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k icons[edit]

  • These icons all have a k prefix (German for Kombination) between the standard modifier prefixes and the icon base name.
Junctions can also be created using the ÜW ((Überwerfungsbauwerk: German for flying junctions) set of icons which connect in the corners at 45°.
{{BS2|  (KRZol+l)|}}
{{BS2|  (STR)|}}
{{BS2|  (kABZgl)|}}
{{BS2|  (kKRZol+l)|  (kABZql+l)}}
{{BS2|  (kABZg+l)|}}
Extra tip
STR is perfectly circular.
kSTR is practically circular.
(Bulging out by 0.88% of radius only)



x e ex u ux ue uex
kSTRgl kSTRgl     exkSTRgl ukSTRgl     uexkSTRgl To left
tkSTR2a tkSTR2a               To left start of tunnel
tkSTRgl tkSTRgl     extkSTRgl utkSTRgl     uextkSTRgl To left in tunnel
hkSTRgl hkSTRgl     exhkSTRgl uhkSTRgl     uexhkSTRgl To left elevated
kLSTR2 kLSTR2     exkLSTR2 ukLSTR2     uexkLSTR2 To left interruption
hkLSTR2 hkLSTR2     exhkLSTR2 uhkLSTR2     uexhkLSTR2 To left elevated interruption
kABZgl kABZgl xkABZgl ekABZgl exkABZgl ukABZgl uxkABZgl uekABZgl uexkABZgl Through & to left
tkABZgl tkABZgl       utkABZgl   uetkABZgl uextkABZgl Through & to left in tunnel
hkABZgl hkABZgl xhkABZgl ehkABZgl exhkABZgl uhkABZgl uxhkABZgl uehkABZgl uexhkABZgl Through & to left elevated
kSHIl kSHIl     exkSHIl ukSHIl     uexkSHIl To left for S-curve
kABlf kABlf xkABlf ekABlf exkABlf ukABlf uxkABlf uekABlf uexkABlf To left S-curve & branch left
kSTRgr kSTRgr     exkSTRgr ukSTRgr     uexkSTRgr To right
tkSTR3a tkSTR3a               To right start of tunnel
tkSTRgr tkSTRgr     extkSTRgr utkSTRgr     uextkSTRgr To right in tunnel
hkSTRgr hkSTRgr     exhkSTRgr uhkSTRgr     uexhkSTRgr To right elevated
kLSTR3 kLSTR3     exkLSTR3 ukLSTR3     uexkLSTR3 To right interruption
hkLSTR3 hkLSTR3     exhkLSTR3 uhkLSTR3     uexhkLSTR3 To right elevated interruption
kABZgr kABZgr xkABZgr ekABZgr exkABZgr ukABZgr uxkABZgr uekABZgr uexkABZgr Through & to right
tkABZgr tkABZgr       utkABZgr   uetkABZgr uextkABZgr Through & to right in tunnel
hkABZgr hkABZgr xhkABZgr ehkABZgr exhkABZgr uhkABZgr uxhkABZgr uehkABZgr uexhkABZgr Through & to right elevated
kSHIr kSHIr     exkSHIr ukSHIr     uexkSHIr To right for S-curve
kABrf kABrf xkABrf ekABrf exkABrf ukABrf uxkABrf uekABrf uexkABrf To right S-curve & branch right
kABZlr kABZlr     exkABZlr         To left & right
kABZlxr kABZlxr               To left & right
kABZrxl kABZrxl               To left & right
kABZglr kABZglr     exkABZglr ukABZglr       Through, to left & right
kABZgxlr kABZgxlr               Through, to left & right
kABZglxr kABZglxr xkABZglxr             Through, to left & right
kABZgrxl kABZgrxl xkABZgrxl             Through, to left & right


x e ex u ux ue uex
kSTRg+l kSTRg+l     exkSTRg+l ukSTRg+l     uexkSTRg+l From left
tkSTRg+l tkSTRg+l     extkSTRg+l utkSTRg+l     uextkSTRg+l From left in tunnel
hkSTRg+l hkSTRg+l     exhkSTRg+l uhkSTRg+l     uexhkSTRg+l From left elevated
kLSTR+1 kLSTR+1     exkLSTR+1 ukLSTR+1     uexkLSTR+1 From left interruption
hkLSTR+1 hkLSTR+1     exhkLSTR+1 uhkLSTR+1     uexhkLSTR+1 From left elevated interruption
kABZg+l kABZg+l xkABZg+l ekABZg+l exkABZg+l ukABZg+l       Through & from left
tkABZg+l tkABZg+l       utkABZg+l   uetkABZg+l uextkABZg+l Through & from left in tunnel
hkABZg+l hkABZg+l       uhkABZg+l       Through & from left elevated
kSHI+l kSHI+l     exkSHI+l ukSHI+l     uexkSHI+l From left for S-curve
kABrg kABrg xkABrg ekABrg exkABrg         From left S-curve & branch left
kSTRg+r kSTRg+r     exkSTRg+r ukSTRg+r     uexkSTRg+r From right
tkSTRg+r tkSTRg+r     extkSTRg+r utkSTRg+r     uextkSTRg+r From right in tunnel
hkSTRg+r hkSTRg+r     exhkSTRg+r uhkSTRg+r     uexhkSTRg+r From right elevated
kLSTR+4 kLSTR+4     exkLSTR+4 ukLSTR+4     uexkLSTR+4 From right interruption
hkLSTR+4 hkLSTR+4     exhkLSTR+4 uhkLSTR+4     uexhkLSTR+4 From right elevated interruption
kABZg+r kABZg+r xkABZg+r ekABZg+r exkABZg+r ukABZg+r   uekABZg+r   Through & from right
tkABZg+r tkABZg+r       utkABZg+r   uetkABZg+r uextkABZg+r Through & from right in tunnel
kSHI+r kSHI+r     exkSHI+r ukSHI+r     uexkSHI+r From right for S-curve
kABlg kABlg xkABlg   exkABlg         From right S-curve & branch right
kABZ+lr kABZ+lr     exkABZ+lr ukABZ+lr       From left & right
kABZ+lxr kABZ+lxr               From left & right
kABZ+rxl kABZ+rxl               From left & right
kABZg+lr kABZg+lr     exkABZg+lr         Through, from left & right
kABZg+xlr kABZg+xlr               Through, from left & right
