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Authors (poets, dramatists and fiction writers)[edit]


  • AWAY FROM HOME SEASON (Huy, a soldier of one of the best Vietnamese divisions joined the 1984-1985 dry season campaign – the most exciting and bloodiest period during the ‘80s – when the war between Vietnamese Army and the Khmer Rouge and its coalitions came to its peak. The borderline then was turbulent with the K5 Plan and many greatest battles of the ten years of war.
After the great battles at the front line, Huy and his comrades returned their base where they stationed near a phum in Phnom Srok District, Battambang and where he experienced new, alien things in his relationship with Khmer people. He got intimate relationships with many Khmer people and fell in love with a young girl who was killed by mine later. Everything seemed to him slowly changed through the bitter love stories of Quan, his superior, with a very beautiful girl, and of his own; through the big and small battles and the death of his comrades and beloved people. Harsh reality soon erased all his illusions, and turned him from a naive idealist into a nihilist. Yet that appeared only on the surface, deep down his heart, there were always very complex feelings and unanswerable questions.
With the main characters just within a 12.7mm machine gun platoon and some Khmer people and just within four-year time, yet Away From Home Season doesn’t only tell you just about the surface of the war but deep down feelings and insights of the soldiers and Khmer people. It deals with the core of the war - the unconsciousness where dreams rise like bubbles from fish in a dark pond where lotus flowers bloom. In the book, War and Love, Atrocity and Humanity, Animosity and Compassion, Gain and Loss, all are presented in their most truthfulness and purity.)[1]Tieusu (talk) 18:27, 23 January 2017 (UTC)
  • Brian Aldiss Brian Wilson Aldiss, OBE is an English writer and anthologies editor, best known for science fiction novels and short stories. [1]
  • Atta Ul Kibria - Pakistani poet and blogger. Author of 'Crystallized' and 'Kaleidoscope of Words(An Anthology)';[2];[3];[]
  • Ajatshatru Parmar - India born Author of God in Peril written on the violence against doctors at work place. First published in India by manjul publication.
  • Avery Aames - Agatha award winner, list of books and biography
  • Rayan Abdul-Baki - 14-year-old author and poet of the book Words from the Sky; poems include Eyes of light, Alium Mors Vocat, A tale of sorrow and the essayist of "My Will Power";
  • Sayeed Abubakar - Bangladeshi; modern Bengali poet of eight books of poetry: First Sin of Love" (1996), Last Trap of Julekha (2004), In White Darknss Black Moonlight (2006, Mme of Mesopotamia (2007), Dwelling in Bengal (2008), Now Once All Together (2010), Sunshine on the Bank of Kapotakkha (2012) and Paper Flowers (2014); [4]; [5]
  • Seán 'Ac Fhionnlaoich Ulster Irish-language writer
  • Robert V. Aldrich - author of several "anime style novels"
  • Labuda Aleksander
  • Rosetta Allan - fiction writer of poetry, short stories, essays, novels; novel Purgatory published by Penguin Books NZ Ltd June 2014; [6]
  • Mohammed Hammam Fekri Almekawi - Egyptian novelist; interested in the enviroment and scientific heritage
  • Cole Alpaugh - multiple award-winning novelist, former war correspondent for Manhattan-based photo agencies; nominated by Gannett News Service for 1991 Pulitzer Prize in journalism; current freelance journalist and full-time author; works include The Bear in a Muddy Tutu (Camel Press/2011), The Turtle-Girl from East Pukapuka (Coffeetown Press/2012), The Spy's Little Zonbi (Coffeetown Press/2013); Dash in the Blue Pacific (Coffeetown Press/2015); Alpaugh's novels are in more than 4,000 libraries in at least eight countries. His debut novel was a bestseller in Canada, while his novels set in the South Pacific are widely available at most libraries in New Zealand. Alpaugh's fiction is most often compared to John Irving;
  • [(Cheree Lynn Bell Alsop)] is an American writer, who as of 2017 has authored 41 novels in several genres, including The Silver Series, The Werewolf Academy Series, The Girl from the Stars Series, Dr. Wolf, the Fae Rift Series, the Galdoni series, and several standalone titles. Her work ranges from epic fantasy, paranormal/urban fantasy, science fiction/space opera, contemporary fiction, and dystopian. Her works are for the young adult and adult audiences.

Born Cheree Lynn Bell June 23, 1982 Orem, Utah Pen name Cheree Alsop Cheree L Alsop Cheree Lynn Alsop Occupation Author Citizenship United States Period 2011-present Genre Young Adult Fiction Paranormal Fantasy Science Fiction/Space Opera Contemporary Fiction Dystopian Notable works The Silver Series The Werewolf Academy Series The Girl from the Stars Series Dr. Wolf, the Fae Rift Series The Galdoni Series Website


Cheree Lynn Alsop was born in Orem, Utah, on June 23rd, 1982. She has a brother, a sister, and a step-sister. She grew up in Orem, Utah and then Delta, Utah from the age of 7 on. She met her husband in Ephraim, Utah at Snow College and they were married in 2001. They have three children. She currently lives in Orem, Utah.

Cheree Alsop has held numerous jobs in her life including cutting alfalfa, raising cows, painting bee boxes, trucking bees, and hauling hay in her early years in Delta, Utah. After that, she has been the Assistant to the Registrar at Snow College, a secretary at the Young Life Research Clinic, a Project Manager for Young Living Essential Oils, an Office Manager at Integra Specialty Medical Group, and a secretary and a ghost writer for doTerra Essential Oils.


Series: The Silver Series Silver (2011), ISBN 1475043929 Black (2011), ISBN 1475024754 Crimson (2012), ISBN 1475030738 Violet (2012), ISBN 1475014511 Azure (2012), ISBN 1477401385 Hunter (2013), ISBN 1482009366 Silver Moon (2013), ISBN 1493705067

The Werewolf Academy Series Strays (2014), ISBN 1500840106 Hunted (2014), ISBN 1500840246 Instinct (2014), ISBN 1502569450 Taken (2014), ISBN 150320037X Lost (2014), ISBN 1505683211 Vengeance (2015), ISBN 1511953160 Chosen (2015), ISBN 1515207374

The Girl from the Stars Series Daybreak (2015), ISBN 1517722063 Daylight (2015), ISBN 1523208635 Day’s End (2016), ISBN 1523899913 Day’s Journey (2016), ISBN 1532862636 Day’s Hunt (2016), ISBN 1533253773

The Galdoni Series Galdoni (2011), ISBN 1475030843 Into the Fire (2014), ISBN 1494956209 Out of Darkness (2014), ISBN 149598611X

The Shadow Series Shadows (2011), ISBN 1545408785 Mist (2013), ISBN 1545409242

Dr. Wolf- the Fae Rift Series Shockwave (2016), ISBN 1533481679 Demon Spiral (2016), ISBN 1535085665 The Four Horsemen (2016), ISBN 1537176137 Dragon’s Bayne (2016), ISBN 1540708160

The Small Town Superhero Series Small Town Superhero (2013), ISBN 1482645238 The Small Town Superheroes (2013), 149091515X The Last Ride of the Small Town Superhero (2016), 1545482233

Heart of the Wolf Part One (2013), ISBN 1492750093 Heart of the Wolf Part Two (2014), ISBN 1497534038

Single Books: The Prince of Ash and Blood (2017), ISBN 154517282X The Pirate from the Stars Book One- Renegade (2016), ISBN 1541144759 The Monster Asylum Series Book One- The Fangs of Bloodhaven (2015), ISBN 151172224X When Death Loved an Angel (2013), ISBN 1493511483 Keeper of the Wolves (2013), ISBN 1489571949 Stolen (2012), ISBN 1481256661 The Million Dollar Gift (2012), ISBN 1480250341 Thief Prince (2012), ISBN 1479135720

Conferences Participated In:

Salt Lake Comic Con 2014, vendor League of Utah Writers 2014, presenter Salt Lake Comic Con FanX 2015, panelist Salt Lake Comic Con 2015, panelist Life, the Universe, and Everything 2015, presenter and panelist League of Utah Writers 2016, presenter and panelist League of Utah Writers Halloween 2016, presenter Life, the Universe, and Everything 2016, panelist Salt Lake Comic Con FanX 2016, panelist Salt Lake Comic Con 2016, panelist LDStorymakers 2016, presenter Writer Here in Ephraim 2016, presenter League of Utah Writers 2017, presenter and panelist Life, the Universe, and Everything 2017, presenter Salt Lake Comic Con FanX 2017, panelist Salt Lake Comic Con 2017, panelist, Las Vegas Writer’s Conference 2018, breakfast keynote speaker and presenter

Further Reading:

Brody, Jessica, Free Book Friday (January 21, 2017), “Girl From the Stars Book 1- Daybreak by Cheree Alsop”, Eden, Deirdra, A Storybook World (February 4, 2012), “Interview with Cheree Alsop”, Fitzgerald, Michael James (October 7, 2013), “Author Interview: Cheree Alsop”, Moesser, Jamie, Utah Valley Writers (November 24, 2014), “Thank You- Cheree Alsop”, Robin, Another Book Hangover (August 3, 2017), “Daybreak by Cheree Alsop Book Blitz”, Sarah, Girls With Books (August 29, 2014), “Author Spotlight/Interview: Cheree Alsop”, Stevens, E.J., From the Shadows (September 18, 2014), “Q&A with Cheree Alsop & Werewolf Academy Giveaway”, TS Braine, Talk Supe (February 27, 2012), “Writer Wrangler: Cheree Alsop”, Writers Unite to Fight Cancer (July 12, 2010), “Cheree Alsop”,

