Lost and Found: New York Stories from Mr. Beller's Neighborhood and Best American Erotica (Touchstone/Simon & Schuster); her article on the Three Kings of Klezmer is included in Jews: A People’s History of the Lower East Side, vol.2, ed. Clayton Patterson; contributes to Sensitive Skin and A Gathering of the Tribes; in Paris, her work appears in Le Purple Journal, Upstairs at Duroc, and Van Gogh's Ear; her publications include two chapbooks. DÉjÀ VU is a collection of poetry and photo-collage (Corrupt Press, Paris, 2011). How the Discovery of Sugar Produced the Romantic Era (Sisyphus Press, NY, 2006) is a collection of short stories. A reading of these stories was documented in the video 5 Guys Read Finberg, featuring Bob Holman, Steve Dalachinsky, Edgar Oliver, Carl Watson and Hal Sirowitz; her photography has been published in both print and online art journals and gallery exhibits, including the group show “A Book About Death” at the Emily Harvey Gallery in NY; “Seeking Kali;” and A Gathering of Tribes Magazine; her work is archived in the "Downtown Writers" collection at the NYU Fales library; she is a recipient of a 2014 Acker Award for Fiction; she has read in various venues in the U.S. and Europe; curated reading series in NYC, including co-curating Chronocosmos III, a music and spoken word series at the 92nd St. Y Tribeca with Sylvie Degiez; member of Pen America and the recipient of a 2014 Acker Award for Fiction; working on her second novel; [216]; [217]; [218]
  • Allison J. Filkins - fiction writer; author of The Amazings (2007)
  • Vivienne Finch (died early 2000 in south of France) - poet and translator; author of "The Owl Master" and "Possible Dark" (among other works) and translator of the works of Pierre Reverdy from French to English; while a teen-aged student at Tiffins School in Kingston-on-Thames, Finch was victim of diving accident which confined her to a wheelchair; she was a prolific contributor to the various UK small press poetry publications, and performed many poetry readings around the South of England, as well as doing some radio work for the BBC
  • Suzanne Woods Fisher - American author of at least 22 books; winner, 2012 Carol Award for Best Contemporary Fiction; former contributing editor, Christian Parenting Today
  • W. S. Fisher - poet, misc publications: 'Sein Und Werden' 2007, 'Poetic Diversity' 2007/2008, 'Weary Blues' 2012, 'Texas Borderlands Review' 2013, 'Yuan Yang' - University of Hong Kong's 2014 Centenary edition. A Northwest Poet who studied under Nelson Bently the protoge of the famous N W Poet - Theodore Roethke. Fisher is noted for the diversity in his style and topics ranging from the urbane consciousness of anonymity of self to both Latin and Eastern influences in them topic and construct. Also aspects of N W Neoromanticism pepper his work in its' preoccupation with mankinds needed awareness and dependance in the process of nature and preservation of the ecosystem for its' continuation.
  • B. I. Flight - American fiction author
  • Fernando A. Flores (Writer/photographer born in Mexico and raised in United States. Author of Death to the Bullshit Artists of South Texas, Vol.1) ( (
  • Raoul Follereau - [219]
  • Marcia Ford - [220]; [221]; nonfiction contemporary author of multiple Christian books as well as the new political book We the Purple, blogger, and book and magazine editor
  • Dave Fox (writer) – author of Getting Lost: Mishaps of an Accidental Nomad; expert in the art of travel journaling
  • Stephen D. Frances (pseudonym Hank Janson) (req. 2009-01-21) - pulp-fiction novelist; [222]; [223]
  • Manna Francis - American author; wrote 'The Administration series
  • Oliver Franklin - science fiction writer
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  • Laurie Frankel - American novelist; winner, 2013 Endeavour Award in Science Fiction for Goodbye for Now (2012)
  • Eugenie Fraser - Russian-Scottish writer of The House by the Dvina
  • Jill Frayne - essayist; daughter of Canadian writer June Callwood
  • Cora Frazier - humourist, daughter of Ian Frazier?
  • Bernard Frechtman - translator of the avant garde writers
  • Patrick Freivald - fiction author. three-time Bram Stoker award nominee; multiple novels in horror and science fiction; short stories published in anthologies with notable writers (i.e.: Steven King); [228]; [229]; [230]; [231]; [232]; [233]
  • Jeff Fuell - American. Author of The Perfect Woman, Across Time, Earth Angel, WAR: Horseman of the Apocalypse (Love Blooms Eternal), Beethoven's Immortal, Transference, The Goatman, TITAN: From Earth's Past A Hero Rises (Adventures of an Olympian Book 1), IMMACULATE: The Second Coming of the Christ, The Empath, the Warrior & the Wind Rider. His writing ranges in genres such as science fiction, time travel, action, adventure, thriller, mystery, paranormal, romance, humor and young adult.
  • Isamu Fukui - author of The Truancy
  • Fraz - author of The Diary of a Suicidal Child;[234];[235];[236];[237]


