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If you are someone who is fortunate enough to get a lot of awards, you might have trouble fitting them all on your userpage. There are a number of ways to handle this:

  1. You can create a sub-page to dump all your awards into.
  2. You can shrink them to miniatures and stack them.
  3. You can remove them and only keep a count of them.
  4. You can convert them into ribbons.

This page is meant to help you convert your barnstars into ribbons. In real life when you get an award/medal, you usually also get a rectangular textile equivalent to the medal, in a form of a ribbon. This is meant to minimize the space needed to display the awards, and a similar concept is employed here.

Barnstar Ribbons[edit]

General Barnstar Ribbons[edit]

Barnstar Shadowed Ribbon Textured Ribbon Small Ribbon

The Original Barnstar

File:Original Ribbon.png

File:Original Ribbon 2.png

File:Barnstar ribbon.svg

The Editor's Barnstar

File:Editors Ribbon.png


File:Editor rib.png

The Working Man's Barnstar

File:Working Man Ribbon.png

File:Working Man Ribbon 2.png

File:Working Man's ribbon.svg

The Minor Barnstar

File:Minor Ribbon.png

File:Minor Ribbon 2.png

File:Minor ribbon.svg

The Random Acts of Kindness Barnstar

File:Random Acts of Kindness Ribbon.png

File:Random Acts of Kindness Ribbon 2.png

File:Random Acts of Kindness ribbon.svg

The Barnstar of Diligence

File:Diligence Ribbon.png

File:Diligence Ribbon 2.png

File:Diligence ribbon.svg

The Surreal Barnstar

File:Surreal Ribbon.png

File:Surreal Ribbon 2.png

File:Surreal ribbon.svg

The Tireless Contributor Barnstar

File:Tireless Contributor Ribbon.png

File:Tireless Contributor Ribbon 2.png

File:Tireless Contributor ribbon.svg

The Photographer's Barnstar

File:Photographers Ribbon.png

File:Photographers Ribbon 2.png

File:Photographers rib.png

The Defender of the Wiki Barnstar

File:Defender of the Wiki Ribbon.png

File:Defender of the Wiki Ribbon 2.png

File:Defender of the wiki mini.png

The Anti-Vandalism Barnstar

File:RickK Anti-Vandalism Ribbon.png

File:Anti-Vandalism Ribbon.png

File:Barnstar reversion ribbon.png

The Barnstar of Good Humor

File:Good Humor Ribbon.png

File:Good Humor Ribbon 2.png

File:Good humor rib.png

The Resilient Barnstar

File:Resilient Ribbon.png

File:Resilient Ribbon 2.png


The Rosetta Barnstar

File:Rosetta Ribbon.png

File:Rosetta Ribbon 2.png


The Graphic Designer's Barnstar

File:Graphic Designer Ribbon.png

File:Graphic Designer's ribbon.svg

File:Graphic Designer's ribbon.svg

The da Vinci Barnstar

File:Vitruvian Ribbon.png

File:Vitruvian Ribbon 2.png


The Half Barnstar

File:Half Barnstar Ribbon.gif

File:Half Barnstar Ribbon.svg

File:Half Barnstar Ribbon.png

File:Halfbarnstar rib left.PNG

File:Halfbarnstar rib right.PNG

The Copyeditor's Barnstar

File:Copyeditor Ribbon Shadowed.png

File:Copyeditors Ribbon.png


The Special Barnstar

File:Special Ribbon2.png

File:Special Ribbon.png


What a Brilliant Idea Barnstar

File:Bright Idea Ribbon.png



The Articles for Creation barnstar

File:AFC Ribbon Shadowed.png

File:AFC Ribbon 2.png

File:AFC rib.png

The Barnstar of Diplomacy

File:Peace Ribbon Shadowed.png

File:Peace Ribbon.png


The Invisible Barnstar

File:Invisible Ribbon Shadowed.png

File:Invisible Ribbon.png

File:Invisible rib.png

Civility Award
a.k.a. The Civility Barnstar

File:Civility Ribbon Shadowed.png

File:Civility Ribbon.png

File:Civility rib.png

Wikipedia Motivation Award
a.k.a. The Motivation Barnstar

File:Motivation Ribbon.png

File:Motivation rib.png

