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The Requests for mediation process is used to request formal mediation of a dispute. Formal mediation is provided by the Mediation Committee as a final stage of the content-dispute resolution process. Formal mediation is only suitable for disputes over article content, so requests to mediate grievances with other editors will not be accepted.

Formal mediation is governed by the Mediation Committee's policy at Wikipedia:Mediation Committee/Policy, and so requests for mediation must satisfy the preconditions provided for by that policy.

To file a request for mediation, please skip to #File a request.

For a guide to filing a request for mediation, see Wikipedia:Requests for mediation/Guide.


Current mediation cases
Subject Mediator Open since Status
  20 November 2014
  10 Jun 2015
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File a request

To submit a request, use the box below:
  • Further instructions will be displayed at the next page, in a box at the top of the page.
  • If a mediation case page already exists for the dispute name, append 2 to the name; e.g. you would type Swimming 2 below, rather than Swimming.

After submitting your request:

  • Check that MediationBot has added the request to Wikipedia:Requests for mediation/Pending; it may take up to an hour to do this. MediationBot will also notify all the listed parties to the dispute that the request has been filed (or message the Committee if this is not possible). Leave a message here if the Bot fails to do its job.
  • Add the case page to your watchlist, in case the mediator who considers whether to accept your request has any questions.