  • Ankit D. Gadhiya - Indian (Gujarati) poet and author; has written four short stories, many poems and Shayaries
  • Tabidze Galaktion
  • Richard Lawson Gales - poet; author of two volumes of prose essays and four books of poetry; [238]
  • M. Todd Gallowglas - author of Tears of Rage series and Halloween Jack
  • James Galworthy - do you mean John Galsworthy, author of "The Forsyte Saga"?
  • Hannah Gamble - poet, editor; author of Your Invitation to a Modern Breakfast (2012)
  • Sergej Gandlevskij - Russian author
  • Brian Arthur Garber - American author of humor fiction and poems; [239]
  • Crispin Gardiner – quantum physicist; [240]
  • Mark Garrison (born 1979) - satire, comedic writer; staff writer for; contributing writer for
  • Sciltian Gastaldi - Italian writer, historian and journalist; five books published; it:Sciltian Gastaldi
  • Ryan Gattis - writer; American author of All Involved (2015).
  • Gail Gauthier
  • Addison Gayle - African-American writer, critic and biographer of Richard Wright, Paul Laurence Dunbar and Claude McKay; author of The Black Aesthetic (1971); [241]; [242]
  • Painter George - biographer of Proust
  • Adele C. Geraghty - poet, editor; author of Skywriting in the Minor Key: Women, Words, Wings'
  • Nael Gharzeddine - Lebanese novelist, screenwriter, director, producer, artist. Author of The Prophecies of Karma trilogy (2011-2013); check his blog on and [243] and check YouTube for TV interviews;
  • Somerville Gibney - Victorian author of John o'London, Song of the Vikings and other works
  • Craig Laurance Gidney - author of Sea, Swallow Me & Other Stories and Bereft; [244]
  • Sheryl Giesbrecht - American author of Get Back Up: Trusting God When Life Knocks You Down; other work has appeared in Focus on The Family Magazine, Just Between Us, Discipleship Journal, CCM, Walk Thru the Bible's - InDeed and Tapestry publications; [245]
  • Shelley Joy Gilbert - American award-winning author of Swimming Naked with Jellyfish, Islands, A Coloring Book for Adults, 2nd Edition, Islands, A Coloring Book for Adults, Volume 2, Islands, A Coloring Book for Teens and Kids, Land of Sooj (6 Seahorse Stories), God Is Real (My Spiritual Journey to God and Eternity); at January 2015, querying agents for Eterna Peace, her young-adult science-fiction novel just completed (January 2015) and edited at 104K words; won two Eric Hoffer awards: Excellence in Independent Publishing and Thought Provoking Books; [246]
  • Gary Gildner
  • Laini Giles - American writer living in Canada. Author of "The Forgotten Flapper," a biography of silent movie star Olive Thomas; also "Love Lies Bleeding," a historical fiction based in the Finger Lakes, NY.
  • Jacqueline Anne Gillott (Jacky Gillott) (1940-1980) - first woman radio film critic, journalist, novelist, author of Providence Place, Crying Out Loud, The Head, A True Romance, War Baby, Salvage, et al?; graduate, University College London, 1960
  • John Gilstrap -author of Nathan's Run and At All Costs. Other titles include: All Enemies, End Game, High Treason, Damage Control, Threat Warning, Hostage Zero, No Mercy, Six Minutes to Freedom, Scott Free, & Even Steven. His books have been translated into more than 20 languages. An explosives safety expert and former firefighter, he holds a master’s degree from the University of Southern California and a bachelor’s degree from the College of William and Mary in Virginia. New York Times and USA Today bestselling author. See ; ;
  • Arturo Givovich - Chilean author
  • Loss Pequeno Glazier | Loss Glazier - founder, Electronic Poetry Center at the University of Buffalo; has written and published several books on poetics, and computer language; PHd in English; teaches full-time as a professor at the University in Buffalo; instructs classes with a focus on creative language, digital poetics, and contemporary poetic conventions; Professor of Graduate Studies in the Media Department at the University at Buffalo
  • Marilyn Brooke Goffstein - author and illustrator of books for children and young adults, including Fish for Supper (Caldecott Medal Honor, 1977); [247]; [248]
  • Manuel Gonzales (author) - American short-story writer; [249]; [250]
  • Kenneth Sawyer Goodman (1883-1918) (req. 2013-9-22) - playwright; namesake, Goodman Theatre in Chicago; pivotal in the success of Little Theater movement in Chicago; most highly regarded play: Dust of the Road; died of the flu during the pandemic; see Kenneth Sawyer Goodman, a Chronology & Annotated Bibliography by Dennis Batory Kitsz
  • Harold Gordon - author of The Last Sunrise; holocaust survivor
  • Sandip Goswami - Indian Bengali poet, author, philosopher
  • Tricia Goyer - American author of at least 50 books (non-fiction & fiction); published by Thomas Nelson, Multnomah, Zondervan, Random House, Tyndale, and Moody Publishers; books have won awards from the American Christian Fiction Writers and Mt. Hermon Writers' Conference; two-time winner, Carol Award; nominee Christy and ECPA Award
  • Guto Graca - Brazilian artist and poet
  • Laurent Graff
  • Ian Graham (author) - contemporary author of the novel Monument (2002); [251]; (not the archaeologist, the footballer, or the cricketer)
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  • DC Green – Australian surf journalist and children's author of Erasmus James & the Galactic Zapp Machine; [252]
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  • John Wesley Groves IV - African-American short story author; published Pyrrhic Victory: A Collection of Short Stories (1953)
  • Wenyan Gu (born 1991) - vice president, Chinese Juvenile Literature Committee; president, Zhejiang Branch; from small city in southeast China; one of main representatives of the Chinese young writers born after the 1990s; after arising the critics and the public's attention in 2005 by publishing the short fiction collection My Stunt And I, she has been around the focus of the media and juvenile literature circle; May 2009, her second and third book was published by the Shanghai Children's Literature Publisher; [253]
  • Amadis Ma. Guerrero - author of Children of the City
  • Jeff Guinn - author of The Autobiography of Santa Claus, How Mrs. Claus Saved Christmas, The Great Santa Search
  • Ramón Guirao (1908-1948) - Cuban poet; part of the afrocubanist movement
  • Hakan Günday
  • Pulkit Gupta - Indian writer and novelist; author of "Life and Promises"
  • Rees Gwyneth - British author of children's books


Extended content

grew up connected to her spiritual world through dreams and visions. Her first experience hearing the words, “I love you” was at the age of seven years old through a vision; this left a profound imprint in her soul. She expresses this given love through her creativity - she has written two books. The first book is called, "The Me I Never Was" - a designed matrix of the mind, soul, and spirit embarking on the journey into “Oneness.” Using the creative flow of words through different genres of writing, the pages become alive; the words reaching into your quiet hours, speaking only to you and gently guiding you to a place of peace and acceptance of the innate seed planted into you before your earthly birth. The images on the pages are artistically created to give you vision of the mind and to see beyond the box we have been put in. "The Me I Never Was" is a given gift to all who seeks to live in Truth! It has come to the aid of the seeker in stripping the bandages of bondage! It has come to unchain the lies that have kept your spirit imprisoned to the soul's experiences! “The Me I Never Was” has come through the creative world of writing and art to bring you… Freedom! It strips the garments that have been placed upon you and standing before yourself in the Pure Love of Acceptance!

Francine's second book is a children's book called, "A Girl Named Charity." Young Charity Still has one wish. She longs to be free, just like the guinea hen from her ancestral land of West Africa. She wants to be strong and free to roam the land. Instead, she is a slave, one of many on the Steele plantation in Maryland. It’s the only life she’s ever known.

Growing up before the Emancipation Proclamation becomes law, her world consists of picking cotton, beans, and corn in the hot fields and slopping the pigs. She mourns the death of her mother, survives the influenza running rampant through the slave quarters, endures beatings for her mistakes, and experiences being sold to a new owner. Through it all, Charity dreams of freedom and what it might mean.

"A Girl Named Charity" is based on a true story, this picture book for young children puts a personal face on the history of slavery. It teaches that whatever the circumstances in life—good or bad, joyful or painful—they can be overcome. It’s important to have, hope, faith, and belief in yourself that the spirit within will provide the strength to overcome any obstacle.