File:Motivation rib.png

The Socratic Barnstar

File:Socratic Ribbon Shadowed.png

File:Socratic Ribbon.png

File:Socratic rib.png

The Article Rescue Barnstar

File:Article Rescue Ribbon Shadowed.png

File:Rescue Ribbon.png

File:Rescue rib.png

The Real Life Barnstar

File:Real Life Ribbon Shadowed.png

File:Real Life Ribbon.png

File:Real Life rib.png

The Barnstar of Recovery

File:Recovery Ribbon.png

File:Recovery rib.png

File:Recovery rib.png

The Content Creativity Barnstar

File:Content Creativity Ribbon Shadowed.png

File:Content Creativity.png

File:Content Creativity rib.png

The Citation Barnstar

File:Citation Ribbon.png

File:Citation rib.png

File:Citation rib.png

The Redirect Barnstar

File:Redirect Ribbon Shadowed.png

File:Redirect ribbon.png

File:Redirect ribbon.png

The Anti-Flame Barnstar

File:Anti-Flame Ribbon.png

File:Anti flame rib.PNG

File:Anti flame rib.PNG

The Anti-Spam Barnstar

File:Anti-Spam Ribbon Shadowed.png

File:Anti spam mini.png

File:Anti spam mini.png

The Writer's Barnstar

File:Writers Ribbon Shadowed.png

File:Writers ribbon mini.png

File:Writers ribbon mini.png

The Guidance Barnstar

File:Guidance Ribbon.png

File:Guidance rib.png

File:Guidance rib.png

The Your Opinion is More Important than You Think Barnstar

File:Opinion Ribbon Shadowed.png

File:Opinion Ribbon.png

File:Your Opinion Ribbon Small.png

The Audio Barnstar

File:Audio Ribbon Shadowed.png

File:Audio barnstar mini.png

File:Audio barnstar mini.png

The All-Around Amazing Barnstar

File:Allaroundamazing Ribbon.png

File:AAA Ribbon Small.png

File:AAA Ribbon Small.png

The Modest Barnstar

File:Modest Ribbon 2.png

File:Handshake Ribbon.png

File:Modest Ribbon.png

File:Modest rib.PNG

The Red Link Removal Barnstar

File:Red Link Removal Ribbon Shadowed.png

File:Red Link Removal.svg

File:Red link removal mini.png

The Cleanup Barnstar

File:Cleanup Ribbon.png

File:Cleanup rib.PNG

File:Cleanup rib.PNG

The Wikilink Barnstar

File:Wikilink Ribbon Shadowed.png

File:Wikilink ribbon mini.png

File:Wikilink ribbon mini.png

The Admin's Barnstar

File:Admin Barnstar Ribbon Shadowed.png

File:Admin Barnstar Ribbon.png

File:Admin Barnstar Ribbon Small.png

The Teamwork Barnstar

File:Teamwork Ribbon Shadowed.png

File:Teamwork Ribbon.png

File:Teamwork rib.PNG

File:Teamwork rib.PNG

The Barnstar of Integrity

File:Barnstar of Integrity Ribbon Shadowed.png


File:Integrity rib.PNG

The Typo Team Barnstar

File:Typo Ribbon Shadowed.png

File:Ribbon for Typo Team Barnstar.png

File:Typo Ribbon small version.png

The Press Barnstar

File:Press Ribbon Shadowed.png

File:Press Ribbon.png

File:Press Ribbon small.png

The Copyright Cleanup Barnstar

File:CopyClean Ribbon.png

File:Copyclean rib.png

File:Copyclean rib.png

The BLP Barnstar

File:BLP Ribbon Shadowed.png

File:BLP Ribbon.png

File:BLP rib.PNG

File:Alternate BLP Ribbon Small.png

File:BLP rib.PNG

File:Alternate BLP Ribbon Small.png

The Recent changes Barnstar

File:Recent Changes Ribbon Shadowed.png

File:Recent Changes Ribbon.png

File:Recent changes mini.png

The Disambiguator's Barnstar

File:Disambiguator Ribbon Shadowed.png

File:Disamb mini.png

File:Disamb mini.png

The Eraser Barnstar

File:Eraser Ribbon Shadowed.png

File:Eraser barnstar rib.svg

File:Eraser barnstar rib.svg

The Purple Barnstar

File:Purple Barnstar Ribbon Shadowed.png

File:Purple Barnstar Ribbon.png

File:Purple Barnstar Ribbon Small.png

The Detective Barnstar

File:Detective Ribbon Shadowed.png

File:Detective barnstar rib.svg

File:Detective barnstar rib.svg

Topical Barnstar Ribbons[edit]