kABZg+lxr kABZg+lxr xkABZg+lxr             Through, from left & right
kABZg+rxl kABZg+rxl xkABZg+rxl             Through, from left & right


x e ex u ux ue uex
kSTRql kSTRql     exkSTRql ukSTRql     uexkSTRql To left
tkSTRql tkSTRql     extkSTRql utkSTRql     uextkSTRql To left in tunnel
hkSTRql hkSTRql     exhkSTRql uhkSTRql     uexhkSTRql To left elevated
kLSTRl+4 kLSTRl+4     exkLSTRl+4 ukLSTRl+4     uexkLSTRl+4 To left interruption
hkLSTRl+4 hkLSTRl+4     exhkLSTRl+4 uhkLSTRl+4     uexhkLSTRl+4 To left elevated interruption
kABZql kABZql xkABZql ekABZql exkABZql ukABZql       Across & from left
tkABZql tkABZql       utkABZql     uextkABZql Across & from left in tunnel
hkABZq+4         uhkABZq+4 uxhkABZq+4 uehkABZq+4 uexhkABZq+4 Across & from left elevated
kSTRq+l kSTRq+l     exkSTRq+l ukSTRq+l     uexkSTRq+l From left
tkSTRq+l tkSTRq+l     extkSTRq+l utkSTRq+l     uextkSTRq+l From left in tunnel
kLSTR3+l kLSTR3+l     exkLSTR3+l ukLSTR3+l     uexkLSTR3+l From left interruption
hkLSTR3+l hkLSTR3+l     exhkLSTR3+l uhkLSTR3+l     uexhkLSTR3+l From left elevated interruption
hkSTRq+l hkSTRq+l     exhkSTRq+l uhkSTRq+l     uexhkSTRq+l From left elevated
kABZq+l kABZq+l xkABZq+l ekABZq+l exkABZq+l         Across & to left
tkABZq+l tkABZq+l       utkABZq+l   uetkABZq+l uextkABZq+l Across & to left in tunnel
hkABZq3 hkABZq3       uhkABZq3 uxhkABZq3 uehkABZq3 uexhkABZq3 Across & to left elevated
kABZl+l kABZl+l     exkABZl+l         To & from left
kABZl+xl kABZl+xl               To & from left
kABZxl+l kABZxl+l               To & from left
hkABZl+l hkABZl+l       uhkABZl+l       To & from left elevated
kABZql+l kABZql+l     exkABZql+l         Across, to & from left
kABZql+xl kABZql+xl xkABZql+xl             Across, to & from left
kABZqxl+l kABZqxl+l xkABZqxl+l             Across, to & from left
kABZqxl+xl kABZqxl+xl               Across, to & from left


x e ex u ux ue uex
kSTRqr kSTRqr     exkSTRqr ukSTRqr     uexkSTRqr To right
tkSTRqr tkSTRqr     extkSTRqr utkSTRqr     uextkSTRqr To right in tunnel
hkSTRqr hkSTRqr     exhkSTRqr uhkSTRqr     uexhkSTRqr To right elevated
hkLSTRqr                 To right elevated interruption
kLSTRr+1 kLSTRr+1     exkLSTRr+1 ukLSTRr+1     uexkLSTRr+1 To right interruption
kABZqr kABZqr xkABZqr ekABZqr exkABZqr ukABZqr       Across & from right
tkABZqr tkABZqr       utkABZqr     uextkABZqr Across & from right in tunnel
hkABZq+1         uhkABZq+1 uxhkABZq+1 uehkABZq+1 uexhkABZq+1 Across & from right elevated
kSTRq+r kSTRq+r     exkSTRq+r ukSTRq+r     uexkSTRq+r From right
tkSTRq+r tkSTRq+r     extkSTRq+r utkSTRq+r     uextkSTRq+r From right in tunnel
hkSTRq+r hkSTRq+r     exhkSTRq+r uhkSTRq+r     uexhkSTRq+r From right elevated
hkLSTRg+r                 From right elevated interruption
kLSTR2+r kLSTR2+r     exkLSTR2+r ukLSTR2+r     uexkLSTR2+r From right interruption
kABZq+r kABZq+r xkABZq+r ekABZq+r exkABZq+r   uxkABZq+r uekABZq+r   Across & to right
tkABZq+r tkABZq+r       utkABZq+r uxtkABZq+r uetkABZq+r uextkABZq+r Across & to right in tunnel
hkABZq2 hkABZq2       uhkABZq2 uxhkABZq2 uehkABZq2 uexhkABZq2 Across & to right elevated
kABZr+r kABZr+r     exkABZr+r         To & from right
kABZr+xr kABZr+xr               To & from right
kABZxr+r kABZxr+r               To & from right
kABZqr+r kABZqr+r     exkABZqr+r         Across, to & from right
kABZqr+xr kABZqr+xr xkABZqr+xr             Across, to & from right
kABZqxr+xr kABZqxr+xr               Across, to & from right
kABZqxr+r kABZqxr+r xkABZqxr+r             Across, to & from right
x e ex u ux ue uex


Through BSicon STR.svg open BSicon STR.svg open BSicon STR.svg open BSicon STR.svg open BSicon exSTR.svg closed BSicon exSTR.svg closed BSicon exSTR.svg closed BSicon exSTR.svg closed
Across BSicon STRq.svg open BSicon STRq.svg open BSicon exSTRq.svg closed BSicon exSTRq.svg closed BSicon STRq.svg open BSicon STRq.svg open BSicon exSTRq.svg closed BSicon exSTRq.svg closed
Curve BSicon ABZlr+lr.svg open BSicon exABZlr+lr.svg closed BSicon ABZlr+lr.svg open BSicon exABZlr+lr.svg closed BSicon ABZlr+lr.svg open BSicon exABZlr+lr.svg closed BSicon ABZlr+lr.svg open BSicon exABZlr+lr.svg closed
Curve to left (corner 1)
Level Unknown BSicon "kKRZl" kKRZl Unknown BSicon "kKRZxl" kKRZxl eUnknown BSicon "ekKRZl" ekKRZl eUnknown BSicon "ekKRZxl" ekKRZxl xUnknown BSicon "xkKRZl" xkKRZl xUnknown BSicon "xkKRZxl" xkKRZxl exUnknown BSicon "exkKRZl" exkKRZl exUnknown BSicon "exkKRZxl" exkKRZxl