Born in Camden, New Jersey and a lifelong resident of New Jersey, Francine has dedicated her life to the world of fine arts, writing and music.

In 2005, she began The Legacy Of Promise program, consisting of an art exhibit, books, music and historical - inspirational speaking. Her passion and promise to her sister Bonita Jean Still Austin - who passed away at the age of 36 years old became her inspiration. As she went around giving presentations she heard the cries of people - "Who will carry our legacy? Where are the young people in all of this? How can we get the next generation involved?" This deeply disturbed her and her creative mind began to flow and she thought, "I wouldn't have to go far to find the answers - we must live by example." Some years back prior to "The Legacy Of Promise" program she asked her sons Bryant and Brandon, "Sons... would you continue your legacy with the gifts and talents you have if anything were to happen to me? And would you like to join me in the message of The Legacy Of Promise?" They found it an honor to support her in their historical legacy with their musical gifts. They have seen and heard about her struggles in life - and along the way they have experienced some of the pain with her. So, they came on board contributing with their musical gifts and became a part of the great tapestry. At this point she felt the strong presence of her forefathers and the grace of Providence instructing her to combine all of their creative gifts together; giving the program a total completion.

Francine says, "We all take part in the great tapestry of life, whether we recognize it or not. As I grow in life I'm finding that we all are struggling in one way or another. Our struggles aren't much different from the days of old - our clothing and technology have evolved, but our desire to live a rich and fulfilled life is the same."

Francine continues to give inspirational lectures throughout the community libraries, schools, churches and senior citizen communities - in hope to bring enlightenment of history through inspirational speaking, books, music and art. The Legacy of Promise has come to fruition passed onto her through her ancestors and The Great Providence.

Her illustrative art work can be found on the cover/illustrations of author Charles L. Blockson book “The Ballad Of The Underground Railroad” - cover and illustrations for Dr. Jacqueline Leonard of Temple University "Culturally Specific Pedagogy in the Mathematics Classroom" - Renaissance oil painting for the dusk jacket of the 2005 revised edition, "The Underground Rail Road" by William Still published by Plexus Publishing and was critique by The Princeton Info., comparing the art work to the great master Diego Rivera's work. The most recent Renaissance oil was a portrait painting for Dr. Mike Murdock, founder of The Wisdom Center Fort Worth, Texas.]Malogical7 (talk) 03:14, 16 May 2015 (UTC)<ref></ref> >>


· Ed (Edward) Ifkovic–Ed (Edward) Ifkovic (b. 1943) is an American educator and writer, specializing in mysteries. He has written two popular series: the Edna Ferber Mysteries, featuring the famous novelist known for Show Boat and Giant, as well as the Rick Van Lam Mysteries (pen name Andrew Lanh), which feature a private investigator Amerasian who often explores the Vietnamese community of Hartford, Connecticut.In 2009 Ifkovic published the first of his Edna Ferber Mysteries for Poisoned Pen Press in Scottsdale, Arizona. To date, there are seven volumes in the series, using the famous American writer as his amateur sleuth. Ferber lived from 1885 to 1968. Ferber’s novels were a tapestry of American locale and character and include such classic works as So Big, Cimarron, Show Boat, Giant, and Ice Palace. Her plays (with George Kaufman) include The Royal Family, Dinner at Eight, and Stage Door. Ifkovic’s mysteries follow Ferber as she visits different parts of America, often researching the locales of her new works of fiction, from her earliest days as a nineteen-year-old reporter in Appleton, Wisconsin, through her years as a celebrated member of Manhattan’s Algonquin Round Table, through her years as a internationally known writer. Ifkovic has a second mystery series, one that deals with Rick Van Lam, a private investigator living in Hartford, Connecticut. One of the bui doi (children of the dust), children with a Vietnamese mother and an unknown American GI father, Rick explores the world of the Vietnamese in America. The first was Caught Dead (2014). Web site:


  • Turner Jacci - author of juvenile fiction series, including The Birthright Series and the Finding Home Series; [303]
  • Kate Jacoby - Australian author of five books of Elita; [304]
  • Zvi Jagendorf
  • Qaisar Iqbal Janjua - Pakistani writer and poet; writes critical analysis of English Literature; four volumes printed books of prose and one of poetry
  • Vinay Jalla - short story writer and novelist; author of Warp and Weft; [305]; [306]
  • Tara Janzen
  • Katie Jennings - American author of fantasy, romance, and drama; works include "The Dryad Quartet", "The Vasser Legacy" series, and "So Fell the Sparrow"; [307]
  • Thomas L. Jentz
  • Else Jerusalem] - 19th century German author, noted for The Red House, a dramatization of the life of a prostitute in Vienna. There is an article on the German Wikipedia.
  • Søren Jessen (born 1963) - Danish writer and illustrator; da:Søren Jessen
  • Suzanne Joinson - British author of novels and travel narrative; works include The Photographer's Wife; The Lady Cyclist's Guide to Kashgar. Winner of multiple awards and special mentions in the UK and US. [308].
  • Terry Johnson (playwright)
  • Jeffrey A. Johnston - author of The Key of Time, the Realm of Twilight, and Unlimited Heroes
  • William Johnston (writer) - of Sam Weskit on the Planet Framingham, etc.
  • Fallon Jones (born May 8, 1994) - teen novelist of Bite Me and The Jaws of Life; Bite Me was written at the age of 13, and the book has placed in Lulu's top-100 best-selling science-fiction/fantasy books of all time; her works are available for purchase through iPads, Kindles, Barnes & Noble (online), Amazon (US, UK, France, Spain, and Germany), Lulu, Hastings, and various other eReaders, as well as boutique stores across the west coast; has given lectures as a Pro-Author at the Spokane Comic Convention in Washington, been a spokeswoman for PhatWare the MacWorld Expo in California, and taught various writing seminars at conventions with other authors; [309]
  • Lisa Renee Jones - American fiction author. Author of the Inside Out series, now in development for TV with Suzanne Todd [310]; [311]
  • Simon Dale Jones - Welsh poet and lecturer
  • Radu Jörgensen - Romanian novelist, journalist, and mathematician; lives in U.S.; novel, Se respinge/Denied won the Nemira Prize in 1998 and has come out in a second edition in 2011 at Cartea Romaneasca/Polirom Publishing House in Bucharest; []; [312]
  • Sarrionandia Joseba
  • Koskinen Juha-Pekka - Finnish author; [313]
  • Lee Jung-myung (req. 2014-05-24)- Korean author; book The Investigation was a best-seller (in translation) in the U.K. ([314]; [315]) (unusual for Asian works); previous seven novels include Painter of the Wind (more than 600,000 copies of the Korean original sold: [316]; made into a television series Painter of the Wind ) and Tree With Deep Roots; [317]; latest novel, The Boy Who Escaped from Paradise (2013; [318]); works have been translated into French ([319])