  • Ryuta Amazume - author and artist; writer of the nana to kaoru, happy negative marriage and other manga series
  • Janardan Amballa - Telugu author and poet
  • Andres Pi Andreu - children's and youths literature author; author of "One Bee Too Many", "274:, "The Infinite Window [7]
  • Jackie Andrews
  • Ian Applegate
  • Gabdrakhman Ăpsălămov - Tatar novelist; active c. 1950–1970
  • Michael James Archibald - modern contemporary poet, philosopher (honorary doctorate in metaphysics); three-time International Poet of the Year nominee
  • Nasseeb Ariba
  • Ingeborg Arlt - German author and winner of literature prizes; de:Ingeborg Arlt
  • Praneet Arora - Indian writer, poet and novelist; author of "Green Blue Eyes" and "Private Investigators"
  • Trisha Ashley - has written eleven romantic comedies; Avon HarperCollins published her twelfth, The Magic of Christmas (October 2011). Twelve Days of Christmas was a Sunday Times bestseller; A Winter's Tale and Wedding Tiers have been previously shortlisted for the Melissa Nathan award for romantic comedy; Every Woman for Herself was voted one of the top-three romantic novels of the last fifty years; member, Society of Authors and the Welsh Academi
  • Peter J. Atkins - author of "People, Land and Time"; co authors include Ian Simmons and Brian Roberts
  • Anwar Al Attar - one of Syria's most famous figures in literature and the poet of the book (Thelal al ayyam - ظلال الأيام)
  • Adam Aust - Attorney, Scientist, American novelist, author of A Glitch in the System [8], ISBN 9781370200610, Sanity's Only Skin Deep [9]; — see his blog at; biography: [10] [11]
  • Rico Austin (born 1960 in Idaho) - American writer; also songwriter/blogger/actor/author of My Bad Tequila and In the Shadow of ELVIS, Perils of a Ghostwriter, Son of the KING, an Elvis Paradox Unveiled, ARIZONA Is Where I Live and Mexico Got Lucky; blogger: [12]


  • Iphgenia Baal - female British author of two novels, 'The Hardy Tree' and 'Gentle Art', published by Trolley Books
  • Layla Ba'albakki - female Lebanese writer; productive in the 1950s and 1960s; prosecuted (unsuccessfully) for including sexually explicit material in her book I Am Alive (1958) and her collection of short stories Ship of Tenderness to the Moon
  • Brooke Babineau - Canadian/American author (Below Mile Zero, a novel of Key West); biography: [13]
  • Amitabha Bagchi - author of the novel Above Average, published in India in 2007 by HarperCollins, India; [14]; [15]; [16]
  • Kay Bailey -
  • Stephen Baird (novelist) - author of children's fantasy historical fiction novel Fire in the Straw, ISBN 1-4251-3277-4; [17]; [18]; (not the singer-songwriter)
  • Mikhail Davidovich Baitalsky (1903-1978) - Trotskyist journalist, writer, and publisher in Samizdat; author of Notebooks for the Grandchildren: Recollections of a Trotskyist Who Survived the Stalin; [19]
  • Louise Bak - author of eighty (Letters), Gingko Kitchen (Coach House) and Tulpa (Coach House Books); co-host of Sex City, Toronto's only radio show that explores the interconnections between sexuality and culture; hosts a Toronto salon series, The Box, which which encourages communication across creative borders
  • Lorna Balian
  • Abol-Moayed Balkhi - Persian poet, may be transliterated too as Abol Mo'ayyed Balkhi (ابوالموید بلخی), information about writer is available but must be translated from Persian sites: fa:ابوالموید بلخی
  • Asha Bandele - poet, memoirist, activist; writer of "The Prisoner's Wife"
  • Bangambiki Habyarimana - Rwandan author of "The Great Pearl of Wisdom"
  • K. Bannerman - Canadian author;
  • Don Bapst - American/Canadian author of The Hanged Man (Signature Editions, 2010) and Danger at Liaisons.Com (Éditions Textes Gais, 2011),;translator of Gabrielle Wittkop's The Necrophiliac (ECW Press, 2011); filmmaker;; IMDb; [20]
  • Amina Baraka - American poet, wife of Amiri Baraka; previous name Sylvia Robinson
  • Huda Barakat - contemporary Lebanese author; chronicled effects of civil war on the Lebanese psyche; living in exile in Paris
  • Julia Barkey - American author; published book Waybrooke; [21]; [22]
  • Sophie Barnes - author of several romance novels, including The Trouble with Being a Duke and The Scandal in Kissing an Heir, for which she received starred reviews from Publisher's Weekly; native of Denmark; currently lives on the East Coast; published by Avon, an imprint of Harper Collins;; [23]; her article on the positive influence of romance novels was featured in the March 2016 issue of RT (Romantic Times) Magazine
  • Lindon Barrett (murdered July 12, 2008) - was an American professor; author of ("Blackness and Value: Seeing Double" and " Racial Blackness and the Discontinuity of Western Modernity"); [24]; [25]
  • Polina Barskova - Russian poet; this article used to exist
  • Kayla Bashe - American author known for her young adult and new adult lesbian genre fiction novels. [26], [27]
  • Karen Wilsey Bass - Canadian author
  • David Bateman - Canadian poet/performance artist; poetry books: Impersonating Flowers, Invisible Foreground
  • Michael M. Bates - columnist
  • Brad Bathg (aka BLUE) - poet; [28]
  • Mirza Khalil Ahmad Beg - Indian author of Psycholinguistics and Language Acquisition, Urdu grammar: history and structure, and Sociolinguistic Perspective of Hindi and Urdu in India
  • Christopher Beha - novelist, What Happened to Sophie Wilde, The Whole Five Feet; has a Terry Gross interview
  • Mirza Sharafat Hussain Beigh (also known as Sharafat Zarafshan) - Urdu poet and digital artist; mostly writer, as Urdu poet; you may check writers cafe, poetfreak or board of wisdom or good reads for his quotes or quotation sites
  • Richard L. Belair - Massachusetts novelist; author of The Road Less Traveled, Double Take, and The Fathers
  • James Scott Bell - suspense novelist; author of Try Dying, Try Darkness and Try Fear; former trial lawyer, native of Los Angeles;
  • Ronald Allen Bell - American poet/writer; author of My Eclectic Collection, From the Confines of My Mind series; father of the Poetic Dissertation, the Storied Rhyme, and the coining of the phrase, Twisted Tongue as it applies to writing; professional author at All Poetry [29]; 4 published works of poetry which can be found in Barnes&Noble, Amazon, Kindle, iTunes; [30]; [31]; being called by some, the greatest poet to ever live; public figure page on FB; twitter (; a fan, website; his blog ad in Java magazine, Phoenix, Arizon; author page at [32]; Nightlinx uses him to promote; party animal, but also loving single dad, severe bipolar, born in Mormon town of Kaysville, Utah, [33] skits father Ronald Lynn Bell, still lives VA in las vegas, was abusive because of condition, mother Charlotte Durham Portanova still lives Scottsdale, Arizona; 1 of 8 of Charlotte's children, a devote Mormon mother, ron agnostic, known for his world peace poetic dissertation, possible peace prize winner
  • Richard Bellon - French poet; author of "la glace", "un parfum l'interdit"; [34]
  • Holly Bennett - author of the Bonemender series
  • James Bennett - British Fantasy writer, author of 'Chasing Embers' and 'Raising Fire' from Orbit Books Ltd. Please see his author page for list of works at [35] Represented by the John Jarrold Literary Agency and recently shortlisted for Best Newcomer by the British Fantasy Society. Interview at Starburst Magazine here: [36] and starred review in Publishers Weekly here: [37]
  • Terry J. Benton - Georgia-born novelist; author of Prelude to an Empire, Stilleto Mafia, and a soon-to-be-released fantasy series for young adults;
  • Donald Beres Jr. - American would be poet owner/founder of PW&OSfStSM - "Poetry Writes & Other Stuff from Sinbad the Sailor Man", Power Blogger, Social Media Networker, MLM Marketer; websites: [38][39]; [40]; [41]; [42]
  • Ken Berglund - author of the best sellers "Small Town Evil" "Interstate 10" and "An American Teacher in Taiwan." Author of popular blogs "An American Teacher in Taiwan" and "From Taiwan to Texas: Life in Mid America"
  • Gabriel Bergmoser - Melbourne based author, playwright, critic and podcaster. Author of "Boone Shepard", published by Bell Frog Books in 2016, 2015 Sir Peter Ustinov Television Scriptwriting Award Winner, host of the popular Movie Maintenance podcast. [43] [44]
  • Jacques Berndorf (born 1937) - German novelist and journalist; de:Jacques Berndorf
  • Renante Beron - Filipino young poet, essayist, novelist. We recently requested for an article about him be created however, for some reasons, it has been deleted
  • Claushtane Bertron (born 1975)
  • Barbara Betcherman - Canadian novelist (Suspicions'), lawyer, and advocate of womens' rights, died ca. 1985
  • Eva Bezwoda - South African poetess; committed suicide in 1976
  • Shreyas Bhave - author of the Asoka trilogy; [45]; [46]; [47])
  • Kristen Billerbeck - fiction novelist for young women
  • David Bindewald, Jr. – poet, essayist, novelist; [48];[49]
  • Yossel Birstein (1920-2004) - Polish-born Israeli author and poet
  • Mary Harelkin Bishop - Canadian author
  • Rodney Blackmore - former Senior Magistrate of the Australian Childrens' Court; author of Childrens Courts and Community Welfare in NSW
  • Veronica Blade - American author of "Something Witchy This Way Comes" and "My Wolf's Bane" which include paranormal characters; writing style aimed toward young-adult audiences; [50]
  • Liam S. Blades - Author of "The Rings Of The Lords" (TROTL, for short); a fantasy-epic, being a parody of the genre it's written in. His Blog is [51]; Smashwords Author page is [52]; The Rings Of The Lords on Amazon [53]
  • Smiley Blanton, M.D.
  • Richard Allen Blessing - American scholar, poet, academician, author of 'A Passing Season,' 'A Closed Book,'Whole Harmonium,' 'Winter Constellation, 'Theodore Roethke's Dynamic Vision.' Also one time small college all american quarterback. Student of Mark Strand
  • Robert M. Blevins (born 1954) - American science-fiction author, screenwriter, activist, and publisher; founder of Adventure Books of Seattle; author of 500+ illustrated articles at under [54]; author of the sci-fi novels Say Goodbye to the Sun, The Corona Incident, The 13th Day of Christmas, A Question of Balance, and the non-fiction work Into The Blast - The True Story of D.B. Cooper; some appearances on History Channel regarding the Cooper book; main website: [55]
  • Rebecca Bloomer - Australian novelist, author of: UnEarthed; Willow Farrington Bites Back; and Foley Russel and That Poor Girl; her blog [56]; [57]
  • Louis A. Bloomfield
  • Bloxxer - author of many short, fictional sex stories
  • Ian Bodkin - Author and poet of: Every Word Was Once Drunk; and The Savage Lyrics; Fingertip Scripture with poet Lee Busby;[58]; [59]; [60]; [61]
  • Belle Boggs - American author of Mattaponi Queen, winner of Bakeless Prize and Library of Virginia award; her website: [62]; [63]; [64]
  • Eli Bowman (born 1982) - American children's poetry author
  • Chaz Bowyer (died 2008) - aviation historian; [65]
  • Kody Boye
  • Nick Bozanic
  • Janice Brabaw - poet, screenwriter, film and television producer, fiction writer, memoirist; author of "Universe, Disturbed" and "Tongue for Folie"; [66]
  • Esther Wood Brady - writer of historical fiction for young adults, e.g., Great Sweeping Day
  • R. A. Bragg - Canadian Writer; author of By the White Book
  • Robin Brande - author of young adult fiction, including 'Fat Cat' and 'Evolution, Me & Other Freaks of Nature'
  • Gerald Brandt - Canadian author of the San Angeles series (The Courier, The Operative, and The Rebel) from DAW. Distributed by Penguin Randomhouse. [67]
  • Robert Brault - quotes all over the Internet, identified as software writer and poet
  • Sarah Braunstein - short story writer
  • Nioclás Breathnach Munster Irish-language writer
  • Yoni Brenner – humorist
  • Dave Breslin – American writer; author of This Sober Life (;
  • Besmlr Brigham (1913-2000) (req. 2014-10-7) - American poetess; [68]; [69]
  • Jason Brightwell (born December 7, 1977, Annapolis, MD) - American poet and writer; work has appeared in numerous online and print journals and anthologies; resides Federal Hill neighborhood of Baltimore, MD; [70]
  • Aaron Brindle ( - Australian writer of poetry and prose, author of children’s books Fly, Sebastian, Fly! and Sebastian's Wonderful Find!, and poetry book The Den of Lost Hours (Crescent Moon Books, 2017).
  • The Broad Set Writing Collective - group of New Jersey writers of prose and poetry, have website, published in many journals (both print and online)
  • Rebecca L. Brown - British writer; author of (amongst others) There Used To Be Trees [71]; blog at Bewildering Circumstances [72]
  • Robert Carleton Brown - "writer and publisher Robert Carleton Brown (1886-1959), who had links to bohemian, Beat, expatriate, and other literary circles." (per [73]; The Amazing Adventures of Bob Brown: A Real-Life Zelig Who Wrote His Way Through The 20th Century by Craig Saper, 2016, Fordham University Press
  • Tara Brown (novelist) - Canadian novelist, author of The Born Trilogy [74]; her blog: [75]; [76]
  • Henry William Brownejohns
  • Shane E. Bryan - children's book author; [77]
  • Douglas Bub – Swiss professor at Princeton/USC; expert on Goethe's Faust
  • John Eric Buckley - author of The Worst of Times, Elsewhere, Stranger Times and Disgruntled
  • Mariam Budia - Spanish playwright; plays from Miguel de Cervantes Digital Library: "La mujer Sakura", "Cancan del Moulin", Al soslayo", "Carlaño"...; books: "Teatro del desarraigo (1)", "Teatro del desarraigo (2)", "Teatro del desarraigo (3)"' fr:Mariam Budia
  • Adriano Bulla - English writer, poet critic; [78]; [79]; [80]; [81]; [82]; [83]; [84]; [85]; [86]; [87]; [88]; [89]; [90]; [91]; [92]; [93] reading poetry for Sussex University; [94]; [95]; [96]; [97]
  • Koriander Bullard - Independent author and cartoonist, known for her light novel series Ki-Chan: Demon Hunter and for her wrestling and MMA artwork. Born in Harvey, Illinois on November 3rd, 1986, she lives in London, Kentucky with her husband, John Bullard.

