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This page has been shut down after this debate.
Please use Wikipedia:Administrator intervention against vandalism as an alternate venue for cases of simple vandalism that require an immediate block and Wikipedia:Administrators' noticeboard/Incidents for cases that require further investigation.

Old instructions for this page[edit]

Choose one of three sections to make a report: Watchlist, IP addresses, or Registered users. Follow the recommended format for each section including the heading markup. Place the request at the top of the New requests subsection or the top of the watchlist. Provide page diffs from edit histories if appropriate and links to specific problem pages.


The first page used for tracking vandalism was a user subpage, ManningBartlett/Naughty people, some time before 4 November 2001. The vandalism in progress page was established as VANDALISM IN PROGRESS on 1 December 2001 - the title was upper-case to make it easily distinguishable on recent changes). Around the same time, the Wikipedia Militia (since renamed to the Volunteer Fire Department) was formed to coordinate responses to press releases about Wikipedia. The "VANDALISM IN PROGRESS" page was moved to the Wikipedia namespace in August 2002 and was renamed to the current title in 2006. Its archives since 2003 may be found in Wikipedia:Requests for investigation/Archives and the talk archives since august 2002 can be found in the history of Wikipedia talk:Requests for investigation/archive and in indexed form at Wikipedia talk:Requests for investigation/Archives. Old subpages can also be found through special:Prefixindex/Wikipedia:Vandalism in progress.