Barnstar Shadowed Ribbon Textured Ribbon Small Ribbon

The Running Man Barnstar

File:Running Man Ribbon.png


The Barnstar of National Merit

File:National Merit Ribbon.png


File:BoNM rib.png

The Technology Barnstar

File:Technology Ribbon.png


The Oddball Barnstar

File:Oddball Ribbon.png


The Society Barnstar

File:Society Ribbon.png


The Barnstar of High Culture

File:High Culture Ribbon.png

File:High Culture Ribbon Small.png

The Epic Barnstar

File:Epic Ribbon.png

File:Epic Ribbon Small.png

The E=mc² Barnstar

File:EMC2 Ribbon.png

File:E=mc² Ribbon Small.png

The Current Events Barnstar

File:Current Event Ribbon.png

File:Current events mini.png

The VG Barnstar

File:Video Game Ribbon Shadowed.png

File:WikiProject Video Games Ribbon.png


The Bio-star


File:Bio Ribbon Small.png

The Geography Barnstar

File:Geography Ribbon.png

File:Geo Ribbon Small.png

The Business and Economics Barnstar

File:Business and Economics Ribbon Shadowed.png

File:Business economic mini.png

The Barnstar of Liberty

File:Liberty Ribbon Shadowed.png

File:Liberty Ribbon.png

File:Liberty Ribbon small.png

The WikiProject Films Award

File:Film Ribbon.png

File:Film Ribbon Small.png

The LGBT Barnstar

File:LGBT Ribbon.png

File:Rainbow Ribbon Small.png

The Fauna Barnstar

File:Fauna Ribbon.png

The Mixed Drinks Barnstar

File:Mixed Drinks Ribbon Shadowed.png

File:Mixed drinks mini.png

The Biography Barnstar

File:Biography Ribbon.png

File:Biography Ribbon Small.png

Royalty and Nobility Barnstar

File:Royalty Ribbon Shadowed.png

File:Royalty mini.png

King of Arms Barnstar

File:Kingofarms Ribbon Shadowed.png

File:Kingofarms Ribbon.png

File:Kingofarms mini.svg

The Fraternity and Sorority Barnstar

File:Frat Ribbon Shadowed.png

File:Frat ribbon mini.png

The Tao Barnstar

File:Tao Ribbon Shadowed.png

File:Tao barnstar rib.svg

File:Tao barnstar rib.svg

The Nessie Barnstar

File:Nessie Ribbon Shadowed.png

File:Nessie barnstar rib.svg

File:Nessie barnstar rib.svg

The Music Barnstar

File:Music Ribbon Shadowed.png

File:Music ribbon.png

File:Music ribbon small.png

The Christianity Barnstar

File:Christianity Ribbon Shadowed.png



File:Christianity Ribbon Small.png

The Shinto Barnstar

File:Shinto Ribbon Shadowed.png

File:Shinto mini.png

The Human Sexuality Barnstar

File:Human Sexuality Ribbon Shadowed.png

File:Human Sexuality Ribbon.png

The Anime and Manga BarnSakura Award

File:BarnSakura Ribbon.png

File:BarnSakura ribbon.svg

File:BarnSakura ribbon.svg

The Automotive Barnstar

File:Automotive Ribbon Shadowed.png

File:Automotive Ribbon.png

The Geology Barnstar

File:Geology Ribbon Shadowed.png

File:Geology Ribbon.png

File:Geology ribbon small.png

The Cast Iron Engineering Barnstar

File:Cast Iron Engineering Ribbon Shadowed.png

File:Gear barnstar ribbon.png

File:Gear barnstar ribbon.png

The Jainism Award

File:Jainism Barnstar Ribbon Shadow.svg

File:Jainism Barnstar Ribbon.svg

File:Jainism Barnstar Ribbon.svg

The Military Barnstar

File:MILHIST-Barnstar-Ribbon shadow.png



The Anarchist Barnstar

File:Anarchist Ribbon Shadowed.png

File:Anarchist Ribbon.png

Nudity Barnstar

File:Nudity Ribbon.png

File:Nudity Barnstar small.png

Sex Work Barnstar

File:Sex Work Ribbon.png

File:Sex Work Ribbon small.png

Wikipedia-space Barnstar Ribbons[edit]

