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Almost every article in Wikipedia could do with some expansion – the aim of Wikipedia is to have every article at Featured or Good status. This page was intended for listing those articles of any length for which there is a specific request or longer (non-stub) articles which are still embarrassingly short or insufficient for an encyclopedia of the stature to which Wikipedia aspires.

Articles listed here:

  • Stubs – Articles that are very short. These should be tagged with {{stub}}, or a topic-specific stub tag. Since stubs by definition are tagged as being too short for their subject, the use of the {{expand}} tag on stubs should always be accompanied by a detailed explanation of what needs to be done.
  • Longer articles that still need expansion. Be sure to tag these {{expand}} when you nominate them.
  • Sections in particular need of expansion within an article may be tagged with {{expandsection}}.

Articles that wouldn't have been here:

For all other requests see Wikipedia:Requests


For the most urgently needed article expansions, it may make sense in addition to listing the article here to find the project page of an appropriate Wikipedia:WikiProject or ask for help from a particular editor who has made contributions in that field before.


The list of articles needing expansion has been split off for archival purposes and to prevent further additions. Please do not add new articles to it.

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