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Here is a proposal for the writing of Javanese language words in roman script on Wikipedia.

'T' and 'D':

d:      dental d
ḍ (dh): alveolar d
t:      dental t
ṭ (th): alveolar t


é:      ai as in bait (pande)
è:      e as in bet (cara balen)
ĕ:      i as in bird (gending)


i:      ee as in beet (irama)
u:      oo as in boot or bull (talu or bedug)
o:      ou or oa as in bought [American] or hot [British] (saron) or boat (slendro)
a:      a as in artist or hot (saron or tembaga)


c:      ch as in chin
r:      rolled r
Lindsay, Jennifer (1992). Javanese Gamelan, p.69. ISBN 0-19-588582-1.

However, for convenience and/or readability the differences will generally not be shown (between t's, d's, and e's). If t's and d's are distinguished 'th' and 'dh' will be used rather than diacritics. Thus "gender" rather than "gendèr" and "patet" or "pathet" rather than "paṭet". The romanization should be consistent throughout an article (thus if "t" and "th" are distinguished once they should continue to be distinguished, excluding the first alternate spellings provided in the first sentence: "Gender (also gendèr)...").

As usual foreign terms are italicized.