Over Unknown BSicon "kKRZol" kKRZol Unknown BSicon "kKRZoxl" kKRZoxl eUnknown BSicon "ekKRZol" ekKRZol eUnknown BSicon "ekKRZoxl" ekKRZoxl xUnknown BSicon "xkKRZol" xkKRZol xUnknown BSicon "xkKRZoxl" xkKRZoxl exUnknown BSicon "exkKRZol" exkKRZol exUnknown BSicon "exkKRZoxl" exkKRZoxl
Under Unknown BSicon "kKRZul" kKRZul Unknown BSicon "kKRZuxl" kKRZuxl eUnknown BSicon "ekKRZul" ekKRZul eUnknown BSicon "ekKRZuxl" ekKRZuxl xUnknown BSicon "xkKRZul" xkKRZul xUnknown BSicon "xkKRZuxl" xkKRZuxl exUnknown BSicon "exkKRZul" exkKRZul exUnknown BSicon "exkKRZuxl" exkKRZuxl
Curve from left (corner 2)
Level Unknown BSicon "kKRZ+l" kKRZ+l Unknown BSicon "kKRZ+xl" kKRZ+xl eUnknown BSicon "ekKRZ+l" ekKRZ+l eUnknown BSicon "ekKRZ+xl" ekKRZ+xl xUnknown BSicon "xkKRZ+l" xkKRZ+l xUnknown BSicon "xkKRZ+xl" xkKRZ+xl exUnknown BSicon "exkKRZ+l" exkKRZ+l exUnknown BSicon "exkKRZ+xl" exkKRZ+xl
Over Unknown BSicon "kKRZo+l" kKRZo+l Unknown BSicon "kKRZo+xl" kKRZo+xl eUnknown BSicon "ekKRZo+l" ekKRZo+l eUnknown BSicon "ekKRZo+xl" ekKRZo+xl xUnknown BSicon "xkKRZo+l" xkKRZo+l xUnused bridge over transverse track with unused track approaching from left xkKRZo+xl exUnknown BSicon "exkKRZo+l" exkKRZo+l exUnknown BSicon "exkKRZo+xl" exkKRZo+xl
Under Unknown BSicon "kKRZu+l" kKRZu+l Unknown BSicon "kKRZu+xl" kKRZu+xl eUnknown BSicon "ekKRZu+l" ekKRZu+l eUnknown BSicon "ekKRZu+xl" ekKRZu+xl xUnknown BSicon "xkKRZu+l" xkKRZu+l xUnknown BSicon "xkKRZu+xl" xkKRZu+xl exUnknown BSicon "exkKRZu+l" exkKRZu+l exUnknown BSicon "exkKRZu+xl" exkKRZu+xl
Curve from right (corner 3)
Level Unknown BSicon "kKRZ+r" kKRZ+r Unknown BSicon "kKRZ+xr" kKRZ+xr eUnknown BSicon "ekKRZ+r" ekKRZ+r eUnknown BSicon "ekKRZ+xr" ekKRZ+xr xUnknown BSicon "xkKRZ+r" xkKRZ+r xUnknown BSicon "xkKRZ+xr" xkKRZ+xr exUnknown BSicon "exkKRZ+r" exkKRZ+r exUnknown BSicon "exkKRZ+xr" exkKRZ+xr
Over Unknown BSicon "kKRZo+r" kKRZo+r Unknown BSicon "kKRZo+xr" kKRZo+xr eUnknown BSicon "ekKRZo+r" ekKRZo+r eUnknown BSicon "ekKRZo+xr" ekKRZo+xr xUnknown BSicon "xkKRZo+r" xkKRZo+r xUnknown BSicon "xkKRZo+xr" xkKRZo+xr exUnknown BSicon "exkKRZo+r" exkKRZo+r exUnknown BSicon "exkKRZo+xr" exkKRZo+xr
Under Unknown BSicon "kKRZu+r" kKRZu+r Unknown BSicon "kKRZu+xr" kKRZu+xr eUnknown BSicon "ekKRZu+r" ekKRZu+r eUnknown BSicon "ekKRZu+xr" ekKRZu+xr xUnknown BSicon "xkKRZu+r" xkKRZu+r xUnknown BSicon "xkKRZu+xr" xkKRZu+xr exUnknown BSicon "exkKRZu+r" exkKRZu+r exUnknown BSicon "exkKRZu+xr" exkKRZu+xr
Curve to right (corner 4)
Level Unknown BSicon "kKRZr" kKRZr Unknown BSicon "kKRZxr" kKRZxr eUnknown BSicon "ekKRZr" ekKRZr eUnknown BSicon "ekKRZxr" ekKRZxr xUnknown BSicon "xkKRZr" xkKRZr xUnknown BSicon "xkKRZxr" xkKRZxr exUnknown BSicon "exkKRZr" exkKRZr exUnknown BSicon "exkKRZxr" exkKRZxr
Over Unknown BSicon "kKRZor" kKRZor Unknown BSicon "kKRZoxr" kKRZoxr eUnknown BSicon "ekKRZor" ekKRZor eUnknown BSicon "ekKRZoxr" ekKRZoxr xUnknown BSicon "xkKRZor" xkKRZor xUnknown BSicon "xkKRZoxr" xkKRZoxr exUnknown BSicon "exkKRZor" exkKRZor exUnknown BSicon "exkKRZoxr" exkKRZoxr
Under Unknown BSicon "kKRZur" kKRZur Unknown BSicon "kKRZuxr" kKRZuxr eUnknown BSicon "ekKRZur" ekKRZur eUnknown BSicon "ekKRZuxr" ekKRZuxr xUnknown BSicon "xkKRZur" xkKRZur xUnknown BSicon "xkKRZuxr" xkKRZuxr exUnknown BSicon "exkKRZur" exkKRZur exUnknown BSicon "exkKRZuxr" exkKRZuxr
Through BSicon STR.svg open BSicon STR.svg open BSicon STR.svg open BSicon STR.svg open BSicon exSTR.svg closed BSicon exSTR.svg closed BSicon exSTR.svg closed BSicon exSTR.svg closed
Across BSicon STRq.svg open BSicon STRq.svg open BSicon exSTRq.svg closed BSicon exSTRq.svg closed BSicon STRq.svg open BSicon STRq.svg open BSicon exSTRq.svg closed BSicon exSTRq.svg closed
Curves open/open closed/closed open/open closed/closed closed/open closed/closed closed/open closed/closed
Curves to and from left (corners 1 & 2)
Level BSicon kKRZl+l.svg kKRZl+l BSicon kKRZl+xl.svg kKRZl+xl BSicon ekKRZl+l.svg ekKRZl+l BSicon ekKRZl+xl.svg ekKRZl+xl BSicon xkKRZl+l.svg xkKRZl+l BSicon xkKRZl+xl.svg xkKRZl+xl BSicon exkKRZl+l.svg exkKRZl+l BSicon exkKRZl+xl.svg exkKRZl+xl
BSicon kKRZxl+l.svg kKRZxl+l BSicon kKRZxl+xl.svg kKRZxl+xl BSicon ekKRZxl+l.svg ekKRZxl+l BSicon ekKRZxl+xl.svg ekKRZxl+xl BSicon xkKRZxl+l.svg xkKRZxl+l BSicon xkKRZxl+xl.svg xkKRZxl+xl BSicon exkKRZxl+l.svg exkKRZxl+l BSicon exkKRZxl+xl.svg exkKRZxl+xl
Over BSicon kKRZol+l.svg kKRZol+l BSicon kKRZol+xl.svg kKRZol+xl BSicon ekKRZol+l.svg ekKRZol+l BSicon ekKRZol+xl.svg ekKRZol+xl BSicon xkKRZol+l.svg xkKRZol+l BSicon xkKRZol+xl.svg xkKRZol+xl BSicon exkKRZol+l.svg exkKRZol+l BSicon exkKRZol+xl.svg exkKRZol+xl