  • Andrea L'Artiste - Author and Creator/Brand Developer of "My Tiny Pages-Books for kids", Poet, Writer, Artist, and Philosopher

Selena Laurence - American Novelist, USA Today Bestselling Author of Contemporary Romance; winner Reader's Crown for Best Contemporary Romance of 2014; [362]


  • Clare Mackintosh - author of psychological thriller I Let You Go, a Richard & Judy book club winner and a Sunday Times bestseller. The author is referenced on Wikipedia page Loose Women[7]
  • Patrick Macgill - author of many books including Children of the Dead End; great grandfather of Enzo and Owen Cuseo; grandfather of Lucy Cuseo; father of Dr. Owen T. P. Mcgowan; has a film on his book Children of the Dead End
  • Hugh John MacLean (born 1887) - son of Toronto-based World (magazine) owner W. F. MacLean, Member of Parliament; well-versed in writing as can be seen in his poem "Just a Clerk"
  • Carmen Maria Machado - Fabulist author of Cuban descent with stories in Best American Science Fiction & Fantasy 2015, Granta, and elsewhere. Nominated for Shirley Jackson and Nebula Awards, and longlisted for the Hugo Award and John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer in Science Fiction or Fantasy. Has published essays in The New Yorker and LA Review of Books. [371]; [372]; [373]; [374]
  • Bailey Magno - author of The Moment the World Was Still; short story writer; [375]
  • Storey Mags (also known as Maggie K. Black) - Canadian author of "If Only You Knew" and "Dead Girls Don't"; [376]; [377]
  • Al S. Mahon- (Hale Nicoya Seeger "Al" Mahon) (born 14 July 2002) - Author of many poems at
  • V. R. Main - author of novel A Woman with No Clothes On; [378]; Victorine Meurent refers to A Woman with No Clothes On
  • Mack Maloney - American author and musician; more than 2.5 million books sold out of 34+ titles
  • Terry Mancour - Terry Mancour is a science fiction and fantasy writer, author of more than 23 books and innumerable articles under various pseudonyms, including the New York Times Best Selling Star Trek Novel "Spartacus", the sequels to H. Beam Piper's Space Viking, and his original epic fantasy series The Spellmonger Series. He lives in Durham, North Carolina with his beautiful wife and three children.
  • Andrzej Mandalian - modern Polish poet; [379]
  • Joe Marchia - author of various published stories, poems and articles; featured in numerous websites; [380]
  • Leonard S. Marcus - children's book author and critic; author of over 25 books; about 30 wikipages mention his name; book reviews appearing in Parenting magazine and The New York Times; featured on Good Morning America and BBC radio4; children's books exhibition curator at the New York Public Library; [381]; [382]; [383]; [384]; [385]
  • Laura Maree
  • Tamez Margo
  • Tarisa Marie - self-published author of "Tainted" series and "Black Petals" trilogy. []
  • Benjamin Markovits - American author, winner of the James Tait Black Memorial Prize
  • Laura Marks - American playwright; author of the play Bethany; graduate of the Juilliard School; [386]
  • Gina Marinello-Sweeney - Author of young adult trilogy The Veritas Chronicles: 1) I Thirst (May 2013), 2) The Rose and The Sword, 3) TBA; Winner of 2013 YATR (Young Adult Teen Readers) Literary Award for Best Prologue (I Thirst); was asked to present her Spanish poetry at an international literature conference in Costa Rica (2009); of Italian and Irish/English descent; entry requested 12/1/15; []; biography at [387]; reviews at [388]; interviews at [389]
  • Darlene Marshall (born 1955) - American author of award-winning historical romance [390]; published by Amber Quill Press; novels include Castaway Dreams, 2012, Sea Change, 2010, The Bride and the Buccaneer, 2009, Captain Sinister's Lady, 2006, Smuggler's Bride, 2006, Pirate's Price, 2006
  • Zoe Marriott - British novelist of young adult fantasy; winner, 2009 Great Britain Sasakawa Foundation Award; author of Wild Swans fairytale retelling The Swan Kingdom (2008 USBBY International Book, long-listed for Branford Boase Award, short-listed for Lincolnshire Young People's Book Award) and original fantasy Daughter of the Flames (Long-listed for YALSA Top Ten Books for Teens); [391]
  • Helen Lowrie Marshall (poet) - born August 21, 1904, lived in Denver Colorado during her writing/publishing years until her death, September 30, 1975. author of the books Moments of Awareness: Inspirational verses" 1968, "The Gift of Wonder" Jan. 1967, "Moments of Awareness" 1968, "Close to the Heart" 1958, "Hold to Your Dream" 1967, "A Gift So Rare" 1969, "Quiet Power: Words of faith, hope and love" 1985, "A Dream is Forever: The Best-Loved Poetry of Helen Lowrie Marshall" 1969, "A Word that sings! Favorite verses of Helen Lowrie Marshall" 1971, "Bright Horizons" 1954, "Aim for a Star" 1964, "Let me love the little things" 1971, "Leave a Touch of Glory" 1976, "Walk the World Proudly" 1967, "A Faith that Smiles", "Are't you glad!", 1973, "Starlight and Candleglow; a celebration in verse of the wonder and joy of Christmas" 1971, "Moments of Awareness", "Bright Laughter-Warm Tears: Inspirational Thoughts for Mothers 1985, Dare to be happy" 1962.
  • Travis Martin - owner of Pen of Travis; [392]
  • Brian Martinez (born 1979) - American writer; author of A Chemical Fire and The Mountain and The City
  • Estelle Maskame - teenage author of the Did I Mention I Love You? trilogy; [393]; [394]; [395]
  • JoDee Mason - author of multiple children's books about different development stages from baby to her newest book for ages 5-8 year olds, as well as one on food storage and preparedness and making money as a stay-at-home mom; books include: "The Potty", "Sharing", "Travel Time", "Bath Time", "My New School", "Big Sister/Big Brother", "Animals", "A New Baby", "Mind Your Mommy", "Bedtime", "Opposites", "It's Not Fair", "Little By Little", "How to Make Money as a Stay at home mom",and "McDonald Family Cookbook"; [396]; blogger at where she shares recipes, crafts, projects, ideas, product reviews and other things moms find useful; her "About Me" page on the blog tells about her life growing up on a ranch and doing lots of different things that she now shares in her posts. Mother to five kids, she keeps busy with the blog, writing books, managing a Tupperware team, and now is the director for a local advocacy center
  • Divya Mathur - recently honoured with Bharat Samman of the NRI Institute, Dr Harivansh Rai Bachchan Award of the High Commission of India, London (UK's best Hindi literary figure), the Rashtrakavi Maithilisharan Gupt Lekhan Samman, the Arts Achiever of the Year Award-2003 (Decibel sponsored by the Arts Council of England) for outstanding contribution and innovation in the field of Arts and Award for Outstanding Achievement in Poetry by the International Library of Poetry
