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Archive of refused requests[edit]

  • Editors assessing and fulfilling/refusing requests should update this page when a request is refused.
  • Items in this list should only be created and removed from it if the indicated issues can be resolved or shown to be incorrect.
  • This archive is not static! Series that fail notability at one time may pass it in the future, and editors are encouraged to periodically search for new signs of notability for the series on this page. This is not limited to requests here, even series which had articles that were deleted for failing notability can eventually pass it.



  • A Gun Report as it won't meet WP:BK even it's Katsuhiro Ōtomo (Akira) first publication. Katsuhiro Ōtomo article has no manga section which is uber wrong.
  • A Philosopher's Alchemy as won't meet WP:BK even if it seems licensed in english but no RS ext link available in the web
  • Ai Hime - Ai to Himegoto (Kako Mitsuki manga) as it won't meet WP:BK, ANN page won't do and no licensor in Germany, France & Spain.:
  • Akira Club as part of Akira (manga);
  • Animal Channel (アニマルチャンネル) by Shiori Yuwa (佑羽栞) as this two volumes series won't meet WP:BK; no licensor in Germany, France, Spain & Italy.
  • Anime outside Japan The anime equivalent of Manga outside Japan. Could be based on the last three sections of the anime article. Refused as beyond the capabilities of the sole requested article department (even if we would like to do it) and suggested strongly that request of that level should be made at WT:ANIME where it could gather consensus and support.
  • Ankoku Seiun Award - That for Science Fiction in Japan. Not withing our scope. According to that they are alternate humorous awards based on the official Seiun Award. Ankoku Seiun Award homepage. I decline the request :p
  • Ao no Millenium (碧のミレニアム) 6 volume manga by Morino Aki (杜野亜希) as it won't meet WP:BK, plus no licensor in France, Germany, Spain, Italy


  • B. Reaction! ( B.リアクション!) by Hirohisa Tsuruta as this two volumes series won't meet WP:BK. Published in Italy in 2006 but not in France, Germany & Spain. No published in english.
  • Billy Puck (or Billy Pack) (ビリーパック) (9 volumes) by Mitsuhiro Kawashima (河島 光広), serialized in Shonen Gaho starting in 1954, published by Shonen Gahosha beginning in 1956, reprinted once - see description (page 25). Decline the request for now. No ANN. No Japanese wikipedia article. No licensor in France, Germany, Spain & Italy. Can't assert notability from a publisher "samples". Bottom line need licensing outside Japan to stir some RS media coverage or it will stay in the limbo or so.
  • Bizarre Uprising as it won't meet WP:BK, plus it's a webcomic/manga, plus paper version is self publication.
  • Blind Point Lake as won't fit WP:BK, plus it Chinese manga/manwha, plus one sole volume series
  • Bowling King as it would have not meet WP:BK plus it a Taiwanese manga/manwha


  • C.A.T (manga); Confidential Assasination Troop as its article already exist Confidential Assasination Troop plus it's a manwha.
  • Cinema no Teikoku ja:シネマの帝国 by Michiyo Akaishi as this four volumes series won't meet WP:BK. No publisher in France & Germany.
  • Clear Qualia (クリアクオリア Kuria Kuoria) 2 vols series by Minari Endo serialized in Kodokawa Monthly Asuka ja1 ja2. No ANN. No evidence of notability found. No licensor in English, French, German, Italian & Spanish found. Fail WP:BK => Decline request.
    It would more relevant to create a Minari Endo article and then create a redirect to it.
  • Cool ~ Rental Bodyguard as it won't meet WP:BK even if it's a Takeshi Konomi (prince of tennis) manga. No licensor in France, Germany, Italy & Spain
  • Crescent Noise (クレセント・ノイズ) as it will not meet WP:BK criterion of notability