BSicon kKRZoxl+l.svg kKRZoxl+l BSicon kKRZoxl+xl.svg kKRZoxl+xl BSicon ekKRZoxl+l.svg ekKRZoxl+l BSicon ekKRZoxl+xl.svg ekKRZoxl+xl BSicon xkKRZoxl+l.svg xkKRZoxl+l BSicon xkKRZoxl+xl.svg xkKRZoxl+xl BSicon exkKRZoxl+l.svg exkKRZoxl+l BSicon exkKRZoxl+xl.svg exkKRZoxl+xl
Under BSicon kKRZul+l.svg kKRZul+l BSicon kKRZul+xl.svg kKRZul+xl BSicon ekKRZul+l.svg ekKRZul+l BSicon ekKRZul+xl.svg ekKRZul+xl BSicon xkKRZul+l.svg xkKRZul+l BSicon xkKRZul+xl.svg xkKRZul+xl BSicon exkKRZul+l.svg exkKRZul+l BSicon exkKRZul+xl.svg exkKRZul+xl
BSicon kKRZuxl+l.svg kKRZuxl+l BSicon kKRZuxl+xl.svg kKRZuxl+xl BSicon ekKRZuxl+l.svg ekKRZuxl+l BSicon ekKRZuxl+xl.svg ekKRZuxl+xl BSicon xkKRZuxl+l.svg xkKRZuxl+l BSicon xkKRZuxl+xl.svg xkKRZuxl+xl BSicon exkKRZuxl+l.svg exkKRZuxl+l BSicon exkKRZuxl+xl.svg exkKRZuxl+xl
Curves from left and right (corners 2 & 3)
Level BSicon kKRZ+lr.svg kKRZ+lr BSicon kKRZ+lxr.svg kKRZ+lxr BSicon ekKRZ+lr.svg ekKRZ+lr BSicon ekKRZ+lxr.svg ekKRZ+lxr BSicon xkKRZ+lr.svg xkKRZ+lr BSicon xkKRZ+lxr.svg xkKRZ+lxr BSicon exkKRZ+lr.svg exkKRZ+lr BSicon exkKRZ+lxr.svg exkKRZ+lxr
BSicon kKRZ+rxl.svg kKRZ+rxl BSicon kKRZ+xlr.svg kKRZ+xlr BSicon ekKRZ+rxl.svg ekKRZ+rxl BSicon ekKRZ+xlr.svg ekKRZ+xlr BSicon xkKRZ+rxl.svg xkKRZ+rxl BSicon xkKRZ+xlr.svg xkKRZ+xlr BSicon exkKRZ+rxl.svg exkKRZ+rxl BSicon exkKRZ+xlr.svg exkKRZ+xlr
Over BSicon kKRZo+lr.svg kKRZo+lr BSicon kKRZo+xlr.svg kKRZo+xlr BSicon ekKRZo+lr.svg ekKRZo+lr BSicon ekKRZo+xlr.svg ekKRZo+xlr BSicon xkKRZo+lr.svg xkKRZo+lr BSicon xkKRZo+xlr.svg xkKRZo+xlr BSicon exkKRZo+lr.svg exkKRZo+lr BSicon exkKRZo+xlr.svg exkKRZo+xlr
BSicon kKRZo+rxl.svg kKRZo+rxl BSicon kKRZo+xlr.svg kKRZo+xlr BSicon ekKRZo+rxl.svg ekKRZo+rxl BSicon ekKRZo+xlr.svg ekKRZo+xlr BSicon xkKRZo+rxl.svg xkKRZo+rxl BSicon xkKRZo+xlr.svg xkKRZo+xlr BSicon exkKRZo+rxl.svg exkKRZo+rxl BSicon exkKRZo+xlr.svg exkKRZo+xlr
Under BSicon kKRZu+lr.svg kKRZu+lr BSicon kKRZu+xlr.svg kKRZu+xlr BSicon ekKRZu+lr.svg ekKRZu+lr BSicon ekKRZu+xlr.svg ekKRZu+xlr BSicon xkKRZu+lr.svg xkKRZu+lr BSicon xkKRZu+xlr.svg xkKRZu+xlr BSicon exkKRZu+lr.svg exkKRZu+lr BSicon exkKRZu+xlr.svg exkKRZu+xlr
BSicon kKRZu+lr.svg kKRZu+lr BSicon kKRZu+xlr.svg kKRZu+xlr BSicon ekKRZu+lr.svg ekKRZu+lr BSicon ekKRZu+xlr.svg ekKRZu+xlr BSicon xkKRZu+lr.svg xkKRZu+lr BSicon xkKRZu+xlr.svg xkKRZu+xlr BSicon exkKRZu+lr.svg exkKRZu+lr BSicon exkKRZu+xlr.svg exkKRZu+xlr
Curves to and from right (corners 3 & 4)
Level BSicon kKRZr+r.svg kKRZr+r BSicon kKRZr+xr.svg kKRZr+xr BSicon ekKRZr+r.svg ekKRZr+r BSicon ekKRZr+xr.svg ekKRZr+xr BSicon xkKRZr+r.svg xkKRZr+r BSicon xkKRZr+xr.svg xkKRZr+xr BSicon exkKRZr+r.svg exkKRZr+r BSicon exkKRZr+xr.svg exkKRZr+xr
BSicon kKRZxr+r.svg kKRZxr+r BSicon kKRZxr+xr.svg kKRZxr+xr BSicon ekKRZxr+r.svg ekKRZxr+r BSicon ekKRZxr+xr.svg ekKRZxr+xr BSicon xkKRZxr+r.svg xkKRZxr+r BSicon xkKRZxr+xr.svg xkKRZxr+xr BSicon exkKRZxr+r.svg exkKRZxr+r BSicon exkKRZxr+xr.svg exkKRZxr+xr
Over BSicon kKRZor+r.svg kKRZor+r BSicon kKRZor+xr.svg kKRZor+xr BSicon ekKRZor+r.svg ekKRZor+r BSicon ekKRZor+xr.svg ekKRZor+xr BSicon xkKRZor+r.svg xkKRZor+r BSicon xkKRZor+xr.svg xkKRZor+xr BSicon exkKRZor+r.svg exkKRZor+r BSicon exkKRZor+xr.svg exkKRZor+xr
BSicon kKRZoxr+r.svg kKRZoxr+r BSicon kKRZoxr+xr.svg kKRZoxr+xr BSicon ekKRZoxr+r.svg ekKRZoxr+r BSicon ekKRZoxr+xr.svg ekKRZoxr+xr BSicon xkKRZoxr+r.svg xkKRZoxr+r BSicon xkKRZoxr+xr.svg xkKRZoxr+xr BSicon exkKRZoxr+r.svg exkKRZoxr+r BSicon exkKRZoxr+xr.svg exkKRZoxr+xr
Under BSicon kKRZur+r.svg kKRZur+r BSicon kKRZur+xr.svg kKRZur+xr BSicon ekKRZur+r.svg ekKRZur+r BSicon ekKRZur+xr.svg ekKRZur+xr BSicon xkKRZur+r.svg xkKRZur+r BSicon xkKRZur+xr.svg xkKRZur+xr BSicon exkKRZur+r.svg exkKRZur+r BSicon exkKRZur+xr.svg exkKRZur+xr
BSicon kKRZuxr+r.svg kKRZuxr+r BSicon kKRZuxr+xr.svg kKRZuxr+xr BSicon ekKRZuxr+r.svg ekKRZuxr+r BSicon ekKRZuxr+xr.svg ekKRZuxr+xr BSicon xkKRZuxr+r.svg xkKRZuxr+r BSicon xkKRZuxr+xr.svg xkKRZuxr+xr BSicon exkKRZuxr+r.svg exkKRZuxr+r BSicon exkKRZuxr+xr.svg exkKRZuxr+xr
Curves to left and right (corners 1 & 4)
Level BSicon kKRZlr.svg kKRZlr BSicon kKRZlxr.svg kKRZlxr BSicon ekKRZlr.svg ekKRZlr BSicon ekKRZlxr.svg ekKRZlxr BSicon xkKRZlr.svg xkKRZlr BSicon xkKRZlxr.svg xkKRZlxr BSicon exkKRZlr.svg exkKRZlr BSicon exkKRZlxr.svg exkKRZlxr
BSicon kKRZrxl.svg kKRZrxl BSicon kKRZxlr.svg kKRZxlr BSicon ekKRZrxl.svg ekKRZrxl BSicon ekKRZxlr.svg ekKRZxlr BSicon xkKRZrxl.svg xkKRZrxl BSicon xkKRZxlr.svg xkKRZxlr BSicon exkKRZrxl.svg exkKRZrxl BSicon exkKRZxlr.svg exkKRZxlr