Koriander Bullard on Amazon: [98] Official website of Koriander Bullard: [99] Ki-Chan: Demon Hunter website: [100]

  • Matt de Burgh - television scriptwriter and performer on show Ghost Hunting with Matt De Burgh
  • Miles A Burke - Australian author, writer and public speaker.
  • Alan Burley
  • Dana Michelle Burnett - American author of short stories and novels;
  • Kimberly Burnham, American poet, writer and Integrative Medicine Practitioner. Author of Parkinson's Alternatives published by Creating Calm Network Publishing Group; and Regain Your Balance; and Our Fractal Nature, a Journey of Self-Discovery and Connection. Contributor to several anthologies including Trees, Healing and You; Music Carrier of Intention in 49 Jewish prayers, and Pebbles in the pond, Transforming the World One person at a Time. She is a member of the Inner Child Press Poetry Posse and contributes to the monthly edition of The Year of the Poet, published monthly by Inner Child Press since 2014. Kimberly's poetry has also appeared in Women Building the World, Inspired by Gandhi; 30 Poems in 30 Days Writing Prompts and Poems from Tiferet Journal; World Heaing, World Peace — see her website at and author page at
  • Maureen Bush - Canadian author
  • Nancy Butcher - American author; Fire-Us novel series and other young adult fiction