Barnstar Shadowed Ribbon Textured Ribbon Small Ribbon

The Barnstar Barnstar

File:Barnstar Barnstar Ribbon Shadowed.png

File:Barnstar Barnstar Ribbon.png

File:Barnstar barnstar mini.png

The Template Barnstar

File:Template Ribbon.png

File:Template Barnstar ribbon.png

The Excellent User Page Award

File:Userpage Ribbon.png

File:Userpage barnstar ribbon.png

The Commons Ambassador Barnstar

File:Commons Ambassador Ribbon Shadowed.png

File:Commons ambassador mini.png

Translation Barnstar

File:Translation Ribbon Shadowed.png

File:Translation Ribbon Large.svg

File:Translation mini.png

Adopt-a-User Barnstar

File:Adoption Ribbon Shadowed.png

File:Adoption Ribbon.png

File:Adoption ribbon mini.png

The Red Barnstar

File:Soviet Ribbon Shadowed.png

File:Soviet Ribbon Shadowed 2.png

File:Soviet Ribbon.png

File:Revolutionary mini.png

The WikiProject Barnstar

File:WikiProject Ribbon Shadowed.png

File:WikiProject Ribbon.png

File:WikiProject Ribbon Small.png

The Barnstar Creator's Barnstar

File:Creator Ribbon Shadowed.png

File:Creator Ribbon.png

File:Creator Ribbon Small.png

The Portal Barnstar

File:Portal Ribbon Shadowed.png

File:Portal Ribbon.jpg

The Userpage Shield

File:Userpage Protection Ribbon Shadowed.png

File:Userpage Shield.png

File:Userpage shield mini.png

The Helping Hand Barnstar

File:Helping Hand Ribbon Shadowed.png

File:Helping Hand Ribbon.png


File:Helping Hand Ribbon Small.png

The New Page Patroller's Barnstar

File:NPP Ribbon Shadowed.png

File:NPP Ribbon.jpg

File:NPP Ribbon Small.png
Barnstar Shadowed Ribbon Textured Ribbon Small Ribbon

Alien Barnstar

File:Alien Ribbon Shadowed.png

File:Alien Barnstar Ribbon.png

The Anime and Manga Barnstar

File:Barnloli Ribbon Shadowed.png

File:Barnloli Ribbon.png

File:Anime and Manga ribbon.svg

The Appalachia Barnstar

File:WikiProject Appalachia Barnstar Ribbon (small).png


File:Wikiwings Ribbon.png


The Baseball Barnstar

File:Baseball Ribbon Shadowed.png


File:Shadowed Baseball Ribbon.png

File:Baseball Ribbon Small.png

The BoSox Barnstar

File:Red Sox Ribbon Shadowed.png

File:Red Sox Ribbon.png

File:Red Sox Ribbon.png

Chemistry Star

File:Chemistry Star Ribbon Shadowed.png

File:Chemistry Star Ribbon.png

The CVU Anti-Vandalism Award

File:CVU Gold Shadowed.png

File:CVU Silver Shadowed.png

File:CVU Award Ribbon.png


The WikiProject Good Articles Medal of Merit

File:Good Article Ribbon Shadowed.png

File:Good Article Ribbon Small.png

Template:WikiProject Ghost towns Award

File:Ghost Town Ribbon Shadowed.png

File:Ghost town ribbon.png

The Illinois Barnstar

File:WikiProject Illinois Ribbon Shadowed.png

File:WikiProject Illinois Ribbon.png

The Law Barnstar

File:Law Ribbon Shadowed.png


The Law Enforcement Barnstar

File:Law Enforcement Ribbon Shadowed.png


The WikiChevrons

File:Military history Ribbon.png

File:Military history ribbon 2.png

The Content Review Medal of Merit

File:MILHIST-CRM-Ribbon shadow.svg



Wikipedians of Navarre Creation Award (Gold Class)

File:Navarre Creation Ribbon Gold Shadowed.png

File:Navarre Creation Ribbon Gold.jpg

Wikipedians of Navarre Creation Award (Silver Class)

File:Navarre Creation Ribbon Silver Shadowed.png

File:Navarre Creation Ribbon Silver.png

Wikipedians of Navarre Service Award

File:Navarre Service Award Ribbon Shadowed.png

File:Navarre Service Award Ribbon.jpg

The Michigan Barnstar

File:Michigan Ribbon Shadowed.png

File:Michigan Barnstar Ribbon 2.png

The American Civil War Barnstar

File:American Civil War Ribbon Shadowed.png

File:ACW barnstar rib 2.svg

File:ACW barnstar rib 2.svg

The World War Barnstar

File:World War II Ribbon Shadowed.png

File:World War II Ribbon Shadow.png

File:World War II Ribbon Shadow.png

The Order Of The Yankees

File:Yankees Ribbon Shadowed.png


The Olympics Barnstar

File:Olympic Ribbon Shadowed.png

File:Olympic Ribbon - Shadowed.png

File:Olympic Ribbon.png


The Fightin Phil Star

File:Phillies Ribbon Shadowed.png

File:Phillies Ribbon.png

The Pokémon Barnstar

File:Pokemon Ribbon Shadowed.png

File:Pokestar ribbon.png

The Star of Sophia

File:Star of Sophia Ribbon.png

File:Star of sophia mini.png

WikiProject Stargate Barnstar

File:WikiProject Stargate Ribbon Shadowed.png

File:StargateWP barnstar ribbon.png

The Galactic Republic Barnstar of Merit

File:Grand Moff Ribbon Shadowed.png

File:Grand Moff Ribbon Small.png

Scouting Barnstar

File:Scout Ribbon.png

File:Scout Ribbon Shadowed.png

File:Scouting barnstar ribbon.png

The Spoken star

File:Spoken Articles Ribbon.png

File:Spoken Ribbon Small.png

Template:Television Star

File:Television Ribbon Shadowed.png

File:Tvbarnstar ribbon.png

The Xbox Barnstar

File:Xbox Ribbon.png

File:Xbox Ribbon Small.png

The Iron Wikification Barnstar

File:Iron Wikification.png

File:Iron Wikification Ribbon Small.png

The Bronze Wikification Barnstar

File:Bronze Wikification.png

File:Bronze Wikification Ribbon Small.png

The Silver Wikification Barnstar

File:Silver Wikification.png

File:Silver Wikification Ribbon Small.png

The Gold Wikification Barnstar

File:Gold Wikification.png

File:Gold Wikification Ribbon Small.png

The Working Wikifier's Barnstar

File:Working Wikifier Ribbon.png

File:Working Wikifier Ribbon Small.png

The Greater Working Wikifier's Barnstar

File:Greater Working Wikifier Ribbon.png

File:Greater Working Wikifier Ribbon Small.png

The WikiProject Wikify Trophy

File:Wikiproject Wikify Trophy.png

File:Wikiproject Wikify Trophy Ribbon Small.png

The Order of the Superior Scribe of Wikipedia

File:Superior scribe ribbon.png

File:Order of the Superior Scribe rib.png

The Signpost Barnstar

File:Signpost Barnstar Shadowed.svg

File:Signpost Barnstar.svg

File:Signpost Barnstar.svg

The Atheist Barnstar 2.0

File:Atheist Barnstar ribbon shadow.svg

File:Atheist Barnstar ribbon.svg

File:Atheist Barnstar ribbon.svg
Barnstar Shadowed Ribbon Textured Ribbon Small Ribbon