Over BSicon kKRZolr.svg kKRZolr BSicon kKRZolxr.svg kKRZolxr BSicon ekKRZolr.svg ekKRZolr BSicon ekKRZolxr.svg ekKRZolxr BSicon xkKRZolr.svg xkKRZolr BSicon xkKRZolxr.svg xkKRZolxr BSicon exkKRZolr.svg exkKRZolr BSicon exkKRZolxr.svg exkKRZolxr
BSicon kKRZorxl.svg kKRZorxl BSicon kKRZoxlr.svg kKRZoxlr BSicon ekKRZorxl.svg ekKRZorxl BSicon ekKRZoxlr.svg ekKRZoxlr BSicon xkKRZorxl.svg xkKRZorxl BSicon xkKRZoxlr.svg xkKRZoxlr BSicon exkKRZorxl.svg exkKRZorxl BSicon exkKRZoxlr.svg exkKRZoxlr
Under BSicon kKRZulr.svg kKRZulr BSicon kKRZuxlr.svg kKRZuxlr BSicon ekKRZulr.svg ekKRZulr BSicon ekKRZuxlr.svg ekKRZuxlr BSicon xkKRZulr.svg xkKRZulr BSicon xkKRZuxlr.svg xkKRZuxlr BSicon exkKRZulr.svg exkKRZulr BSicon exkKRZuxlr.svg exkKRZuxlr
BSicon kKRZulr.svg kKRZulr BSicon kKRZuxlr.svg kKRZuxlr BSicon ekKRZulr.svg ekKRZulr BSicon ekKRZuxlr.svg ekKRZuxlr BSicon xkKRZulr.svg xkKRZulr BSicon xkKRZuxlr.svg xkKRZuxlr BSicon exkKRZulr.svg exkKRZulr BSicon exkKRZuxlr.svg exkKRZuxlr
Curve to left and from right (corners 1 & 3)
Level BSicon kKRZl+r.svg kKRZl+r BSicon kKRZl+xr.svg kKRZl+xr BSicon ekKRZl+r.svg ekKRZl+r BSicon ekKRZl+xr.svg ekKRZl+xr BSicon xkKRZl+r.svg xkKRZl+r BSicon xkKRZl+xr.svg xkKRZl+xr BSicon exkKRZl+r.svg exkKRZl+r BSicon exkKRZl+xr.svg exkKRZl+xr
BSicon kKRZxl+r.svg kKRZxl+r BSicon kKRZxl+xr.svg kKRZxl+xr BSicon ekKRZxl+r.svg ekKRZxl+r BSicon ekKRZxl+xr.svg ekKRZxl+xr BSicon xkKRZxl+r.svg xkKRZxl+r BSicon xkKRZxl+xr.svg xkKRZxl+xr BSicon exkKRZxl+r.svg exkKRZxl+r BSicon exkKRZxl+xr.svg exkKRZxl+xr
Over BSicon kKRZol+r.svg kKRZol+r BSicon kKRZol+xr.svg kKRZol+xr BSicon ekKRZol+r.svg ekKRZol+r BSicon ekKRZol+xr.svg ekKRZol+xr BSicon xkKRZol+r.svg xkKRZol+r BSicon xkKRZol+xr.svg xkKRZol+xr BSicon exkKRZol+r.svg exkKRZol+r BSicon exkKRZol+xr.svg exkKRZol+xr
BSicon kKRZoxl+r.svg kKRZoxl+r BSicon kKRZoxl+xr.svg kKRZoxl+xr BSicon ekKRZoxl+r.svg ekKRZoxl+r BSicon ekKRZoxl+xr.svg ekKRZoxl+xr BSicon xkKRZoxl+r.svg xkKRZoxl+r BSicon xkKRZoxl+xr.svg xkKRZoxl+xr BSicon exkKRZoxl+r.svg exkKRZoxl+r BSicon exkKRZoxl+xr.svg exkKRZoxl+xr
Under BSicon kKRZul+r.svg kKRZul+r BSicon kKRZul+xr.svg kKRZul+xr BSicon ekKRZul+r.svg ekKRZul+r BSicon ekKRZul+xr.svg ekKRZul+xr BSicon xkKRZul+r.svg xkKRZul+r BSicon xkKRZul+xr.svg xkKRZul+xr BSicon exkKRZul+r.svg exkKRZul+r BSicon exkKRZul+xr.svg exkKRZul+xr
BSicon kKRZuxl+r.svg kKRZuxl+r BSicon kKRZuxl+xr.svg kKRZuxl+xr BSicon ekKRZuxl+r.svg ekKRZuxl+r BSicon ekKRZuxl+xr.svg ekKRZuxl+xr BSicon xkKRZuxl+r.svg xkKRZuxl+r BSicon xkKRZuxl+xr.svg xkKRZuxl+xr BSicon exkKRZuxl+r.svg exkKRZuxl+r BSicon exkKRZuxl+xr.svg exkKRZuxl+xr
Curves to right and from left (corners 2 & 4)
Level BSicon kKRZr+l.svg kKRZr+l BSicon kKRZr+xl.svg kKRZr+xl BSicon ekKRZr+l.svg ekKRZr+l BSicon ekKRZr+xl.svg ekKRZr+xl BSicon xkKRZr+l.svg xkKRZr+l BSicon xkKRZr+xl.svg xkKRZr+xl BSicon exkKRZr+l.svg exkKRZr+l BSicon exkKRZr+xl.svg exkKRZr+xl
BSicon kKRZxr+l.svg kKRZxr+l BSicon kKRZxr+xl.svg kKRZxr+xl BSicon ekKRZxr+l.svg ekKRZxr+l BSicon ekKRZxr+xl.svg ekKRZxr+xl BSicon xkKRZxr+l.svg xkKRZxr+l BSicon xkKRZxr+xl.svg xkKRZxr+xl BSicon exkKRZxr+l.svg exkKRZxr+l BSicon exkKRZxr+xl.svg exkKRZxr+xl
Over BSicon kKRZor+l.svg kKRZor+l BSicon kKRZor+xl.svg kKRZor+xl BSicon ekKRZor+l.svg ekKRZor+l BSicon ekKRZor+xl.svg ekKRZor+xl BSicon xkKRZor+l.svg xkKRZor+l BSicon xkKRZor+xl.svg xkKRZor+xl BSicon exkKRZor+l.svg exkKRZor+l BSicon exkKRZor+xl.svg exkKRZor+xl
BSicon kKRZoxr+l.svg kKRZoxr+l BSicon kKRZoxr+xl.svg kKRZoxr+xl BSicon ekKRZoxr+l.svg ekKRZoxr+l BSicon ekKRZoxr+xl.svg ekKRZoxr+xl BSicon xkKRZoxr+l.svg xkKRZoxr+l BSicon xkKRZoxr+xl.svg xkKRZoxr+xl BSicon exkKRZoxr+l.svg exkKRZoxr+l BSicon exkKRZoxr+xl.svg exkKRZoxr+xl
Under BSicon kKRZur+l.svg kKRZur+l BSicon kKRZur+xl.svg kKRZur+xl BSicon ekKRZur+l.svg ekKRZur+l BSicon ekKRZur+xl.svg ekKRZur+xl BSicon xkKRZur+l.svg xkKRZur+l BSicon xkKRZur+xl.svg xkKRZur+xl BSicon exkKRZur+l.svg exkKRZur+l BSicon exkKRZur+xl.svg exkKRZur+xl
BSicon kKRZuxr+l.svg kKRZuxr+l BSicon kKRZuxr+xl.svg kKRZuxr+xl BSicon ekKRZuxr+l.svg ekKRZuxr+l BSicon ekKRZuxr+xl.svg ekKRZuxr+xl BSicon xkKRZuxr+l.svg xkKRZuxr+l BSicon xkKRZuxr+xl.svg xkKRZuxr+xl BSicon exkKRZuxr+l.svg exkKRZuxr+l BSicon exkKRZuxr+xl.svg exkKRZuxr+xl
Through BSicon STR.svg open BSicon STR.svg open BSicon STR.svg open BSicon STR.svg open BSicon exSTR.svg closed BSicon exSTR.svg closed BSicon exSTR.svg closed BSicon exSTR.svg closed
Across BSicon STRq.svg open BSicon STRq.svg open BSicon exSTRq.svg closed BSicon exSTRq.svg closed BSicon STRq.svg open BSicon STRq.svg open BSicon exSTRq.svg closed BSicon exSTRq.svg closed