  • D no Onna ([編集] Dの女) 10 vols series by Aki MORINO as it won't meet WP:BK, plus no publisher in France, Germany, Italy & Spain.
  • Dear Mine a 4 vols series by Shigeru TAKAO as it won't meet WP:BK, plus no publisher in France, Germany, Italy & Spain
  • Demian Syndrome (デミアン症候群), a 5-ongoing vols series by Mamiya OKI as it won't meet WP:BK. Licensed in Germany but not in France, Italy & Spain.
  • Densha de D (電車でD), Doujinshi parody of Initial D with train drifting => Hilarious but Fail WP:N & WP:BK
  • Dobbe Tiger as Big unknow so fail WP:N & WP:BK. Only 4 hits on google with : "Dobbe Tiger" -wikipedia key words
  • Domenic Buccini, non-conclusive search on Google, 14 hits for : "Domenic Buccini" -wikipedia, fail WP:N, probably hoax
  • Doraemon Meets Hattori the Ninja - ANN profile no need for a page that's seperate to Doraemon.
  • Doubt Article alreay exist as Doubt!!
  • Double Arts, Deleted after Afd process on 6 February 2009, see [1]
  • Doubutsu no Mori Hohinda Mura Yori Fail WP:N & WP:BK as it is a spin-of from Animal Crossing series and not even referenced in ANN.
  • Dragonball AF It's a hoax, plus the article relating it as Hoax has been deleted after Afd process on 1 July 2008 [2]


  • Eiji (OVA) Exist already as Psychometrer Eiji, all is to expand the include information concerning the OVA.


  • Fight no Akatsuki 7 vols series by Aoyagi Takao. No ANN. No licensor in UK/US, France, Italy, Spain & Germany. The scanlation is complete for nearly 3 years. Fail the pass the criterion of Notability WP:BK.


  • Grasshoppa! (ANN) Short film anthology DVD magazine; several of the serial shorts were animated (pre-check Very Dubious) Grasshoppa! Offcial website More for pondering Fail WP:N
  • Grand Sun, 3 vols series by Emura, ANN, No licensor in US/UK, France, Germany, Spain & Italy. Plenty of scanlations in the web. Fail WP:BOOK
  • Gururi ja:ぐるり, 2 Vols series by Naoe KITA, Fail WP:BK, no licensor in France, Germany, Spain & Italy


  • Heaven!! mangas by Shizuru Seino. one unnotable.
  • Hanaotoko (花男) 3 vols series by Taiyo Matsumoto. It fails WP:BK. No licenser in France, Germany, Spain & Italy
  • Hitomi Genki Kingdom 11 vols series by Mao Fujisaki Fail WP:BK, No ANN, No licensor in UK/US, France, Germany, Italy & Spain


  • IO (manga)ja:恋緒みなと 10 vols series by Minato Koio Fail WP:BK. No UK/US, France, Germany, Italy, Spain licensor
  • Inazuke Kyoutei – was AFD moved to Draft and expired



  • Kagijin (Original title: 鍵人ーカギジンー) by Yasuki Tanaka. Shueisha and serialized in Weekly Shounen Jump. Only 5 chapters + 1 one-shot(pilote chapter) out so far. ANN news but no ANN profile. Way too soon to tell if it's notable. As August 14, 2009, no licensor outside Japan because the first tankobon isn't even released there.
  • Kids Joker 6 vols series by Maki Fujita. Fail WP:BK. Dropped by ADV ANN old review. No licensor in France, Germany, Italy & Spain.
  • Kimi no Shiroi Hane (君の白い羽根) 1 vol series by Yuki Suetsugu ANN. Fail WP:BK. No licensor in UK/US, France, Germany, Italy & Spain.
  • Kitty Mint (KITTY◇MINT) 1 vols hentai series by Milan MATRA, Fail WP:BK, No ANN, No licensor in UK/US, France, Germany, Italy & Spain
  • Koi Suru Piano one vols series by Matsuno Mika. Fail WP:BK, no ANN, no licensor in US/UK, France, Germany, Italy & Spain. Scanlations are plenty.
  • Kotaro Inugami (manga) as Big unknow. No ANN, No scanlation, No licensor. Possible doujin spin-off from Kotaro Inugami (Negima).
  • Kurogane Pukapuka Tai a yuri romance manga. 1 vol-ongoing series by Shinsuke Kurihashi. No ANN profile but import review. Not licensed in English, French, German & Italian. Too soon to tell if it will be notable.
  • Kyonko (キョン子) a female version of Kyon from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. Too in-topic. Unnotable as google search links to non-RS fan sites. I'll leave this for a second opinion. "Second opinion": the requested articles section don't handle anime/manga related character specific article and in the Kyonko case, its notability is not asserted as it is a non-official doujinshi gender swap character. If you want a such article discuss it in the The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya page and bring enough evidences of notability to convince people there.