Australian Barnstar of National Merit

File:Australia Ribbon Shadowed.png

File:Australia Ribbon.png

File:BoNM - Australia rib.png

Template:The Azerbaijan Barnstar of National Merit

File:Azerbaijan Ribbon Shadowed.png

File:BoNM - Azerbaijan rib.png

The Belarus Barnstar of National Merit

File:Belarus Ribbon Shadowed.png

File:BoNM - Belarus rib.png

The Bulgaria Barnstar of National Merit

File:Bulgaria Ribbon Shadowed.png


File:BoNM - Bulgaria rib.png

Brazilian Barnstar of National Merit

File:Brazil Ribbon Shadowed.png

File:Brazil Ribbon.png

File:BoNM - Brazil rib.png

The Maple Leaf Award

File:Canada Gold Ribbon Shadowed.png

File:Canada Silver Ribbon Shadowed.png

File:Canada Red Ribbon Shadowed.png

File:Canada Gold Ribbon.png

File:Canada Silver Ribbon.png

File:Canada Red Ribbon.png


File:Canada silver barnstar rib.PNG

File:Canada red barnstar rib.PNG

People's Republic of China Barnstar

File:China Ribbon Shadowed.png

File:PR China Ribbon.png

File:China rib.png

Croatian Barnstar of National Merit

File:Croatia Ribbon Shadowed.png

File:BoNM - Croatia rib.png

The Barnstar of European Merit

File:EU Ribbon Shadowed.png

File:EU Ribbon.png

File:EU rib.PNG

French Barnstar of National Merit

File:France Ribbon Shadowed.png

File:France Ribbon.png

File:BoNM - France rib.png

Greek Barnstar of National Merit

File:Greek Ribbon Shadowed.png

File:Greece Ribbon.png

File:BoNM - Greece rib.png

Indian Barnstar of National Merit

File:India Ribbon Shadowed.png

File:BoNM - India Ribbon.png

File:BoNM - India Ribbon (shadowed).png

File:BoNM - India rib.png

The Irish Barnstar of National Merit

File:Irish Ribbon Shadowed.png

File:Ireland Ribbon.png

File:BoNM - Ireland rib.png

The Israel Barnstar of National Merit

File:Israel Ribbon Shadowed.png

File:BoNM - Israel rib.svg

File:BoNM - Israel rib.svg

WikiProject Italy Award

File:Italy Ribbon Shadowed.png

File:Italy Ribbon.png

File:BoNM - Italy rib.png

WikiProject Japan Barnsensu Award

File:Japan Ribbon Shadowed.png

File:Japan Ribbon.png

File:BoNM - Japan rib.png

The Kazakhstan Barnstar of National Merit

File:Kazakhstan Ribbon Shadowed.png

File:BoNM - Kazakhstan rib.png

The Maldives Barnstar of National Merit

File:Maldives Ribbon Shadowed.png

File:BoNM - Maldives rib.svg

File:BoNM - Maldives rib.svg

The Mexican Barnstar of National Merit

File:Mexican Ribbon Shadowed.png

File:BoNM - Mexico rib.png

The New Zealand Barnstar
of National Merit

File:New Zealand Ribbon Shadowed.png

File:New Zealand Silverfern Ribbon Shadowed.png

File:New Zealand Ribbon.png

File:New Zealand Silverfern Ribbon.png

File:BoNM - New Zealand rib.png

File:BoNM - New Zealand rib (silverfern).png

The Philippine Barnstar (of National Merit)

File:Philippine Ribbon Shadowed.png

File:Philippine Ribbon Shadowed 2.png

File:800px-Wiki Philippine Ribbon.png

File:BoNM - Philippines rib.png

The Polish Barnstar of National Merit,
2nd Class

File:Poland Ribbon Shadowed 2nd Class.png

File:Poland Ribbon Shadowed 1st Class.png

File:Poland Ribbon.png

File:BoNM - Poland rib.png

File:BoNM - Poland rib (bronze star).png

Romania Barnstar of National Merit

File:Romania Ribbon Shadowed.png

File:Romania Ribbon.png

File:BoNM - Romania rib.png

The Russia Barnstar of National Merit

File:Russia Ribbon Shadowed.png

File:BoNM - Russia rib.png

The Sri Lankan Barnstar of National Merit

File:Sri Lanka Ribbon Shadowed.png

File:Sri Lanka Ribbon.png

File:BoNM - Sri Lanka rib.png

The Swiss Barnstar of National Merit

File:Switzerland Ribbon Shadowed.png

File:Switzerland Ribbon.png

File:Schweitz rib.png

The Turkmenistan Barnstar of National Merit

File:Turkmenistan Ribbon Shadowed.png

File:BoNM - Turkmenistan rib.png

The Uganda Barnstar

File:Uganda Ribbon Shadowed.png

File:Uganda Ribbon.png

File:BoNM - Uganda rib.png

File:Ukrainan Star.PNG

File:Ukraine Ribbon Shadowed.png

File:Ukrainan Ribbon.PNG

File:BoNM - Ukraine rib.png

The United Kingdom Barnstar
of National Merit

File:United Kingdom Ribbon Shadowed.png

File:UK Ribbon.png

File:BoNM - United Kingdom rib.png

see The WikiProject United States
Barnstar of National Merit

File:United States Ribbon Shadowed.png

File:US Ribbon.png

File:USA Ribbon.svg

File:BoNM - United States rib.png

The Uzbekistan Barnstar of National Merit

File:Uzbekistan Ribbon Shadowed.png

File:BoNM - Uzbekistan rib.png
Barnstar Shadowed Ribbon Textured Ribbon Small Ribbon

