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The reward board is an informal page where users who want a specific task related to Wikipedia (such as the promotion of an article to featured article status or the editing of an image) can offer a reward to editors willing to take on the task. The execution and details of the transaction are the responsibility of the participating parties, and the reward can be monetary, goods (books, cookies, etc.), barnstars, or tit-for-tat editing (like improving another article).

Reward board is similar to the defunct Bounty board; however, instead of a donation to the Wikimedia Foundation, payment is made directly to a specific editor.

The Wikimedia Foundation is not hiring contributors and no payments are made by the Foundation. This is purely a page for editors to offer rewards to other editors. Challenges may remain open for a maximum duration of one year. After that period of time, the challenge will be moved to expired requests; however, the author of the challenge may repost the challenge with a new expiration period. The aim of this policy is to keep the board clutter-free, ensure editors are available to fulfill such challenges, and to ensure the challenges are still valid.

See Wikipedia:Conflict of interest for information about monetary compensation and possible conflicts of interest.

How to offer a reward[edit]

If you would like to offer a reward such as the ones below, simply add an entry below. Add all the details that you feel are relevant to the reward, in a format similar to this pattern:

===Reward title===
*'''Offeror''': ~~~
*'''Date offered''': ~~~~~
*'''Request''': What needs to be done to claim the award.
*'''Reward''': The reward you are offering.
*'''Limit on rewards''': In the case of possible multiple rewards, any limit set.
*'''Expires''': Date until which your offer is valid. Max expiration date is one year from offer date.
*'''Sign-up''': Person interested in taking on the task. Please provide expected completion date.

In the case of a monetary offer, please specify country currency. Numerous countries use the same symbols.

Please place new entries in chronological order of expiration. See Wikipedia:Reward board fulfilled requests for past rewards.

Active article requests[edit]

Translations from Russian[edit]

  • Offeror: PlanespotterA320
  • Date offered: 18 July 2018
  • Request: Assist in the backlog of redlinked super-notable articles needing translation from Russian here by developing non-stub articles (absolute minimum 3 paragraphs, preferably much more)
  • Reward: For ten full articles written from the list you will receive a Writer's barnstar; 25 or more will result in a barnstar of national merit; 50 will result in the awarding of the Translation Barnstar, and any user who translates 100 articles in full will be awarded the Rosetta Barnstar.
  • Limit on rewards: Articles may not be stubs or copy-pasted machine-translated text.
  • Expires: 18 July 2019
  • Sign-up:

Translation to any language[edit]

  • Offeror: Damien Linnane (talk)
  • Date offered: 01:24, 9 December 2018 (UTC)
  • Request: Translate one of 'my' GAs, FAs or FLCs into another language, and then nominate for GA, FA or FLC at the Wiki for that language. A full-list of the potential noms can be found on my userpage, plus languages they have already been translated to.
  • Reward: Two barnstars; one for translating and another for successful nomination. Or if you prefer I could review any English language GA, FA, FLC or PR of your choice.
  • Limit on rewards: No limits; by all means translate multiple articles. Obviously machine-translated text does not qualify for reward.
  • Expires: One year (December 9, 2019)
  • Sign-up:

Updating Spaceflight -- the Early Days[edit]

All of the U.S. Presidents to Featured status[edit]

  • Offeror: John M Wolfson (talk)
  • Date offered: 21:04, 29 April 2019 (UTC)
  • Request: All 44 articles on the U.S. Presidents, from Washington to Trump, should be improved and promoted to FA status. This is not a one-editor job. The FAC process takes about a month or two for each article, an editor can be the sole nominator for only one FAC at a time, this reward is only good for a year, and there are 21 non-FA presidential articles.
For reference

For reference, the Presidential articles that are not already featured and their current ratings (as given by the Vital Articles list) are:

  1. Good article George Washington
  2. B-Class article Thomas Jefferson
  3. C-Class article James Madison
  4. C-Class article James Monroe
  5. C-Class article John Quincy Adams
  6. C-Class article Martin Van Buren
  7. Good article Zachary Taylor
  8. C-Class article James Buchanan
  9. Good article Abraham Lincoln
  10. C-Class article Theodore Roosevelt
  11. B-Class article Woodrow Wilson
  12. B-Class article Herbert Hoover
  13. Good article Franklin D. Roosevelt
  14. C-Class article Dwight D. Eisenhower
  15. C-Class article John F. Kennedy
  16. B-Class article Lyndon B. Johnson
  17. C-Class article Jimmy Carter
  18. C-Class article George H. W. Bush
  19. Good article Bill Clinton
  20. Good article George W. Bush
  21. B-Class article Donald Trump

(None of these are currently FACs, for what it's worth.)

  • Reward: All editors who nominate or co-nominate a successful FAC will receive a WikiProject United States Barnstar of National Merit for each successful FAC, and at the time of expiry I will nominate the editor who has nominated or co-nominated the most successful FACs, or who has otherwise contributed the most to the success of this reward, for Editor of the Week. If all of the presidential articles get promoted to FA status I will create a special Hall of Fame subpage on my user page commemorating every single editor who nominated, co-nominated, or otherwise significantly contributed to a successful FAC in this area.
  • Limit on rewards: An editor must expressly sign up for this offer to receive a reward.
  • Expires: End of 30 April 2020, UTC. I realize this is slightly longer than the one-year maximum of expiration, I hope that won't be an issue.
  • Sign-up: You can sign up in this section or on my talk page here. If you feel like this offer would be of interest to a WikiProject feel free to tell the WikiProject and refer it to this particular page.

Bring SCP – Containment Breach to Good Article status[edit]

  • Offeror: Spirit of Eagle (talk)
  • Date offered: 04:03, 15 July 2019 (UTC)
  • Request: Bring SCP – Containment Breach to good article status.
  • Reward: One original barnstar (or any other appropriate barnstar of your choice) to every editor who plays a substantial role in promoting the article.
  • Limit on rewards: N/A
  • Expires: July 15, 2020 (will renew offer as necessary)
  • Sign-up:

Active programming requests[edit]

Add a "delete associated talk page checkbox" to the delete form[edit]

  • Offeror: Wiki Project Med Foundation (contact User:Doc James)
  • Date offered: 18:21, 15 July 2019 (UTC)
  • Request: Write code for phab:T27471 (add a "delete associated talk page" checkbox to the delete form) and shepherd it through the WMF's code review process such that the improvement is incorporated into MediaWiki master branch. (Adjustment to site JavaScript is not acceptable.) Reward is payable when the improvement is deployed to the English Wikipedia. Contact User:MER-C if more details needed. (See [1] for some additional comments.)
  • Reward: USD 50 (to be paid by paypal)
  • Expires: July 15, 2020
  • Sign-up:

Active other requests[edit]

Help with ribbon rack[edit]

  • Offeror: User:Luis Santos24
  • Date offered: 03 June 2019
  • Request: The creation of a large ribbon rack for my profile to display my military and cadet awards. Please contact me at
  • Reward: The Special Barnstar Award
  • Limit on rewards: One.
  • Expires: No expiration.
  • Sign-up: Person interested in taking on the task. Please provide expected completion date.

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