Curves open/open closed/closed open/open closed/closed closed/open closed/closed closed/open closed/closed


x e ex u ux ue uex
kKRZl kKRZl xkKRZl ekKRZl exkKRZl         Upper-right corner
kKRZxl kKRZxl xkKRZxl ekKRZxl exkKRZxl         Upper-right corner
kKRZ+l kKRZ+l xkKRZ+l ekKRZ+l exkKRZ+l ukKRZ+l uxkKRZ+l uekKRZ+l uexkKRZ+l Lower-right corner
kKRZ+xl kKRZ+xl xkKRZ+xl ekKRZ+xl exkKRZ+xl ukKRZ+xl uxkKRZ+xl uekKRZ+xl uexkKRZ+xl Lower-right corner
kKRZ+r kKRZ+r xkKRZ+r ekKRZ+r exkKRZ+r     uekKRZ+r   Lower-left corner
kKRZ+xr kKRZ+xr xkKRZ+xr ekKRZ+xr exkKRZ+xr         Lower-left corner
kKRZr kKRZr xkKRZr ekKRZr exkKRZr         Upper-left corner
kKRZxr kKRZxr xkKRZxr ekKRZxr exkKRZxr         Upper-left corner
kKRZl+l kKRZl+l xkKRZl+l ekKRZl+l exkKRZl+l         Upper- & lower-right corners
kKRZl+xl kKRZl+xl xkKRZl+xl ekKRZl+xl exkKRZl+xl         Upper- & lower-right corners
kKRZxl+l kKRZxl+l xkKRZxl+l ekKRZxl+l exkKRZxl+l         Upper- & lower-right corners
kKRZxl+xl kKRZxl+xl xkKRZxl+xl ekKRZxl+xl exkKRZxl+xl         Upper- & lower-right corners
kKRZ+lr kKRZ+lr xkKRZ+lr ekKRZ+lr exkKRZ+lr         Lower-left &-right corners
kKRZ+rxl kKRZ+rxl xkKRZ+rxl ekKRZ+rxl exkKRZ+rxl         Lower-left &-right corners
kKRZ+lxr kKRZ+lxr xkKRZ+lxr ekKRZ+lxr exkKRZ+lxr         Lower-left &-right corners
kKRZ+xlr kKRZ+xlr xkKRZ+xlr ekKRZ+xlr exkKRZ+xlr         Lower-left &-right corners
kKRZr+r kKRZr+r xkKRZr+r ekKRZr+r exkKRZr+r         Upper- & lower-left corners
kKRZr+xr kKRZr+xr xkKRZr+xr ekKRZr+xr exkKRZr+xr         Upper- & lower-left corners
kKRZxr+r kKRZxr+r xkKRZxr+r ekKRZxr+r exkKRZxr+r         Upper- & lower-left corners
kKRZxr+xr kKRZxr+xr xkKRZxr+xr ekKRZxr+xr exkKRZxr+xr         Upper- & lower-left corners
kKRZlr kKRZlr xkKRZlr ekKRZlr exkKRZlr         Upper-left &-right corners
kKRZlxr kKRZlxr xkKRZlxr ekKRZlxr exkKRZlxr         Upper-left &-right corners
kKRZxlr kKRZxlr xkKRZxlr ekKRZxlr exkKRZxlr         Upper-left &-right corners
kKRZl+r kKRZl+r xkKRZl+r ekKRZl+r exkKRZl+r         Upper-right & lower-left corners
kKRZl+xr kKRZl+xr xkKRZl+xr ekKRZl+xr exkKRZl+xr         Upper-right & lower-left corners
kKRZxl+r kKRZxl+r xkKRZxl+r ekKRZxl+r exkKRZxl+r         Upper-right & lower-left corners
kKRZxl+xr kKRZxl+xr xkKRZxl+xr ekKRZxl+xr exkKRZxl+xr         Upper-right & lower-left corners
kKRZr+l kKRZr+l xkKRZr+l ekKRZr+l exkKRZr+l         Upper-left & lower-right corners
kKRZr+xl kKRZr+xl xkKRZr+xl ekKRZr+xl exkKRZr+xl         Upper-left & lower-right corners
kKRZxr+l kKRZxr+l xkKRZxr+l ekKRZxr+l exkKRZxr+l         Upper-left & lower-right corners
kKRZxr+xl kKRZxr+xl xkKRZxr+xl ekKRZxr+xl exkKRZxr+xl         Upper-left & lower-right corners
kKRZr+lr                 No upper-right corner
kKRZr+lxr                 No upper-right corner
kKRZr+rxl                 No upper-right corner
kKRZr+xlr                 No upper-right corner
kKRZxr+lr                 No upper-right corner
kKRZxr+lxr                 No upper-right corner
kKRZxr+rxl                 No upper-right corner
kKRZxr+xlr                 No upper-right corner
kKRZlr+r                 No lower-right corner
kKRZlr+xr                 No lower-right corner
kKRZlxr+r                 No lower-right corner
kKRZlxr+xr                 No lower-right corner
kKRZrxl+r                 No lower-right corner
kKRZrxl+xr                 No lower-right corner
kKRZxlr+r   xkKRZxlr+r             No lower-right corner
kKRZxlr+xr                 No lower-right corner
kKRZlr+l                 No lower-left corner
kKRZlr+xl                 No lower-left corner
kKRZlxr+l                 No lower-left corner
kKRZlxr+xl                 No lower-left corner
kKRZrxl+l                 No lower-left corner
kKRZrxl+xl                 No lower-left corner
kKRZxlr+l                 No lower-left corner
kKRZxlr+xl                 No lower-left corner
kKRZl+lr                 No upper-left corner
kKRZl+lxr                 No upper-left corner
kKRZl+rxl                 No upper-left corner
kKRZl+xlr                 No upper-left corner
kKRZxl+lr                 No upper-left corner
kKRZxl+lxr                 No upper-left corner
kKRZxl+rxl                 No upper-left corner
kKRZxl+xlr                 No upper-left corner
kKRZlr+lr                 All corners
kKRZxlr+xlr                 All corners
x e ex u ux ue uex


x e ex u ux ue uex
kKRZul kKRZul xkKRZul ekKRZul exkKRZul         Upper-right corner
kKRZuxl kKRZuxl xkKRZuxl ekKRZuxl exkKRZuxl         Upper-right corner
kKRZu+l kKRZu+l xkKRZu+l ekKRZu+l exkKRZu+l         Lower-right corner