  • Elizabeth Mavon - nominated for the Booker Prize in the 1970s
  • Robert Mayer (author) (not one of the Robert Mayers already listed on disambiguation page) - author of Superfolks and ten other novels; journalist; [397]; [398]
  • Karl Mayo
  • Regina McBride - author of Nature of Water and Air, The Land of Women, and The Marriage Bed
  • Shawn McBride - Philadelphia-based American author of 'Green Grass Grace
  • Stephen McCall - author of The Tyrannosaurus Tic: A Boy's Adventure with Tourette Syndrome, ISBN 1-4251-5501-4; [399]; [400]
  • MaryAnn McCarra-Fitzpatrick (born 1967) - Irish-American poet
  • Sam McCarver
  • Ken McClure (novelist) - Edinburgh-based writer of medical crime thrillers; [401]
  • Kevin L. McCrudden Mr. Motivation America's CMO - Chief Motivation Officer (International Author, speaker and founder of National Motivation & Inspiration Day, which is January 2nd of every year, as passed by The United States Congress (H. Res.308 12/18/2001) and the New York State Senate (3850 1/29/2002). His book, "Who Are You?" introduces his "21st Centruy Multidimensional Hierarchy of Needs," considered the most significant addition to Dr. Abraham Maslow's original Hierarchy of Needs in 60 years! And; author of six audiobooks ( Founder and Creator of The American Motivation Awards, "honoring motivational, inspirational and patriotic leaders in America!" ( Founder and Publisher of Soccer Long Island Magazine ( and The Long Island Soccer Player Hall of Fame ( ) Founder and Creator of TMS ~ The Motivation Station on BONKO TV ( ) and Co-Host of the Mr. & Mrs. Motivation Show ( and ) ( (
  • Tania McCartney - Australian author adult and children's author, editor, magazine writer, publisher; founder, Kids Book Review (; literacy/education advocate; ambassador, Australian National Year of Reading 2012; author of the Riley the Little Aviator series of picture books; National Library of Australia house author
  • Kevin McCullough - journalist; attacked gamers with an article "The 'sex-box' race for president"
  • Terry McGarry - author of Illumination
  • Tom McGowen - author of Sir MacHinery and many other books; name redirects to Album of Dinosaurs; [402]
  • Mia McKenzie - novelist and activist; author of novel The Summer We Got Free; [403]; creator, blog Black Girl Dangerous; [404]
  • Willister McClain
  • Jacqueline McMahon - novelist and playwright; from Thunder Bay, Ontario; first suspense novel, When Love Won't Die published September 2010; [405]
  • Gretchen McNeil - author of "Ten", "3:59", "Possess", and the "Don't Get Mad" series
  • William D'Arcy McNickle (1904-1977)
  • Marie McSwigan - author of several children's novels, including Snow Treasure, Juan of Manila, and All Aboard for Freedom
  • Martina Mercer (born 1979) - fiction writer; two published books; many published articles; [406]
  • Inge Merkel (1922-2006) - Austrian novelist; author of "Odysseus and Penelope"
  • Isabelle Merlin - writer of romantic thrillers for teenagers; [407]; [408]; [409][410]
  • Jack Merrywell - poet and stand-up comedian; works include "Fountain of Youth", "Look Who Has a Pony Now" and "Modus Tollens"
  • J. Kent Messum (born 1979) - Canadian award winning author; novels include the Arthur Ellis Award winning "Bait", 2013 (*best first novel*) and "Husk", 2015. The rights for his second novel "Husk" were acquired in 2015 by independent film and television production company Warp Films with the intention of creating an international returnable series. He is currently published by Penguin U.S., Penguin Canada, Penguin UK, with rights to his novels also having been acquired by publishing houses in Greece, Brazil, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, and the China Complex. Stay up to date on J. Kent Messums Website.
  • Israel Metter (1909-1996) - Russian novelist; author of The Fifth Corner of the Room'
  • Kai Meyer - German fantasy author
  • Susan Meyer (name redirects to Susan Mayer, a character on Desperate Housewives) - writer of Black Radishes (Random House) which won the silver medal for the Sidney Taylor book award
  • Walter Earl Meyers - wrote Aliens and Linguists, an examination of the language sciences in science fiction
  • Cory Wheeler Mimms - author of Trailing Tennessee; [411]; [412]; [413]; studied writing and publishing at Portland State University and the New York Film Academy; [414]
  • Matt Miner - New York City comic book writer of Liberator; contributor to Occupy Comics ([415]), both published by Black Mask Studios; animal rescuer and pit bull advocate ([416]; [417]); administrator of/writer for ([418]); vegan animal rights activist ([419]; [420]; [421]; [422] [423]); feminist leanings ([424]; [425]); outspoken Hurricane Sandy survivor in the Rockaways ([426]; [427]; [428]; [429])
  • A.S. Minor - American novelist and competition-winning spoken word poet. Member of the veteran performance poetry group The Combat Hippies. Request article (03/23/16)
  • Eugene Mirabelli - American novelist
  • Felix Mitterer - Austrian dramatist de
  • Anamika Mishra - Indian author; novel "Too Hard to Handle" (2013); [430]; [http:/]; [431]; [432]; [433]
  • Paul Julius Möbius - wrote The Physiological Feeble Mindedness of Women; [434]
  • Sarwat Mohiuddin - contemporary Pakistani Punjabi poetess; has taken part in poetry sessions in India, Europe and North America
  • Brent Monahan - American author
  • Jean-Baptiste Montegut
  • Hubert Monteilhet, French novelist, author of the source novel for the films Return from the Ashes and Phoenix, [435]
  • Helen Moore
  • Richard Thomas Moore (1927-2009) - American poet; taught at Boston University (among others); [436]
  • Sibyl Morgan - author of poetry relating to African-American experience; [437]
  • P.R. Morrison (also known as Pearl Morrison) - author of Wind Tamer
  • Maureen Moss - inspirational speaker; author of God's Promise
  • Nikki Moustaki - writer, poet, memoirist, author of "The Bird Market of Paris" "Parrots for Dummies" "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Writing Poetry" and others. Winner of an NEA in poetry and many other writing awards.
  • Shirshendu Mukherjee - Indian writer
  • T.F. (Frank) Muir - one of Scotland’s most popular crime novelists. Frank is also published in the USA under the author name T. Frank Muir.
  • Marcie Muir (1919-2007) was an Australian bibliographer and bookseller - she wrote the definitive works on Australian children's literature and children's book illustration
  • T. C. Mulvihill - author of Killed by a Passing Snowflake; []; [438]
  • Shirley Rousseau Murphy - children's fantasy, science fiction mystery writer; author of the Joe Grey cat mysteries