  • Brian D'Ambrosio, Montana author of numerous books, including "Warrior in the Ring,[2]" and "Free Ryan Ferguson [3]" and several books of cinema, sports, music, and film.
  • Jenny Dahlberg
  • Rick Dakan ( – American writer; wrote Geek Mafia' and the upcoming sequel; wrote many table-top role-playing game manuals; writer and designer for City of Heroes
  • Elizabeth Daly (1878–1967) – American mystery writer; [138]
  • John Jay Daly (1888–1976) – American poet, journalist, and Word War I veteran; known for writing "A Toast to the Flag", originally published June 14, 1917, in The Washington Post
  • Thomas Augustine Daly – known for his humorous verse, primarily in Italian or Irish-American dialect; although popular for forty years as a poet, he was a versatile writer, and he built an international reputation as an author, columnist, and lecturer; [139]
  • Justin M. Damiano – comic by Dan Clowes from which Shia Labeouf plagiarized a short film
  • Stephen Danos (born 1983) – American poet; lives in Seattle; author of the poetry chapbooks Playhouse State (H_NGM_N Books, 2012) and Gravitational (The New Megaphone, forthcoming); earned BA in English from the University of Iowa, MFA in Creative Writing – Poetry from Columbia College Chicago; awarded residency, Vermont Studio Center; Follett Fellowship, Columbia College Chicago; University & College Poetry Prize, Academy of American Poets; poems have appeared or are forthcoming in 1913, American Letters & Commentary, Anti-, Bateau, Columbia Poetry Review, Court Green, Forklift Ohio, H_NGM_N, iO: A Journal of New American Poetry, Transom, and elsewhere; editor-in-chief, Pinwheel; editor-at-large, YesYes Books; manuscript Based on a Book Based on a True Story was a finalist for the 2013 The Joanna Cargill Coconut Book Prize for a First Book and a finalist for the Akron Poetry Prize; [140]
  • Sinthyia Darkness – American author, model
  • Karyna DaRosa ( – romantic-fiction author
  • Subhorup Dasgupta ( – Indian poet, blogger, social activist, social media educator, tea and jazz evangelist; author of Fata Morgana (Spur Publications, Kolkata, 1994); writes on minimalism, frugalism, sustainability, and responsible living; organizes Soch, a networking event for organizations and individuals working on social change; conducts jazz education sessions with the Hyderabad Western Music Foundation; conducts tea-appreciation and tea-tasting sessions and workshops; trains not-for-profits to use the tools of social media to promote their work; organizes blogger activities in Hyderabad; [141]; [142]; [143]; [144]; [145], [146]; [147]; [148]
  • Philip Davenport v British poet
  • N. R. Davidson
  • Mary Carolyn Davies (1888–1934(?)) – American poet; [149]
  • Star Davies v fantasy writer; author of Divica series (Blood Forsaken)
  • Max Davine (born 1989) – Australian-born author of Terra Domina and The Angel Series; [150]; IMDb; [151]; [152]; [153]; [154]; [155]; [156]
  • Northrop Davis – American author of Manga and Anime go to Hollywood, a resource on the relationship between Hollywood and Japanese Manga, Animation, Television, and Feature Films. [157]. He earned his B.A. at Duke University and his MFA at California Institute of the Arts. Davis has sold three Hollywood projects: his science fiction script Cyber Ship to Warner Brothers and two pitches, one to Sony Studios and another to 20th Century Fox Film Corporation, both of which he subsequently wrote as screenplays. Davis speaks annually at the Anime Expo’s Academic Conference in Los Angeles. He taught three courses on manga/anime at the University of California at Irvine and is currently a teaching courses in Media Arts at the University of South Carolina.
  • Tim Davys – Swedish American; author of Amberville, Lanceheim, Torquaiand Yok, a set of allegorical novels; [158]
  • Arwen Elys Dayton – novelist
  • Robert K DeArment Writer of American Old West non-fiction
  • Luc De Baets
  • Proinsias de Róiste Munster Irish-language writer
  • Duane Decker American author of sports novels
  • Julianna Deering ( – pen name of DeAnna Julie Dodson; writer of the Drew Farthering series of detective novels
  • Terence Degnan – poet of The Small Plot Beside the Ventriloquist's Grave; [159]
  • Michael Delahaye – author of Stalking Horse (1989), On the Third Day (1986)
  • Kirk DeMatas – young Canadian poet; published "Wordspeak" in 2008; [160]
  • H. A. DeRosso – U.S. western writer; [161] Darci (talk) 04:45, 10 December 2015 (UTC)
  • David Devereux – British author and occultist
  • George deValier - an exceptionally popular fanfiction author for Hetalia: Axis Powers. He has written a popular alternate universe known as the Veraverse in which each book is named after a song sung by Vera Lynn in World War II, including Auf Wiedersehen, Sweetheart, Bésame Mucho, Lily of the Lamplight, Something To Remember You By, and We'll Meet Again. In addition, he has also written many stories outside of the Veraverse, including but not limited to Catch Perfect, The Tiger and the Dragon, and La Patisserie de la Rose. He can be found at his profile on Sadly, for over five years now, none of his incomplete books have seen an update, and his profile informs his fans that he may never be able to return to finish them. Outside of Hetalia, he is an Australian graduate student who hopes to become a history professor.
  • William Dewey – American-born and occasionally New Zealand-based writer; author of the novels Without a Soul to Move and The Homeland of Pure Joy, and the short story collection My Tender Jaw; [162]; [163]; [164]; [165]
  • Panache Desai
  • Tapan Dey
  • Ranjii Dhaliwal ( – best-selling Canadian author
  • Gino DiIorio American playwright; Andrea B. and Peter D. Klein Distinguished Professor; Adjunct Professor, Department of English; Director, Theater Arts Program Clark University, Worcester Massachusetts: Plays include "The Jag", "Reparation", "Dead Ringer", "Centennial Casting (with Nan Bleemer", "Darwin at Down", "Apostasy", "Sandbox", "Are you the Wife of Michael Cleary?", "Sleeping Dogs", "White Noise", and "Winterizing the Summer House". <>
  • Jaquira Díaz – Puerto Rican fiction and nonfiction writer; work has appeared in numerous literary journals
  • Tyler Dilts – fiction writer and professor; author of the Long Beach Homicide novels; [166]
  • L. Divine – author of teen fiction, best known for Drama High series
  • Heather Dixon – grew up in a large family with four brothers and six sisters; storyboard artist as well as a writer; lives in Salt Lake City, Utah; the Viennese waltz is her dance of choice; author of the novel Entwined (2011)
  • Renee Dodd ( – author of the novel A Cabinet of Wonders
  • Roy Doliner – author of the novel On the Edge (and more); [167]; [168]
  • Tormod Calum Dòmhnallach Scottish Gaelic writer
  • Susan Donnelly – poet
  • Daria Donzova – Russian author; detective novels
  • Alfred Dorn – American poet; [169]
  • David Oliver Doswell – African-American essayist and Romantic poet; author of Beloved, David; [170][dead link]
  • Sean Thomas Dougherty – American poet [171]
  • Dorothy Dow (poet) (1898–1989) – poet; wrote the poem "Things": "Things that are lovely, Can tear my heart in two, Moonlight on still pools, You." published in Glimpses magazine in June 1923 and The English Journal in June 1924 (both as Dorothy M. Powell) and in a book of her poetry, Time and Love, published in 1942; born Dorothy Minerva Dow; became Dorothy Dow-Fitzgerald when she married Dr. James E. Fitzgerald in 1925; all of her books were published under the name "Dorothy Dow"; obituary' Inventory of the Dorothy Dow Papers, 1920-1988; Portrait and bio blurb from Lockport, Illinois: The Old Canal Town; photo of "Dorothy Dow (Fitzgerald)" from the H. H. Carter Collection at Lewis University; there is already a Dorothy Dow article on the opera singer
  • Emma C. Dowd - American author, writer of Doodles (the Sunshine Boy, died 1938,
  • Oliphant Down – English playwright; author of The Maker of Dreams and other plays
  • Salamanda Drake – author of Dragonsdale and Riding the Storm
  • Jacques Ducharme – Holyoke, Massachusetts novelist; author of The Delusson Family and The Shadows of the Trees
  • Gillian Duce - Australian author and poet; author of "Magic and Mayhem: Tree of Knowledge","Magic and Mayhem: The Winning Game","Magic and Mayhem: Blight in the Ocean","Magic and Mayhem:Demons and Dangers". Writes for Double Dragon Publishing, Saga Books
  • Laurie Duesing
  • Dave Duggan – Irish dramatist and novelist; based in Derry
  • Marti Dunaway – Morehead, Kentucky, writer; author of A Clock Without Hands: A Story of Abuse, Neglect, Escape and Survival in Eastern Kentucky
  • Marc Dunlop – Scottish writer; author of Life: Through the Eyes of the Problem, Operation Dynamo The Sam Matthews Chronicles; current projects are Mr. Pike and Life: Through the Eyes of the Spirit; born Mark Dunlop on 25 February 1988 in Irvine Central Hospital; brought up in Dalrymple East Ayrshire; currently staying in Troon South Ayrshire and is married
  • Jean Durin
  • David Dvorkin ( – American writer
  • Robert Drake (writer) – author of The Man: A Hero for Our Time, Book One; gay author and editor who was badly beaten in 1999 while living in Ireland; the beating left him badly brain damaged and confined to a wheelchair; the documentary Where I Am tells the story of this attack, his recovery, his life today and his coming to deal with the beating; he is a winner of the Lambda Literary Award for Anthologies/Fiction




Template:Red Garnier (Author of romance novels, writing under several pseudonyms) (


. [16] [17]



Born in St. Louis, MO. Alumnus of Florida State University with a master's degree in Creative Writing, and now teaches English at Florida Gulf Coast University.

  • William Lawrence Hawkins (1895–1990) - outsider art; used photography, magazine cuttings, etc. and painting to create his compositions
  • Rob J. Hayes ( - British fantasy author of The Ties That Bind trilogy, Best Laid Plans duology, The Bound Folio anthology, the It Takes a Thief... series; also author of short stories in the Blackguards Blacklist anthology and the Humanity 2.0 Emergence anthology; [236]; [237]
  • William Dimmity Hayes (born 1913, died ?) - American children's author; [238]
  • Hoffman Reynolds Hays - poet, translator, novelist and playwright; historian of anthropology and zoology, and a teacher; some of his twenty-two books, reflecting the diversity of his interests, were the pioneering works in their fields; his The Dangerous Sex: the Myth of Feminine Evil served as respected source material for feminist writers; Sir Julian Huxley regarded Hays's popular history of zoology, Birds, Beasts and Men, as a classic of its genre; his translations of the poetry of Brecht, Vallejo, Borges, Neruda, and many others were among the first to bring these major 20th-century writers to the attention of the English-speaking world; his plays were performed on Broadway; [239]; [240]; IBDb (as "Hoffman Reynolds Hayes")
Extended content

grew up connected to her spiritual world through dreams and visions. Her first experience hearing the words, “I love you” was at the age of seven years old through a vision; this left a profound imprint in her soul. She expresses this given love through her creativity - she has written two books. The first book is called, "The Me I Never Was" - a designed matrix of the mind, soul, and spirit embarking on the journey into “Oneness.” Using the creative flow of words through different genres of writing, the pages become alive; the words reaching into your quiet hours, speaking only to you and gently guiding you to a place of peace and acceptance of the innate seed planted into you before your earthly birth. The images on the pages are artistically created to give you vision of the mind and to see beyond the box we have been put in. "The Me I Never Was" is a given gift to all who seeks to live in Truth! It has come to the aid of the seeker in stripping the bandages of bondage! It has come to unchain the lies that have kept your spirit imprisoned to the soul's experiences! “The Me I Never Was” has come through the creative world of writing and art to bring you… Freedom! It strips the garments that have been placed upon you and standing before yourself in the Pure Love of Acceptance!

Francine's second book is a children's book called, "A Girl Named Charity." Young Charity Still has one wish. She longs to be free, just like the guinea hen from her ancestral land of West Africa. She wants to be strong and free to roam the land. Instead, she is a slave, one of many on the Steele plantation in Maryland. It’s the only life she’s ever known.

Growing up before the Emancipation Proclamation becomes law, her world consists of picking cotton, beans, and corn in the hot fields and slopping the pigs. She mourns the death of her mother, survives the influenza running rampant through the slave quarters, endures beatings for her mistakes, and experiences being sold to a new owner. Through it all, Charity dreams of freedom and what it might mean.

"A Girl Named Charity" is based on a true story, this picture book for young children puts a personal face on the history of slavery. It teaches that whatever the circumstances in life—good or bad, joyful or painful—they can be overcome. It’s important to have, hope, faith, and belief in yourself that the spirit within will provide the strength to overcome any obstacle.

Born in Camden, New Jersey and a lifelong resident of New Jersey, Francine has dedicated her life to the world of fine arts, writing and music.