kKRZu+xl kKRZu+xl xkKRZu+xl ekKRZu+xl exkKRZu+xl         Lower-right corner
kKRZu+r kKRZu+r xkKRZu+r ekKRZu+r exkKRZu+r         Lower-left corner
kKRZu+xr kKRZu+xr xkKRZu+xr ekKRZu+xr exkKRZu+xr         Lower-left corner
kKRZur kKRZur xkKRZur ekKRZur exkKRZur         Upper-left corner
kKRZuxr kKRZuxr xkKRZuxr ekKRZuxr exkKRZuxr         Upper-left corner
kKRZul+l kKRZul+l xkKRZul+l ekKRZul+l exkKRZul+l         Upper- & lower-right corners
kKRZul+xl kKRZul+xl xkKRZul+xl ekKRZul+xl exkKRZul+xl         Upper- & lower-right corners
kKRZuxl+l kKRZuxl+l xkKRZuxl+l ekKRZuxl+l exkKRZuxl+l         Upper- & lower-right corners
kKRZuxl+xl kKRZuxl+xl xkKRZuxl+xl ekKRZuxl+xl exkKRZuxl+xl         Upper- & lower-right corners
kKRZu+lr kKRZu+lr xkKRZu+lr ekKRZu+lr exkKRZu+lr         Lower-left &-right corners
kKRZu+xlr kKRZu+xlr xkKRZu+xlr ekKRZu+xlr exkKRZu+xlr         Lower-left &-right corners
kKRZu+lxr kKRZu+lxr xkKRZu+lxr ekKRZu+lxr exkKRZu+lxr         Lower-left &-right corners
kKRZu+xlr kKRZu+xlr xkKRZu+xlr ekKRZu+xlr exkKRZu+xlr         Lower-left &-right corners
kKRZur+r kKRZur+r xkKRZur+r ekKRZur+r exkKRZur+r         Upper- & lower-left corners
kKRZur+xr kKRZur+xr xkKRZur+xr ekKRZur+xr exkKRZur+xr         Upper- & lower-left corners
kKRZuxr+r kKRZuxr+r xkKRZuxr+r ekKRZuxr+r exkKRZuxr+r         Upper- & lower-left corners
kKRZuxr+xr kKRZuxr+xr xkKRZuxr+xr ekKRZuxr+xr exkKRZuxr+xr         Upper- & lower-left corners
kKRZulr kKRZulr xkKRZulr ekKRZulr exkKRZulr         Upper-left &-right corners
kKRZurxl kKRZurxl xkKRZurxl ekKRZurxl exkKRZurxl         Upper-left &-right corners
kKRZuxlr kKRZuxlr xkKRZuxlr ekKRZuxlr exkKRZuxlr         Upper-left &-right corners
kKRZuxlr kKRZuxlr xkKRZuxlr ekKRZuxlr exkKRZuxlr         Upper-left &-right corners
kKRZul+r kKRZul+r xkKRZul+r ekKRZul+r exkKRZul+r         Upper-right & lower-left corners
kKRZul+xr kKRZul+xr xkKRZul+xr ekKRZul+xr exkKRZul+xr         Upper-right & lower-left corners
kKRZuxl+r kKRZuxl+r xkKRZuxl+r ekKRZuxl+r exkKRZuxl+r         Upper-right & lower-left corners
kKRZuxl+xr kKRZuxl+xr xkKRZuxl+xr ekKRZuxl+xr exkKRZuxl+xr         Upper-right & lower-left corners
kKRZur+l kKRZur+l xkKRZur+l ekKRZur+l exkKRZur+l         Upper-left & lower-right corners
kKRZur+xl kKRZur+xl xkKRZur+xl ekKRZur+xl exkKRZur+xl         Upper-left & lower-right corners
kKRZuxr+l kKRZuxr+l xkKRZuxr+l ekKRZuxr+l exkKRZuxr+l         Upper-left & lower-right corners
kKRZuxr+xl kKRZuxr+xl xkKRZuxr+xl ekKRZuxr+xl exkKRZuxr+xl         Upper-left & lower-right corners
kKRZur+lr kKRZur+lr               No upper-right corner
kKRZur+lxr                 No upper-right corner
kKRZur+rxl                 No upper-right corner
kKRZur+xlr                 No upper-right corner
kKRZuxr+lr                 No upper-right corner
kKRZuxr+lxr                 No upper-right corner
kKRZuxr+rxl                 No upper-right corner
kKRZuxr+xlr       exkKRZuxr+xlr         No upper-right corner
kKRZulr+r kKRZulr+r               No lower-right corner
kKRZulr+xr                 No lower-right corner
kKRZulxr+r                 No lower-right corner
kKRZulxr+xr                 No lower-right corner
kKRZurxl+r                 No lower-right corner
kKRZurxl+xr                 No lower-right corner
kKRZuxlr+r                 No lower-right corner
kKRZuxlr+xr       exkKRZuxlr+xr         No lower-right corner
kKRZulr+l kKRZulr+l               No lower-left corner
kKRZulr+xl                 No lower-left corner
kKRZulxr+l                 No lower-left corner
kKRZulxr+xl                 No lower-left corner
kKRZurxl+l                 No lower-left corner
kKRZurxl+xl                 No lower-left corner
kKRZuxlr+l                 No lower-left corner
kKRZuxlr+xl       exkKRZuxlr+xl         No lower-left corner
kKRZul+lr kKRZul+lr               No upper-left corner
kKRZul+lxr                 No upper-left corner
kKRZul+rxl                 No upper-left corner
kKRZul+xlr                 No upper-left corner
kKRZuxl+lr                 No upper-left corner
kKRZuxl+lxr                 No upper-left corner
kKRZuxl+rxl                 No upper-left corner
kKRZuxl+xlr       exkKRZuxl+xlr         No upper-left corner
kKRZulr+lr kKRZulr+lr               All corners
kKRZuxlr+xlr       exkKRZuxlr+xlr         All corners
x e ex u ux ue uex


x e ex u ux ue uex
kKRZol kKRZol xkKRZol ekKRZol exkKRZol         Upper-right corner
kKRZoxl kKRZoxl xkKRZoxl ekKRZoxl exkKRZoxl         Upper-right corner
kKRZo+l kKRZo+l xkKRZo+l ekKRZo+l exkKRZo+l         Lower-right corner
