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History of ideas[edit]

  • Nora Eldoc -please create a page about the Mosad agent who was murdered during a hunt for Joseph Mengale. link for info:

  • Request for addition of a page for the Dahsala system by Raja Todar Mal under King Akbar

Request for "Semita Recta" as a wiki page My impression was that it simply meant "straight path" as in referring to "go the straight path" in latin. I am very curious about this phrase as a historical item. I own an antique bench from belgium circa 1900 that has an inscription carved in oak wood that reads, "anno semita recta 1664". The bench looks like a church relic.

here is all of the info I can find on "Semita Recta" Notre Dame, In Peter Grund

“Semita Recta Albertus peribet testimonium”, ‘The Right Path Albertus bears witness’ Abstract: This article presents an edition of a Middle English verse tract on alchemy based on Trinity College, Cambridge, MS R. 14. 44 (15th century). The tract, entitled “Semita Recta Albertus peribet testimonium”, is structured as a dialogue between Albertus Magnus, the famous medieval scholar (c. 1200–1280), and Elchy_ell, the Queen of the Elves. In the dialogue, Elchy- _ell instructs Albertus on how to produce an alchemical elixir that will produce silver or gold. The Semita Recta is a poem of 64 rhymed lines. The setting of this description is a meeting between the medieval scholar Albertus Magnus (c. 1200–1280) and Elchy_ell, the Queen of the Elves, in a “weldernesse” outside Damascus (see 4.1).

Hence, the Semita Recta is to my knowledge unique among Middle English alchemical poems in exploiting the dialogue format as it does.

History of Domestic Feminism

Historic people(s) and places[edit]

(by continent)


The Renaissance University in Europe from 14th century

Dendrochronology, DNA, and C-14 reveal who the Aryans really were. We need an outline.

  • Please create a page for the history of Canton Minnesota
  • Please compile a list tagged "List of mordern conflicts in Europe."
  • Please create an article on the Kissingen Dictaion written by Otto von Bismarck during the Balkan Crisis of 1877, there is an extremely short one on the German Wikipedia. I have found it referenced in the following text: Imperial Germany 1850-1918 by Edgar Feuchtwanger.

There should be an article on the Lay Folks' Catechism in England. It was the 14th century English translation of the Latin catechetical manual by Archbishop Pecham. Explain why James I’s second parliament in 1614 achieved little. An article about James 1's first parliament. Anyone know about the Bishop of Cluny?

Excersize Tiger someone???

Anyone know more than the few sentences attributing great influence in establishing West Germany's post WWII government to American Anton F. "Tony" Pabsch of Syracuse, NY in Theodore White's In Search of History: A Personal Adventure, first mentioned on page 314?

European historic people

(isolated here temporarily at 2012-02-20 during page cleanup; to be moved shortly to appropriate biography-request page)

from Auschwitz death camp to inform about German atrocities in the death camps to the world mainly to avoid the further deportation of people to Auschwitz(reference documentary in youtube called 'Auschwitz Secrets of the Dead'). Please could someone write about the Alsace witchtrials in the 1600's. It would really help in future.

  • Would anyone mind translating the article about Luzic Serbians [2]
  • Bianca Maria Aloisia, the daughter of the powerful Malaspina family. She was mentioned on the travel channel. [1]
  • Could someone write about how the nobles were treated at the time period where Napoleon I was in power.
  • I think Templar Architecture needs a page!! The Knights Templar built temples, churches and chapels all over Europe c1100 - 1300 CE.
  • Heinrich Eckhardt from Hanau,Germany birth:1899,death:1961 was arrested during WWII and imprisioned because of his fight against 'Faschismus' the University of Kassel in Germany should have more Info. Wish someone would write something about him.
  • Could someone write (very specifically) about the invasion of Ireland (by Britain)?
  • Could someone who knows about religious history write on the council of Pavia in 1160?

Please write an article on bed chambers. They where the noble's bedrooms in a medieval castle.