In 2005, she began The Legacy Of Promise program, consisting of an art exhibit, books, music and historical - inspirational speaking. Her passion and promise to her sister Bonita Jean Still Austin - who passed away at the age of 36 years old became her inspiration. As she went around giving presentations she heard the cries of people - "Who will carry our legacy? Where are the young people in all of this? How can we get the next generation involved?" This deeply disturbed her and her creative mind began to flow and she thought, "I wouldn't have to go far to find the answers - we must live by example." Some years back prior to "The Legacy Of Promise" program she asked her sons Bryant and Brandon, "Sons... would you continue your legacy with the gifts and talents you have if anything were to happen to me? And would you like to join me in the message of The Legacy Of Promise?" They found it an honor to support her in their historical legacy with their musical gifts. They have seen and heard about her struggles in life - and along the way they have experienced some of the pain with her. So, they came on board contributing with their musical gifts and became a part of the great tapestry. At this point she felt the strong presence of her forefathers and the grace of Providence instructing her to combine all of their creative gifts together; giving the program a total completion.

Francine says, "We all take part in the great tapestry of life, whether we recognize it or not. As I grow in life I'm finding that we all are struggling in one way or another. Our struggles aren't much different from the days of old - our clothing and technology have evolved, but our desire to live a rich and fulfilled life is the same."

Francine continues to give inspirational lectures throughout the community libraries, schools, churches and senior citizen communities - in hope to bring enlightenment of history through inspirational speaking, books, music and art. The Legacy of Promise has come to fruition passed onto her through her ancestors and The Great Providence.

Her illustrative art work can be found on the cover/illustrations of author Charles L. Blockson book “The Ballad Of The Underground Railroad” - cover and illustrations for Dr. Jacqueline Leonard of Temple University "Culturally Specific Pedagogy in the Mathematics Classroom" - Renaissance oil painting for the dusk jacket of the 2005 revised edition, "The Underground Rail Road" by William Still published by Plexus Publishing and was critique by The Princeton Info., comparing the art work to the great master Diego Rivera's work. The most recent Renaissance oil was a portrait painting for Dr. Mike Murdock, founder of The Wisdom Center Fort Worth, Texas.]Malogical7 (talk) 03:14, 16 May 2015 (UTC)ref></ref> >>


  • Seonaidh Phàdraig Iarsiadair Scottish Gaelic writer
  • Ed (Edward) Ifkovic (born 1943) ( - American educator and writer; specializes in mysteries; has written two popular series: the Edna Ferber Mysteries, featuring the famous novelist known for Show Boat and Giant), as well as the Rick Van Lam Mysteries (pen name Andrew Lanh), which feature a private investigator Amerasian who often explores the Vietnamese community of Hartford, Connecticut
- in 2009, Ifkovic published the first of his Edna Ferber Mysteries for Poisoned Pen Press in Scottsdale, Arizona; to date, there are seven volumes in the series, using the famous American writer as his amateur sleuth; (Ferber lived from 1885 to 1968; her novels were a tapestry of American locale and character and include such classic works as So Big, Cimarron, Show Boat, Giant, and Ice Palace; her plays (with George Kaufman) include The Royal Family, Dinner at Eight, and Stage Door); Ifkovic's mysteries follow Ferber as she visits different parts of America, often researching the locales of her new works of fiction, from her earliest days as a nineteen-year-old reporter in Appleton, Wisconsin, through her years as a celebrated member of Manhattan's Algonquin Round Table through her years as a internationally known writer
- Ifkovic has a second mystery series, one that deals with Rick Van Lam, a private investigator living in Hartford, Connecticut. One of the bụi đời (children of the dust; children with a Vietnamese mother and an unknown American GI father), Rick explores the world of the Vietnamese in America; the first is Caught Dead (2014)


  • Turner Jacci - author of juvenile fiction series, including The Birthright Series and the Finding Home Series; [266]
  • Kate Jacoby - Australian author of five books of Elita; [267]
  • Zvi Jagendorf
  • Qaisar Iqbal Janjua - Pakistani writer and poet; writes critical analysis of English Literature; four volumes printed books of prose and one of poetry
  • Vinay Jalla - short story writer and novelist; author of Warp and Weft; [268]; [269]
  • Tara Janzen
  • Katie Jennings - American author of fantasy, romance, and drama; works include "The Dryad Quartet", "The Vasser Legacy" series, and "So Fell the Sparrow"; [270]
  • N.K. Jemisin (plot summary for The Fifth Season; a page for the novel exists already, which covers characters, settings, etc, but doesn't have a plot summary yet)
  • Thomas L. Jentz
  • Else Jerusalem] - 19th century German author, noted for The Red House, a dramatization of the life of a prostitute in Vienna. There is an article on the German Wikipedia.
  • Søren Jessen (born 1963) - Danish writer and illustrator; da:Søren Jessen
  • Suzanne Joinson - British author of novels and travel narrative; works include The Photographer's Wife; The Lady Cyclist's Guide to Kashgar. Winner of multiple awards and special mentions in the UK and US. [271].
  • Terry Johnson (playwright)
  • Jeffrey A. Johnston - author of The Key of Time, the Realm of Twilight, and Unlimited Heroes
  • William Johnston (writer) - of Sam Weskit on the Planet Framingham, etc.
  • Fallon Jones (born May 8, 1994) - teen novelist of Bite Me and The Jaws of Life; Bite Me was written at the age of 13, and the book has placed in Lulu's top-100 best-selling science-fiction/fantasy books of all time; her works are available for purchase through iPads, Kindles, Barnes & Noble (online), Amazon (US, UK, France, Spain, and Germany), Lulu, Hastings, and various other eReaders, as well as boutique stores across the west coast; has given lectures as a Pro-Author at the Spokane Comic Convention in Washington, been a spokeswoman for PhatWare the MacWorld Expo in California, and taught various writing seminars at conventions with other authors; [272]
  • Lisa Renee Jones - American fiction author. Author of the Inside Out series, now in development for TV with Suzanne Todd [273]; [274]
  • Simon Dale Jones - Welsh poet and lecturer
  • Radu Jörgensen - Romanian novelist, journalist, and mathematician; lives in U.S.; novel, Se respinge/Denied won the Nemira Prize in 1998 and has come out in a second edition in 2011 at Cartea Romaneasca/Polirom Publishing House in Bucharest; []; [275]
  • Sarrionandia Joseba
  • Koskinen Juha-Pekka - Finnish author;
  • Arun jagoji Jambhulkar -poet, author



  • Stella Kae
  • Raven Kaldera (Raven Brangwyn Kaldera) - queer northern-tradition shaman and a pansexual FTM transgendered intersexual; author of Hermaphrodeities: The Transgender Spirituality Workbook (2002); co-editor, Best Transgender Erotica (2002)
  • Greg Kalleres - playwright; winner, Emerging Playwright award; User:Miryamgordon/Greg Kalleres
  • Evan Kanarakis - Australian writer "Sex, Drugs & Mum In The Front Row", editor "The Cud" online magazine
  • Rudra Kapalin - Indian author; made debut with The Horned God Chronicles: Skull Bearer; [277]
  • Ilona Karmel (1925-2000) - author of Stephania and An Estate of Memory (the latter reviewed in The New York Times Book Review)
  • Jennifer Karmin - American poet, artist, and educator; author of the text-sound epic Aaaaaaaaaaalice (Flim Forum Press, 2010); [278]
  • J. A. Kazimer - novelist from Denver, Colorado; novels include CURSES! A F**ked Up Fairytale published March 2012 by Kensington, Holy Socks & Dirtier Demons, April 2012, and The Body Dwellers, April 2011; [279]
  • Don Keith - American author of both fiction and non-fiction works with more than 30 books published;; [280]; [281]; [282]; [283]; [284]; [285]; [286]; [287]
  • LeAnn Kelley - author of The Tales of Iryvalya:Bloodlines; owner of LeAnn Kelley Enterprises, LLC, A Publishing Company;; [288]
  • Erin Entrada Kelly - Filipino-American author and short story writer; winner of the Golden Kite Honor Award and APALA Honor Award for Children's Literature and finalist for the Pat Conroy Southern Book Prize and CYBILS Award; author of Blackbird Fly, The Land of Forgotten Girls, and Hello, Universe, all with Greenwillow Books, an imprint of HarperCollins. [289]; [290]; [291]
  • Geoff Kemp (Geoffrey William Kemp; 1954–) — Australian poet; author of The Wolf Stares in (1995; part of the composite Friendly Street: New Poets One), Alfa at Midnight (2001), and Taken (2015). Kemp has also been published in Words and Visions, Muse, the Australian Writers' Journal, Northern Perspective, Studio, Sidewalk, and the Friendly Street Poetry Reader.
He has performed his poetry on radio and at Slam Poetry venues,[292] as well as being the inaugural winner of the SA Writers’ Centre/Seaview Press poetry prize. Kemp is credited as the editor of at least one poetry anthology,[293] and several editions of the Friendly Street Poetry Reader.[294]