kKRZo+xl kKRZo+xl xkKRZo+xl ekKRZo+xl exkKRZo+xl         Lower-right corner
kKRZo+r kKRZo+r xkKRZo+r ekKRZo+r exkKRZo+r         Lower-left corner
kKRZo+xr kKRZo+xr xkKRZo+xr ekKRZo+xr exkKRZo+xr ukKRZo+xr       Lower-left corner
kKRZor kKRZor xkKRZor ekKRZor exkKRZor         Upper-left corner
kKRZoxr kKRZoxr xkKRZoxr ekKRZoxr exkKRZoxr         Upper-left corner
kKRZol+l kKRZol+l xkKRZol+l ekKRZol+l exkKRZol+l         Upper- & lower-right corners
kKRZol+xl kKRZol+xl xkKRZol+xl ekKRZol+xl exkKRZol+xl         Upper- & lower-right corners
kKRZoxl+l kKRZoxl+l xkKRZoxl+l ekKRZoxl+l exkKRZoxl+l         Upper- & lower-right corners
kKRZoxl+xl kKRZoxl+xl xkKRZoxl+xl ekKRZoxl+xl exkKRZoxl+xl         Upper- & lower-right corners
kKRZo+lr kKRZo+lr xkKRZo+lr ekKRZo+lr exkKRZo+lr         Lower-left &-right corners
kKRZo+xlr kKRZo+xlr xkKRZo+xlr ekKRZo+xlr exkKRZo+xlr         Lower-left &-right corners
kKRZo+lxr kKRZo+lxr xkKRZo+lxr ekKRZo+lxr exkKRZo+lxr         Lower-left &-right corners
kKRZo+xlr kKRZo+xlr xkKRZo+xlr ekKRZo+xlr exkKRZo+xlr         Lower-left &-right corners
kKRZor+r kKRZor+r xkKRZor+r ekKRZor+r exkKRZor+r         Upper- & lower-left corners
kKRZor+xr kKRZor+xr xkKRZor+xr ekKRZor+xr exkKRZor+xr         Upper- & lower-left corners
kKRZoxr+r kKRZoxr+r xkKRZoxr+r ekKRZoxr+r exkKRZoxr+r         Upper- & lower-left corners
kKRZoxr+xr kKRZoxr+xr xkKRZoxr+xr ekKRZoxr+xr exkKRZoxr+xr         Upper- & lower-left corners
kKRZolr kKRZolr xkKRZolr ekKRZolr exkKRZolr         Upper-left &-right corners
kKRZorxl kKRZorxl xkKRZorxl ekKRZorxl exkKRZorxl         Upper-left &-right corners
kKRZoxlr kKRZoxlr xkKRZoxlr ekKRZoxlr exkKRZoxlr         Upper-left &-right corners
kKRZoxlr kKRZoxlr xkKRZoxlr ekKRZoxlr exkKRZoxlr         Upper-left &-right corners
kKRZol+r kKRZol+r xkKRZol+r ekKRZol+r exkKRZol+r         Upper-right & lower-left corners
kKRZol+xr kKRZol+xr xkKRZol+xr ekKRZol+xr exkKRZol+xr         Upper-right & lower-left corners
kKRZoxl+r kKRZoxl+r xkKRZoxl+r ekKRZoxl+r exkKRZoxl+r         Upper-right & lower-left corners
kKRZoxl+xr kKRZoxl+xr xkKRZoxl+xr ekKRZoxl+xr exkKRZoxl+xr         Upper-right & lower-left corners
kKRZor+l kKRZor+l xkKRZor+l ekKRZor+l exkKRZor+l         Upper-left & lower-right corners
kKRZor+xl kKRZor+xl xkKRZor+xl ekKRZor+xl exkKRZor+xl         Upper-left & lower-right corners
kKRZoxr+l kKRZoxr+l xkKRZoxr+l ekKRZoxr+l exkKRZoxr+l         Upper-left & lower-right corners
kKRZoxr+xl kKRZoxr+xl xkKRZoxr+xl ekKRZoxr+xl exkKRZoxr+xl         Upper-left & lower-right corners
kKRZor+lr kKRZor+lr               No upper-right corner
kKRZor+lxr                 No upper-right corner
kKRZor+rxl                 No upper-right corner
kKRZor+xlr                 No upper-right corner
kKRZoxr+lr                 No upper-right corner
kKRZoxr+lxr                 No upper-right corner
kKRZoxr+rxl                 No upper-right corner
kKRZoxr+xlr       exkKRZoxr+xlr         No upper-right corner
kKRZolr+r kKRZolr+r               No lower-right corner
kKRZolr+xr                 No lower-right corner
kKRZolxr+r   xkKRZolxr+r             No lower-right corner
kKRZolxr+xr   xkKRZolxr+xr             No lower-right corner
kKRZorxl+r                 No lower-right corner
kKRZorxl+xr                 No lower-right corner
kKRZoxlr+r                 No lower-right corner
kKRZoxlr+xr       exkKRZoxlr+xr         No lower-right corner
kKRZolr+l kKRZolr+l               No lower-left corner
kKRZolr+xl                 No lower-left corner
kKRZolxr+l                 No lower-left corner
kKRZolxr+xl                 No lower-left corner
kKRZorxl+l                 No lower-left corner
kKRZorxl+xl                 No lower-left corner
kKRZoxlr+l                 No lower-left corner
kKRZoxlr+xl       exkKRZoxlr+xl         No lower-left corner
kKRZol+lr kKRZol+lr               No upper-left corner
kKRZol+lxr                 No upper-left corner
kKRZol+rxl                 No upper-left corner
kKRZol+xlr                 No upper-left corner
kKRZoxl+lr                 No upper-left corner
kKRZoxl+lxr                 No upper-left corner
kKRZoxl+rxl                 No upper-left corner
kKRZoxl+xlr       exkKRZoxl+xlr         No upper-left corner
kKRZolr+lr kKRZolr+lr               All corners
kKRZoxlr+xlr       exkKRZoxlr+xlr         All corners
x e ex u ux ue uex

Through lines[edit]

x e ex u ux ue uex
kSTR+c1 kSTR+c1   ekSTR+c1 exkSTR+c1         Through with 1st corner
kSTR+c2 kSTR+c2     exkSTR+c2         Through with 2nd corner
kSTR+c3 kSTR+c3     exkSTR+c3