  • Open Fiction. Like open educational resources people now started to publish fictions also under open license. Juan Julián Merelo Guervós with Hoborg, P. Anil Prasad with Imanofutu, Cheryl Ives with Timeless and Ryan Somma with are examples.
  • Maria Olinda Beja - poet; from São Tomé and Príncipe; works include Leve, Leve and Bo tende?
  • a.j.k. o'donnell - poet, author, and lecturer; from Omaha, Nebraska; works include Nicoteane and Other Foolish Mistakes and Confessions of a Fearful Soul; They are currently writing their first novel "What the Crevice Holds" [8]
  • Nuzo Onoh (September 22, 1962, in Enugu, Nigeria)- British-Nigerian writer and publisher; first book, The Reluctant Dead (2014 by Canaan-Star Publishing), introduced new sub-genre into horror genre, African horror; following book, 'Unhallowed Graves', solidified her growing reputation as Queen of African Horror; both books are collections of African ghost stories, depicting core Igbo culture, traditions, beliefs and superstitions within a horror context; The Reluctant Dead received many reviews and was featured on BBC Radio World Service and BBC local radio stations; grew up the third of the eight children of Chief Mrs Caroline Onoh, a former head teacher and the late Chief Dr. C.C Onoh, one-time governor of Old Anambra State (and lawyer and landowner); attended Queen's school, Enugu, Nigeria, the Quaker boarding school, The Mount School, York and later, St Andrew's Tutorial College, Cambridge, England; holds law degree and a master's degree in writing from Warwick University; resides in Coventry; has two children; sometime pseudonym Alex Stranger-Onoh; gives talks on African horror; Her novel, The Sleepless is released on 28th June, 2016. [450]' [451]; [452];[453]; [454]; [455]; [456]; [457]; [458]; [459]; [460]; [461]; [462]; [463]; [464]; [465];[466];
  • Eugene Ostashevsky - Russian-born American poet


  • Danielle Paige - wrote Dorothy Must Die and its prequels and sequel; has also done work in the television industry
  • Ray Palla - American novelist and former broadcast journalist. Author of Krill America, Simple Triple Standard and H: Infidels of Oil; [467]. Born November 18, 1953 in Taylor, Texas, Palla worked twenty-seven years, from the age of fifteen as a radio news reporter for several Texas stations including KVET/KASE in Austin and KIKK AM/FM in Houston. In 2016 Ray Palla was nominated for inclusion in the Texas Radio Hall of Fame. Palla began programming computer software applications in 1988. In 2001 he founded INSONA Corporation, [468] a consulting firm for the information technology industry. In 2015 INSONA began hosting Palla's creation, INSONA Author Alliance Network, a collaborative platform for authors, editors, cover artists, illustrators, video producers, and publishing professionals in the field of literature self-publishing.

"Krill America" was Palla's first novel, published in 2014 [469]. The Krill America is a research vessel stranded off the coast of Antarctica and the story of struggle and the measure of a man's success and search for redemption.

"Simple Triple Standard" [470] was published in 2015 under the "rp" imprint. Sub titled: "The Real Official, Almost True Backstory for Modern Commercial Radio," the novel is a nostalgic look back at radio in the 1970s, from the eyes of a young reporter who lives vicariously through stories in the news while searching for himself in reality.

"H: Infidels of Oil" [471] is in production to be published in late fall, 2016. After a rudimentary hydrogen bomb erupts half-a-world-away, in a Middle-Eastern oilfield, terrorists advance to destroy American energy reserves. Grit-hardened west Texas roughnecks counter the attack and spur into action the grid-locked wheels of Washington DC, with global reverberation.




  • Derek Sheffield - American poet; author of Through the Second Skin (Orchises, 2013), a finalist for the 2014 Washington State Book Award, runner-up for the 2012 Emily Dickinson Award, and finalist for the 2008 Walt Whitman Award; wrote two poetry chapbooks: A Mouthpiece of Thumbs (Blue Begonia, 2000) and A Revised Account of the West (Flyway, 2008), which won the inaugural Hazel Lipa Environmental Chapbook Award judged by Debra Marquart; he won the Sparrow Prize in Poetry and the James Hearst Poetry Prize judged by Li-Young Lee ([523]); awarded fellowships by Artist Trust, the Sustainable Arts Foundation, and the Seattle Music & Arts Foundation; poems have appeared in Poetry, The Georgia Review, The North American Review, Poetry Northwest, Orion, The Southern Review, and Alaska Quarterly Review; work has appeared in many anthologies, including The Ecopoetry Anthology, A Ritual to Read Together: Poems in Conversation with William Stafford, New Poets of the American West, Family Matters: Poems of Our Families; professor of English at Wenatchee Valley College, teaching poetry and nature writing; serves as the poetry editor of; as a poetry editor, has published the work Wendell Berry, A.E.Stallings, David Wagoner, Pattiann Rogers, and Colleen J. McElroy; [524]; [525]; [526]
  • Hormoz Shahdadi - Persian novelist; [527]
  • Marietta Shaginian (also known as Jim Dollar) - author of Mess-Mend: Yankees in Petrograd
  • Nick Shamhart - American novelist; author of "Grey"; [528]
  • Bulbul Sharma - Indian writer (The Anger of Aubergines, Banana Flower Dreams, My Sainted Aunts); painter
  • Jason Shaw - author of Memory Lanes Future, Top 50 Most Influential Gay Movies of All Time; broadcaster
  • S. L. Shelton - American author of espionage, action/adventure, thriller novels in the "TechnoThriller" sub-genre. Works include Waking Wolfe, Unexpected Gaines, Danger Close, and a novella, Backstory: Lt. Marsh, all part of the Scott Wolfe Thriller Series. The fourth novel in the series, Wolfe Trap, is scheduled for release in Autumn of 2014; [529]; [530]; [531]; [532]; [533]
  • Karen Shepard - American author of three novels, An Empire of Women, The Bad Boy’s Wife, and Dont I Know You?; her short fiction has been published in leading literary magazines; teaches writing and literature at Williams College in Williamstown, Massachusetts
  • Steven Sherrill - American author of The Minotaur Takes a Cigarette Break
  • Rachel Shukert - American author and playwright; [534]
  • Jay G. Sigmund - American author, poet and playwright; [535]
  • Christie Silvers - indie author of urban fantasy with a touch of naughtiness; [536]; [537]; [538]
  • Adams Sinarinzi - Burundian poet and writer; wrote "These are no prayers" and "Numbers, ou journal d'un poeme perdu" [11]
  • Harinder Singh
  • Bucky Sinister
  • William Sirls - American Christian novelist of The Sinner's Garden and The Reason; [539]; [540]; [541]
  • Barbara Sjoholm - author of Gaudi Afternoon, Murder in the Collective (as Barbara Wilson); [542]
  • Maurice Skillern - author, poet, philosopher; wrote "Messages"; Reflections of Being; [543]
  • Erik Skram - Danish writer
  • Helen van Slyke
  • Douglas Smith - multi-award-winning Canadian fantasy and science fiction writer Douglas Smith | Writer (official website) Douglas Smith on Goodreads
  • Janis Pegrum Smith - English writer and historian; assistant indie editor (UK) at the Historical Novel Society; works include novels More Than Gold Marigolds in Her Hands The Book Ark; [544]
  • Joseph D. Smith - American poet and author; has innovated many styles of experimental forms of writing; civil-liberties activist; activist for ending discrimination against people with special needs; high-functioning autistic individual, who lives with plenty of his own family that also live with autism, the most notable is his sister, Wendy Smith; [545]
  • Myron J. Smith - bibliographer; topics: warfare, sports, and spy fiction; 102 results on Amazon, but some are duplicates. Maybe 40-50 unique bibliographies?; one or two pictorial histories as well
  • Stanley Smith (author) - librarian, author and poet