The Zen Garden Award

File:Zen Garden Ribbon Shadowed.png

File:Zen Garden award rib.svg

File:Zen Garden award rib.svg

WikiMedal for Janitorial Services

File:Janitorial Ribbon.png


File:Janitor rib.PNG

The Exceptional Newcomer Award

File:Exceptional Newcomer Ribbon.png

File:Exceptional newcommer rib.PNG

The Missing Barnstar
a.k.a. The Hidden Barnstar

File:Hidden Ribbon Shadowed.png

File:Hidden Ribbon.png

File:Hidden rib.PNG

The Reviewers Award

File:Reviewer's Ribbon.png

File:Reviewers Ribbon.png


The Outlaw Halo Award

File:Wikihalo Ribbon.png


The (Wikipedia) Bot Builder Award

File:Bot Builder Ribbon Shadowed.png

File:Bot Builder Award Ribbon.png


The WikiJaguar Award for Excellence
a.k.a. The Talk page stalker Award for Excellence

File:Jaguar Ribbon.png

File:WikiJaguar Ribbon Small.png

The Wiki Wiffle Bat
see Wikipedia:Other awards/Wiffle

File:Wiki Wiffle Bat Ribbon.png

File:Wiffle Ribbon Small.png
Barnstar Shadowed Ribbon Textured Ribbon Small Ribbon


File:WikiCookie Ribbon Shadowed.png

File:800px-Wiki Chocolate Chip Cookie Ribbon.png

File:Wikicookie rib.png


File:Wikithanks Ribbon.png

File:Wikithanks rib.png

The Golden Wiki (Award)

File:Gold Ribbon.png

File:Golden Wiki Ribbon Shadowed.png

File:Gold Wiki Ribbon Small.png

File:Golden wiki ribbon.png

The Silver Wiki (Award)

File:Silver Ribbon.png

File:Silver Wiki Ribbon Shadowed.png

File:Silver Wiki Ribbon Small.png

File:Silver wiki ribbon.png

The Bronze Wiki (Award)

File:Bronze Ribbon.png

File:Bronze Wiki Ribbon Shadowed.png

File:Bronze Wiki Ribbon Small.png

File:Bronze wiki ribbon.png

The Bright Idea Award

File:Bright Idea Ribbon Shadowed.png

File:Idea barnstar ribbon.png

vandal whacking stick

File:Vandal Whacking Stick Ribbon.png

File:Vandal award ribbon bar.png

The Lots of Barnstars Award

File:Lots of Barnstars Ribbon Shadowed.png

File:800px-Wiki Lots of Barnstar Ribbon.png

File:Lots of barnstars rib.png


File:WikiSmile Ribbon Shadowed.png

File:Wikismiles Ribbon.png

File:Wikismile mini.png

Awards for Content[edit]

Barnstar Shadowed Ribbon Textured Ribbon Small Ribbon

The 25 DYK Medal
deprecated, see WP:DYKLIST

File:DYK 25 Ribbon Shadowed.png

File:DYK 25 Ribbon.png

File:Dyk25 rib.PNG

The 50 DYK Medal
deprecated, see WP:DYKLIST

File:DYK 50 Ribbon Shadowed.png

File:DYK 50 Ribbon.png

File:Dyk50 rib.PNG

The 100 DYK Medal
deprecated, see WP:DYKLIST

File:DYK 100 Ribbon Shadowed.png

File:DYK 100 Ribbon.png

File:Dyk100 rib.PNG

The 200 DYK Medal
deprecated, see WP:DYKLIST

File:DYK 200 Ribbon Shadowed.png

File:DYK 200 Ribbon.png

File:Dyk200 rib.PNG

Ribbon for WP:Triple Crown recipients

File:Triple Crown Ribbon Shadowed.png

File:Triple Crown Ribbon.png

Ribbon for WP:Imperial Triple Crown recipients

File:Imperial Triple Crown Ribbon Shadowed.png

File:Imperial Triple Crown Rib.png

File:Imperial Triple Crown Ribbon.png

Ribbon for Wikipedia:Triple Crown#Imperial Napoleonic triple crown winnersWP:Imperial Napoleonic Triple Crown recipients

File:Imperial Napoleonic Triple Crown Ribbon Shadowed.png

File:Napoleonic Triple Crown.png

File:Imperial Napoleonic Triple Crown Ribbon.png

Ribbon for WP:Alexander the Great Triple Laurel Crown recipients

File:Alexander Triple Crown Ribbon Shadowed.png

File:Alexander Triple Crown.png

File:Alexander the Great Triple Laurel Crown Ribbon.png

Ribbon for WP:Valiant Return Triple Crown recipients

File:Valiant Triple Crown Ribbon Shadowed.png

File:Valiant Triple Crown Rib.png

File:Valiant Return Triple Crown Ribbon.png

The Featured Article Medal

File:Featured Article Ribbon.png


File:Feature article medal ribbon.png

The Featured List Medal

File:Featured List Ribbon Shadowed.png

File:Featured List Medal rib.svg

File:Featured List Medal rib.svg

The DYK Medal

File:DYK Ribbon Shadowed.png

File:DYK Ribbon Shadowed 2.png

File:DYK Medal Ribbon.png

File:DYK Ribbon.png

File:Dyk mini.png

File:Dyk rib.png
An alternate ribbon to show off that you got a DYK.
File:Abyssal DYK Ribbon Shadowed.png

