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A Review of the

Requests for Adminship Process



Reflect - (Stats)




The Review Process
Methodology - Discussion

Requests for Adminship

This page is part of the Reflection Phase, a component of the RfA Review. The review is a detailed analysis of the Requests for adminship process.

The previous phase, called the Question phase, sought the input of editors and admins alike on the current state of the RfA process. Responses were accepted from 12 June 2008 until 1 July 2008, at which time an analysis of the responses began. Once completed, this analysis will be peer reviewed and shared with the community. The review of this report is the primary task of the Reflection phase.

Two types of analysis are being performed on these responses. This page is used to coordinate the Statistical Analysis of the responses. This analysis will attempt to determine the most common statements or concerns from the editors who responded to the questionnaire, and how those responses can be compared to other responses on a quantitative basis.


Approximately 20% of responses were initially surveyed, to create a baseline list of statements. The remaining responses are broken down into groups of 5; Any statement that matches a statement from each response will be tallied with a "1". Statements not offered by the response, or responses of "No Comment" to particular questions will be left blank.

If you wish to assist with this analysis, simply add your name to the list below next to a group that you would like to review. This will prevent duplication of effort, and will permit other editors to track our progress.

If a response makes a statement that isn't already in the chart, please add it to the bottom of the list of statements for that question. This will be particularly important for the final question, which invites additional thoughts on any related topic. Don't worry about adding statements that aren't on other charts; Once all of the responses have been reviewed, all charts will be combined and similar responses will be merged.

Once a list has been reviewed, User:Ultraexactzz will add the tallied responses to the master spreadsheet. When all responses have been added in this way, the master list will be used for the statistical analysis of the responses. It will also be made available for others to analyze, as well - though a format for this is still being determined. The field "Recorded?" indicates whether a particlar list has been added to the master spreadsheet.

The Lists[edit]


Worklist A completed 5 August 2008

Worklist A
Range Adopted Editor's name Status Recorded?
Range 1 Ultraexactzz  Done  Done
Range 2 Livitup  Done  Done
Range 3 Useight  Done  Done
Range 4 Lifebaka  Done  Done
Range 5 Kevin  Done  Done
Range 6 Ultraexactzz  Done  Done
Range 7 Lifebaka  Done  Done
Range 8 Ultraexactzz  Done  Done
Range 9 Lifebaka  Done  Done
Range 10 Naerii  Done  Done
Range 11 Useight  Done  Done
Range 12 Ultraexactzz  Done  Done
Range 13 Ultraexactzz  Done  Done
Range 14 Lifebaka  Done  Done
Range 15 Lifebaka  Done  Done
Range 16 Ultraexactzz  Done  Done
Range 17 Lifebaka  Done  Done
Range 18 Kevin  Done  Done


Worklist B completed 13 August 2008

Worklist B
Range Adopted Editor's name Status Recorded?
Range 19 lifebaka  Done  Done
Range 20 lifebaka  Done  Done
Range 21 Livitup  Done  Done
Range 22 lifebaka  Done  Done
Range 23 lifebaka  Done  Done
Range 24 Ultraexactzz  Done  Done
Range 25 lifebaka  Done  Done
Range 26 Livitup  Done  Done
Range 27 Livitup  Done  Done
Range 28 Ultraexactzz  Done  Done
Range 29 Ultraexactzz  Done  Done
Range 30 lifebaka  Done  Done
Range 31 Ultraexactzz  Done  Done
Range 32 lifebaka  Done  Done
Range 33 Livitup  Done  Done
Range 34 lifebaka  Done  Done
Range 35 Livitup  Done  Done