. Shikhar Ghimirey, Modern most acclaimed fiction writer, Journalist, Nepal.



M.D. Thalmann (M.D. (Michael Dirk) Thalmann is originally from Little Rock, Arkansas and has been living in Phoenix since 2004. He has been in journalism and writing fiction and so on since he was ten years old and has gotten at least 20% better since that time. He writes freelance and does a column ( for a few magazines here and there while working on his various novels. M.D. Thalmann is heavily influenced by Kurt Vonnegut Jr., Philip K. Dick, and Carl Hiaasen). His first novel, The 13 Lives of a Television Repair Man has received rave reviews and is now features in the Phoenix, AZ, and Scottsdale, AZ public libraries. His official website and blog is (, but you can follow him on Goodreads (, Amazon (, Tumblr (, Facebook (, and Twitter (




  • Karin Wieland (Author of Dietrich & Riefenstahl: Hollywood, Berlin, and a Century in Two Lives, by Karin Wieland. Translated by Shelley Frisch. Finalist for the 2015 National Book Critics Circle Award in Biography.) [601] [602] [603]
  • Darren Mark Wright (born 1984) (Australian author and playwright; Books include Legend of the Pioneers; Legend of the Regatta; The Real Mystery of Jack the Ripper; The Real Mystery of Edwin Drood; Murder at Channing Ponds Station) (
  • Terri Wallace (born 1972) - Oklahoma Southern Gothic writer; short stories include: Counting Crows; A Sort of Homecoming; About a Boy, and The Collector; [604]
  • Kristen S Walker (fiction author) [605]
  • Amanda Eyre Ward (born 1972) - American writer; author of five novels and one short story collection; book reviewer for The New York Times; [606]
  • Claude Carlos Washburn (1883-1926) - novelist; books include: The Lonely Warrior; Gerald Northrop; Order; Verses; The baby, a farce in one act
  • Kate Warren - American fiction author; [607]
  • Susan May Warren - American author of at least 41 works of fiction, including the Christiansen Family series and Daughters of Fortune series; winner, 2014 Christy Award; [608]
  • Rosanne Wasserman (born 1952) - American poet, small press publisher (The Groundwater Press), and editor; books of poems include The Lacemakers, No Archive on Earth, and Other Selves; editor at the Metropolitan Museum of Art (1977-1981), where books included Metropolitan Cats and Eliot Porter's Intimate Landscapes; edited John Ashbery's Other Traditions (Charles Eliot Norton Lectures at Harvard University) and co-edited Ashbery's Collected French Translations with Eugene Richie; The Groundwater Press has published books by Pierre Martory, Gerrit Henry, the landscape painter Bill Sullivan, and many others
  • Jesse Waters (born 1970 in Los Angeles) - American poet; director of The Bowers Writers House, Elizabethtown College; author, Human Resources, InkBrush Press (March 2011)
  • Sir Noah A Waters III, 32° F&AM (Noah A Waters III) - from Jacksonville, Florida; stand up comedian, stage and screen actor, film maker, writer, novelist, screenwriter, playwright, TV writer, theatre director, film and TV director, film and TV producer, auteur; performs and tours as a comedian or stand up comic across the country; CEO, owner and production head of Acentetus Artificium, Flawless Arts Production Company, Free Mason, York Rite Mason, Scotish Rite Mason; knighted member of the Grand Encampment of the Knights Templar, Order of Malta Knight, 15° Knight of the East, Sword, and Eagle, 18° Knight of Rose Croix, 21° Noachite, or Prussian Knight, 22° Knight of the Royal Axe, 25° Knight of the Brazen Serpent, 27° Knight of the Sun, 28° Knight Commander of the Temple, 29° Scottish Knight of Saint Andrew, 30° Knight Kadosh, or Knight of the White and Black Eagle, 32° Master of the royal secret or Knight Commander of the Court of Honour; Writers Guild of America (WGA) member, Directors Guild Of America Member (DGA), Veterans In Film and TV(VFTLA) member, Producers Guild Of America (PGA) member, and Soldier in the US ARMY Reserves; [609]; [610]; [611]; [612]; [613]; [614]; [615]; [616]; [617]; [618]; [619]; [620]
  • Tom Weatherly - author of Maumau American Cantos, Thumbprint, and short history of the saxophone
  • Jillian Weise (born 1981 in Houston) writer, cyborg Author of 'The Amputee's Guide to Sex' (Soft Skull Press, 2007), 'The Colony' (Counterpoint, 2010), 'The Book of Goodbyes' (BOA Editions, 2013). 2013 James Laughlin Award from the Academy of American Poets.
  • Bob Welbaum - children's author, book and magazine editor, poet; [621]
  • Liselotte Welskopf-Henrich
  • Chuck Wendig - novelist, screenwriter, game designer, blogger; alum of the Sundance Film Festival Screenwriter's Lab; co-writer 2011 short film, "Pandemic"; co-writer digital transmedia drama "Collapsus"; developer "Hunter: The Vigil" game line (White Wolf Game Studios/CCP); frequent contributor to "The Escapist"
  • Stephen Werley - author of Sahdia book series; [622]
  • Kevin J. Wetmore, Jr. - theatre and pop culture theorist
  • Peter J. Wetzelaer - American novelist; [623]; co-author of A Step Back
  • Charles Dodd White - Appalachian writer; author of Lambs of Men and Sinners of Sanction County; [624]
  • Jenny White - author of "The Sultan's Seal", "The Abyssinian Proof" and "The Winter Thief"
  • Eric Wiener - author and game publisher; co-founder, Paradigm Concepts; co-creator, Arcanis: the World of Shattered Empires and Witch Hunter: the Invisible World
  • Will Wight - author of travelers gate trilogy and the travelers gate chronicles; [625]; [626]
  • Jessie Mary Whitfeld - Australian children's author (1862m, Sydney, New South Wales; 1964, Oxford; [627]
  • Jan Wildt - (req. pre-2008-04-09) - slipstream author
  • Doug Wilhelm - young-adult author
  • Sarah Wilkinsin - author of adaptation of The Castle Spectre
  • Darren Williams (writer) – author of Swimming in Silk and Angel Rock
  • Jay Williams (writer)
  • Dakota Willink - contemporary romance author; owner of Dakota Willink LLC; author of Heart of Stone, book 1 in The Stone Series; Heart of Stone is her first published novel (publication date December 27, 2015) and was a nominee for Best Book of the year in 2015 by BDSM Writers Con and rated 5 stars by Readers' Favorite; Dakota is an associate member of Romance Writers of America; [12]
  • Judy Wilson (writer) - fiction writer
  • Robert S. Wilson - author and editor of horror, fantasy, and science fiction; nominated, Bram Stoker Award for Best Anthology (2012) as co-editor of Horror for Good: A Charitable Anthology along with Mark C. Scioneaux and RJ Cavender Horror For Good: A Charitable Anthology (Volume 1) Editor in Chief of Nightscape Press [628], and author of the Empire of Blood series: Shining in Crimson (2011), Fading in Darkness (2013), Rising from Ashes (forthcoming), the Ray Garret/Lifeline Techno Thriller series: Exit Reality (2013) and SoulServe (2014), The Quiet: A Novella (2011), and Where All Light Is Left to Die (2014). Exit Reality was picked as a Thriller of the Month by in July, 2013; [629]; [630]
  • Lyric Wallwork Winik
  • Stanislav Witkiewitz
  • Ludo de Witte
  • Burton Wohl - China Syndrome
  • Allen L. Wold - American author of five science fiction novels, one fantasy novel, and three early nonfiction books about computers; [631] [632]
  • Laura Wood (British author of the 'Poppy Pym' books and winner of the Montegrappa Scholastic Prize for New Children's Writing) (;;
  • Rik Woods (born 1969) - author of This Little Red Bitch in My Chest, This little Blue Bitch in My Head. This are the only two works I have been able to find so far are there others and is there any history on this poet.
  • Joseph Paul Wright - American author, poet and journalist; from southwestern U.S.; primarily fiction but he also writes for Border Echo Magazine (a publication out of Nogales, Arizona); his novel, Conflict: To Secure A Nation (published March 18, 2014, by Tate Publishing L.L.C.); [633]; [634]; [635]; [636]; [637]; [638]; [639]
  • Jonathan Wylie - pseudonym of Mark and Julia Smith, who also write as Julia Gray; de:Jonathan Wylie