File:Abyssal DYK Ribbon.png
An alternate ribbon to show off that your contributions to an article that got featured.
File:Abyssal Featured Ribbon Shadowed.png

File:Abyssal Featured Ribbon.png
The Cassiopeia Ribbon is for users who achieve at least three Four Awards and successfully nominate all of them for featured topic status.
File:Cassiopeia Ribbon Shadowed.png

File:Cassiopeia Ribbon.png
DYK Reviewer Ribbon
File:DYK Reviewer ribbon.png
GA Reviewer Ribbon
File:GA Reviewer ribbon.PNG

Four Award Ribbon

File:Four Award Ribbon.png

Ribbon for editors who have 10 Four Awards

File:Four Award Ribbon x10.png
DYK Contributor Ribbon
File:DYK Contributor Ribbon.PNG‎
GA Contributor Ribbon
File:GA Contributor Ribbon.PNG‎
WikiCup participation ribbon
File:WikiCup Participant.png
Level Ribbon option 1 Ribbon option 2 Ribbon option 3 Small ribbons


Use this template to place on user page: {{Autoconfirmed User Ribbon}}

File:Autoconfirmed users ribbon.png

Use this code to place it on the user page:

[[File:Autoconfirmed users ribbon.png|74px]]


Use this template to place on user page: {{Confirmed User Ribbon}}

File:Confirmed users ribbon.png

Use this code to place it on the user page:

[[File:Confirmed users ribbon.png|74px]]

Extended confirmed

Use this template to place on user page: {{Extended Confirmed User Ribbon}}

File:Extended confirmed small ribbon.png

Use this code to place it on the user page:

[[File:Extended confirmed small ribbon.png|74px]]


Use this template to place on user page: {{Administrator Ribbon}}


Use this template to place on user page: {{Bureaucrat Ribbon}}


Use this template to place on user page: {{Rollbacker Ribbon}}

Template editor

Use this template to place on user page: {{Template Editor Ribbon}}

Pending changes reviewer

Use this template to place on user page: {{Pending Changes Ribbon}}

Interface administrator

Use this template to place on user page: {{Interface Administrator Ribbon}}


Use this template to place on user page: {{Autopatrolled Ribbon}}

New page reviewer

Use this template to place on user page: {{New Page Reviewer Ribbon}}

Level Ribbon option 1 Ribbon option 2 Ribbon option 3 Small ribbons

Registered Editor or Signator

File:Registered Editor.svg


File:Registered Editor lv2.svg


File:Registered Editor lv3.svg


File:Registered Editor lv4.svg


Novice Editor or Burba

File:Novice Editor.svg



File:Novice Editor lv2.svg


File:Novice Editor lv3.svg


File:Novice Editor lv4.svg

File:Novice Editor Lv4 Ribbon Shadowed.png


Apprentice Editor or Novato

File:Apprentice Editor.svg

File:Apprentice Editor Ribbon Shadowed.png



File:Apprentice Editor lv2.svg


File:Apprentice Editor lv3.svg


File:Apprentice Editor lv4.svg


Journeyman Editor or Grognard

File:Journeyman Editor.svg



File:Journeyman Editor lv2.svg


File:Journeyman Editor lv3.svg


File:Journeyman Editor lv4.svg


Yeoman Editor or Grognard Extraordinaire

File:Yeoman Editor.svg



File:Yeoman Editor lv2.svg


File:Yeoman Editor lv3.svg


File:Yeoman Editor lv4.svg


Experienced Editor or Grognard Mirabilaire

File:Experienced Editor.svg



Veteran Editor or Tutnum

File:Veteran Editor 4C.svg



Veteran Editor II or Grand Tutnum

File:Veteran Editor 3C.svg



Veteran Editor III or Most Perfect Tutnum

File:Veteran Editor 2C.svg



Veteran Editor IV or Tutnum of the Encyclopedia

File:Veteran Editor 1C.svg



Senior Editor or Labutnum

File:Senior Editor 3C.svg



Senior Editor II or Most Pluperfect Labutnum

File:Senior Editor 2C.svg



Senior Editor III or Labutnum of the Encyclopedia

File:Senior Editor 1C.svg


Master Editor or Illustrious Looshpah

File:Master Editor 4C.svg


Master Editor II or Auspicious Looshpah

File:Master Editor 3C.svg


Master Editor III or Redoubtable Togneme

File:Master Editor 2C.svg


Master Editor IV or Esteemed Togneme Laurate

File:Master Editor 1C.svg


Grandmaster Editor or Most Imposing Togneme

File:Grandmaster Editor 2C.svg


Grandmaster Editor First-Class or Venerable and Eminent Togneme

File:Grandmaster Editor 1C.svg


Vanguard Editor or Lord High Togneme

File:Vanguard Editor.svg


Senior Vanguard Editor or Most Exalted Togneme

File:Senior Vanguard Editor.svg


Ultimate Vanguard Editor or August Togneme

File:Ultimate Vanguard Editor.svg


Sagacious Editor or Ephoros of the Encyclopedia

File:Sagacious Editor.svg

Level Ribbon option 1 Ribbon option 2 Small ribbon

New Administrator (or Duster)