  • Abanyom language speaking people This people are found in the South Eastern region of the present Cross Rivers State of Nigeria in West Africa. This language is widely spoken by the Bantu group of people in central Africa. Source - The Joshua Project.
  • Ahmed Khair A crucial contributor to the expulsion of British colonialism in Sudan
  • Colonial Egypt Egypt as it existed as a european colony
  • African wedding ceremony A great deal of information that exists on the vast variety of African peoples and their matrimonial unions.
  • 14th century Africa The page redirects to 14th century South Africa but has nothing on just 14th century Africa


"Jamiut Tawarikh"

Jamiut Tawarikh, was one of the grandest projects undertaken by the Ilkhanate king Ghazan Khan (1295-1304). The great work was done by the king’s wazir Rasheeduddin Fazlullah Hamedani who wrote it in Persian and chronicled the history up to the reign of Oljeitju (1304-1316). The breadth of coverage of the work often caused it to be dubbed as the first world history.

"Children/descendants of Sri Wickrama Rajasinghe?" Ancient Chinese Literature would be useful, please

The Origin of the Philippines/Theories on the land formation of the Philippines

Please create a page regarding the theories on the land formation of the Philippines. Here are my notes with regards to the topic, but an article with better sourcing and more reasearch put into it will benefit other Wikipedia readers.

An article is needed on the Territorial Evolution of India (on the line of Territorial evolution of the United States )

History of Population of India

The Westernisation of China

Asian historic people

(isolated here temporarily at 2012-02-20 during page cleanup; to be moved shortly to appropriate biography-request page)

Asian historic places
  • Comparison between the Saudi government and the Islamic State. See here.
  • Baigongguan. The former prison for political prisoners, located in Chongqing, China, run by the Kuomintang during the Chinese civil war. Most notable is the fact that almost all the communist prisoners were killed in November 1949, the month after the communists had won the civil war and declared the founding of the People's Republic of China. This would appear to be a serious case of war crimes. A photograph of the entrance is already available on Wikipedia. A large museum is located nearby, detailing the history of Baigongguan.
  • Bhangarh ruins – hunted ruins in India; Bhangarh has many references to the ruins (suggesting the area is actually known for its ruins); might be superfluous to have a page for Bhangarh which is primarily about its ruins and another page specifically for Bhangarh ruins
  • Colombo Grand Mosque, Sri Lanka
  • Chinese Empire reform movement
  • Dong Da Mount Đống Đa Mound- In the middle of Dong Da (vietnamese Đống Đa) District, Hanoi, Vietnam, is a park which has the same name (coord. 21.011978 N, 105.824489 E). In this park is a hill made by the dead bodies of chinese soldiers dead after a battle against the vietnamese army. Part of the story is written in the park on a monument, but it's written with the chinese symbol. I would like an article to discribe the battle : who were the leaders, when the battle took place, how did they organise, how many bodies are under this hill... I understood that China consider that everywhere is a dead chinese soldier is China. So the vietnamese put all the bodies together to make the chinese part as small as possible ! The only page I found is the page for the district, with only the name of the streets.
  • Fort Margherita, Sarawak
  • Hokkaido variants – "The letter" which was found in Hokkaido; ja:???????
  • Kasato Maru – first Japanese ship in the Japanese immigration to Brazil; ja:???; he:?????? ????; pt:Kasato Maru
  • Kuyunjik - the ancient city of Nineveh or Ninevah in Assyria. Now redirects until there is a more substantive article
  • Lumbii, Nepal – place of Buddha
  • Madhyadesa - the ancient sub-region of Bharatvarsha
  • Plains of Dura – ancient place inside of the province of Babylon where kin Nebachenezzer built an image of gold
  • Tehsil Sahiwal – fort built By British rulers on the bank of the River Jhelum in district Sargodha with six Gates (posted by Mehraj Khalid)
  • Tower of Flies – tower outside Acre that was named so by the crusaders who captured it in 1267
  • ?Uka?, Saudi Arabia – Western Arabian town famous for poetic tournaments, including one in which the celebrated female poetess al-Khansa' participated
  • Trail of Bones – segment of the Silk Road through the Pamir Mountains; comment pre-2012-02-20 – I think you are referring to Karakoram Pass... maybe a redirect will do?

Samurai houses - plz make a page about it!?!?