  • Proinsias Mac A' Bhaird Ulster Irish-language writer
  • Maeleachlainn Mac Cionaoith Ulster Irish-language writer
  • Fionn Mac Cumhaill Ulster Irish-language writer
  • Uilleam Mac Dhun Lèibhe Scottish Gaelic writer
  • Gearóid Mac Giolla Domhnaigh Ulster Irish-language writer
  • Séamas Mac An Iomaire Connaught Irish-language writer
  • Alf Mac Lochlainn Connaught Irish-language writer
  • Seán Mac Meanman Ulster Irish-language writer
  • Iain MacCormaic Scottish Gaelic writer
  • Fearghas MacFhionnlaigh Scottish Gaelic writer
  • Patrick Macgill - author of many books including Children of the Dead End; great grandfather of Enzo and Owen Cuseo; grandfather of Lucy Cuseo; father of Dr. Owen T. P. Mcgowan; has a film on his book Children of the Dead End
  • Donaidh MacIlleathain Scottish Gaelic writer
  • Fionnlagh MacLeòid Scottish Gaelic writer
  • William Wellington Mackey
  • Hugh John MacLean (born 1887) - son of Toronto-based World (magazine) owner W. F. MacLean, Member of Parliament; well-versed in writing as can be seen in his poem "Just a Clerk"
  • Mary J. MacLeod - author of multiple books describing the period of time she spent on the Scottish Hebrides; books include Call the Nurse: True Stories of a Country Nurse on a Scottish Isle, More Tales from the Island Nurse and Nurse, Come You Here!: More True Stories of a Country Nurse on a Scottish Isle
  • Mícheál Mag Ruaidhrí Connaught Irish-language writer
  • Domhnall Mac an tSíthigh Munster Irish-language writer
  • Seoirse Mac Thomáis Munster Irish-language writer
  • Séamas Mag Uidhir Connaught Irish-language writer
  • Bailey Magno - acontentCollection=booksuthor of The Moment the World Was Still; short story writer;
  • Al S. Mahon (Hale Nicoya Seeger "Al" Mahon) (born 14 July 2002) - author of many poems at
  • V. R. Main - author of novel A Woman with No Clothes On; [320]; Victorine Meurent refers to A Woman with No Clothes On
  • Mack Maloney - American author and musician; more than 2.5 million books sold out of 34+ titles
  • Terry Mancour - science fiction and fantasy writer; author of more than 23 books and innumerable articles under various pseudonyms, including The New York Times Best Selling Star Trek novel Spartacus, the sequels to H. Beam Piper's Space Viking, and his original epic fantasy series The Spellmonger Series; he lives in Durham, North Carolina, with his wife and three children
  • Andrzej Mandalian - modern Polish poet; Andrzej Mandalian
  • M. Abbas Mantri - Indian writer; author of lots of puzzle books in Tamil; writing books for kids; [321]
  • Joe Marchia - author of various published stories, poems and articles; featured in numerous websites;
  • Laura Maree
  • Tamez Margo
  • Tarisa Marie - self-published author of Tainted series and Black Petals trilogy; []
  • Gina Marinello-Sweeney (req. 2015-12-1) - author of young adult trilogy The Veritas Chronicles: 1) I Thirst (May 2013), 2) The Rose and The Sword, 3) TBA; Winner of 2013 YATR (Young Adult Teen Readers) Literary Award for Best Prologue (I Thirst); was asked to present her Spanish poetry at an international literature conference in Costa Rica (2009); of Italian and Irish/English descent; (includes bio, reviews and interviews)
  • Benjamin Markovits - American author, winner of the James Tait Black Memorial Prize
  • Laura Marks - American playwright; author of the play Bethany; graduate of the Juilliard School; [322]
  • Zoe Marriott - British novelist of young adult fantasy; winner, 2009 Great Britain Sasakawa Foundation Award; author of Wild Swans fairytale retelling The Swan Kingdom (2008 USBBY International Book, long-listed for Branford Boase Award, short-listed for Lincolnshire Young People's Book Award) and original fantasy Daughter of the Flames (long-listed for YALSA Top Ten Books for Teens);
  • Darlene Marshall (born 1955) - American author of award-winning historical romance;; published by Amber Quill Press (; novels include Castaway Dreams, 2012, Sea Change, 2010, The Bride and the Buccaneer, 2009, Captain Sinister's Lady, 2006, Smuggler's Bride, 2006, Pirate's Price, 2006
  • Helen Lowrie Marshall (born August 21, 1904; lived in Denver Colorado during her writing/publishing years until her death, September 30, 1975) - poet; author of the books Moments of Awareness: Inspirational Verses 1968, "The Gift of Wonder" Jan. 1967, "Moments of Awareness" 1968, "Close to the Heart" 1958, "Hold to Your Dream" 1967, "A Gift So Rare" 1969, "Quiet Power: Words of Faith, Hope and Love" 1985, "A Dream Is Forever: The Best-Loved Poetry of Helen Lowrie Marshall" 1969, "A Word That Sings! Favorite Verses of Helen Lowrie Marshall" 1971, "Bright Horizons" 1954, "Aim for a Star" 1964, "Let Me Love the Little Things" 1971, "Leave a Touch of Glory" 1976, "Walk the World Proudly" 1967, "A Faith that Smiles", "Are't You Glad!", 1973, "Starlight and Candleglow; "A Celebration in Verse of the Wonder and Joy of Christmas" 1971, "Moments of Awareness", "Bright Laughter-Warm Tears: Inspirational Thoughts for Mothers 1985, Dare to Be Happy" 1962.
  • Travis Martin - owner of Pen of Travis; [323]
  • Brian Martinez (born 1979) - American writer; author of A Chemical Fire and The Mountain and The City
  • Estelle Maskame - teenage author of the Did I Mention I Love You? trilogy; [324];; [325]
  • JoDee Mason - author of multiple children's books about different development stages from baby to her newest book for 5–8 year olds, as well as one on food storage and preparedness and making money as a stay-at-home mom; books include: The Potty, Sharing, Travel Time, Bath Time, My New School, Big Sister/Big Brother, Animals, A New Baby, Mind Your Mommy, Bedtime, Opposites, It's Not Fair, Little By Little, How to Make Money as a Stay at Home Mom, and McDonald Family Cookbook; [326]; blogger at where she shares recipes, crafts, projects, ideas, product reviews and other things moms find useful; her "About Me" page on the blog tells about her life growing up on a ranch and doing lots of different things that she now shares in her posts; mother to five kids, she keeps busy with the blog, writing books, managing a Tupperware team, and now is the director for a local advocacy center
  • Divya Mathur - recently honoured with Bharat Samman of the NRI Institute, Dr Harivansh Rai Bachchan Award of the High Commission of India, London (UK's best Hindi literary figure), the Rashtrakavi Maithilisharan Gupt Lekhan Samman, the Arts Achiever of the Year Award-2003 (Decibel sponsored by the Arts Council of England) for outstanding contribution and innovation in the field of Arts and Award for Outstanding Achievement in Poetry by the International Library of Poetry
  • Elizabeth Mavon - nominated for the Booker Prize in the 1970s
  • Robert Mayer (author) (not one of the Robert Mayers already listed on disambiguation page) - author of Superfolks and ten other novels; journalist; [327]; [328]
  • Karl Mayo
  • Regina McBride - author of Nature of Water and Air, The Land of Women, and The Marriage Bed
  • Shawn McBride - Philadelphia-based American author of Green Grass Grace
  • Stephen McCall - author of The Tyrannosaurus Tic: A Boy's Adventure with Tourette Syndrome, ISBN 1-4251-5501-4; [329]; [330]
  • MaryAnn McCarra-Fitzpatrick (born 1967) - Irish-American poet
  • Tania McCartney - Australian author adult and children's author, editor, magazine writer, publisher; founder, Kids Book Review (; literacy/education advocate; ambassador, Australian National Year of Reading 2012; author of the Riley the Little Aviator series of picture books; National Library of Australia house author
  • Sam McCarver
  • Willister McClain
  • Ken McClure (novelist) - Edinburgh-based writer of medical crime thrillers;
  • Kevin L. McCrudden Mr. Motivation America's CMO - Chief Motivation Officer- international author, speaker; founder of National Motivation & Inspiration Day (January 2 each year), as passed by The United States Congress (H. Res. 308 12/18/2001) and the New York State Senate (3850 1/29/2002); his book, Who Are You? introduces his "21st Century Multidimensional Hierarchy of Needs", considered the most significant addition to Dr. Abraham Maslow's original Hierarchy of Needs in 60 years; author of six audiobooks ([331]); founder and creator of The American Motivation Awards, "honoring motivational, inspirational and patriotic leaders in America!" (; founder and publisher of Soccer Long Island Magazine ( and The Long Island Soccer Player Hall of Fame (; founder and creator of TMS ~ The Motivation Station on BONKO TV (; co-host of the Mr. & Mrs. Motivation Show ( and;
  • Kevin McCullough - journalist; attacked gamers with an article "The 'sex-box' race for president"
  • Terry McGarry - author of Illumination
  • Gregory McGoon - author, poet, literacy and education advocate, actor [The Tanglelows] and other children's books [][332]
  • Tom McGowen - author of Sir MacHinery and many other books; name redirects to Album of Dinosaurs; [333]
  • Charles McGlinchey Ulster Irish-language writer
  • Jacqueline McMahon - novelist and playwright; from Thunder Bay, Ontario; first suspense novel, When Love Won't Die published September 2010; [334]
  • Gretchen McNeil - author of "Ten", "3:59", "Possess", and the "Don't Get Mad" series
  • William D'Arcy McNickle (1904–1977)
  • Marie McSwigan - author of several children's novels, including Snow Treasure, Juan of Manila, and All Aboard for Freedom
  • Martina Mercer (born 1979) - fiction writer; two published books; many published articles;
  • Inge Merkel (1922-2006) - Austrian novelist; author of Odysseus and Penelope'
  • Isabelle Merlin - writer of romantic thrillers for teenagers; [335]; [336]; [337]; [338]
  • Jack Merrywell - poet and stand-up comedian; works include "Fountain of Youth", "Look Who Has a Pony Now" and "Modus Tollens"
  • J. Kent Messum (born 1979) - Canadian award winning author; novels include the Arthur Ellis Awards#Best First Novel Arthur Ellis Award-winning "Bait", 2013 (*best first novel*) and "Husk", 2015; rights for his second novel, Husk, were acquired in 2015 by independent film and television production company Warp Films with the intention of creating an international returnable series; published by Penguin U.S., Penguin Canada, Penguin UK, with rights to his novels also having been acquired by publishing houses in Greece, Brazil, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, and the China Complex;
  • Israel Metter (1909-1996) - Russian novelist; author of The Fifth Corner of the Room
  • Kai Meyer - German fantasy author
  • Susan Meyer (name redirects to Susan Mayer, a character on Desperate Housewives) - writer of Black Radishes (Random House) which won the silver medal for the Sidney Taylor book award
  • Walter Earl Meyers - wrote Aliens and Linguists, an examination of the language sciences in science fiction




Corrine Panisi – C.E.O. and Founder of Panisi Publishing Company Inc., Publicist, Publisher, Writer, Poet, Editor, Published Author of books: "Painted Toes" and "Three Glances of Soul." Corrine is an Independent Public Relations Specialist, Active Founding Member and Board Member on Project Face to Face's Non-Profit Organization.