  • Mademoiselle Butterfly 2 vols series by Akane Ogura, No ANN. Fail WP:BK. No licensor in UK/US, France, Spain & Italy
  • Maou: Juvenile Remix (ja:魔王 JUVENILE REMIX) 6-ongoing series by Kotaro ISAKA, No ANN. Fail WP:BK. No licensor US/UK, France, Germany, Italy & Spain. Scanlation is stall.
  • Mariemaia Khushrenada as already presents in List of Mobile Suit Gundam Wing characters. Fail WP:FICT for personal article.
  • Magical Marine Pixel Maritan (ja:魔法の海兵隊員ぴくせる☆まりたん, official) 2 vols ? series by Yukio HIRAI. Fail WP:BK, No ANN yet but see News , No licensor UK/US, FR & GER.
  • Manga Club – Not even an artist name to disambiguate with much less anything to show notability.
  • Medical Ninjutsu Basics/Advanced For which manga ? Too In-universe fail WP:FICT, already a Ninjutsu article for Naruto (I guess its for Nuaruto ?)
  • Medina Inverse' As big Unknow, Fail WP:N, probably a Slayers related hoax/joke. Only 28 hits for "Medina Inverse" -wikipedia key words.
  • Miseinen Lovers(未成年lovers) 1 vol? series by Kaho Miyasaka ANN on hiatus. Fail WP:BK. No licensor US/UK & France
  • Monzetsu!! 1 vol? hentai series by John K. PETER. Fail WP:BK. No ANN. No licensor UK/US
  • Mother Keeper (ja:マザーキーパー) 4-ongoing series by Kairi SORANO ANN. Fail WP:BK. No licensor in UK/US, France, Germany, Italy & Spain. Scanlation buzz close to 0. Declined a 2nd time


  • National Quiz(ja:国民クイズ) 4 vols series by Reiichi Sugimoto/Shinkichi Kato ANN Fail WP:BK. No licensor UK/US, France, Germany, Italy & Spain. Found one non-RS review in english.


  • Otoko no Ko wa Meido Fuku ga Osuki(Cherry Girls)(オトコのコはメイド服がお好き!? Web site (Pre-check Neutral) Light novels/comics web serialized by hobby Japan. Need assessment by another editor. Additional information Piece one Piece two No ANN. Fail WP:N
  • Ouji-sama no Tsukuri-Kata(ja:王子様のつくりかた)2 vols series by Kotori Momoyuki. Fail WP:BK. No licensor UK/US, France, Germany, Italy & Spain. No ANN


  • Parasite Eve DIVA as will not meet WP:BK criteria of notability. 2 vols? series by Noriko FUJIKI. No ANN. No licensor
  • Petit Monster - Puchimon 6-ongoing series by Aoi Nanase ANN. Fail WP:BK. No licensor UK/US, France, Germany Italy & Spain. Side note, scanlation is keeping up with the serialization, sign of some audience.
  • Placebo (manga) 2 vols series by Sakaki YOSHIOKA, licensed in english by Chuang Yi. Fail WP:BK. No ANN. No licensor in France, Germany, Italy & Spain. Lack third party review for reference & notability (critical).
  • Pokémorphs -- athro/humanoid pokémon. Check out Pokémorph - WikiFur, the furry encyclopedia.
    Decline request as you didn't bring the evidences asserting why this subject warrant an article on Wikipedia. Second this is the Anime/Manga request for articles and this subject is clearly outside the scopes of the Anime/Manga project. Note i will move this reply in refused requests archive within fews days. --KrebMarkt 09:24, 23 March 2010 (UTC)
  • Pokéshipping (Aaml). Too in-universe, original research plus exist a redirect for Pokeshipping to Shipping (fandom).
  • Princess Army (ぷりんせすARMY) - 2 episode OVA ANN, 1992; based on Miyuki Kitagawa 12 vols manga ANN; Right now Princess Army manga fail WP:BK as No licensor in UK/US, France, Germany, Italy & Spain and the OVA fail WP:N. Proper course : First put Princess Army manga then expand with information from the OVA.
  • Prism Palette by Peach-Pit ? number of volumes No ANN No Reviews found. Does not meet WP:N.
  • Private Nurse (Maria) (プライベート ナース) by AngelSmile website. It's an adult date simulation game Ign
  • Puipui! by Nanamori - 11 volume light novel published under Media Factory's MF Bunko J. Manga serialized in Media Factory's Monthly Comic Alive. No ANN. Not licensed outside of Japan. Fail WP:BK.