  1. WeAreN Christian Persecution in Iraq


Australia and entrance into the Commonwealth of Nations similar set of circumstances led to other colonies of the British Empire asking for their independence from Britain (that is, Australia, New Zealand, Newfoundland, and Irish Free State). WWI had given these former colonies their ‘trial by fire’ as well as Canada; it, too, demonstrated that these nations were able to stand on their own. During WWII, they, like Canada, fought with Britain as allies, and not as colonies.

  • Jarradene – listed as a heritage townsite in Western Australia

To find the birth places of all, if not most of the Kamikaze Pilots of Japan during World War II. To be more specific, which Japanese islands these pilots were born in. As an example, "twenty-two pilots were born in Kyushu Island and fifteen were born in Hokkaido Island," etc. This may actually take someone to physically investigate birth records kept in Japan to search all the known pilots who have flown in the suicide missions. And once these records are completed, these same records must be verified by another individual for accuracy.

North America[edit]

Please create a list of the fatal victims of the Amtrak train wreck which occurred September 22 in Mobile, Alabama in 1993.§

Please create a page for the National War Fund. Posters and documents from 1945 era are available but I can find no literature about this fund.

  • Please create a page for the history of Ellsworth, Connecticut. Historical documents are available at the Sharon, Connecticut page and at the Sharon, Connecticut Historical Society's Page.

Bacon Log Cabin - in the city of Ballwin (St. Louis County) fur trade.

In use "for nearly the entire American Revolution, from late 1776 through 1783." Applebome, Peter. "To Preserve or To Pave Over History" [6] The New York Times, April 19, 2009. (A search of "Fishkill Encampment and Supply Depot" on provides earlier articles referencing the Depot.)-- (talk) 22:07, 21 April 2009 (UTC)

  • St Petersburg, MO
  • 2013 Navy Yard Shootout - The shootout at the navy shipyard in Washington, D.C. on September 16, 2013.
  • Snow Creek, Virginia - Please create a page about Snow Creek,Virginia. It is a beautiful place with a very rad history!
]I would like more information on, and create a page on sarah louise northcott. She was involved in the murders of young boys with her son in 1928 southern california. There was a movie The Changeling, which told part of the story of these gruesome murders, but the mother was not part of the story.

South America[edit]

  • Brazilian Civil War Brazil experienced numerous civil wars, especially in the 19th century. There was no singular event such as the United States experienced, so this link would be something of a misnomer and there is already a list of Rebellions and revolutions in Brazil. I have changed the only link to this red link to rebellions and revolutions in Brazil, which was the only one extant on Wikipedia. However, it may be a good idea for someone to start a page covering the general topic.
  • San Blas War / San Blas Rebellion - The events in 1925 involving the conflict between Panama and the natives of the San Blas islands that lead to the independent state of San Blas.
  • Llama Ch'uyay - A holiday celebrated in Bolivia where they dose llamas in a "medicine" mixture and force them to drink it on July 31.
  • Spiritual Conquest - The Iberian effort to convert Native Americans to Christianity in colonial times in Latin America.
  • Parliament of Negrete (1803) - translation of the article on the Spanish Wikipedia

Unknown continent (at moment - to be sorted)[edit]

  • [Jam boy] page does not exist, supposedly british colonists/slavers used this method to attract bugs away from themselves.

Seargent Sunshine (AKA Sgt. Richard Bergess formerly with the San Francisco Police Department), was a SFPD seargent who, in uniform, Smoked a joint on the steps of the San Francisco Hall Of Justice before 300 onlookers on Easter Sunday of 1968. He was later fired and served 9 months for posession of marijuana. Sources:,3590651,4299772

