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Roll on the floor and laugh is an unofficial policy (making this article an essay) amongst some Wikipedia editors who contend there is not enough fun or articles filled with mirth. This essay intends to clear up that misconception.

Wikipedia:Department of Fun[edit]

Obi Clown Kemosabe, a Jedi Clown editor of Highest Pie Throwing Order.

The Wikipedia Department of Fun is dedicated to providing Wikipedians with an entertaining Wikipedia experience. Its primary intent is to find links to fun pages or fun things to do, other Wikipedian Associations, and to create a list of members who help with the creation and upkeep of entertaining or fun pages.

Wikipedia:Harmonious editing club[edit]

Implicitly involved in WP:ROFL is the WP:HEC. An editor, who wants to be WP:BOLD in editing pages, should remember to consider the feelings of other editors in revisions, comments and being WP:CIVIL. Having a sense of humor displayed properly on talkpages could be one way of effecting harmonious edits. Revert only when necessary is a good corollary.

First Wives Club[edit]

The First Wives Club was a movie. You knew that. You are probably expecting a gag line now. Please see Airplane! and do not call me Shirley!

Obi Clown Kemosabe[edit]

A noted editor, Obi Clown Kemosabe, has observed that Forrest Gump has nothing on him or his editorial skills. You gotta have a sense of humor. Sometimes we don't see that in our interactions with one another. Another (name your favorite Wikiproject here) member mentioned that Obi Clown Kemosabe (OBC) had a fine sense of humor to which OBC replied, "You infering that I am the Good Humor Man? I *hate* white uniforms. Oh wait, you mean my rapier wit! Forest Gump has nothing on me. Nada!"

Applications with other editors[edit]

In conflict resolution to edit wars, something is needed to defuse the situation before it flares up into a 3RR situation. One gentle solution is another essay, Staying cool when the edit wars get hot. If editors assume good faith and follow that essay, both Mad and the MAD theory can be avoided. No need for the Big Bang to occur again because some primates, err, editors have enough hair on the back of their wrists (which impedes their typing skills). (Please see: Theory of evolution and Back to the Future).

The calming effect[edit]

Every editor needs a break. Getting away from the computer or just resisting that one more tweak or I can nail that one down edit will probably not break the bank or gain you instant fame. PB & Js work wonders!

The con position[edit]

The Contra position editor

To assure the neutral point of view, another contra viewpoint should be examined in this essay. To take a little liberty (and to poke some good natured fun at the con position), an example of the Contra Editor aka Snidely Whiplash is now introduced: Hello Snidely! Got anything to add?

Snidely: Unless you quote me on. Nothing. Nada. I heard that somewhere recently.

Be wary of the tomcat editor.


Conclusions should be reached by all involved. But please remember to have good clean fun.

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