Corrine Panisi's personal pieces and company's work is published worldwide on various internet sites - 2016 - Corrine wrote the review for "and the Anonymous Nobody" by De La Soul, -2016, Corrine wrote the review in Poetry Form for Traxamillion's "Tech Boom" album, 2016- Corrine received her Diploma in Communication Business Skills, 2015 - Corrine recieved her Certificate in Marketing, 2012 Stanford – Corrine was recognized as an honored member and her accomplishments are published in the Stanford Who’s Who Black Book, 2011 KALX UC Berkeley - Corrine's interview was broad caste worldwide and documented with KALX 2010 - Corrine wrote the Review on Souls of Mischief, Heiroglyphics and Goapale's performance 2010 - Corrine wrote the Review on Jigsaw album "Every Penny Counts"2010 - The Tones album Dreamtalk - Corrine wrote the album review 2010 - Aadyo and Wyclef performance at Costa's in Palm Springs, California - Corrine wrote and interviewed the artists at this exclusive performance2010 - Edit Red Writing Network – Corrine’s contact and writing samples are published on the site2008 - Para Publishing – Corrine’s Press Release for Painted Toes is published on this site 2008 - Helium – Corrine has several articles published on the literary website2008 - Vblazin Magazine – Corrine had a column published in the men’s magazine titled: “What Women Want”2008 - Associated Content – A publishing website where Corrine is listed as a featured Writer2008 - High Contrast Literature Magazine – Corrine’s Poem: “Still” is published in the magazine2007- Painted Toes – Poetry Book written by Corrine Panisi – Published by Entry Way Publishing2006 - KZSU Stanford Radio - Corrine Panisi was the first Author to be interviewed live on air, the show was hosted by Sue and Tello, documented and archived with Stanford Radio2006 - Prominent Voices in Poetry – Poetry Book – Corrine’s Poem: “Say” is published in the book – Published by JMW Publishing2005 - – Three Glances of a Soul’s Writers information which includes Corrine’s contribution to the book is Published on the site2004 - Digital Duets – A poem co-written by Corrine and Victoria Freudiger titled: “A Special Tree” was published on Authorsden.com2003 - Three Glances of A Soul – Published by Airleaf Publishing – 2003 - Three Glances of A Soul – Poetry Book co-written by Corrine Panisi – Published by Bookman Publishing and Marketing2003 - PR Web Press Release News Wire – Three Glances of A Soul is listed by Tate Publishing

Corrine Panisi’s Awards:Stanford Who's Who Award presented to Corrine Panisi as an Honored Member for Achievement, Recognition, Honor - 2011Editor’s Choice Award presented to Corrine Panisi for Outstanding Achievement in Poetry by the International Library of Poetry – 2008 Outstanding Achievement in Photography Award given to Corrine Panisi by the International Society of Photographers – 2007 Poet of Merit Award presented to Corrine Panisi by the International Society of Poets – 2005Outstanding Achievement in the Art of Poetry Writing presented to Corrine Panisi by JMW Publishing Company – 2005Outstanding Achievement in Poetry Awarded to Corrine Panisi by the International Society of Poets – 2005 Outstanding Achievement in Poetry Awarded to Corrine Panisi by the International Society of Poets – 2003

Corrine Panisi has written Artist Biographies for: Angela "Bella" Macario - Painter, Poet, Punk Art, Contemporary Art, Portraits, Live Painting, Omer "Don O." Jones - Producer, Actor, Recording Engineer, Artist and EntertainerErnest "Konnects" Miles - C.E.O. of Platinum Konnects, A & R Developer, Consultant and EntertainerDuronn “Justis” James – C.E.O. of Change 4 A Dolla Records, World Artist & Performer, C.O.O. of Arm Management Group Inc., President of Panisi Publishing Company Inc. and Business Consultant John Vila Contemporary American Artist (Painter) known world wide for his paintings Erica “Silk E” Reynolds – Female R&B Artist and MC, Public Personality, also known best for her character “Sherry Stack A Grip” on E-40’s song “Lieutenant Roast A Bot” Aadyo – Female M.C. and on Air Radio Personality of a Top 40 Hits Station in Southern CaliforniaBella – World Artist, Painter, Live Performer, Songstress and Poet Shalon Delgado – World Renowned ModelLavell James – Upcoming Actor who has been featured in the films: “Hancock” and “I Am Legend” with Will SmithGrand Hussle “Marcus D.” – Promotions Director and On-Air Personality of Hot 104.5 FM in Atlanta, Georgia and Jade Trouble – Music Producer

Corrine Panisi has written Company Biographies for:Non-Profit Organization: Project Face To Face, Panisi Publishing Company Inc,Change 4 A Dolla Records Inc, Arm Management Group Inc,Halfrica Clothing Website, Purposed Art Website. Platinum Konnects

Corrine Panisi has made numerous appearances at red carpet events and hosted many celebrity events as well as represents many Celebrities, Artists and Influencial Indiviluals in the Entertainment Industry.

  • Danielle Paige - wrote Dorothy Must Die (and its prequels and sequel (The Wicked Will Rise)); has also done work in the television industry
  • Rodolfo Gustavo da Paixão (pt)
  • Ray Palla (born November 18, 1953, in Taylor, Texas) ( - American novelist and former broadcast journalist; author of Krill America, Simple Triple Standard and H: Infidels of Oil worked twenty-seven years, from the age of fifteen as a radio news reporter for several Texas stations including KVET/KASE in Austin and KIKK AM/FM in Houston; nominated for inclusion in the Texas Radio Hall of Fame in 2016; began programming computer software applications in 1988; in 2001, he founded INSONA Corporation (, a consulting firm for the information technology industry; in 2015, INSONA began hosting Palla's creation, INSONA Author Alliance Network, a collaborative platform for authors, editors, cover artists, illustrators, video producers, and publishing professionals in the field of literature self-publishing
- Krill America ( - his first novel; published 2014; the Krill America is a research vessel stranded off the coast of Antarctica and the story of struggle and the measure of a man's success and search for redemption
- Simple Triple Standard ( - published 2015 under the "rp" imprint; sub titled: "The Real Official, Almost True Backstory for Modern Commercial Radio"; the novel is a nostalgic look back at radio in the 1970s, from the eyes of a young reporter who lives vicariously through stories in the news while searching for himself in reality
- H: Infidels of Oil ( - in production; to be published in 2017; after a rudimentary hydrogen bomb erupts half-a-world-away, in a Middle-Eastern oilfield, terrorists advance to destroy American energy reserves. Grit-hardened west Texas roughnecks counter the attack and spur into action the grid-locked wheels of Washington, D.C., with global reverberation






L*Seligmann - German-Jewish writer; author of Rubinstein's Auction







- combining up-and-coming publishers in literature with mainstream entertainers ([503]) musicians ([504]), television personalities and comedians from around the country offered their time to this one-of-a-kind event for the self-publishers who lacked mainstream marketing ([505]). It was branded "Come as stranger's ... leave as family!" The mantra was "Wagfest it baby!" Means to make it do what it do. No fear, no apologies, no excuses, no exceptions.
-Wagfest toured many states beginning in 2007 through 2010, twice a year; locations included New Jersey, Seattle (two times) ([506]), Cincinnati, Atlanta ([507]) and the last one in Shreveport, Lousiana
- all work done by volunteers who flew in from around the country ([508])
- The volunteers wanted to use Wagner's name on event; Wager was against it fearing it would make people concentrate more on his infamous name and checkered past than the purpose itself; he was out numbered and his colleague and poet Felecia Trotter of Indiana insisted it bear his name. They took on the publishing machines with their message of letting the little man eat per say. Wagfest did not survive the machine as a documentary is sleighted to shed light on its fast rise and its faster downfall
- Wagner is quoted as saying, "character, rapport in his working relationships were paramount. That is where you will find the best of efforts. You may not get your results but you will become better together because of it."
- Wagfest was the lifeline to the now countless self-publishers creating events in their own backyards and home towns in attempt to establish and build their own lanes, branding themselves as as aspiring independent entreprenuers and businessmen and women
  • Kristen S. Walker ( - fiction author
  • Terri Wallace (born 1972) ([]) - Oklahoma Southern Gothic writer; short stories include: Counting Crows; A Sort of Homecoming; About a Boy, and The Collector
  • Daniel Wallock ( – self-published author; has written three books; given away over 15,000 books
  • Amanda Eyre Ward (born 1972) ( - American writer; author of five novels and one short story collection; book reviewer for The New York Times
  • Kate Warren ( - American fiction author
  • Susan May Warren - American author of at least 41 works of fiction, including the Christiansen Family series and Daughters of Fortune series; winner, 2014 Christy Award; [510]
  • Claude Carlos Washburn (1883–1926) - novelist; books include: The Lonely Warrior; Gerald Northrop; Order; Verses; The Baby, A Farce in One Act
  • Ron Washburn (Born 1963) American fiction author of more than 20 books. Books include: Future History, Volume 1: The Winter Chronicles, A Reckoning In Goldenburg, Journey of Blood, The Macabre Coed, and many more. Amazon page:( IMDB page:( Blog:( Book interview:(
  • Rosanne Wasserman (born 1952) - American poet, small-press publisher (The Groundwater Press), and editor; books of poems include The Lacemakers, No Archive on Earth, and Other Selves; editor at the Metropolitan Museum of Art (1977-1981), where books included Metropolitan Cats and Eliot Porter's Intimate Landscapes; edited John Ashbery's Other Traditions (Charles Eliot Norton Lectures at Harvard University) and co-edited Ashbery's Collected French Translations with Eugene Richie; The Groundwater Press has published books by Pierre Martory, Gerrit Henry, the landscape painter Bill Sullivan, and many others
  • Jesse Waters (born 1970 in Los Angeles) - American poet; director of The Bowers Writers House, Elizabethtown College; author, Human Resources, InkBrush Press (March 2011)
  • Sir Noah A Waters III, 32° F&AM (Noah A Waters III) - from Jacksonville, Florida; stand-up comedian, stage and screen actor, film maker, writer, novelist, screenwriter, playwright, television writer, theatre director, film and television director, film and television producer, auteur; performs and tours as a comedian or stand-up comic across the country; CEO, owner and production head of Acentetus Artificium, Flawless Arts Production Company, Free Mason, York Rite Mason, Scotish Rite Mason; knighted member of the Grand Encampment of the Knights Templar, Order of Malta Knight, 15° Knight of the East, Sword, and Eagle, 18° Knight of Rose Croix, 21° Noachite, or Prussian Knight, 22° Knight of the Royal Axe, 25° Knight of the Brazen Serpent, 27° Knight of the Sun, 28° Knight Commander of the Temple, 29° Scottish Knight of Saint Andrew, 30° Knight Kadosh, or Knight of the White and Black Eagle, 32° Master of the royal secret or Knight Commander of the Court of Honour; Writers Guild of America member, Directors Guild Of America Member, Veterans In Film and TV member, Producers Guild of America member, and Soldier in the US ARMY Reserves; [511]; [512]; IMDb; [513]; [514]; [515]; [516]; [517]; [518]; [519]; [520]; [521]