  • R² (manga) (Rise R to the Second Power) 2 vols-ongoing? series Maki Hakoda ANN. Fail WP:BK. Dropped by ADV. Licensor in Germany. Not in France, Italy & Spain. No reviews. Other issue is only 2 vols since 2002 ???
  • Rain, the Little Girl, and My Letter (Ame to Shoujo to Watashi no Tegami). (anime) one 6 mins ONA ANN. Fail WP:N. one unsure-RS statut review.
  • Red Coat Cosplay Company Fail:N. Probably a group of anime fandom. Only 3 hits on google for "Red Coat Cosplay Company" -wikipedia key words. WP:Anime doesn't have as scope to make article on every groups of fans even less the not notable ones.
  • Red Doll Army Fail WP:N. Seems to be part of a drawing contest or collaboration see Here. Not For WP:Anime
  • Ren-Ai 3 vols? series by Yun Kouga ANN.Fail WP:BK. Failed released in english in 2004 by Studio Ironcat. No licensor in France, Germany, Italy and Spain.
  • Ressentiment (manga) 4 vols series by Kengo Hanazawa ANN. Fail WP:BK. No licensor in UK/US, France, Germany, Italy & Spain.
  • Richest Mangakas Fail WP:V and it falls easily into Original research as no RS study have been released? . Hearsay within forum discussion exists but not reliable and up-to-date.
  • Ringo (manga) 3 vols series by Minato Koio ANN. Fail WP:BK. No licensor UK/US, France, Germany, Italy & Spain. No scanlation.


  • Saboten no Himitsu ja:サボテンの秘密 4 vols series by Nana Haruta ANN. Fail WP:BK. No licensor in UK/US, France, Germany Italy & Spain. Have been scanlated.
  • Samurai Baby (サムライベイビー) 3 vols series by Senju Wakatsuki ANN. Fail WP:BK. No licensor in UK/US, France, Germany, Italy & Spain. Scanlation done
  • Sayonara Nippon (さよならにっぽん, 1981) 1 vol series by Katsuhiro Otomo ANN. Fail WP:BK. No licensor UK/US, France, Germany, Italy & Spain. No scanlation. Lack of RS source for alternate title "Goodbye Japan".
  • Sayuri Iwai Not within our scope moved to Wikipedia:Requested articles/Japan
  • Screw-Style one-shot (chapter) by Yoshiharu TSUGE. No ANN. However published in The Comics Journal #250. Paul Gravett mention it in an article and in his "Manga: 60 Years of Japanese Comics". (Pre-check Neutral) Better doing Yoshiharu Tsuge asap and add Screw-Style information in it. Removed per discussion here.
  • Secret Plot [3]. As previously deleted on 2 July 2009 after Afd process. So it will need more arguments than just Ann profile to justify article re-creation.
  • Seiyō Kottō Yōgashiten ja:西洋骨董洋菓子店 as it already exists as Antique Bakery
  • Shiawase Kissa Sanchoume ja:幸福喫茶3丁目 12-ongoing by Kou MATSUZUKI. Fail WP:BK. No ANN. No licensor UK/US, France, Germany, Italy & Spain. Active scanlation.
  • Shin Obake no Qtarou as exist already as Obake no Q-taro
  • Shirogane no Karasu (Silvery Crow) 3-ongoing series by Akimine Kamijyo. Fail WP:BK. No ANN. No licensor UK/US, France, Italy & Spain. It's not Samurai Deeper Kyo ;)
  • Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo (その花びらにくちづけを わたしの王子さま) Fail WP:N. It is an yuri H-game on PC.
  • Sora no Mannaka (空のまんなか) 3 vols series by Kamura Youko. No ANN. No licensor UK/US, France, Germany, Italy & Spain. Scanlation is stall
  • Suicide Island - fails WP:BK, just started in December 2008, no ANN, no licensors, not even a first volume out. Too soon to assert notability.
  • Stepsister (anime) A two-episode anime H-series that was deleted in both it's incarnations on Wikipedia.
    • Declined: We are not miracle makers. No previous AfD found in Animanga deletion archive and a specific search return no AfD good. That said i didn't found enough coverage to assert Notability.
  • Stipplewitz Fail WP:N Started on webcomic => publication. see In DeviantART
  • Stroke Material 1 vol series by Kotobuki ATSUTA. No ANN. Fail WP:BK. Licensor in Germany. No licensor in UK/US, France, Italy & Spain. Scanlation is completed
  • Sukeban Arashi (スケ番あらし) ??? vols series by Masami Kurumada. Fail WP:BK. No ANN. No licensor UK/US, France, Germany, Italy & Spain. No scanlation. I couldn't even find out the numbers of chapters/vols. Editors != Scholars.


