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This page lists requested Japan-related articles related to anime and manga.

About this page[edit]

New requests are welcome, but your request can be handled much more quickly and easily if you keep some things in mind:

  1. Requests are sorted alphabetically. When adding new requests, please maintain alphabetical order.
  2. The following items should be discussed on relevant articles' talk pages, instead of being requested here:
    • Synonyms and alternate spellings of names
    • Character and fictional element (planets, mecha, etc.) articles
    • Series splits, sequels, adaptations, etc.
  3. Requests for manhwa and manhua articles should be listed at Wikipedia:Requested articles/Culture and fine arts#Manga, manhwa, and manhua.
  4. Requests for Original English-language manga (OEL manga, world manga, Amerimanga, etc.) should be listed at Wikipedia:Requested articles/Culture and fine arts/Visual arts#Comic books.
  5. Requests for voice actor or seiyū articles should be listed at Wikipedia:Requested articles/Japan/Seiyū.
  6. Please include a link to the Japanese Wikipedia article if one exists, otherwise include the item's kanji name if possible.
  7. Items less than about six months to a year old are usually too new to judge notability, and requests should be deferred for a reasonable period of time.
  8. Please provide some context for the request - most important is the type of item (manga or anime series, magazine, etc.). For manga and anime series, the name of the author/director and publisher/production studio are also quite important. Additional details you can provide include the series' length, any adaptations, and licensors, and you can also link to pages on Anime News Network ( or other reliable websites listed here - the more details you provide, the easier it will be to review and possibly fulfill your request.
  9. Lastly, your requested article will much more likely be created if you provide enough reliable sources to show that the topic will pass the general notability guidelines. The article may also meet specific notability guidelines, such as WP:BK for manga series, WP:FILM for films, or WP:BIO for mangaka. The reference libraries may be able to help with this.

A few notes for request reviewers:

  1. Please create appropriate redirects for any articles you create.
  2. Please remove the requested article from this page once it's been created, and link to the created article in the edit summary.
  3. If a request already exists under another title and the requested title is not an appropriate redirect, the request should be removed.
  4. Requests for character or fictional element (planets, mecha, etc.) articles should be removed. Driven reviewers may like to post a note at relevant series talk pages.
Refused requests
A list of refused requested articles can be found at Wikipedia:Requested articles/Japan/Anime and Manga/Refused Requests Archive along with the reason(s) they were rejected. Please check this list before making new requests.
Editors reviewing the requests should update the list when they refuse a request. Further instructions can be found on the archive page.
Requests listed there are not dead, since a previously nonnotable item can gain notability through a variety of means. Reviewers should periodically check for new coverage on previously refused items.
Other subpages
Photo requests
Translators and translation requests
A list of Japanese-to-English translators can be found at Wikipedia:Translators available#Japanese-to-English. Japanese-to-English translation requests for existing articles can be made at Wikipedia:Translation/*/Lang/ja. Requests for new Japan-related articles should instead be made at Wikipedia:Requested articles/Japan or one of its subpages.





























Biography Requests[edit]

Before adding a request here, make sure they meet the notability guidelines, including WP:CREATIVE for mangaka and WP:ENTERTAINER for voice actors, directors, etc.