NNDB names

Here is a list of people (mainly novelists) who have stub entries in (NNDB). The NNDB is of questionable reliability and should not be quoted as a source in Wikipedia and independent assessments will have to be made regarding notability:

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Authors (other than poets, dramatists and fiction writers)[edit]

Fictional character[edit]

  • Billy Caspar - child character featured in Barry Hines' classic Angry Young Man novel, A Kestrel for a Knave. One of the most notable literary characters of the 1960s, I am shocked that there is not already a Wikipedia page. Should be created with all possible briskness.
  • Merricat Blackwood - a fictional adolescent featured in Shirley Jackson's masterpiece We Have Always Lived in the Castle. She has been listed as the third greatest literary adolescent of all time, only falling to Holden Caulfield and Esther Greenwood. She is known for her memorable yet peculiar branch of somewhat 'poetic' madness, and her strikingly loving relationship with her sister Constance, one of the two members in the family that she remains with after a famous literary poisoning at the dinner table of the rest of her family using amanita phalloides. The novel is best known for her, and includes many questions about who murdered the family: only at the end of Chapter Nine does she reveal that she was the killer. She has been noted for her taunting style of writing, her hidings from the reader, and her various ways of attempting to kill the family's visitor, the kleptomaniac Cousin Charles. The most obvious method is her burning down the house, in an attempt to kill Cousin Charles. This plan, however, does not succeed, much to the glee of the villagers, who are met earlier in the story, when Merricat visits the village to get groceries, and first hints at her homicidal tendencies in wishing that she could visit the store, whilst watching their bodies mangle in pain on the floor. Merricat then visits the nearly burnt up house with Constance, and they barricade the doors, and live without human companionship for the rest of their lives. This has been noted by literary critics as being a 'fairy tale' ending, a point which is furthered by the villagers' various attempts to 'make amends' for the taunting that they gave Merricat when she visited the village about her sister being a murderer, which was believed at that time, owing to Constance having been acquitted by the law court for the murder previously. Countless literary essays have been made on Constance, all of which give explanations for her behavior: particular study has been given to the first paragraph, which has been observed be one literary critic as having a magnetic field on the reader, so that we cannot let go, and to the rhyme created by the villagers to tease Merricat (' Merricat, said Connie, would you like a cup of tea? Oh no Connie, you'll poison me! Merricat said Connie, would you like to go to sleep? Down in the boneyard ten feet deep!) In several occasions, literary critics, such as Joyce Carol Oates and Paul Theroux have implied that she is the most emotionally complex and greatest of all literary teenagers, and, ultimately, all literary children.
  • Hamilton Berger should redirect to Hamilton Burger. Searching WP for Hamilton Berger returns nothing relevant, but it DOES prove that Berger is a fairly common surname, often pronounced in English exactly like Burger. Especially since Bergen is a much more common name than Burgen, searching for Hamilton Berger is a natural mistake that currently gets the reader nowhere.

Fictional locations[edit]

  • Teolan - fictional country in the Taulia universe
  • Pyrrhia - fictional continent in the Wings of Fire novels

Literature-related awards[edit]

  • Micro Award - annual juried award, not a contest; given to the best story of under 1,000 words published in English during a calendar year; private money funds the award; editors nominate work just as they do for the Pushcart Prize and similar honors

LaneAnderson (talk) 16:44, 30 June 2017 (UTC)LaneAnderson

Literature-related events[edit]

Literature-related lists[edit]

Literature-related organizations[edit]

Publishing companies[edit]


Literary movements and styles[edit]


  • agricultural theory
  • Bosnian Medieval literature - history of literature in the territory of today Bosnia and Herzegovina focusing on the medieval literature. There already exists such an article, but only in Bosnian and, apparently, Russian, but no translations to either English or any other languages. bs:Bosanska srednjovjekovna književnost
  • chi-chu - literary style mentioned in Wikipedia article about the Yellow Emperor involving assembling writing from fragments of various sources (I think) - unable to find any wiki or other search engine articles on it, nor any online books a bout it - even trying different spelling variants and combinations, though I realise this can subtly change meaning in the translation from Chinese to English.
  • childhood in literature, children in literature, childhood account - whatever the title of the article, I do think an article on depictions of childhood in literature is requestable; there is one on the Swedish-language Wikipedia (sv:Barndomsskildring)
  • combinatory literature - e.g., the Oulipo
  • culinary mystery -
  • dolphin and whale spot - term; (on the cranium) quoted by David Foster Wallace in Although Of Course You End Up Becoming Yourself: A Road Trip with David Foster Wallace by David Lipsky. Pg. 295. "'And she said that there were these various chakras and one of the big ones was what she called the spout hole, at the very top of your cranium' [He demonstrates where it is, the dolphin and whale spot.]".
  • E-fiction - relatively-recent phenomenon is the commercial (for-profit) "self-publication" of strictly- or primarily-electronic fiction under the banner of longtime "E-tailers" such as Amazon. This is NOT a vanity press as the author does not pay for the privilege of publication: they invest only their time and effort, and the "publisher" is merely a retailer who takes a percent-of-sale, not an up-front fee (in effect, the authors are paying for the publisher's "retail channel").
- It might be likened to an author mill in some ways, but due to the low costs all round (and the lack of any guaranteed "vanity market" of the authors friends/family), it appears to be a different phenomenon. This is LIKE Web fiction, but usually offered via Amazon, Lulu, or the like, typically for low entry price (e.g. 99¢ per chapter for a novel, etc). Authors who are popular on fiction forums sometimes make the jump to professional writers (albeit nontraditionally so) in this way. The topic is too-briefly mentioned as a minor element of the existing article Self-publishing#Electronic_.28E-book.29_Publishing, but appears to merit its own entry, as modern electronic means have enabled a sea-change in the older concept of "self-publishing." [564]; [565]; [566]; [567]
- The term "E-fiction" (that I've chosen) is perhaps overly-broad for the topic (the phrase connotes both commercial and free fiction) AND overly-narrow (the same model might apply to non-fiction); I note that "e-pub" is already in use, largely in the non-fiction realm. "E-fiction" might be useful as an umbrella for linking all these related topics. No other phrase has occured to me, that might concisely describe this phenomenon (and therefore be apt for titling an article).
  • epic tale - a type of a story along with tall tales, fables, fairy tales, etc.
  • faster-than-light travel in fiction - There should be a Wikipedia page on the many different speculations about faster-than-light travel in fiction. It is a plot item in countless books and movies, many enormously popular. The faster-than-light page on Wikipedia is mainly scientific (links to several works of fiction where faster-than-light is a plot point is functionally an afterthought and far from comprehensive). The interstellar travel in fiction Wikipedia page mentions faster-than-light tech lightly and has too few links. The term is mentioned on dozens of pages within Wikipedia, generally a discussion of a single body of work. There is substantial cross-pollination of ideas about FTL tech in fiction between authors, so the article should include both listings and abstractions of the speculated technologies of various authors in various works. It should include a sort-table allowing correlations for the different ways various authors address it.


Works and publications (poetry, drama and fiction)[edit]


Requests for articles about books are on a separate page, and should be added there.

Template:God in Peril Penned down by Indian author Ajatshatru Parmar. It is a non-fiction book contains real life example and statistical data on the violence and cases against doctors in India at work place and demonstrate diminidhing bond between doctor and his patient. Book is first published in India by Manjul Publication. It also contain interviews of many health expert of India with authore on the burning issues. Book gives an insight of Indian medical scenario and replies to the question like why doctors don't want their children to become a doctor? This is first title of its kind which introduce wi§th few superstitious scenarion prevailing in India. Template:URL-


Stage and theatre[edit]

People (playwrights and others)[edit]





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