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Drafting Template[edit]

This page has been listed in Category:Requests for verification.
It has been suggested that this article might not meet Wikipedia's core content policies Verifiability and/or No original research. If references are not cited within a month, the disputed information will be removed.

If you can address this concern by sourcing please edit this page and do so. You may remove this message if you reference the article.

The article may be deleted if this message remains in place for 30 days. (This message was added: 18 August 2017.)

If you created the article, please don't take offense. Instead, improve the article so that it is acceptable according to Verifiability and/or No original research.

Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. (help, get involved!)

Suggested usage[edit]

  • {{Requests for verification}} ({{RFV}}) should be used only on articles that have no sources. If there are Any references supporting the article then do not use {{RFV}} you may consider the {{Refimprove}} template which is appropriate for articles with some sources but not enough.
  • Wikipedia Requests for verification {{RFV}} places articles in category:Requests for verification categorizing by date as {{Prod}} does.
  • {{RFV}} should not be used on articles with history before January 1, 2007
  • {{uw-unsor1}}, {{uw-unsor2}}, {{uw-unsor3}} should be placed on the talk page of the original editor of an unreferenced article that is tagged with {{RFV}}
  • There should be at least 30 days between the tag and deletion

Deletion Instructions[edit]

Before deleting the article check -

1. Does the article history (first edit) begin after January 1, 2007?
  • No, it begins before January 1, 2007 - Remove the RFV tag and do not delete
  • Yes - continue
2. Has the RFV tag been on the article for at least 30 days?
  • No, it has been less then 30 days - Stop and allow editors to improve the article
  • Yes - Continue
3. Are there ANY references, external links, or mentions of sources anywhere in the article?
4. Delete the article.


It is appropriate to provide warning and allow time for editors to improve articles and add references. Current we have Wikipedia:Verifiability and Wikipedia:No original research and messages like "Articles that do not cite reliable published sources are likely to be deleted." when you open an edit screen to make a NEW ARTICLE. It is reasonable to argue that any content or articles added since January 1, 2007 (when older articles were added there was not a verification requirement)[citation needed] that are unreferenced are posted directly in violation of Wikipedia policy. In Wiktionary new unreferenced articles are tagged with {{rfv}} which reads

This page has been listed on the requests for verification list. (Add entry to list.)
It has been suggested that this entry might not meet Wiktionary's criteria for inclusion. If evidence is not provided within a month, the disputed information will be removed.
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The process that this suggestion is based on is at Wiktionary:Requests for verification.