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For displaying pictogram tables in Wikipedia:Route diagram template/Catalog of pictograms.

This version displays a single icon, with two description columns.

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Designated 1-2 for a single icon with two features.


This template is intended for complex icons which have two features (e.g. on close parallel lines), and displays the following information in a row within a wikitable:

  • ICON (the base icon name)
  • BSicon_ICON.svg
  • text field 1 (normally description)
  • secondary text field 1 (optional, but must be left blank if not used)
  • text field 2 (normally description)
  • secondary text field 2 (optional)

Icons are displayed 20 pixels high, the same as in route diagrams.

See Wikipedia:Route diagram template/Catalog of pictograms for an explanation of icon prefixes.


The text {{WP:Route diagram template/BS-anleitung1-2|vSTR-uKDSTa|Line|through|Light rail terminal depôt|start}} produces the second line of this table:

Name Icon Left line Right line
vSTR-uKDSTa Unknown BSicon "vSTR-uKDSTa" Line through Light rail terminal depôt start

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