Here is a list of people (mainly novelists) who have stub entries in (NNDB). The NNDB is of questionable reliability and should not be quoted as a source in Wikipedia and independent assessments will have to be made regarding notability:

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  • E-fiction A relatively-recent phenomenon is the commercial (for-profit) "self-publication" of strictly- or primarily-electronic fiction under the banner of longtime "E-tailers" such as Amazon. This is NOT a vanity press as the author doesn't pay for the privilege of publication: they invest only their time and effort, and the "publisher" is merely a retailer who takes a percent-of-sale, not an up-front fee (in effect, the authors are paying for the publisher's "retail channel"). It might be likened to an author mill in some ways, but due to the low costs all round (and the lack of any guaranteed "vanity market" of the authors friends/family), it appears to be a different phenomenon. This is LIKE Web fiction, but usually offered via Amazon, Lulu, or the like, typically for low entry price (e.g. 99¢ per chapter for a novel, etc). Authors who are popular on fiction forums sometimes make the jump to professional writers (albeit untraditionally so) in this way. The topic is too-briefly mentioned as a minor element of the existing article Self-publishing#Electronic_.28E-book.29_Publishing, but appears to merit its own entry, as modern electronic means have enabled a sea-change in the older concept of "self-publishing." [644]; [645]; [646]; [647]
The term "E-fiction" (that I've chosen) is perhaps overly-broad for the topic (the phrase connotes both commercial and free fiction) AND overly-narrow (the same model might apply to non-fiction); I note that "e-pub" is already in use, largely in the non-fiction realm. "E-fiction" might be useful as an umbrella for linking all these related topics. No other phrase has occured to me, that might concisely describe this phenomenon (and therefore be apt for titling an article). Feel free (obviously!) to use any or all of the (over-long?) text above in the process of creating a proper Wikipedia article.

Authors (other than poets, dramatists and fiction writers)[edit]


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[{There is a very common saying in India"HAATH KANGAN KO AARSI KYA. PADHE LIKHE KO FARSI KYA". I want to know exact and authentic meaning of this phrase. If someone could help me}]

Literary movements and styles[edit]

term--dolphin and whale spot (on the cranium) quoted by David Foster Wallace in Although Of Course You End Up Becoming Yourself: A Road Trip with David Foster Wallace by David Lipsky. Pg. 295. "'And she said that there were these various chakras and one of the big ones was what she called the spout hole, at the very top of your cranium' [He demonstrates where it is, the dolphin and whale spot.]".

Theatre and stage[edit]

[662]; [663]; [664]; [665] - Winner of 2009 NYIT Award for Best New Short Play; [666]; [667]; [668]; [669]

A Narrow Bed - Ellen McLaughlin

Works and publications (poetry, drama and fiction)[edit]


Daffodils by [Ted Hughes]: deserving of a subheading on his own page (as Tulips on Plath's already does). (the site with the story)

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