Ecuador-Sweden relations

  • Lux Hotel
  • Pattala - as in Pattala-Thit, Myanmar? map
  • Sacro Sancta Edict/Sacrosancta Edict - Edict that helped solve the Great Schism
    • is not a place but an adjective
  • St. Legers,Lords Viscounts Doneraile, Doneraile Court, their former residence in 1636.
  • Sanper Pal one of the ancestors of Khanzada Rajput clan who converted to Islam during time of Feroze Shah Tugluq and renamed as Bahar Nahar Khan.The name of other ancestor was Sauper Pal renamed as Chajju Khan. Both have saved the life of Feroze Shah Tugluq from an ambushing lion.
  • Literary Works in the 1930s - All literature of literary merit written and published in the 1930s.
  • The Spatial Turn or Spatial Turn - Apparently this is a rethinking of physical geography, from the formerly dominant macro (continents, islands, mountains, arable land vs desert, etc ) to the micro, how place, position, physical access affects change over time. Spatial factors have always been present in history and geography (colonial farms along the St Lawrence River in Canada were long and narrow because the oxen used for plowing were difficult to turn) but is now being considered more systematically. "What is the Spatial Turn?" [13]; New York Times Article "With Digital Mapmaking, Scholars See History" [14]; "The Spatial Turn: Interdisciplinary Perspectives (Routledge Studies in Human Geography)" [15]
  • History of Alcohol in American combat zones - military consumption rate for each war, medicinal uses, social/physical reliance.

Historic objects[edit]

  • Goffering iron
  • Costrel - Appears to be some kind of medieval (?) portable container for liquids. Has entries in dictionaries, but surprisingly there's nothing about them on Wikipedia.
  • Codex juris ecclesiastici Anglicani - a work, written by Edmund Gibson which discusses the legal rights and duties of the English clergy, and the constitution, canons and articles of the English Church.

El Buchon, the Chumash chief |}

88 ss Argus

  • Crimes in laredo, Texas.
  • askani baloch – lives in province balochiatn of both countries Iran and Pakistan
  • Ancient South American Cultures
    • Xauxa - ancient South American culture
  • 26th SS-Standarte Paul Berck

Historic times[edit]

1910-1920 fashion: there is an article about 1920s fashion, but not one about 1910-20.

  • Internet-generated Phenomenae - Investigative Blogger
  • First day of the year: please translate from italian it:Primo giorno dell'anno. The article lists the "first day of the year" according to the different calendar style used during the past centuries in different countries. They were: 1st Gen of course but also: 1st Mar, 25th Mar, the Easter day, 1° Sep, 25th Dec... Very interesting and useful to establish the right birth/death dates for historic peoples.

-January 1951

Historic events[edit]

A list of the longest wars in world history.

  • [[ in 1981,Nichidatsu Fujii, dispatched his followers to march and chant around the globe in support of the U.N. 2nd. special session for disarmament. In the U.S.A marchers began in New Orleans, L.A. and San Francisco, in Canada marchers began in Montreal and Toronto. The San Fransisco March began on Oct. 21, 1981 with a ceremony on Alcatraz. 13 marchers, being Buddhist followers of Nipponzan-Myōhōji, Native Americans, U.S. and German citizens, began the S.F. march. marching about 20 mile per day they were hosted each night by community groups in every town and on Native reservations. many mayors and town councils made proclamations and such honoring the the peace and disarmament marchers. over the course of the march citizens were moved to join. By the time they arrived in Chicago the S.F. marchers numbered about 30. in may of '82 the group of about 40 marchers from Toronto Ont. joined the S.F. group in Buffalo N.Y. at the International Peace Bridge doubling the size of the group. thru the state of N.Y. 10 to 20 people joined the march daily.when the S.F. group walked across the George Washington Bridge they numbered about 300. the groups on other march routs also grew over the 7 months. on June 12, 1982, In Central Park Nipponzan-Myōhōji marchers from the U.S.A., Europe, Africa, and Asia, joined with mobilization for survival organizers and religious and peace groups from around the world in a peaceful demonstration for disarmament of many million people.]]

From Wikipedia,Part of a series on Buddhism Nichidatsu Fujii (藤井 日達 Fujii Nichidatsu?, 1885–1985) was a Japanese Buddhist monk, and founder of the Nipponzan-Myōhōji order of Buddhism.

Canal Water Dispute – Accession of Princely States – Division of assets – Refugee and accommodation crises – Security for the newly-formed state – Social issues (health, education, national language) – The Kashmir issue .

Archaeology by Country[edit]



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