File:New Administrator.svg


Novice Administrator (or Rookie Janitor)

File:Novice Administrator.svg


Apprentice Administrator (or Apprentice Janitor)

File:Apprentice Administrator.svg


Journeyman Administrator (or Advanced Apprentice Janitor)

File:Journeyman Administrator.svg


Yeoman Administrator (or Certified Janitor)

File:Yeoman Administrator.svg


Experienced Administrator (or Experienced Janitor)

File:Experienced Administrator.svg


Veteran Administrator (or Master Janitor)

File:Veteran Administrator 4C.svg


Veteran Administrator II (or Grand Master Janitor)

File:Veteran Administrator 3C.svg


Veteran Administrator III (or Great Grand Master Janitor)

File:Veteran Administrator 2C.svg


Veteran Administrator IV (or Janitor of the Encyclopedia)

File:Veteran Administrator 1C.svg


Senior Administrator (or Master Janitor of the Encyclopedia)

File:Senior Administrator 3C.svg


Senior Administrator II (or Grand Janitor of the Encyclopedia)

File:Senior Administrator 2C.svg


Senior Administrator III (or Great Grand Janitor of the Encyclopedia)

File:Senior Administrator 1C.svg


Master Administrator (or Supreme Janitor of the Encyclopedia)

File:Master Administrator 4C.svg


Master Administrator II (or Custodian of the Cabal)

File:Master Administrator 3C.svg


Master Administrator III (or Master Custodian of the Cabal)

File:Master Administrator 2C.svg


Master Administrator IV (or Grand Custodian of the Cabal)

File:Master Administrator 1C.svg


Grandmaster Administrator (or Great Grand Custodian of the Cabal)

File:Grandmaster Administrator 2C.svg


Grandmaster Administrator First-Class (or Supreme Custodian of the Cabal)

File:Grandmaster Administrator 1C.svg


Vanguard Administrator (or Quantum Custodian)

File:Vanguard Administrator.svg

Barnstar Shadowed Ribbon Textured Ribbon Small Ribbon
Atlas Award
The Atlas Award

File:Atlas Ribbon.png

File:Atlas rib.png

The AFD Barnstar

File:AfD Ribbon.png

File:Afd ribbon mini.png

Awesome Wikipedian Ribbon

File:Awesome Wikipedian Ribbon.PNG‎

The Bureaucrat's Barnstar

File:Bureaucrats Barnstar Ribbon.png

The Cool as a Cucumber Award

File:Cool as a Cucumber Ribbon.png

File:Cool as a cucumber-ribbon.PNG

The Copyvio Barnstar

File:Copyvio barnstar rib.png

The Erasmus Star

File:Erasmus Prize Ribbon.svg

Great editing in progress

File:Great Editing in Progress Ribbon.png

File:GEiP Ribbon.png

File:Great editing ribbon mini.png

The Fenway Barnstar

File:Fenway Barnstar Ribbon.png

Esperanza Barnstar


The Life Barnstar

File:Life Ribbon.png

File:Life ribbon mini.png



File:ODM medal ribbon.png

File:ODM medal ribbon.png

The Sims Barnstar

File:Sims 2 ribbon.png

The Quasar barnstar

File:Quasar Ribbon.jpg

Vladimir Horowitz Barnstar

File:The Vladimir Horowitz Barnstar Ribbon.png

The Great American Wiknic Barnstar

File:Wiknic Ribbon.png
Placeholder/Other barnstar -
for barnstars for which there is yet no ribbon

File:Placeholder barnstar ribbon.png

10,000 Edit Barnstar

File:10000 edit ribbon.svg

File:10000 edit ribbon.png

25,000 Edit Barnstar

File:25000 edit ribbon.svg

File:25000 edit ribbon.png

50,000 Edit Barnstar

File:50000 edit ribbon.svg

File:50000 edit ribbon.png

100,000 Edit Barnstar

File:100000 edit ribbon.svg

File:100000 edit ribbon.png

Adding Numbers to Ribbons[edit]

File name File
File:Ribbon numeral 0.png
File:Ribbon numeral 1.png
File:Ribbon numeral 2.png
File:Ribbon numeral 3.png
File:Ribbon numeral 4.png
File:Ribbon numeral 5.png
File:Ribbon numeral 6.png
File:Ribbon numeral 7.png
File:Ribbon numeral 8.png
File:Ribbon numeral 9.png
File:Ribbon numeral star.png
The star is intended to represent when a user has received a particular barnstar 10 or more times. Double digit numerals could easily crowd the ribbon and obscure its identifying colors, making it more difficult for users to know which award it represents. As being awarded the same award ten times is rather rare, this isn't expected to be a common problem.

To add one of these numbers to a ribbon, you can use the following code:

[[File:RIBBON NAME.png|90px]]<span style="position:relative; top: 0px; left: -90px; display: inline-block; width: 0;">[[File:Ribbon numeral 2.png|90px]]</span>