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Military and military history[edit]

Requests for articles about military and military history are on a separate page, and should be added there.

 Economics-Health Care

Health care utilizations seems to be far more dependent on your socioeconomic status than your political persuasion. Cost Sharing studies show whether you are an American Capitalist or a Chinese Communist your utilization of health care are similar. Rand Corporation has also known that the elasticity of health care in either country is dependent of Cost Sharing; Copay, Coinsurance and deductibles. Studying what works, doesn't work in health insurance reform By Michael D. Rich | April 16, 2016 Demand for Episodes of Care in the China Health Insurance Experiment by Jeffrey Sine

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Jessica chambers life matters


Requests for articles about psychology are on a separate page, and should be added there.


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To the best of my fractured understanding, it has to do with mass hysteria and vigilantism. Coincidentally, it may even be related to gang stalking, that I now find referred to below.
Bücher Effect is all over the Internet—in German. And English? I actually paged down in Google to find something about the Bücher Effect in English, but to no effect whatsoever.
The Bücher Effect is in the air. And we need to find out about it.
I could translate French to English, but not German. Surely someone on staff should at least look into it.
Thank you for your attention. C-U RPCV (talk) 18:45, 27 July 2015 (UTC)

  • chosen kin
  • gang stalking - requests a separate, neutral article on the subject of the "gang-stalking" community. Definition / The claim of persecution and harassment / a list of books written by alleged victims [38] / news articles related to the subject covering both sides [39], expert opinions which are split whether these claims are real or not as shown in the example article / Please do not include unverified theories, blogs, personal pages, etc...
  • Institute for the Study of Nonviolence - founded by pacifist folksinger Joan Baez in California
  • International Panel on Social Progress (Multi-disciplinary panel of social scientists working on a report for 2017 about issues in our world and solutions) ([40];[41];[42];[43];[44];[45];[46])
  • Loxism - a hoax term for the hatred of ethnic Europeans by Jews
  • PIE Performance Image Exposure - request for an article written around the corporate success acronym PIE
  • Porto Maravilho Project - an urban-renewal Mega-project currently underway in Rio de Janeiro; planned as part of the improvements to the city in anticipation for hosting the 2016 Summer Olympics; notable since it is directly related to an international event that will be attended and viewed by many people; project has sociological significance because the government and Olympic organizing committee have claimed it will benefit the residents living there as well as the city as a whole;([47]) academic researchers and activists claim that the project will only benefit the rich residents living south and north of the port zone, the construction companies, and the government; also, there have been reports of favela (aka an informal settlement or slum) residents being evicted by the Municipal Housing Secretary and having their homes condemned for demolition based on "natural disaster risk assessments" and to make way for construction projects for little to no compensation; [48]; [49]; [50]
  • Russian youth - Russian youth and their culture
  • White Cape Verdeans
  • White Gabonians
  • Stop Education Discrimination Against Iranians (SEDAI campaign)

This is a campaign started in May 2014 in Norway following the restrictions for university admission and resident permit of Iranian students in technical field with justification of UN sanctions and domestic export control. It was triggered when Hamideh Kaffash, an Iranian PhD student at NTNU, was expelled from the country after one year of researcher over the fear of transferring knowledge for WMD development. She sued the Norwegian government later in 2015. Some references: BBC UniversitetsAvisa (student Newspaper in Trondheim, Norway) StudVest (Student newspaper in Bergen, Norway) NRK (Norwegian national broadcasting corporation) OpenDemocracy

Sociology people[edit]

  • Felicia Pratto - Prof. Pratto’s research addresses the processes and consequences of inequality. Thus, her work is known in social psychology, political psychology, and related disciplines. Her research has addressed a variety of real-world issues, including race- and sex- discrimination in hiring, prejudice against lesbians, gay men, and immigrants, violations of International Humanitarian Law in war-time, terrorism and counter-terrorism, and the Arab uprisings. She uses a wide variety of research methods, from interactive games, to lab and field experiments, to international surveys and comparative studies (which compare different societies systematically). She is co-author of the book Social Dominance, and more recently, of Power Basis Theory.
  • Nitza M. Hidalgo - notable for his educational theory re. the three levels of culture; [51]; [52]
  • Logan Levkoff - notable for...</voice in human sexuality education/sexology>
  • Barry Sandywell - sociologist particularly concerned with sociological issues in philosophy and visual culture; [53]; [54]; [55]; Sandywell is cited in 11 places in Wikipedia ([56])
  • Robin Williams (sociologist) - sociologist known for identifying 12 cultural values of the U.S. in 1965 (achievement and success, individualism, activity and work, efficiency and practicality, science and technology, progress, material comfort, humanitarianism, freedom, democracy, racism and group superiority, and equality); another sociologist, James M. Henslin, suggested that education, religion and romantic love be added to the list; possibly related to Robin M. Williams Jr., another sociologist in a similar field; articles found about Williams Jr. do not mention the values

Cultural practices, customs and folkways[edit]


Feminism and women's studies[edit]


Folklore and folkloristics[edit]

Identity politics[edit]

Other social and cultural issues[edit]

Some useful sources: [90]; [91]; [92]; [93]; [94]; [95]; [96]; [97]; Yanko Tsvetkov's stereotype maps, seen here, and here.--Coin945 (talk) 17:03, 19 November 2012 (UTC)




Fraternal organizations[edit]

LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender)[edit]

  • I'd like a way to compare different "gay libel" cases that have been lodged, from Oscar Wilde to Tom Cruise to Liberace to Robbie Williams. I'm considering making a category, but the category name Gay Libel Cases seems anachronistic since the word "gay" wasn't used that way in Wilde's time. I'm also expecting pushback on linking gay libel cases which involved people later outed, like Oscar Wilde and Liberace, with gay libel cases involving straight people, like Tom Cruise and Robbie Williams. What do people think would be the best wording for a category like this to avoid offense & also avoid an overly long Category name? Markwiki (talk) 00:04, 25 May 2010 (UTC)

Popular culture[edit]

  • -ster - a suffix added to names to make them sound "cutesy." Similar to the -kun and -chan suffixes in Japanese honorifics
  • Arbitrary Talk - a popular podcast that answers viewer submitted questions. Very popular in Michigan, California, and Florida
  • Battle of Quebec (sports) - the sports rivalry between Montreal and Quebec City in the province of Quebec, especially in ice hockey
  • Belly cream - needs clarification
  • Bigface - needs clarification
  • corporate samurai: definition, application, and examples
  • Dealer's defense A moral argument that someone who sells anti-social products such as weapons or drugs is not responsible for the harm they cause.
  • Defooing - De-family of origin. A growing phenomena where people tend to separate from their families permanently and start a new life of their own. The reasons can be varied but mostly its spiritual or a situation of being more 'evolved' then the rest of the family, which creates a gap and breaks the bond.
  • living landmark (req. 2016-07-27) - [143]
  • living legend (person) (req. 2016-07-27) - Library of Congress Living Legend
  • - A popular website featuring demotivational posters a notable internet phenomena. According to google trends, searches for the keyword motivationals have been dramatically rising since the website creation. before that, the keyword did not exist.
  • Ran Ran Ruu - a YouTube originated internet fad involving parodies of japanese Ronald McDonald Commercials, generally involving The "RAN RAN RUU!" section of the commercial matched to music.
  • Space Vanguard - [144]; notable for rationalized language, science, and measuring systems to increase the human productive surplus
  • White tears - white people complaining about perceived injustices and no one feels sorry for them