  • Taranta Ranta 2 vols series by Yoko Maki ANN. Fail WP:BK. No Licensor UK/US, France & Spain. Licensed in Germany & some prospect of it in Italy. Scanlation done.
  • Tetsujin Sekai Ichi Katai Otoko (鉄人〜世界一固い男〜) by Takeshi Konomi. Fail WP:N. No ANN. No Licensor. No scanlation. Around 240 hits on Google all related to the biography of Takeshi Konomi. Editors != Scholars.
  • The Empire of Midnight (真夜中の帝国) by Hakase Mizuki as already in requested articles as Mayonaka no Teikoku
  • The Gigolo (manga) Fail WP:N. Doubious to it very own existence. Research as manga => No ANN, one doujinshi failing WP:N. ; As Anime => one licensed OVA ANN. Porn with the word gigolo is aplenty.
  • The Legend of Manxmouse Anime (movie) ANN. It was licensed by the defunct Celebrity Home Entertainment (pre-check dubious) lack of third party review, that VHS tape.
  • The Prince's Cactus 2 vol series by Xu Ci & Misha. It's a Manhua. Fails WP:N and WP:BK. ; No ANN, nothing but scanslations. No licensor in UK/US, France, Germany, Spain & Italy.
  • The Way To Your Heart by Emily Wilcken. Fail WP:N & WP:WEB. It's a webcomics/manga. No RS third party coverage.
  • Toba-e Need assessment by another editor : clue 1 clue2 clue3 clue 4. Issue is scope & verifiability.
  • Toe Shoes (トウ シューズ) 5 vols series by Megumi Mizusawa ANN. Fail WP:BK. No licensor in UK/US, France, Germany , Italy & Spain. Scanlation stall.
  • Toshiue no Hito ja:年上ノ彼女 6 vols hentai? manga by Ryuta Amadume ANN.Fail WP:BK. No Licensor in UK/US, France, Italy & Spain. Active scanlation
  • Twilight Emblem as Big Unknow Fail WP:N and Fail to assert that it is within WP:Anime project scope. Research Twilight Emblem as manga failed; as anime failed. From results in Google, hypothesis : Related to Zelda ?, MMORPG stuff ?, DeviantART ?.


  • Urban Square Kohaku no Tsuigeki (アーバンスクウェア 琥珀の追撃) One eps 55min OVA, 1985 ANN. Fail WP:N. No licensor. Have fansub and one review.


  • Vitamin Milk does not exist. It is probably a confusion with Milk to Vitamin (which Fail WP:BK, not ANN).


  • Wataru Ga Pyun! as i won't meet WP:BK criterion. Yes, its 58 volumes published in Japan doesn't count.



  • Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged series refused because it was Afded many times under many names & variants. The person who made the request should have brought enough evidences of notability which isn't the case.
    • Struck out because I've readded it to the request page - feel free to unstrike if that gets resolved as a resounding "non-notable" =) ダイノガイ千?!? · Talk⇒Dinoguy1000 22:13, 5 August 2009 (UTC)


Moved to manwha[edit]

Mangaka biography[edit]

  • Be-PaPas manga collective [4] (Pre-check Dubious) one notable work or so , seems some members are more notable individually. Anyone else can to give it a shot.
  • Hirosuke Hamada writer, probing check = Fail, Need to prove notability, wrote one or two book(s).
  • Mitsushirō Kawashima — Declined. Does not meet WP:N.